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John Cusak played Mike Enslin.  Mike travels to various hotels and inns with claims of the paranormal.  He goes with intent of debunking all claims.

In the first scene he arrives at an inn with claims and nothing occurs.

He gets to a bookstore for a book signing where only 4 people show up.  When asked the scariest location he’s ever been he says Bar Harbor, Maine; the location of the McTigue Wedding Night Murders.  I researched this and didn’t find anything that this was a real murder.  The next place he says is St. Cloud, Minnesota where a widow threw her baby down a well.  Again, I couldn’t find anything about this taking place so the movie stuck to fiction…at least so far.  When asked about poltergeist he tells the crowd that he goes to every location “locked and loaded” and he really wishes he could experience something…he just never has.  A woman asks if that means he doesn’t believe.  He says he’s never seen anything.  He finds the claims of hotels that claim paranormal activity are desperate to tell stories to bring in business since the interstates changed the amount of traffic they receive.  I found this funny, while signing books a man asks Mike where he should go to see a real live ghost.  “Guaranteed?  Haunted Mansion, Orlando”.  *giggle*.  A girl brings him a book to sign called “The Long Road Home”, he is the author.  He seems surprised to see this book.  She bought it on eBay with not many bidders.  She says it’s an amazing book and unique, inspirational and honest.  Her name is Anna.  He won’t write another book like this.  She wants to know the relationship between the father and son in the book…is it true.  Mike says, “No”.

Mike goes to the beach to surf.  He’s enjoying the sun and surf and gets distracted looking around that a wave knocks him off of his board.  The next thing we see is that he’s on the shore, coughing up water.

At the post office he opens his PO box and gets his mail.

At a restaurant, Mike sits down to go over brochures of alleged haunted hotels/inns.  One thing in his mail is a postcard for the Dolphin Motel.  Written on the post card is “Dont’ Enter 1408.”  He writes “=13” on the card. (1408…1+4+0+8  = 13)

He calls the hotel and requests to stay in 1408.  He’s told that the room is unavailable…even though he hasn’t given a date.  Every date he gives is unavailable and he gets hung up on.

He goes to the library and does research:

“Factory Owner Leaps from Hotel Window
Mystery Surrounds The Tragic Suicide Of Successful Chicago Factory Owner At NY Hotel”

On a piece of paper he writes down “1938 Suicide”.  He’s already written:

“Dolphin Hotel
Suicide Randolph
Hide 1996″ 

The date of the paper is December 6, 1938.

Mike is on the phone with his editor, Sam Farrell.  The attorney is with him and Mike wants to know “What’s up with the Dolphin”.  Mike finds out that if the room isn’t occupied, by law, they have to allow him to stay in the room.  After the attorney, Clay, leaves the room Sam asks Mike if he’s sure he wants to come back there.  Mike says it will be a great ending to the book.  He asks him if he wants to put himself through coming back to New York and if he’s going to contact Lilly.  He isn’t.

Mike arrives in New York and his cab pulls up in front of the Dolphin Hotel.  For the record, the best I can tell, The Dolphin Hotel is fiction.  He enters the hotel and it’s beautiful.  He gets to the check in desk, gives his name and says he’ll be there 1 night.  There’s note on his preregistration that says:

Alert Management Before
Checking Guest In

 The lady at the desk excuses herself for a minute and gets the manager.  The manager tells her that he’ll take care of it and he walks away.  While waiting, Mike looks around the lobby and we see a woman in white with a buggy and a crying baby.  A bellboy asks him if he can help him with his and is told no.

Samuel L. Jackson’s character, Gerald Olin, comes up to Mike and tells him that if there’s anything he can help with while he’s there he’ll be at his service.  Mike just wants the key.  Gerald tells him that they want to upgrade him to the penthouse but Mike won’t be swayed.  Gerald invites Mike to his office.  Gerald tries to bribe Mike with some expensive liquor.  Mike is told that nobody has ever last more than an hour in that room.  Mike mocks him and says he’s trying to “sell the mystique”.  Mike starts to record their conversation.  Mike is informed that the hotel always operates at 90%.  He doesn’t want to clean up the mess of having Mike stay in 1408.  He says manager, not a coroner.  There have been 4 deaths since he started his job.  After the least death he stopped allowing people to stay in that room.  Mike is aware of the deaths…the last one was Hide, suicide in 1996.  In 95 years the hotel has had 7 “jumpers”, 4 overdoses, 5 hangings, 3 mutilations, 2 stranglings…and Gerald gets interrupted by Mike speaking into the recorder, basically saying the Gerald knows his history of the hotel.  There have also been 22 natural deaths in 1408 that Mike didn’t know about.  There have been a total of 56 deaths in that hotel room.  Mr. Owens, a past manager, slit his wrist at The Dolphin.  Gerald opens a drawer to reveal a large file and tells Mike that the natural causes have been from heart attacks, strokes, drowning (in chicken soup)…this amuses Mike.  Gerald offers Mike the file and use of his office…as long as he doesn’t stay in 1408.  Mike ponders and wants to take Gerald up on the drink he was offered earlier.   Mike likes it and Gerald gives him the bottle “compliments of the house”.  “I’m still staying”, Mike says.  “Damn it to hell”, Gerald lets out.  He tells Mike to read the file and then he won’t want to stay in the room.  Mike opens the file and we see a photo of a body.  We start the list:

1.  Kevin O’Malley, sewing machine salesman, checked into the hotel the first week it opened in October, 1912.  He cut his own throat.  He then tried to stitch himself back together with an old sewing needle before bleeding to death.

Gerald tells him to take photos of 1404 and nobody will know the difference.  Mike won’t do this because his readers expect honesty.  Gerald scoffs, his readers want grotesqueness and “cheap thrills”.  Gerald starts quoting from Mike’s books…books that are easily found on bargain shelves.  Gerald liked “The Long Road Home”.  Gerald says the father was best.  Mike demands the key and says he knows that ghosts don’t exist, he isn’t afraid…and if there are, there’s no God to protect us.  Gerald concedes and gets the key.  The room has an actual key because electronic keys don’t work for 1408.  Gerald says 1408 is “an evil fucking room”.  Mike and Gerald get in the elevator.  Mike asks about the cleanliness of the room since nobody has stayed in it for years.  Gerald tells him that the room is taken care of and the maids work in pairs and are told to the treat the room quickly, like it’s filled with poisonous gas and the door has to stay open.  A few years ago a maid was locked in the bathroom…she came out blind have gouged her own eyes out.  She was laughing hysterically.  She was only in the room a few moments.  Gerald takes him to the floor but doesn’t escort him to the room.  He gives one last effort at getting Mike to not stay in the room.  No dice.

Mike walks down the hall and flips through the file that Gerald gave him as he walks.  It contains one gruesome picture after another.  Mike is startled to reality when, as he’s walking and reading, he bumps into a footstool and, at the same time, the elevator door *dings* and the doors open.  At the bottom of the paper he’s reading it is typed “My brother was eaten by wolves on the Connecticut Turnpike”.  In the hall we see the woman that was downstairs with the baby buggy.  He gets to room 1408 and knocks, inserts his key, turns the knob, slowly and pushes it open.  The room is dark with the exception of a dim light coming in through a window.  He turns the light switches on and the room is stunning.  “This is it?”, he asks nobody and closes the door.  He pulls a cigarette from his behind his ear and puts it on an ashtray.  In his record he says that Gerald had him going for a moment.  He sits down and thinks about buying an adult movie and decides to turn off the TV.  He takes the bible out of the drawer and tosses it down, opens and closes the shower curtain, wipes sweat from his neck with toilet paper, gets a beer from the fridge and sees that the thermostat isn’t working quite right.  He makes notes on his digital recorder about how boring and average the room is and notes a stain on the floor but brushes over it.  He takes about the painting on the wall, all are dull.  He puts the bottle that Gerald gave him on the bedside table.  He opens a window and continues dictating his notes.  While he’s leaning out of the window he’s startled and bumps his head on the window as the clock radio turns on (We’ve Only Just Begun by the Carpenters) and he now finds 2 mints on his pillows and dictates that it is unsettling.  He thinks that somebody is in his room and sets off to find them.  He doesn’t see anybody but he notices that the toiletpaper roll has been folded in to a point…even though he ripped off a piece to wipe his sweat earlier.  He walks around a little freaked out but not scared.  He refers to as a ghost hunters turn down service.  He starts retracing his steps and trying to figure out the steps a pranksters would have had to do in order to pull it off in the time frame.  He searches, again, for someone.  Again, no luck.  There’s a vent in the ceiling and he yells that somebody will have to try harder…thinking someone is hiding in the vents.  Her works on the thermostat again, no luck.  The room is hot.  He calls the front desk.  They ask if he’s ready to leave.  No, silly front desk people.  He wants someone to come up and look at the thermostat.  He’s told that they’ll send someone right up…he’s surprised.  We can hear the baby crying through the wall and the mom singing.  Mike sits down with his recorder and dictating for his book.  Nothing important…just the creepiness of hotel rooms in general…how many slept in the bed, died in the bed, were sick in the bed, etc.  He pulls out a black light and scans the room.  There are traces of blod everywhere.  He envisions the dead bodies from the photos where each blood splatter is.  He turns the light on and one of the paintings on the wall is now crooked.  He straightens it and sits to watch.  He’s sweating.  He dictates that things aren’t as real as they seem.  There’s a knock on the door with maintenance to fix the heat.  He has a hard time opening the door but gets it open.  The temperature is stuck on 80.  The maintenance guy won’t enter the room.  He says he’ll talk him through how to fix it.  He gives him instructions.  He does as instructed and turns around to the thank the guy but he is long gone and Mike sees him high tailing it down the hall.

Mike grabs his bottle from Gerald and pours himself a glass, throws the mints from his pillow, starts to drink and the clock radio BLARES on and, again, is playing We’ve Only Just Begun by the Carpenters.  It’s 8:07pm.  he turns it off and when suddenly the clock turns to 60:00 and stars counting down.  He speaks into his recorder…”nobody lasts more than an hour…very effective”.  He’s scared now.  What he hears is muffled and he can hear his heartbeat…only.  He sticks head out the window and then back in.  The window slams down on his hand, he’s bleeding and enters the bathroom and grabs a towel.  He washes his hand and hot water POURS out of the wink scalding him.  Steam comes form the wink from the hot water.  He grabs towels and turns the water off.  The radio, yep, The Carpenters, We’ve Only Just Begun starts.  He turns it off and the phone rings, he answers, dial tone.  But as he’s on that phone we still hear the ringing.  He picks up the phone (obviously, his hearing is back…came back when the window slammed on his hand).  He answers the other phone and is told there’s going to be a 10 minute delay on his sandwich.  He has no idea what they’re talking about.  He says “You win, I’m checking out, I’m hurt”.  The lady doesn’t seem to understand him and tells him he can’t talk to her like this.  She says she’ll connect with Mr. Owen.  Remember?  Mr. Owen killed himself.  So this is, obviously, a phone from the past.  While on hold, Mike is disconnect.  “You win, alright”…he grabs his things to leave but the key breaks off in the door, he’s trapped.  He sticks a knife in the door and lock turns…then the doorknob breaks off.  Mike, frantically, starts pounding on the door calling for help.  He kicks at the door and looks through the peep hole.  He goes to the window and calls for help.  He’s up too high to be heard.  The window across the way ha someone and he waves to him.  He is seen.  He tells the guy to call the police but the guy only mimics him, copying his motions.  It doesn’t look like him so I don’t think it’s a mirror however, we can’t see his face.  There’s a lit cigarette.  He grabs lamp from the side to see what the man does…he comes back with a lamp too and, HOLY SPIT, it is him but in different clothes!  A woman is behind him with a hammer and Mike calls to warn…Mike.  OUR Mike turns around and, sure enough, thee’s someone there, looks like they’re wearing a mask, swinging a hammer at him.  He falls to the ground and the person is gone.  Mike goes to the window, grabs the lamp and throws it down in a desperate attempt to get someones attention.  No luck.  He questions if he’s losing his mind.

“Daddy”, he hears and comes back to the room.  “Daddy, where are you?”, a little girl calls.  He looks around, he huddles down in a corner by the door and turns on his recorder and says to calm himself.  He puts his back to the wall and works his way around the room and lands in the next corner.  46:55 on the clock.  He’s talking into his recorder about the power of suggestion.  He looks up at the vent again and thinks he sees a spy cam.  He starts calling out to … whomever.   He starts wondering if Gerald drugged the bottle he gave him and becomes convinced that he’s hallucinating.    The TV turns on by itself and..HOLY SPIT!  It’s a home video of HIS family!!!!!  He’s watching himself, his wife (Lilly I’m guessing) and a little girl.  He walks to the TV, sad, tears in his eyes.  He puts his hand on the TV to touch the little girl as she approaches the camera.  The TV shuts off.  He picks up the bottle and then puts it down.  There’s a black and white ghost approaching the window, he turns to look at Mike and jumps out the window.  In the living room a woman in a red and white shirt and green skirt jumps out of the window.  We hear the baby cry next door.  He knocks on the door “Ma’am, can you hear me?  Ma’am, I need your help”.  The baby crying becomes deafening mixing with other sounds. Mike picks up a chair and throws it at the wall.  The sounds stop and he falls to the floor.  He looks towards the bathroom, sounds are coming out of there.  He slowly makes his way to the bathroom.  He looks in.  It isn’t the hotel bathroom, it’s some type of hospital or institution bathroom.  There’s an old man asking how he got there.  He turns to lok at Mike.  It’s Mike’s dad!!!!  His dad beckons for him to come near.  He does.  “As I am, you will be” his dad tells him.  The camera angle changes and we see the room from another angle.  We see Mike get up, but not from his dad but from the hotel bathroom floor…as it should be.  He sits down.  Bloody water (from him hurting his hand) spills over the side of the sink.  He wonders if he’s real or perhaps having a very vivid nightmare, lucid nightmare.  He tries to remember the last time he went to bed.  He can’t remember.  He woke up somewhere and had breakfast, he tries to remember where.  There are scratches in the living room wall, dripping blood.  “They say you can’t die in your dreams.  Is that true?”, he asks his recorder.  He touches the liquid coming from the wall and there’s a loud knock.  He opens the window and asks if shock would wake him up.  He comes back in.  He looks at the hotel map on the back of the door.  He counts how many steps from the corner of his living room to the window that lets him know how many steps he needs to take on the ledge to get to the window.  He opts to go out on the ledge and try to get to the next room.  The liquid oozes faster from the wall, it down’t look like blood.  He climbs out on the ledge and tells his recorder that if he slips and fall it was an accident and the room didn’t win.  He’s on the ledge.  It’s REALLY narrow.  He’s flat again the wall, face to the building.  He counts his steps and there’s no window.  He looks down the wall and there’s no window in site.  One foot slips and he catches himself.  We get a view of the building and the only windows on the entire building are the 2 windows from room 1408!  He makes his way towards his window again and starts to climb in but the ghost of the woman in the red and white shirt and green skirt pushes him, he catches himself, barely.  She looks at him and jumps.  Her apparition flickers out before it hits the ground.  Mike works to get back on the ledge (he’s hanging by his arms) and sees the window start to slip shut.  He makes it through the window just as the window closes.  He makes his way to the door and looks at the hotel map, now changed.  His room is the only room on the map.  He looks through the peep hole and only sees a brick wall.  The lights in the room start to flicker.  He turns and the windows are now bricked over from the outside.  On one is written “Burn Me Alive”.  He goes to the bedroom and feels the wall, puts his face against it, closes his eyes, he looks sad.  He rewinds his recorder and listens.  He drops the recorder on the floor.  He goes to the living room. He’s looking at he and Lilly.  Their little girl is dying. “Katie” our Mike says and the room turns to a red light.  “Daddy, I can’t find you”, we hard a little girl say.  He feels around for the light switch and turns the light on.  In the mirror the person with the hammer is seen but isn’t there when he turns around.  The temperature in the room is now 43 degrees.  He gets his cell phone, no service.  He takes out his laptop to check the wireless…seems to be working.  He gets Lilly on video chat.  He tells her that he trapped.  She answers her phone.  He tells her to call the police to the Dolphin Hotel.  All she can think of is that he’s in the city.  He tells her that he’s in danger, the video disconnects and the sprinkler goes off.  We can only hope that she got the message.  The lights go off.  He picks up a broken piece of the chair he threw at the wall and breaks the sprinkler.  A sound comes from the vent.  He bangs it with the broken chair piece.  He gets his knife and removes the screws.  He got a small flashlight from somewhere.  He puts the flashlight in his pocket, calls up that he has a knife and lifts himself into the vent…with steam coming in the vents.  We hear the baby cry and see the lady with the baby.  OH, he’s looking down on Lilly baby Katie.  All I can think, with the steam coming through the vents is “Burn me Alive”…the words on the wall.  He gets to the next vent and looks down.  It’s he and his dad.  His dad is telling him that Lilly lost a child too.  His dad tells him that he(the dad) never gave a shit because he’s (Mike) a bullshit writer.  Mike continues to crawl through the vents and he sees a body.  He approaches.  It’s veen there a log time.  It’s covered in webs and, ew, bugs.  He pokes at the body.  It’s the man that slit his throat and tried to sew it closed.  The body awakes and starts to chase Mike through the vents.  Mike flees but can’t remember which was to go.  He slows down and looks for the body.  The body comes up behind him but when he turns to look he doesn’t see it.  He turns down another vent and the body is beside him.  He kicks it in the face and the face falls apart.  He falls through the air vent and lands in his room.  “It’s good to be back”, he says.  “That’s enough of that”.  His windows are still bricked over.  He opens the mini fridge and, what?  Gerald is in there asking if everything is okay.  Mike is…well, he’s not a happy camper, folks.  He tells Gerald his knows things aren’t okay.  “No, no, no”, Gerald tells him, “what do you want?”.  He tells him he wanted that room.  Mike tells him he was just doing his job as a writer.  Samuel says people believe in ghost in hopes of something existing after death.  He asks Mike how many spirits he’s broken.  Mike asks what he wants and reaches for him.  But now we just see Mike ripping the fridge apart.  “I want my drink!”, Mike yells.  He grabs the bottle from Gerald and falls to the floor.  He grabs the bible and, never a good sign, the bible is empty.  “Mommy, why is the bible purple”, Katie asks Lilly from another room, Mike on the floor.  Katie asks if there’s people where she’s going.  Mike (past Mike) tells her she isn’t going anywhere.  Brave Katie tells him that everybody dies.  Her parents tell her that she’ll die when she’s older and it will be a beautiful place.  “Is God there?”, she asks.  Mike tells her yes.  Next we Mike (past Mike) and Lilly fighting.  Mike is saying they should have done more and not filled Katie’s head with stories of God and heaven.  back in the room the fax rings in a cabinet.  What comes from the fax?  Well, ladies and gents, it isn’t paper.  It’s a dress.  He goes in the bathroom and tries to clean the little dress.  In the mirror, we see that the room has gotten so cold he can see his breath.  He walks into the room and it’s covered in ice and snow.He looks at the thermostat, it’s 5 below.  He builds a fire from the broken chair in the middle of the floor and burns a deck of cards and the photos that he received from Gerald.  He’s also drinking from Gerald’s bottle.  He says this is the deepest level of hell.  He’s under a blanket and shivering, violently.

“Can you hear me?”, we hear coming from his laptop.  It’s Lilly.  She said she called the cops and they’re there.  She says they’re in 1408 and the room is empty.  He breaks a little more.  She tells him not to move, she can be there in 15 minutes.  On the clock we see that the countdown is at 14 minutes and 20 seconds.  He tells her she doesn’t have 15 minutes to get there.  Suddenly, a different Mike shows up the video chat and is telling her to come.  He tells her that he needs her and misses her.  He tells her not to talk to anybody but to just come straight the room.  The real Mike and pleading with her not to come but she can’t hear her.  The room shakes violently and the ceiling cracks.  A lamp nearly hits him.  Explosions are happening in various locations of the room and the floor is coming up.  It seems to be raining in the room.  The paintings on the walls are changing  THe woman with the hammer spears in one photo.  A ship in a painting is moving.  Mike hit the painting and the sea comes pouring into the room.  It’s filling with water.  He grabs hold of something and hangs on.  He slips off and starts to fall deeper and deeper into the water.  There’s a light and he swims towards it, there’s a surf board on the surface…we now see him coming back to consciousness from the beginning of the movie where he was over taken by a wave.  He’s on the beach coughing up water.  He fades back out.

Mike is in the hospital, hospital gown and we hear machines beeping.  Mike comes to and Lilly is there asking how he feels.  “Am I out?”, he asks.  He finds out he’s in a hospital in Los Angeles.  She flew there for him.  They called her because she is still listed as his next of kin.  He starts telling her about being trapped in New York in the Dolphin Hotel.  He said he called her.  She tells him that she’s never heard of the hotel and he needs to rest.

Mike and Lilly shows up at the beach to pick up Mike’s truck (that has a $600 ticket on it).  She asks him why he left.  “Because every time I looked at you, I saw her face”.

They’ve decided that the hotel was a dream and he talks about how bad it was and how real.  They’re having a romantic dinner and seem very happy.  The server asks if everything is okay.  Mike looks ou and sees a server…it’s the woman in the red and white shirt and green skirt.  When he looks back, it isn’t her.  He tells Lilly that Katie was there and he talks about how it feels to think he talked to her 2 days ago.  He says it was so vivid and so real.  Lilly suggests he write about Katie…it sounds like he’s ready to deal with it.  He asks Lilly if she can stay.  She apologizes.

At the post office, Mike goes to his post office box.  Deja Vous!  He’s been through this before.  Almost the same mail, just little changes.  Will the post card be there from The Dolphin?  No.  But he goes back to the post office to make sure he didn’t leave it in the box or drop it on the floor.  He even asks the worker if he dropped it.

He goes to the library to look for the story.  It’s there…but changed.

“Factory Owner Leaps from Hotel Window
Mystery Surrounds The Tragic Suicide Of Successful Chicago Factory Owner At NY Hotel”

“Factory Owner Leaps From Bridge
Tragic Suicide Of Successful Chicago Factory Owner” 

I’m wondering why he hasn’t checked his recorder!

He’s writing a book about his dream of 1408.

He tells his editor that he thinks he’s reinvented himself.  He’s almost finished with the book.

He’s finished and printed out the pages and places them in the envelope.  He becomes distracted by a insurance claim on his desk for $3,927…for his dad I’m guessing.  He goes back to the envelope and seals it.

Mike goes to the nursing home to visit his father.  He’s in a wheelchair with an IV.  He doesn’t look as healthy as he did at The Dolphin.  He doesn’t seem to notice or know Mike.  Mike hasn’t seen him in a few months.  Mike wanted to see how his dad was doing and to let him know how he’s doing.  He tells his dad that he’s talking to Lilly again and has written a new book.  His dad looks at him and says “Michael”.  “Dad?”, Mike says.  Mike is happy.

Mike goes to the post office to overnight his package.  The guy behind the counter says that the post office is closed and we see people painting.  The man turns around…it’s the bellboy that offered to take his bags at The Dolphin.  Mike recognizes him…and ALL of the men painting.  Suddenly, the y all start hammering away at the walls and we see a brick wall with “Burn Me Alive” on it.  They start ripping up the floors…suddenly, Mike is BACK in 1408!  The post office came down and 1408 came up.  Mike spins out of control and lands back in the room.  A cabinet door creaks open the a fire is lit.  He looks in and sees a coffin burning.  “That’s Kate”, he says and closes the cabinet.  “I WAS OUT!”, he shouts…obviously, upset to be back in the room.  In the middle of the living room is a free standing door in a door frame.    He looks at it and smiles.  He feels the door frame, knocks on the door.  “Open it”, he whispers.  The door obeys and opens slowly.  The door is gone.  “Daddy”, Katie standing behind him.  Mike’s nose is bleeding.  Mike says she isn’t real.  Katie tells him that she’s cold.  She’s barefoot and her feet are bleeding.  Mike drops to his knees before her.  “I love you,, daddy”, she says.  “Don’t you love me any more?”.  “Of course” he says.  The two hug.  He’s now bleeding from his ears.  He holds her and tells her he loves her.  She wishes they could stay to together…all 3 of them.  Her little body falls limp in his arms.  He breaks down in tears, he’s lost her over again.  “You can’t take her twice”, he weeps.  He holds her close.  The radio pops on.  Guess what?  The Carpenters, We’ve Only Just Become.  The time on the clock 3:39.  Katie’s ashes turn to dust beneath his embrace.  He gathers her ashes and tries to bring them closer to him.

He starts seeing light coming through the cracks in the walls, it looks like sunlight.  He’s goes mad and starts hitting and breaking things. 36 seconds on the clock.  He falls to the ground, the music starts to slow down like the speed on the record changed.  15 seconds, the song picks u again.  9 seconds.  5, 4, 3….1.

Mike wakes up in a clean and organized room, like it was when he got there. He looks at the clock and it, again, is counting down form 60 minutes.  The phone is ringing.  Mike is sitting in front of an open window and answers the phone.  “Why don’t you just kill me?”, he answers the phone.  Because guests have free will he’s told.  Kill yourself or express checkout.  Mike walks into the bedroom and sees a noose hanging form the ceiling.  He walks by it and grabs hies bottle from Gerald.  There’s another noose in the bathroom.  His reflection is gone from the mirror.    “Mr. Enslin?”, we hear calling from the phone.  Two graves appear on the floor.  One headstone says:

1994 – 2004

This grave has grass.

Beside Katie’s grave there is a hole dug for a coffin.  The headstone reads:

1965 –

In the mirror he sees a reflection of himself hanging.  He picks up the phone.  The lady on the other end asks if he’s ready to check out.  “No”, he says, “Not your way”.  “I understand”, the woman on the other end replies.  He hangs up the phone rings again.  The woman on the phone said his wife just called and she’ll be there in 5 minutes and they’ll send her right up.  He says she isn’t involved and he’s finished arguing.  “Five this is 5” the voice says.  He puts the phone down and the receiver begins to melt.  “This is 8”.  He looks again and the phone is fine.

“I lived my life as a selfish man but I don’t have to die that way.  If I have to die then I’m taking you with me”.  He puts a handkerchief in the bottle that Gerald gave him and lights it.  He throws it at the bathroom door in the bedroom.  “Go to hell!”, he yells, sits down and lights a cigarette in the bathroom and watches the fire.  The fire alarm is going off in the hotel and it’s being evacuated.  Lilly arrives and pays the cab.  Mike sits upstairs smoking.  We hear growing from the ceiling vent and Mike tells it to shut up.  Lilly tells the police her husband is in there and they need to help her.  She tells them that he’s on the 14th floor.  “You’re wastig your time”, Mike says putting out his cigarette.  He records “We’re here to do the job and we don’t rattle”.  He stands up calmly.  He throws the ashtray through the window and fire engulfs his room.  Lilly watches from the street in horror.  We see him crawling across the floor, surrounded by flames.  He lays on his back and we hear Katie calling to her daddy.  Outside we see the door to 1408 being licked by flames and the numbers begin to melt.

We’re at the burial of Mike.  Lilly and Mike’s editor are there.  Mike is lowered into the ground.  Gerald pulls up and approaches Lilly.  He tells her he’s sorry to intrude but he knew Mike.  He tells her that they came across some of this belongings while cleaning.  She doesn’t want to take them.  He tells her it’s important what Mike did, he didn’t die in vein…the room won’t reopen.  Lilly leaves and Gerald heads back to his car.  He get in, still holding the box of Mike’s belongings.  He opens the box and pulls out Mike’s recorder.  He hits play…he hears Mike…he hears Katie.  Gerald hears a little girl calling for her daddy and sees her in his rearview mirror.  He also sees Mike’s burnt corpse in his backseat…but then it’s gone.  Gerald drives away.

Back at The Dolphin we see room 1408 burnt and Mike walking around smoking.  Katie calls to him and his ghost walks away towards the door of 1408 and vanishes.