Cabin In The Woods View Through

Cabin In The Woods View Through

Cabin In The Woods View Through
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Cabin In The Woods View Through – here we go!

The machinery for Lionsgate looks cool!  I love the industrial look!

Nerds & geeks are always fun…especially ones portrayed in front of a concession machine at work.  Hey that’s that guy…*off to check* *back from checking…Bradley Whitford, Steve.  I know him from Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and Scent of a Woman.  Okay *PLAY*.  OH and that’s THAT guy *sigh* *PAUSE* *back*…Richard Jenkins, Richard.  Where do I know him from?  Burn After Reading and The Indian in the Cupboard.  Well, that doesn’t seem right.  He seems way more familiar than from those 2 movies *head scratcher* *PLAY*…Their sense of humor reminds me of Steve’s.  Not the rude part…just the quick witted part.  LOVE IT ALREADY!

And now my husband loves it already LOL.  I miss Mad Men (red head, Dana) made me think of Joan).  I can’t imagine that girl (Jules) as anything other than a blonde…I wonder what I would have thought if I had seen her as a brunette first.  Breaking up with her over email?  How old is he?  12?  The acting is better than I thought it would be.  Well that was convenient! (Holen…love the name by the way)  Boyfriend (Curt) is funny.  LOL These two are funny!  I want an RV.  I WANT AN RV!  LOVE THAT STATION WAGON!  Marty, what a bad influence you are…dude.  LOL  “Have you gone gray?” *giggle*  Very interesting street.  Hey, who’s the creep on the roof?

We named our GPS; Peggy.  Damn, I want an RV. Don’t these people know you should never go on vacation where there’s no cell phone service?  I WANT AN RV!

That’s the cleanest gas pump of that age in existence.  Barter *giggle*.  Steve just made a valid point.  He said he wouldn’t think this place would even be open and he doesn’t know why they think it is.  But hey, look, they are 🙂  Marty, you’re going to get a punch.  OH NO HE DIDN’T!  *giggle*  Marty is hilarious!!!!

Man, I had low hopes for this movie.  I may well have been wrrrrr…wrrrrr….wrrrr…wrong.

Do you know what I want?  An RV!  This is like horror movie meets The Truman Show, meets, Men in Black meets The Hunger Games.  (Just an FYI, I had to come back and add Men in Black as the movie was playing).

Cute little cabin.  It looks like a place we would stay on the lake.  Maybe we should be more careful LOL.

Peek-a-boo….who sees you?

Did I miss how long it had been since someone had stayed here?  It’s amazingly…not dusty.  Perv LOL.  Well, now, isn’t that convenient.  Aw, good boy, almost a good boy…AW a good boy!  I love Marty.  He’s a gentleman.  Why is Jules mad?  Now, you’re going to be a bad girl…but I bet he kind of hopes you’re peaking.  Disappointing him a bit.  Nobody likes that picture LOL.  They go to extremes to hide it.  I think the vast majority of people would just, you know, ignore it.

Dumb blond?  HEY!  I resemble that remark!  Bradley Whitford always plays the same type of character.  Must be somewhat like his real personality.  *giggle*  Geez, this is great!  It’s like something so unrealistic presented in such a realistic way.  It’s just like people act at a real office.

Another avid worshipper of the sun god.  LOVE the “what’s in the water” part.  I hate that I’m liking this movie LOL.  I hate that I thought the acting would be bad and it’s really good!

What are they betting on?  Surely not deaths.  Man, Whitford is funny!  I’m so anxious to know exactly what this “company” does.

Truth or dare?  Y’all look old for 14.  Moose?  *giggle* Beastiality.  Ummmm, ewwwww….I think she’s taking this a bit too far.  She’s creeping me out and everybody in the room and uhhh, ewwww.  Wind blew open a (great minds, Marty) wooded cellar door?  NOBODY would go down there right now LOL.  There’s no reason for it have opened.  First thought is somebody (or something muhahahahaha) is down there.  I think they’re being more brave than the average bear would be.  What’s the music telling us?  Something is going to happen.  OH the music stopped.  I’d love to have those movie reels.  So intrigued with that jewelry box that we’ve all seen a million and one times in our lives by that age.  HA, just as I was about to type how convenient it was for everybody to do something odd to line up at the same time…it changed.  OMG coals in a belly?  WTH?  I can tell you what I would do…I would take that diary (because I’m nosy and I like freaky stuff) and I’d get in the car and go home.  Marty, smarter than the pot makes him seem.  Zombies 🙂  Zombies are buried with saws?  Well that’s something you don’t see every day.

I’m so confused right now.  So their job is to set people up to be killed?  But the people in the cabin get to “choose” how they die?  Not like “How do you want to die” but based off of their actions?  AWESOME!!!  People in Asia are dying in a VERY Asian horror movie look.  I love my Asian horror!

So in my young and pretty days I would never have danced like that around my friends LOL.  And certainly never like that on another guy with my boyfriend around (or not around…I was a good girlfriend).  Jules is a tease *tsk* *tsk*

You’re usually able to tell who will live and who will die in these movies…long before Scream  gave the rules.

I can’t tell.  You can probably be safe in thinking Curt & Jules will die but the other 3  worthy of living.  “Poptarts” *giggle* Love Marty!

It doesn’t always come back.  I took French my freshman and sophomore years.  I can remember the alphabet, ask what time it is and NOT understand the answer, say “My name is Lori” and few other little things but that’s all 🙁  I can read it though…not read and translate but read it LOL.

No girl as horny as Jules is going to be too cold for sex.  Pheromone myst…cool.  Crap, it is like The Hunger Games LOL.  Customer?  Customer?  And there’s your gratuitous boob shot.  What is she doing?  OH that was odd.  And zombies with tools.  That’s something you dont’ see in every horror movie.  What…was that thing?  Told you they would die.  She’s not screaming….you could hear me the net county over!

Is that a Catholic thing?  Dang it, I want to be Catholic.  What’s this going to do, what’s this going to do?  WHAT’S IT DOING?  Blood?  Whose?  Where did it come from?  WTH?

Marty is awesome.Framed for something to happen with the window.  Oh, or not.  Nice that the movie isn’t predecible.

Nice job, Marty, pulling in things from the diary.  Also, I wouldn’t go outside knowing (thinking) that my friends were having sex out there.  Lots of light on your face for there not being any stars.  *pst* Marty…hey…*nudge* Marty.  OH Curt, you’re alive!  Okay, everybody would think he killed Jules and that’s her blood.  People are so calm.  Okay, you can leave with Jules now.  Don’t people faint any more?  So before he had pheromone myst and now we have make you stupid myst.  Always safety in numbers.  Love Marty.  Yeah, glass windows…that’ll keep ’em out.  Block your window.  Uh oh….fun!  He knew he was a puppet 🙂  Go Marty go!  Go Marty go!  NO!  Aw Marty 🙁  *sniffle*

How are they getting the “player’s” blood?  So the customers are going to be some type of devil animal?

Her man to the rescue.  Unbelievably calm. oh no, her man 🙁  Man that would hurt SO much!  Ummm gross.  You can’t kill a dead guy.  It can’t end that easily.  He sure is walking awfully well for having had a big bear trap knife thing in his back.

WTH…Asian horror kids are winning?  What’s going on?  I can barely back out of my driveway and Curt just flew backing out of a a narrow tunnel driving an RV?  You’re going to jump it…on that?  So cheesy, but I think it’s supposed to be.  Well played 🙂 Ru roh!  Curt *sniffle*  See, Marty was dumb but he wasn’t so dumb.

Dang it, I can’t remember…did they do Marty’s blood?  Maybe he isn’t dead.  I really can’t remember if they got his blood or not.

OHHHHHH!  Steve is going to get merman maybe?  OH SNAP!

“Virgin’s death is optional” funny.

Oh crap.  Aw man.  If they’re all dead, how will these last 30 minutes play out?  Truman is going to do something amazing.  We’ve all been able to sense it since he came on the screen.  I love the ballet!  I don’t get the glitch, upstairs…thing.  Red phone…that’s never good.

Man, Dana’s a tough broad!  HEY!  MARTY!  They didn’t get Marty’s blood!  THEY should have known that.  They didn’t pull the lever after he died/didn’t die.

This will be great because Marty knows it’s a show.  A trowel?  That would take some time!  Wow, that elevator REALLY goes down and down and down and down and OH over and over and over and over and over.  Something is going to make me jump.  TOLD YOU!  Funny how we jump even when we KNOW something is going to make us jump!  Attack of the ballerina?  OH the jewelry box!  WTF!  And the thing Curt played with.  WHAT is on her nose?  What’s on the tip of her nose?  What is that?  His eyes were great following her!  OH…OH WOW!!!!!

They aren’t high but Marty is.

“System Purge”…so again, that’s convenient.  OH NO!  OH Wow!  This is the funnest horror movie ever!  Ew!  AWESOME!!!  OMG this is so great!!!!  This movie is good in so many levels!  So when the director asked the producer “What horror movie “ghouls” do you want us to send?”.  Think Gary Oldman in The Professional:

 Clowns!  I have a friend, Matt, that doesn’t like clowns.

Good thing Marty “only” smokes pot.  This would be something on acid!  Regular zombies.  Is that the clown from It?  Unicorns are bad?  UNICORNS?  What’s next?  Ponies?  Aw man, Truman!  Blew my theory.

What is it?  What’s walking?  Oh Lord.  What is that thing?  The merman got him!  Awesome!

“Kill him”.  We get to find out who the customer is.

Okay, so there’s the shapes that everyone’s blood went into.  Now what?  I wonder how the “contestants” are chosen.  HOLY CRAP!  Oh my!  There’s a threat.  What did Marty say earlier?  That the world needs to go to crap but we’re too afraid to let it happen…or something like that?  Marty is a hoot!  OH DDDAAANNNGGG!!!!!  Get ’em, Sigourney!  How can you ever forgive each other at this point?  Dana is looking at bit Carrie-like right now.  Oh that Marty *giggle*.