The Final Review

The Final Review

The Final

The Final Review – “Using gruesome forms of torture, an unpopular high school kid leads a group of outcasts taking revenge on the “cool” kids who’ve always harassed them”.

Sooo, I totally expected The Final to just suck so much!  But it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  For one, it wasn’t overly bloody or violent.  It has A LOT of indirect violence that certainly had you curling your fingers in or even putting them in your pockets but nothing is shown.

There were A LOT of unbelievable reactions…reactions that would OH SO NOT be the way people would react in real life.

Another problem I had with The Final is I fear that it will give kids that are picked on a way to fight back…think Columbine.  Because, at the beginning, you found yourself rooting for the kids that were being bullied and looking forward to seeing the “cool” kids getting punished.  But…hey, that’s just wrong!

The start of The Final is pretty fast to get from point A to point B but then it takes a pretty good turn….before turning into the end where you feel like they just didn’t know how to wrap up the end of the movie and fill in some time before the (predictable) end of the movie.

I gave The Final it 2 out 5 stars on Netflix.  I could have given it a 3 if things had been tied together better from one point to the next but it just seem disconnected and, in parts, rushed to get to the next part and, in other parts, dragging out scenes.