The Final View Through

The Final View Through

The Final

The Final View Through – My first thought, as I watch the trailer for The Final is “Cheese on a movie reel”.  I have the lowest (almost ever) of expectations for this movie.  HOWEVER, it’s newly added to Netflix and what type of blogger would I be if I didn’t View Through it for you.  Also, it’s a horror movie…meh, I’m game!

Let’s go!

What initially caught my attention for this movie was that I thought it looked like it was going to be an Asian horror movie.  *sigh* I judged a book by it’s cover 🙁

Black and white, old town looking…awesome.  Greasy spoon joint?  Double awesome.  Hoodie, loss of 2 points.  Missing fingers…creeptastic.  Don’t judge the girl by no fingers.  There must be something wrong with her face and just wearing a hoodie.  Lots and lots of hair peaking out.  Okay, I couldn’t figure out why people were staring.  Now, thank you little boy, apparently there’s something wrong with her face.  NOBODY (other than little kids because they’re innocent) should be staring at her.  Geez, *idiots*.

So the chick in the restaurant is going to be some gorgeous cheerleader punished by somebody she picked on, thus failing her final.  I said this on my Glee post earlier…I graduated forever ago (1987).  I went to a big high school with lots and lots of “clicks”…rich, poor, jocks, emos, metal heads, etc.  I never, in 4 years of school, saw anybody get bullied or even get close to getting bullied.  I never even heard of anybody getting bullied.

Blond chick on the right looks like she’s 30s.  Hmmm, red head looks 30s too.  *punch*

Bear trap, ouch.  Oh Lord, backwoods country boy (said with my best country accent).  I love the banjo.  You look under 18, I don’t think you can be left a house.  Please don’t let these characters be from Kentucky, please don’t let these characters be from Kentucky.  Getting it ready to beat up some bully kids?  Cool!  Old guy will help us torture mean kids.

Cute house. SO glad our kids don’t like to cover their walls in tacky crap.

Bad thing about movies like this…it’ll make bullied kids feel justified.  Think about Columbine.  Geez, *idiots*…I’ve always wanted a bumper sticker that says “Mean People Suck”.  Your first commercial and you’re inviting people to the set?

Hate that music.  HA!  That’s a Steve sized coffee cup!  Peaking at your friend’s text?  Brunette, horrible acting.  And who on earth talked that dirty talk in high school LOL.

Well, I’m afraid now that somebody knocked on my door while I was writing about not being afraid.  Nope, she wasn’t afraid. Charlie Brown adult…don’t show the face.  Nope, didn’t phase the girl.

See, I’m watching this movie and looking forward to these kids getting what’s coming to them.  I don’t know that I think that’s right.  I feel that movies like this will make school shootings “worthy” to some people or something.

I have hated science since day 1.  UGH!  That’s just gross!

Poor kid.  Crap day at school and come home to another crap day at home.  Suicide isn’t the answer.  As upset as you are now…you won’t feel this way later.

What a weird family.  No communication.

Is dad deaf?  I’m being serious, not joking.  They didn’t say (at least not yet).  I guess he’s either deaf or just doesn’t pay attention.

Internet legends in jail.  You got these from…..?

Banjo boy is a good actor.  Geez, it’s tough, yes but once you’re out of high school…it’s done.

The red head is like Reese Witherspoon’s less attractive sister.

Geez, who got cursed with the clown outfit?

Thought you were cool.  How cool are you now?  Oh how I would love to see you three get a good sock in the head.

Aw, he’s the clown.  What an unfortunate costume.

Oh how I hate this music.  They’re not acting stoned…they’re acting like they’re on something other than pot.  No two people happened to end up in the same costume?  Odd.  (Other than the 3 girls dressed like cops).  It’s time!  That is a cool look clown mask though.  Spiked punch time.  And not the good kind of spiked punch.  People starting to say bye-bye.  ALL of these people bullied these guys?  I’m kind of thinking no.  Hippy boy is kind of pretty.  Costume change.  So far, this movie isn’t as bad as I thought it would be…so far.  So you can wake up from a drug induced sleep?

This voice will get old.  Dude, don’t poke the bear!  Owie.    Owie again!  How many peed in that room?  Show of hands.  Touche.  Cutie hippie guy gets to go.  It can’t be that easy…he’ll get the cops.  Hippie boy isn’t as cute as I th…OH there’s another hippie boy there…the cute one.

OH he’s going to get the bear trap!  Oh or ATV clown and nazi patsy.  Oh, all of the above.

Oh, I think they know what they’ve done to deserve it.  Didn’t you tease someone for crying earlier?  They REALLY should have left out the “go to hell” “I’m already there” part…oh so cheesy.  I don’t like cheese with my movies.  OUCH!  Whatsit?  Whatsit?  NOBODY is freaking out…nobody is screaming bloody murder.  That room would be nuts with screaming and thrashing around.  I guess these are going in his throat?

Nobody flipping out is really bothering me.  Don’t let them see you guys have disharmony among you.  OH now that’s just WRONG!!!!!


They wouldn’t kill the guys that had bullied them but that nazi guy will kill one of his own?

Whipped cream?  Shaving cream?  Oh, their own recipe.

*idiot* that’s right, poke the bear.  OH THANK GOD!  DOes that mean we’re finished with that voice?  YES!

What happened to the chick in the chair?!?!?!  Where did she go?  Oh, it’ll make her feel better.  But somebody else will.  And yet Bradley sits still and quiet.

What kind of freak is the neighbor guy?  Nice neat rope job there.  Political talk in a movie…a horror movie?  LOL

I would be screaming my freaking head off.  She stops screaming once the finger is off?  That’s where the pain stopped?  LOL  She would be screaming like a freak AND she would have fainted by now.  Oh yeah, I can inflict pain NOW!  I said I wouldn’t cut Bradley’s fingers off but he cut mine off?  Oh yeah, I’m ready!

Kurtis is so calm.

Crap music.  It would make it easier for me to cut his fingers off if I couldn’t see them.  So thanks for the lights.  Bad as the music is LOL.  “Just do it”…at least he’s trying to mak it easier for her.  Won’t hurt her friends.  Two minutes went fast!


So the ropes go lose with a broken chair.  Interesting.  LMAO!!!!  What a phone call!  AMAZING!  I love Kurtis!


Bet she’s wishing she had taken off those fingers now!

Bradley?  Are you napping?  What’s wrong with Bradley?  How do you know that will only paralyze him and not kill him?

I have to admit, that mask it pretty cool looking.

Bear poking.  Why are there people to poke bears?

Oh my tongue!!!  Oh it hurts just thinking about it.  GET ‘EM, KURTIS!  Don’t chew your you’s by saying “wit chew” instead of “with you”.  OH NO!  KURTIS!  Cool Emily.

Are they going to commit suicide.  OH MY!  THE FINAL.

Um, who was that?

WTH?  Why?