Dance Moms All’s Fair In Love and War

Dance Moms All’s Fair In Love and War


Dance Moms
March 5, 2013

At Pyramid this week, Abby congratulates the girls on winning, although she says that she didn’t think it was their best performance. She scolds Chloe for using her own choreography…which was improvisation anyway. Whatever. On pyramid, we start with Paige, then Kendall, then Brook, then Nia (third on the pyramid for taking third place at the competition), Mackenzie, and Maddie tops the thing off. Jill looks…pretty furious when Maddie is put on top. The girls are going to New Jersey, and Abby explains that everyone will be in the group dance except Mackenzie (and she will be replaced with a boy).

Solos go to Mackenzie, Maddie, and a duet is given to Kendall and Nia. Maybe this time Holly won’t call Abby a “monstrosity of evil.”

Last season, Abby brought in a boy named Nick and the group number won first place. He is the boy being brought in again. The piece is called “Your Dream Will Become By Dream” and is about the different kinds of love (romantic, familial, all kinds). Upstairs, the moms muse on how everyone remembers their first love. They decide that they’ll take Abby speed dating (and Abby realizes that the fact that they’re all getting along means they’re up to no good). Jill decides that this is a good chance to get Kendall ahead and asks Abby out for dinner. Abby immediately guesses that she’s going to hook her up with a guy.

The next day, Abby arrives to find Christie and Chloe not there. As Kelly points out, this is not the week to be late. It turns out that it was just traffic issues. Before Abby can run the group number, the moms come in and demand that Abby come out with them right away. Kelly invites Christie, but Abby refuses to go if she’s going. So Jill kicks her out so that Abby will go, and of course Christie throws a fit about it in confessional, despite this being Abby’s night and not hers.

Abby is shocked and deeply amused to discover that they’re speed dating. This is an…awkward thing to watch because Abby has some weird requirements, but at least the guys are nice to her. They don’t say whether or not any of the guys decided to go out with her again, but I hope that they do. Abby needs some fun after losing her dog.

While rehearsing Nia and Kendall’s duet, Abby says that the girls are working in sync like she wants. Upstairs, Jill looks horrified every time Abby corrects the girls. Christie muses that Holly might want to watch out because all Jill cares about is Kendall winning the Competition of Life. Holly is, of course, not thrilled about it and she and Christie go down to confront Jill. Whether or not she did anything wrong, Jill does react very snidely to their concern.

While the girls try on their costumes for a dress rehearsal, she tells them about her speed dating adventures. There is a lot of giggling from her, the girls, and from the moms upstairs. After the commercial break, it’s off to the competition!

At the competition, Abby warns them about their bad history in New Jersey. She then discovers that Nia has a cough. Concerned, Abby asks Maddie to make sure that she knows the routine and tells Jill that they can sub someone for Nia, but Jill says that she can’t do that and Nia promises that she will be fine on stage.

Mackenzie’s solo is adorable as always and she does not forget any steps. Even Abby has only nice things to say to her (apart from not using her face enough). Then Jill disappears to run the duet with Kendall and one of the teachers. Abby sends Holly to go find her. Holly is frustrated that Jill is having privates when they’re practicing a duet, and Abby says that it’s not like the instructor to do that. Still, when Jill returns, Abby tells her that she shouldn’t put the other moms’ opinions about the good of her child. Mixed messages everywhere.

The duet is cute and nothing noticeable seems to go wrong. No one fell over or forgot what they were doing. We’ll see how it places soon.

Next up is Maddie. She’s beautiful as always. It’s kind of sad to say, but beautiful dancing is just sort of the standard for this kid. It’s always worth watching. It’s noticeable when she doesn’t do well. In the dressing room, the moms confront Jill for what happened with Christie in the limo (Kelly invited her. The night was for Abby) and not being a team player. Jill says that she’s doing what’s best for her child and Christie admits that it’s better that she’s honest.

Abby says that she isn’t totally happy with the ground number, but I thought it went really well.

At the awards ceremony, Mackenzie gets second place in her age division. Maddie also gets second (which is surprising. I would have liked to see the first place number). The duet gets fifth place (Jill says it’s because it wasn’t choreographed to be a “winning number”). Then the group number gets second place too.

The moms tell the girls that they’re proud of them, but everyone knows that Abby won’t be happy with it. Abby tells them that some of them need a break and that she doesn’t think they love dance. The next two week are going to be two hour specials, so we’ll see how all this plays out.