Dance Moms Boy Crazy, Mom Crazy

Dance Moms Boy Crazy, Mom Crazy


Dance Moms
June 4, 2013

After a few weeks off, we’re back with Abby Lee Miller and the Dance Moms. Our summer premier is a two hour special which sees tension rising between Christie and Kelly, and the ALDC facing off against the Candy Apples once again.

We begin at pyramid, as per usual. Abby is not happy with how things went last season, and she hopes that everyone conducts themselves more appropriately this time. On the pyramid, we have Kendall at the bottom, followed by Mackenzie, Nia, Brooke, Chloe, Asia, Paige, and Maddie on top. Asia is in Los Angeles this week, and will not be dancing with the group this week. The only solo goes to Paige. The group number will include only four dancers (Maddie, Chloe, Nia, and Kendall). Maddie and Chloe will have a duet. Then she gives a special surprise to Brooke – she will be doing a routine with the senior dance company, and Abby warns her to do her best, because these dancers strive to be professionals. As Abby tells the girls and moms about the competition that they’ll be attending (a local event, in Pittsburg) and that Cathy and her Apple Cores will likely be attending as well. She does not want any conflict, since it’s a local event.

While Abby settles Brooke in with her senior company, Kelly is all complaints. Despite Brooke’s promotion, she sits upstairs saying things such as that she hopes the dance sucks, and she hopes they loose. She doesn’t think that it’s fair that Brooke wasn’t put into the company sooner, and that she’ll have less time to learn the dance than the others have had. Abby explains that she wants to give Brooke a taste of professional dancing, and we see from the studio camera that the other dancers have not practiced the routine much either. Jill states that Kelly is impossible to please, and that it doesn’t matter how many opportunities her children are given. She will not be happy. Judging from her behavior tonight, I am inclined to agree.

With her two most skilled dancers performing a duet together, Abby is putting a lot of pressure on it. We find out, however, that her annoyance is about more than just their dancing skills. It seems that Maddie was seen kissing a boy back stage at a competition recently, and it was none other than one of Cathy’s dancers! Abby warns her that boys are off limits, and especially boys who are the “enemy.”

Kelly is annoyed that Paige is not in the group number, but she’s happy that she has a solo, so she wants to keep her feelings to herself. Jill, however, thinks that she’s being ungrateful for her child’s opportunity, so she goes to talk to Abby about it. Abby says that Kelly should realize what a chance this is for Brooke, so she won’t point that out to her. Kelly overhears the conversation and snaps for them to stop talking about her kids. This leads to an argument when everyone goes back upstairs between her and Jill, and she says flat out that if Brooke messes up the seniors’ dance, it’s Abby’s fault, and she hopes the team loses.

Realizing that something is seriously bothering Kelly, the moms decide to have a special lunch without her and stage an intervention. Jill remarks that Kelly sees everything as the glass-half-empty, and she needs to be more optimistic. So the moms decide to hold a slumber party for Paige, to make Kelly feel that she’s more part of the team. However, when they pose the idea to Kelly, they are met with suspicion. Despite their promises that the party is just something fun for the girls, Kelly tells the audience and she isn’t stupid. She thinks that the moms went to lunch to gossip about her, and not to plan something nice for children.

Later, when Jill and Christie leave the room to “look at costumes,” Kelly explains that she wasn’t angry with Jill, but she didn’t think that it was Jill’s business to pick a fight between her and Abby. She doesn’t understand why the moms want her to be upset. When Christie and Jill return, everything blows up into a big fight, culminating in cursing and hurtful words. The mothers are so loud that they can be heard in the studio, where the senior company is rehearsing, and the dancers stop to listen. When the moms start dropping f-words, Abby gets fed up. Downstairs, Christie shouts at Paige that it wasn’t her fault, and if everyone wanted to be jealous of her 11-year-old daughter, that was their problem.

Paige is naturally hurt by her words and tone and runs upstairs to her mother, crying. Maddie explains what happened and the other mothers try to comfort her. The next day, Kelly and Christie are immediately at each other’s throats again. The fight escalates quickly, until Abby interrupts and warns her that she does not want a repeat of the night before. In the end, Christie leaves the observation room and Kelly breaks down into tears.

Down in rehearsal, Abby decides that Brooke isn’t quite grasping the dance. So she sets Brooke up with the male lead from the senior company dance, to engender trust between the two. Brooke admits that she isn’t sure that she wants a boyfriend. After their date, Brooke says that she would do another duet with the boy, but not another date.

The next morning, the moms try to mediate the fight between Christie and Kelly. Both of them, however, are tired of apologizing to each other. Abby soon notices that it’s affecting Maddie and, especially, Chloe. Chloe is visibly upset, and Abby assumes that it’s because of her mother’s behavior. She thinks that the moms need to learn to behave themselves and the girls need to get their heads in the game.

Finally, it’s the day of the competition. Since Abby is upset by Cathy being there, Holly steps forward to make sure the girls are ready. The first to compete is the duet, with Maddie and Chloe. For all of Abby’s complaints, the girls do a really good job. They look beautiful as they dance together. Melissa remarks that they look like mirrors, and that the girls are back.

After Cathy’s boys perform, Abby feels that the choreography was subpar. Since the number was a tribute to the choreographer’s late father, he and Cathy take offense to her remarks. Ironic, considering how they behaved with Paige last time. So while Abby takes her leave, the Apple Cores prepare for battle and confront Abby and her girls.

Fortunately, the choreographer decides to keep the peace and move on from the remarks without incident.

Up next are solos. One of Cathy’s boys goes first. He does well. The dance was well done. Next is Paige. It’s a cute routine and she performs what she’s given very well. Following the solos, Kelly and Christie face off once again and they admit that things might not get mended this time. After a brief confrontation with Cathy in the hallway, it’s time for the group numbers.

First up is Abby’s senior company, who usually does not attend competitions. Abby wants to see how she does performing with dancers who are older than her, rather than younger, and wants to see if she can keep up with more advanced dangers. They do very, very well and Brooke more than kept up with those older dancers. Next are the Apple Cores. Their dance is…strange. It’s about bicyclists? Hard to say. Finally, we have the girls’ group number. They do a good job. Overall, Abby’s routines had more choreography than Cathy and her choreographer’s did.

At the awards ceremony, Paige is given second place, but Cathy’s soloist gets first. Chloe and Maddie’s duet gets first place. The senior company gets first place. The girls’ group number gets first place. Overall, it is a successful day.

Back in the dressing room, Kathy is so concerned about her fight with Christie to be happy for how well her children performed. Then, one of Cathy’s parents goes to Abby and asks her to find a place for his son on her team. Shortly thereafter, Cathy kicks the man out of her team for being a mole. It looks like it’s going to be an exciting season for the ALDC! Asia’s back next week, so tune back in to see what happens next!