Dance Moms Bye Bye Baby

Dance Moms Bye Bye Baby


Dance Moms
February 26, 2013

Dance Moms Bye Bye Baby – Our episode begins in typical fashion with the girls arriving for pyramid. Yet when they get there, Abby is missing. She arrives late and explains that her beloved dog, Broadway Baby, passed away from kidney failure. Even Christie makes it clear that she feels deep sympathy for Abby’s loss.

The pyramid starts with Paige on the bottom, then Brook (for making top 5 but not winning), Mackenzie, Kendall, Nia, and Maddie on top. Conspicuously absent is Chloe, and Abby explains that this is because she is still suspended. Abby explains that Mackenzie will not be in the group number (presumably because it is too mature from her). Solos go to Nia and Maddie, and they will be going to St. Louis, where they will inevitably run into an old teammate (not Cathy) who they did not get along with at all.

When Abby’s grief overwhelms her, the moms discuss the subject of dedicating their group number to Broadway Baby. They choose a new song, talk about new choreography, and go to look at new costumes. While Melissa and Jill think it’s a good idea, Holly, Kelly, and Christie are sure that Abby will not appreciate them changing her dance direction. To top everything off, Kelly and Christie are still not speaking.

At home, Abby discusses the loss of Broadway Baby with her mother. Despite her mom’s assurance that there was nothing she could have done, she still frets that being home might have made a difference, but instead she was off with other people’s children. It’s very sad to see anyone suffer a loss as deep as what Abby is obviously feeling for her dog.

The next day, Abby has still not returned to the studio. She tells her mother that she is hesitant to leave her alone because she doesn’t want anything else to happen while she’s on the road. Her mother tells her that she has to go back to the studio and teach the kids, but Abby says that they’re just too unappreciative. Ironically, at the studio, the girls are working on a card to cheer her up. The moms ask whether Abby will be back or not, and no one knows. Meanwhile, Kelly and Christie get into another screaming match about the Kelly not calling her. Again.

Abby returns to the studio and works with Maddie and Nia, then finds out about the tribute dance. She is not happy about this. She calls the mothers down and lectures them on changing her vision, explaining how offensive she finds it that they changed everything in her vision. So she tells them that they can choose the music they want and improv to it, but the results are…messy. We’ll see how that goes.

At the competition, however, she is still planning to have the girls improvise. They are barely in the door before they run into none other than…Black Patsy! She and her daughter spent about two weeks with the ALDC before returning to St. Louis. In the green room, Holly and Abby fuss over Nia’s costume. Then it’s time for Nia to go on stage. She does…well enough. Some parts looked very good. Other parts looked sloppy. It averaged out well enough I imagine.

After Nia is the Rival of the Week, Nicaya. I’m not sure what to think of her performance. It also had highs and lows, displaying some sloppy jumps. Then comes Maddie. This kid is always good. Never forgets to point her feet. She does a lovely dance to a pretty song in a weird costume. Sounds about right for Abby. After her solo, the announcer says that Maddie wanted to dedicate her dance to Broadway Baby. This earns her little more than a stink eye from Kelly.

Backstage, Abby thanks Melissa for the dedication. Melissa shows Abby a video that she had of Broadway Baby dancing for Abby, the week before. Back in the green room, the moms ambush Melissa, accusing her of going behind their back to “get her kid ahead.” Melissa probably hits the nail on the head when she says that the other moms are just upset that Abby is her friend again and doesn’t treat Melissa and Maddie the way she treats the other kids. At the risk of taking sides, the moms are really being ridiculous.

Abby has no delusions that the group number is going to be flawless, nor does she even think they stand a chance of placing well. Still, at the end she admits that it could have gone worse. In the audience, Kaya (AKA Black Patsy) is trash talking the kids. Abby makes a graceful exit, but Kaya follows them out of the auditorium, saying all sorts of mean things about the girls.

After Kaya is forcibly removed from the competition and her child disqualified (for totally inappropriate behavior in the hallway), it’s time for awards. Nia is given Best Costume and third place, and Maddie is given first place. Somehow, the girl’s improv group number won first place. Apparently happy dances do pretty well at these things. Everyone is happy with the win, and even Abby seems cheered up. Christie and Kelly seem to have made up. The girls present their card to Abby and Abby requests that everyone say a prayer for her baby. All in all, the episode ends on a very uplifting note.