Dance Moms May I Have This Dance?

Dance Moms May I Have This Dance?





Dance Moms
April 16, 2013

At pyramid, Abby is getting nervous. Her team has “lost” (they placed second last week) two weeks in a row and she isn’t sure how to get her kids back on track. Pyramid goes Mackenzie, Paige, Kendall (she is improving, but the next thing on her list is to work on her focus, rather than watching Maddie), Brook, Chloe (her corrections focus on techniques), Nia, Asia (won first place in the petite division, and Maddie on top (after winning the junior division and the vote as the best dancer from her teammates). Mackenzie is out of her cast, saying that her foot feels better, but Abby does not want to let her dance just yet. Since she hasn’t actually been back to the doctor for a second physical, she doesn’t want to risk little eight-year-old bones. The team is going to Ohio, so Abby figures they’ll be facing Cathy and the Candy Apples there. The group will include everyone but Mackenzie and Maddie (who will instead be assisting in the choreography. Abby does not want to let the other girls rely on her to match the counts). Solos go to Maddie and Chloe, and Asia and Nia will be dancing a duet.

None of the moms are pleased with Maddie or Abby. They say that if Abby thinks that Maddie is too good for their team, she should pull her and put her in the senior company instead. They work to make Melissa uncomfortable by asking her if she’s okay with Maddie being assistant choreographer, but Melissa asks them not to put it that way. So they move onto Mackenzie, pressing to find out what the deal is with her foot. Melissa is visibly on the defensive, but that doesn’t do much besides launch a bickering match. Christie thinks that either she wasn’t so hurt to begin with, or she isn’t better now. Either way, she’s certain that something is fishy.

After the break, Abby gets a call. She’s been invited to guest host The View, and the girls have been invited to perform on the show as well. She gathers everyone together and gives them the big news. She’s thrilled and everyone is happy for her. So it looks like next week, we’ll have them in New York for the show. Ultimately, Abby decides to submit the group number that won the team Nationals last season, called “The Last Text.” Asia is filling Mackenzie’s role in the dance during rehearsals and there is some more fighting among the moms about the health of Mackenzie’s foot.

Kelly decides that, since Brook loves to sing as well as dance, the trip to New York is a good opportunity to let her record/produce another song. So they’re off to her voice coach, to prepare for the trip.

When the team gets to Ohio, they’re pleasantly surprised to find that Cathy and her boys aren’t there. With solos starting soon, Holly is worried that there won’t be time to run Nia and Asia’s duet before they go on stage. Abby assures her that there will be time, but she is still concerned.

Chloe performs very well. After how big a deal Abby made about how much better Maddie is than any of her peers, Maddie’s feeling a lot of pressure. But she does beautifully too. It looks like it’s going to be a tight race between the solos this time. Then, suddenly, they announce that the duet is coming up right after Maddie’s solo, despite the promised break between them. So the girls have to rush onto the stage without any last minute runs or warm ups or anything. The girls are distressed about the turn of events as well, but they still go onto stage and dance their hearts out. Holly’s opinion is that the duet ended up looking good, but Holly and Kristie are both unhappy with Abby about her recklessness in rehearsal time for the girls. When they call her on it, Abby does…exactly what Holly says she did. She “deflects the blame and turns it into a lesson on being prepared.” Not cool at all, Abby.

Just as the group number is about to go on, Abby sends Maddie backstage to run their dance with them. She warns Maddie that if they don’t win, she’ll be needing a new assistant. The poor kid tries her best, but she looks so nervous backstage.

At awards, Chloe takes second place for her solo (though only by one point), and Maddie takes first. The duet takes first place. And the group also takes first place, giving Abby the clean sweep she’s been waiting for. After the competition, Abby runs the girls in “The Last Text” one more time, still using Asia. Although Kristie pushes, she still refuses to give a clear answer on which little girl will appear on The View.