Dance Moms She’s a Maniac

Dance Moms She’s a Maniac


Dance Moms
March 26, 2013

The girls had a clean sweep last week, and Abby is in a good mood about that. She does not, however, want the girls to rest on their laurels. At the bottom of the pyramid is Brook (for forgetting the routine and wandering aimlessly on the stage). Brook is dismissed for the day and Kelly is told that she will not be traveling with the group that weekend. Next is Mackenzie. Then is Nia (though Abby gives her high praise), then Kendall, Chloe, Paige, and Maddie. Solos go to Kendall, Chloe, and a duet is given to Maddie and Mackenzie.

Upstairs, to the moms’ shock, Melissa reveals that she has gotten married. Downstairs, Abby welcomes a broadway dancer, who is currently touring with Flash Dance, to work with the girls on their group number. She thinks that since the girls only learn in house choreography, working with a guest choreographer will be good for them. The moms are happy to see some variety and Kelly is thrilled that the woman is talking about giving Paige some featured bits in the dance.

The next day, Kelly is late getting Brook to class (which she is to attend even though she is not to be on the team that week). So she and Abby get into an argument about that. Still, that calms down eventually and the moms start chatting about nonsense. Seaweed wraps or something. Abby reworks the group routine a bit and decides that Mackenzie should focus on her duet instead of being in that as well.

The moms have a wrap party, but none of them really think that the things work except for Kelly. They’re supposed to tighten skin or something? Anyway, back in rehearsal Abby decides to pull Mackenzie from the group number for sure. Kelly is incensed on her behalf. Melissa tries to defend Abby’s decision (“she can’t do a triple turn”) and her daughter’s place on the team at the same time while Kelly rants about Brook sitting in the other room doing nothing when she can do all the steps in the dance.

The team arrives at the competition to thunderous applause, which seems to make Abby’s day. She wants to test Kendall’s stamina this week, so she has her doing exercises such as “sitting the wall” (we called it “the chair” when I was a wee one). Jill finds this insulting but…it’s an exercise. Come on. The kid apparently isn’t too traumatized because she looks adorable and energetic when she gets on stage. Her costume is a cute little flapper number and the routine is a chipper and cheery solo.

For their duet, Maddie and Mackenzie are clearly not on the same level. They both do well for where they are, but that is obviously not the same place. Melissa remarks that if Maddie had been doing the dance as a solo, she would have won first place. Since it was a duet, however, it’s a tossup.

Chloe does well in her dance but when she gets backstage, she does a “rock on” symbol to one of the other contestants. She was supposed to be a rocker chick in her dance, so she probably thought that she was still in character. She was not far enough in the wings for Abby not to see, however, and Abby finds it incredibly rude. She blames Christie for planting the idea into Chloe’s mind, but I tend to think that it was just Chloe being a kid.

Abby’s gust choreographer shows up and Abby has to tell her that she re-choreographed the dance by removing Mackenzie. The lady puts her right back in, though, and sticks her right back in. Abby concedes that she’s uncomfortable not being in control of her routine but since she gave up the reigns this week, you can only work with what you have. She’s still nervous about the routine, though.

The girls do their dance, but Abby still insists that Mackenzie shouldn’t have been in the routine and that she hops the judges weren’t watching her.

At the awards ceremony, Kendall gets third place and Chloe gets first. The duet takes first place. Then the group takes…first place! Although Abby still insists that being a dancer and being a dance teacher are two different things, and that it was the girls’ training that won them first place.

Although Abby is happy with their wins, she’s apparently appalled by Kendall and Chloe’s etiquette. Christie thinks that she’s just mad that the girls used the guest’s choreography and won with it, instead of hers.

This was only a one hour and it was honestly pretty slow. Next week, however, they’re getting a new team member. Abby’s motto is that everyone’s replaceable, so we’ll see what sort of drama this stirs up!