Dance Moms The Politics of Dancing

Dance Moms The Politics of Dancing


Dance Moms
April 9, 2013

Last week, one of Cathy’s guest choreographers finally paid off, when her group dance won first place and Abby’s seemingly did not place at all. This week, Abby starts by congratulating Asia on her win, then scolds the others for their performance the week before. The pyramid starts with Mackenzie, Brook , Chloe, Kendall, Maddie, Paige, Nia, and Asia on top. Since Mackenzie is still hurt, Abby says that Asia will be learning the group number, but she doesn’t know if she’ll be performing it or not. Solos go to Asia, Maddie, and Chloe.

Abby explains that the group number is loosely based on politics, but the moms soon figure out that it’s about dance politics more than national politics. Asia’s dance is based on the character of Rosie the Riveter. Chloe’s dance is called “Am I Here to Stay?” Finally, Maddie’s is called “I’m Trying.” Upstairs, the moms explain to new Kristie about the Chloe/Maddie rivalry and how Chloe is often underutilized because Abby doesn’t like Christie as much as Melissa.

After the break, Melissa admits that she’s thinking of homeschooling her kids so that they can devote more time to dance, take piano, voice lessons, etc. The other moms throw a fit when they find out. This is probably because they’re upset that she’s trying to “get her kid ahead” of the others. This is a pretty regular complaint. They seem to think it’s cheating for a parent to support and try to further their child’s career. Meanwhile, Abby wants them to make a costume out of an American flag. The moms don’t want to do it, though, because…it’s weird to cut up real flags and turn them into costume.

Despite how much Melissa denies it, everyone knows that she and Mackenzie feel threatened by Kristie and Asia. Jill and Abby have another brief argument over hurting Kendall’s feelings, and then it’s off to the competition!

The moms ended up making the costumes out of flag fabric instead of real flags. There isn’t much drama in the green room, other than Jill tattling on Asia that she saw her crying the other day in the dressing room. (Really, Jill? Petty much?) Overall, it’s fairly harmless. The girls perform and there are no major blunders, but Abby isn’t thrilled and still gives Paige a good talking to, once they’re back in their green room again.

Then Abby comes up with a plan. She wants the moms and girls to vote on whether Maddie or Chloe dances better that way, theoretically so they can see what people think of when they judge a dancer.

Up first is Asia. Her Rosie routine is another cutie, just like her puppy dog routine was the week before. Mackenzie looks…concerned, to say the least. Next is Chloe. Her costume is really very pretty. It looks like a red party dress and is just lovely on her. Her solo is beautiful, too, showcasing lots of turns to take advantage of that skirt. Then it’s Maddie’s turn. Her costume is beautiful too, as is her dance, and they both suit her. Melissa makes a remark that she hopes that Mackenzie grows up to be as good a dancer as her sister. Mackenzie makes a face.

Then it is time to vote. Abby says that they’ll count them after the awards are presented. At the ceremony, the group number takes second place (Abby’s least favorite place to be). Asia takes first place with her solo. Chloe takes second place (which just shocks Christie) and Maddie takes first place. Abby isn’t surprised because she says that she was close to perfection, but both girls danced very well.

When Abby counts the votes, Maddie wins 7-3. Even Abby admits that she’s surprised that more of the girls didn’t vote for Chloe. Christie accuses her of having the voting just to hurt Chloe’s feelings. Abby kind of brushes it off, but it’s clear as the episode ends that Christie thinks Abby is still punishing Cloe for Christie’s past behavior.