Dance Moms The View From the Top

Dance Moms The View From the Top


Dance Moms
April 23, 2013

At the Pyramid, Abby congratulates the girls and announces that they’ll be facing off with Cathy again this week. On the bottom is Mackenzie, Nia, Asia, Brook, Paige, Kendall, Maddie, and Chloe on top. As Christie points out, this is the first time that Chloe’s been on top of the pyramid since all the blow ups and walk outs that made the first part of the season. Everyone is in the group number. Solos go to Asia, Chloe, Maddie, and Kendall. Then there’s the big question: Who will be in “The Last Text” for the view? Mackenzie or Asia? Abby thinks that Melissa needs to be held accountable for her claims concerning Mackenzie’s foot. Melissa plans to talk to Abby about it because it’s Mackenzie’s spot, since she performed the number at National’s. Jill and the other moms agree with her, but Kristie thinks that it isn’t fair for Asia to work so hard and then be expected to just forfeit her spot because Mackenzie is “suddenly” better.

Abby pulls Mackenzie aside in the studio to tell her that she just doesn’t understand why Melissa is just letting Kristie and Asia come in and usurp Mackenzie’s spot on the team. When Mackenzie tells Melissa about this, Melissa decides that it’s time to confront Abby. Abby just brushes her off and ignores her, though, calling Asia into the studio to practice her solo. When Melissa finally calls her on replacing Mackenzie, and Abby gives a list of complaints about Mackenzie (too short, too cute, etc.). Melissa says she doesn’t want to make her eight-year-old sassy; she wants her little kid to stay cute for as long as possible. Of course Christie, Kristie and Kelly are all on the same side – team Asia. Kristie later has Asia buy a Thank You card for Abby, which the other moms pounce on as something to create an uncomfortable atmosphere on the team.

While the moms watch Asia rehearse her solo, Kelly observes that Asia’s had a solo or duet every week since she’s joined the team (which earns her a dirty look from Kristie), while her own kids no longer expect any special callouts. So, she plans to take advantage of being in NYC to do some promoting of her own. She wants to take Paige to talk to a modeling agency and Brook to look into furthering her music career. If Abby won’t help them, she’ll do it herself.

During the group rehearsal, Abby grows frustrated with the girls not being spot on. So…she decides that she’s going to put it all on them. Giving a warning that she won’t give them any reminders and won’t review any steps (because life can’t just be handed to them, after all), she storms out of the studio, telling them to figure it out for themselves.

Abby is not pleased with how the rehearsal for The View goes, saying that it’s embarrassing to her how the girls are performing this award winning number. Backstage, Melissa and Kristie get into a big fight about the girls and who will be in the routine. They spend a lot of time yelling and most of it is unintelligible. When Abby comes backstage, they demand a straight answer that she refuses to give them. When it comes down to it, both moms try to prepare their girls for the probability that they won’t be going on stage (as it seems to be equally likely for both of them. It really could go either way). It’s a tough lesson to give kids, that life just isn’t fair.

The moms watch the show from backstage, expressing their surprise at how much the hosts seem to like Abby. Then it’s time for the girls to go onstage. Abby ends up using Mackenzie in the number, warning her that this injury thing won’t fly again and that she’s going to the doctor with her, next time. She doesn’t feel that Melissa is being totally honest. Mackenzie says that as soon as she started dancing, she really felt like she was back.

Backstage, after the show, Abby tells Melissa that she thinks she’s been lying, too. Melissa denies it, but there isn’t time to argue before the girls come back in. They did good that day, but the real challenge is still to come. Next week is the competition, where they face off against Cathy (who is scheming as always) as this two part episode concludes!