Dance Moms Watch Your Back, Mack





Dance Moms
April 2, 2013

Abby is pleased and enthusiastic from their winning streak. She starts on top of the pyramid this week with Maddie (her duet won and she taught Paige to keep up with her too), followed by Paige, Kendall, Chloe (dropped low because she made rock’n roll signs?), Nia, Mackenzie, and Brook. Last is a mystery spot. Abby explains that it’s a new member of the team. Her name is Asia, and she was a young contestant who did very well in Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition. Abby warns that Asia wants to learn, her mother wants her to learn, and she doesn’t want any signs of the other moms trying to chase the poor kid or her mom away. The team needs more competition, it seems.

Facing Cathy once again, Abby decides to hold Mackenzie and Asia out of the group number. The material is just too mature. A trio goes to Maddie, Chloe, and Kendall, and Asia is given a solo to see what she can do.

Abby calls Melissa to the front desk to talk about her deceased dog. She thinks that she’s so cute and has been having such a hard time with the loss, she has decided to take her to a…preservationist. Taxidermist. There are lots of questions that brings to mind that I won’t bring up here. The moms find it as weird as I do, for the record.

While Abby teaches a jazz trio to the girls, the moms research Asia. Kelly observes that Melissa seems nervous because Asia is direct competition for Mackenzie, and that there might be some concern that she’s a permanent replacement for our sort-of-injured littlest dancer.

After the commercial break, Asia and her mother arrive. They’re both very excited and the mom declares that they are there to work. Asia and her mother to the girls and moms. They are still debating the “purpose” of Asia’s presence but…whatever. Once the new mom, named Kristie, is upstairs, she explains that they were late because they were in Korea and Asia hasn’t competed before because she’s been too busy working real jobs. She makes it clear that she will not be scared away by the other moms.

Once Kristie 2 goes to talk to Abby about her first impressions, the moms are up to their old games. They can’t complain about Asia’s dancing, so they talk about Kristie’s breast size? They’re like middle school children, honestly. Kristie assures Abby that they want to be there and that she can handle Christie and Kelly just fine, although she did think that they had a lot of complaints for such a short period of time.

Next it’s time for everyone to climb on the bus. Kristie accidentally sits in Jill’s seat, but she’s perfectly willing to move. Abby decides not to ride the bus with them, but instead goes to the taxidermist. He assures her that they’ll do what they can to bring her dog back to her. At the competition, Melissa has left Mackenzie at home but insists that she doesn’t feel like her daughter has been replaced. The other moms don’t believe her, though.

Cathy has hired Abby’s best friend as her choreographer this week. Abby doesn’t seem ruffled at all.

Asia’s solo is pretty cute. She does a good job, too. In the green room, Kristie calls the other moms on their complaining nature. They insist that they haven’t been complaining and get all huffy, with Christie saying that if Kristie doesn’t want them to be honest, then they just won’t be honest around her.

Up next is the trio, against Cathy’s duet. Unwilling to lose to Cathy, Abby is correcting every little. Cathy’s two are doing a salsa routine and Abby’s trio is doing jazz. Abby criticizes them for doing a ballroom-style, but I thought the two of them were really good. The trio does really well too, and even Abby only has good things to say about them. Finally, it is the group number. Abby admits that she’s nervous about the group number and really hopes that it goes over well.

The Candy Apples group number is very different from what they normally do. It has lots of traditional turns and a very mellow feel, contrasted with Korean rap parodies and hip-hop routines. It’s a lovely routine and even Abby and Christie can’t find complaints about it.

Finally, it is time for the ALDC group number. It’s a good number. The girls do a good job. I did not see any mistakes and Abby seems very pleased, using words such as “fresh, pretty, clean and wholesome.”

At awards, Asia takes first place with her petite solo. The trio takes second place while Cathy’s duet takes first (three points away from perfect). Cathy’s group takes first place. I don’t think that Abby placed at all. All I heard them mention was Candy Apples’ first place, having earned a perfect score for their routine. In the ALDC green room, Abby comes to brag, but it quickly descends into chaos, and Cathy storms from the room while Abby screams in tears after her.

Next week is going to be messy with how this went. We’ll have to wait until next week to see just how bad it is.