How I Met Your Mother Bad Crazy

How I Met Your Mother Bad Crazy











How I Met Your Mother
February 11, 2013

How I Met Your Mother Bad Crazy –┬áDuring our last episode, Future Ted informed the kids that Jeanette (the crazy girl who starts fires and stalked him for ages) was the last big mistake he made before meeting their mother. This episode tells us quite effectively just what a mistake she was.

The episode starts off with Jeanette breaking Present Ted’s TV with a beer bottle. That should show you how things are going to go. Ted decides (with the full support of his friends, including Barney) that it is time to break up with this girl. Immediately. So he takes her to some sort of sporting event (might have been football? I don’t know. Ted has a history of liking football, so we’ll say that) and tries to break up with her, but…doesn’t do such a good job. When he leaves Barney and Marshall to watch his apartment while he goes to run some errands, she shows up, barricades herself in his bedroom and refuses to leave. And breaks stuff. Lots of stuff. Ted reveals that he didn’t actually break up with her so much as strongly imply that he didn’t want to be together anymore. Good job, Ted. So he needs a way to get Jeanette out of his bedroom and life. He tries calling the police, but it turns out that she’s a cop. Eventually, he gets into the bedroom and finds her wearing his red cowboy boots (convinced that they belong to another girl). Apparently being a certifiable nutjob is pretty hot, because they end up making out and Ted does not break up with her that day.

Meanwhile, we learn that Robin has yet to actually hold baby Marvin. In fact, she’s done a very good job of avoiding it, somehow managing to always slip out of the way or come up with an excuse as to why she can’t (in the latest case, that being her hands being full). It turns out that she’s terrified to hold him. When she’s out with Lily, one day, Lily forgets Marvin’s binky on the bus and has to go get it. She leaves Marvin with Robin and tells her that if he starts crying, just pick him up.

The rest of the story is apparently told over the course of years. First, she let a kind old lady come over to help her and let the lady pick Marvin up. Then she accidentally let Marvin roll into the street and had to chase after him. Then, because she was upset, the old lady suggests they go inside somewhere and the only place nearby is a strip club. Finally, Robin reveals that the old lady was actually boxing champ Mike Tyson. Out of all these things, Lily is most upset that she took so long to reveal that she met Mike Tyson. Eventually, after spending some time in a strip club with Mike Tyson, Robin does pick Marvin up. Then she doesn’t want to put him back down, even staying at Lily and Marshall’s place late into the night. Until he gets a dirty diaper. Then she’s happy to put him down, it turns out.