How I Met Your Mother P.S. I Love You

How I Met Your Mother P.S. I Love You











How I Met Your Mother
February 4, 2013

When Ted sees a pretty girl on a train, she gets off before he has a chance to woo her. So takes meticulous notes on everything that he remembers so that he’ll be able to find her again. Marshall and Lily try to convince him that it’s creepy and obsessive, but he soon learns that the girl was also taking notes about him. He thinks that this is adorable, but soon new evidence begins to unveil.

First, the girl says that it was destiny that brought them  together. A mysterious fire alarm brought him out of the building just as she was there. Then Ted learns that she pulled the fire alarm. Soon, Marshall and Lily discover that there are no fire alarm levers in that room and she actually set a fire. Uh…oops.

While discussing the difference between being cute and being creepy while stalking someone, Robin lets it slip that she was once obsessed with someone. This of course sends Barney into a mad frenzy to find answers. His methods involve reading Robin’s childhood diaries and traveling to Canada to interrogate her old boyfriends…possibly twice. She has promised to tell him who it was as soon as he admits that obsession can happen to anyone, but he refuses to admit that. When he watches a hilarious parody of Behind the Music and gets a clue of who the obsession might be, he goes to find out for sure.

Only after getting into a fight with Alan Thicke (and losing) does Barney admit that he was wrong and obsession can strike at anyone. Especially since Thicke was not the object of Robin’s affection. Robin admits that her obsession was on Paul Shaffer (I don’t know who that is so I don’t get the joke, but none of the characters seem to get it either, so whatever). Then she tells Barney that he was being a stalker, but in a cute way. Ted agrees and says that it’s just like with his girl.

Marshall tells her that going to Canada is not the same thing as setting fires to meet someone, and that destiny cannot be manipulated. Just look at him and Lily. Guiltily, Lily confesses that she’s been lying for many years. The cute story of how she and Marshall met actually went a bit differently, since she actually broke her own stereo and knocked on many doors to find him. Marshall tells her that that’s adorable, and he finally admits that Ted and his girl are cute as well.

At the girl’s apartment, Ted notes that if they hadn’t been reading the same book, they never would have met. Then he discovers that the girl bought the book in the same store that he bought his in, a mere ten minutes later. The girl soon confesses that she saw him in New York Magazine more than a year beforehand and has been following him ever since, trying to orchestrate Destiny so they could meet. Future Ted admits that this girl was the last Big Mistake that he made before meeting his wife, but 2013 Ted just kisses her and they disappear out of frame.e the