How I Met Your Mother Romeward Bound

How I Met Your Mother Romeward Bound


How I Met Your Mother
April 14, 2013

Lily has been doing well as the Captain’s art consultant. It makes her feel good to be able to do something with her art degree and help support her family. When the Captain tells her that he’s moving to Rome and wants her to go along with him, it seems like a dream come true. But…she isn’t sure she can accept. She needs to talk to Marshall first. So she go to the bar to think things over. Ted encourages her and she starts to call Marshall, but he can’t talk. He’s busy on a project.

Lily realizes how much Marshall loves being a lawyer, and that moving for the sake of her career would have a huge impact on him. Living in her shadow would have a huge impact on him. Not wanting to make him feel lesser, she decides to turn the job down. It isn’t long before she goes to see him at work only to learn that he isn’t working on a case at all. The firm hasn’t had a case in months, since the big environmental case that Marshall won for them. He apparently upset things quite a bit, and he just hasn’t wanted to tell her that he hasn’t been doing well at work.

When she tells him about the job offer that she gave up for him, he makes it clear that he thinks she’s made a huge mistake and goes to see the Captain personally and get him to give the offer again. He thinks that going to Italy is a splendid idea and all the things that Lily worried would make him miserable are actually his dreams. He successfully talks the Captain into giving Lily the offer again, but again she turns it down. Marshall can’t understand why until he realizes that she didn’t turn it down for him at all. She turned it down because she was scared. He goes to confront her and she explains that she’s always been scared to leave New York and pursue her dreams. She was afraid to go to Paris when she was in college. Back in season two, she went to California and was miserable because she was scared. After much soul searching, Marshall talks her into accepting the job and finally doing something to let herself chase her own dreams for once, and not be too afraid to put herself first.

The others spend the episode on one long joke that occupies about ten minutes altogether. There’s a girl in the bar from Ted’s yoga class. He swears that she’s crazy beautiful. She’s wearing a big puffy coat. She won’t take off the coat, but they want her to so that Barney can see her awesome body and know that Ted isn’t lying. Hijinks ensue. None of it bears much description, other than the fact that Barney is once again assured that he does love Robin more than any other girl in the whole world, and she is the one with whom she wants to spend his life…forever.