How I Met Your Mother The Ashtray

How I Met Your Mother The Ashtray


How I Met Your Mother
February 18, 2013

When Ted receives a call from the Captain, ex-husband of Ted’s ex-girlfriend Zoe (Jennifer Morrison), he is…nervous to call him back. When the Marshall asks why, he explains about an encounter he had with the Captain, the last time he saw him. Apparently they had a run in at an art gallery and the Captain was very rude, then invited Ted, Robin and Lily back to his apartment to look at a piece of art…where he proceeded to pull a harpoon gun on Ted and behave very threateningly. Ted does return his call, though, and learns that the Captain wanted Robin’s number. So he gives it to him.

However…those who are long-time viewers of the show will know that sometimes Ted gets a bit too much to drink and…remembers things vividly but inaccurately. When he reveals to Robin that he gave the Captain her number, she is happy to correct him. According to Robin, Ted was drunk that night and it wasn’t so much that the Captain was rude as that Ted was just totally socially incompetent because he was so wasted. And he didn’t threaten him with a harpoon gun, but set his DVR with a remote while Ted was being ridiculous. However, she reveals, he later took her up to his room and tried to make a pass at her!

When he calls her, it turns out that he wasn’t looking for Robin at all. He was looking for Lily and had the names mixed up. So she passes Lily’s number on and Lily is not too happy about that. It seems that she was the only one sober that night and was quite embarrassed by both her friends’ behavior. When the Captive arrives with his “art consultant,” Lily tries to play it cool and make a good impression, but the art consultant brushes off her opinion. When the Captain invites them up, it’s Lily that he invites into his bedroom…to show her a work of art that he recently purchased.

When Lily tells him that she prefers the painting that she remarked on in the gallery, he tells her that her opinion doesn’t matter because she’s just a kindergarten teacher and not an artist at all. Her feelings hurt, Lily steals a crystal ashtray on her way out.

When Marshall finds out about this, he yells at her for stealing and tells her that she needs to return the ashtray and pray that the Captain doesn’t press charges. Lily reveals that she got so hurt because he’s right – she gave up on her passion for art and settled for teaching kindergarten, and now she’s a mom and feels old and still hasn’t pursued her dream. So Marshall tells her that she can go in the next day and quit her job to pursue her dreams…but she still has to return the ashtray.

When she goes to do so, the Captain reveals that he actually wanted to show her his new painting. It is the one that she said she liked, the last time they met. He explains that he isn’t trying to apologize, but he did like how she said that she preferred the painting because she liked it and…he wants to give her a job. She accepts and it seems that it’s the first step toward her pursuing her dream.