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How I Met Your Mother The Fortress

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How I Met Your Mother
March 18, 2013

So this episode was…difficult to describe since a lot of it involves silly jokes that take up time but don’t bear repeating here, as I would ruin them if I tried.  As it is, here’s the recap.

With their wedding approaching, Robin wants to get out of Barney’s bachelor pad of an apartment (because it’s weird and he has lots of creepy things in there to aid him in his many, many flings). She wants them to find a new place to choose together where they can start their new life together with a fresh start, without the shadow of his past hanging over them. Barney’s put a lot of work into that apartment, though, and he’s not so thrilled to get rid of it. Still, he says that he loves Robin and will look into finding a buyer for the place.

The buyer he decides is worthy of his apartment happens to be Ted…who wants nothing to do with the place. Knowing that this would be the case, Barney is happy to go back to Robin and tell her that he tried but couldn’t make the sale work. She takes this as a sign that he’s not willing to commit himself entirely to their relationship and vows to sell the apartment herself.

Meanwhile, Marshall and Lily have been having some marital problems since Lily got her job working for the Captain on his art collection. He’s kept her so busy that Marshall feels like he hasn’t seen her at all lately, and they can’t even find time to watch a television show together. Every time she gets home and gets ready to relax with him, she immediately gets called out to go to a new chance to purchase a new piece of art. Marshall is feeling more and more resentful and it finally gets to the point where he lets Ted talk him into going on about his life whether she’s home to watch TV with him or not.

So Robin decides to host an open house for the apartment. She invites Lily, Marshall and Ted to pretend to be prospective buyers, so as to encourage others to think it’s a good deal too. One of the people at the open house mistakes Ted and Marshall for a gay couple and, because Lily was late to the party, Marshall decides to go along with it. He manages to annoy Lily with this game until Ted ends up making out with a girl from the open house. By the end of the open house, Robin finds a couple willing to buy the place and Lily and Marshall make peace with each other, Lily even turning down an opportunity to go get a piece for the Captain until the next day, because she needs to spend time with her husband.

When Robin learns that the couple wants to gut Barney’s apartment and remodel with a wrecking ball, she has second thoughts about selling it to them. Yes the apartment is a testament to Barney’s perversions, but it’s also a testament to his brilliance, she argues. When she can’t talk them into preserving any of it, she tells them that the apartment’s not for sale after all. She goes to meet everyone at McLaren’s and tells Barney that she changed her mind because she realized that some things about him, she just needs to accept and embrace. If she changes everything about him, he won’t be the man she fell in love with anymore. She’s already learned that lesson the hard way once before.