How I Met Your Mother Weekend At Barney’s

How I Met Your Mother Weekend At Barney’s











How I Met Your Mother
February 25, 2013

Ted is determined to break up with Jeanette, but he just can’t seem to do it. No matter what crazy and destructive thing she does, he can’t seem to stay mad at her. Lucky for him, Jeanette decides that things are moving too quickly and breaks up with him. He’s happy about it…for about five minutes. Then he’s determined to get her back.

Barney and Robin got spooked, however, when Ted put Jeanette down as his Plus 1 for their wedding, so Barney is on a mission to get Ted a new girl to take as his date. And he’s going to do it with nothing other than…the Playbook! Fans of the show will know that Barney’s plays are…ridiculously complex and barely ever work. It turns out that the problem isn’t with Barney’s delivery. They really are just that bad. Still, Ted puts forth an admirable effort.

The problem is that Robin has thought that The Playbook was burned quite some time ago, before Barney proposed. So when she walks in on Barney orchestrating a play via a very complex set up involving cameras and microphones (Barney’s a creepy guy) and sees a copy of the Playbook laying on the sofa, it isn’t hard to understand why she freaks out. It’s like the old Barney s right back in her life, and all she sees is another lie. She storms out of the apartment. He follows her. She tells him that she can’t be in a relationship based on lies and he points out that everything he does is based on lies. She realizes soon enough that he’s right and, somehow, that’s part of what she loves about him. He’s a performer, expressing his true feelings through falsehoods.

However, when Barney ran off after Robin, he warned Ted not to do anything incredibly stupid while he was alone. Ted didn’t listen. Barney isn’t gone for ten seconds before Jeanette storms into McLaren’s, screams at the girl Ted is flirting with, and kisses him. They rush back to his apartment to celebrate their renewed relationship over wine…and then she finds the copy of the Playbook that  Barney gave him for the purpose of that night. I think it should surprise no one by now that she reacts badly to this discovery.

The gang convenes at Ted’s apartment to find him sitting alone on the sidewalk among his ruined possessions. Jeanette is still throwing things out of the window. Ted realizes that he really is finished dating and ready to settle down and crosses her name off his wedding RSVP. As Jeanette fills the Playbook with fireworks and lights them up, the gang basks in the blazing glory of an era’s destruction, prepared to enter their next chapter.

While Ted and Barney were up to their shenanigans, Lily took Marshall to a gallery opening, to meet an artist whose work she’s interested in buying for the Captain. Marshall promises that he’ll be good and she can go off and do business, but he does everything wrong – from making bad jokes to spilling Skittles all over the floor during a moment of silence for the artist’s late grandmother. Just when he’s about to leave so he can avoid embarrassing Lily further, he learns that he and the artist actually have something in common from their childhoods, and he helps her make a good impression and bridge the gap to open talk for business.