Once Upon A Time And Straight On Til Morning

Once Upon A Time And Straight On ‘Til Morning

Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time
May 12, 2013

After being rescued from the seas around Neverland, Baelfire found himself under interrogation from Captain Hook. He never met Killian Jones, who kidnapped and killed his mother, but Hook definitely recognized Rumpelstiltskin’s son, when he learns his name. Hook welcomed him to the ship with open arms.

In Storybrook, Mr. Gold fantasizes over ways to kill Henry, since Henry was prophesized to be his downfall. When David and the others arrive, he stops and explains that he wanted to spend some time with Henry while Neil didn’t want him around. David and Mary Margaret explain to Gold what happened to Neil while Emma tells Henry. Grief-stricken, Gold explains that he brought magic to this world to find Bay. It’s his fault that his son is dead.

Tamara, Greg and Hook go down into the minds to find the other part of the trigger to activate Regina’s spell – a very particular pickaxe. They use the axe to strike the gem that Regina took out Maleficent’s lair. This activates the destruction spell and, as Tamara explains it, the doom of all who were not born in the real world. They are willing to die for their cause. When they ask Hook if he’s willing to die to kill Rumpelstiltskin, his answer is “of course.”

Having recovered mostly from her ordeal, Regina is relieved to see Henry when he and the others arrive. They feel a shockwave that signals the activation of the diamond. Regina explains that because Henry was born in the real world, he will survive the spell but he realizes that no one else will and he’ll be alone. He doesn’t want that, so he makes them agree to work together. That’s when Hook arrives to offer to help them. It seems he’s not as willing to die for his cause as he indicated. He’s willing to put his revenge against Rumpelstiltskin aside if it means saving his own skin.

In Neverland, some very spooky Lost Boys approached the Jolly Roger and boarded it, to search for their missing prize. Hook hid Bay from them, and despite a thorough search they failed to find him. But they warned Hook that if “he” learned that Hook lied to him, he would come and rip his show away. And it would hurt. It would hurt badly. Once they were gone, Hook brought Bay out of his hiding place. Bay remarked that he thought pirates only cared about themselves. Hook told him that he had a lot to learn.

Gold returns to his shop to find the dwarves seemingly looting it. It turns out that they were looking for Sneezy’s drinking stein so he could drink a potion from the Blue Fairy. She figured out the solution to the memory problem just in time for everyone to die, Gold points out. But Grumpy still gives him a dose for Belle. She once helped him remember who he was (season 1 reference) and he begs Gold not to let her die as Lacey.

Bay did well on the Jolly Roger. Hook even taught him how to steer the ship. They bonded over their absentee fathers. Hook tells him about his own father, who turned out to be a fugitive and who abandoned him in the night. Touched by the personal story, Bay told him about Rumpelstiltskin’s transformation into The Dark One. He explained about the dagger, and how it was the only weapon that could kill the Dark One. This was valuable information for a man obsessed with revenge.

Hook leads David to Tamara and Greg who have the magic beans, where David demands the beans back. The four of them get into a fight and they escape with them. Most of them, at least. Hook managed to get one and he encourages David to live to fight another day. David says they are not friends and takes the bean to return to his family.

Emma and Regina reach the diamond, and Regina says she will stall the spell as long as she can but it will take all the strength she has. Emma realizes that she intends to die doing this, and that when she told Henry goodbye, she was really saying goodbye. She says Regina does not have to do this, but Regina explains that everyone – even Henry – sees her as the Evil Queen. She wants to die as Regina. Reluctantly, Emma leaves her to do what she must.

Gold decides to give Lacey a chance to be Belle again. He repairs the chipped cup that she broke and pours the Blue Fairy’s tonic into it. Lacey drinks the potion and her memories return to her. She greets Gold with a kiss. Gold explains that he didn’t want to wake her up only to die, but he needed her there. She tells him that she’s so sorry about his son, and they embrace, crying together.

Emma and David arrive back at the same time. She tells Henry about Regina’s impending doom, and he says they can’t let Regina die for them. They can’t leave family behind. After all, they saved Regina from the wraith, why can’t they save her from this too? That gives Mary Margaret an idea – they can send the diamond through a portal and save Regina too. Emma is reluctant, but she finally agrees, convinces Hook to play along, and they go to do “the right thing.”

Regina also points out that they don’t know if the portal idea will work, but Henry says they have to try. Yet when Emma opens the pouch that should have the magic bean in it she finds it gone. Hook double crossed them and now he sails away from Storybrook with the bean in hand.

When Baelfire found a drawing of his mother on Hook’s desk, he realized that Hook was the pirate his father told him about. The one who took Mila away and ruined their family. Hook tells him what really happened and explained that he wanted to build a family with Bay, but Bay doesn’t care. By running away with his mother, Hook ruined his family as if he had killed her. He told Hook that he wanted to go home, but Hook told him that it was impossible to leave Neverland. So Bay decided that he would rather fend for himself than stay with the man who drove Rumpelstiltskin to the darkness. He wanted off the Jolly Roger no matter what. So that night, Bay packed his things and was ready to be dropped off anyway. Hook pleaded with him to stay, saying he could change, but Bay stated that he couldn’t because he only cared about himself. So Hook let the Lost Boys take Rumpelstiltskin’s son away, hoping to gain “his” favor.

While Hook sails away from Storybrook, Regina is running out of strength. Emma embraces Snow White and Prince Charming, the parents she only got to meet. Regina apologizes to Henry for not being strong enough to keep him save. Them Emma remembers that she has magic too. Maybe Regina isn’t strong enough, but they might be together. Combined, their powers are enough to…short out the diamond. The spell retreats and everyone is alive. Henry, however, is nowhere to be found. They find his bag, and Emma realizes that Tamara and Greg took him.

They explain to the boy that they came to Storybrook to destroy magic but, after arriving, they found something even more important; something that could change everything: Henry himself. Emma and the others arrive just in time to see Tamara and Greg disappear with Henry down a portal. Gold and Belle arrive just as Hook returns. The gang makes a plan to go find Henry and Gold leaves Belle behind to take care of things in Storybrook, but she realizes that he doesn’t plan to come back and leaves in tears.

As the second season ends, Aurora, Mulan and Prince Philip find Neil washed up on their shore. Regina, Hook, Gold, and the Charming Family make a truce to find Henry and discover that Tamara and Greg took Henry to Neverland. We learn that Peter Pan and the lost boys were not looking for Baelfire, but for his future son. As Gold warns the others that they’re about to face someone worse than they’ve ever faced before, the Jolly Roger disappears through the portal, and into Neverland.