Once Upon A Time Manhattan

Once Upon A Time Manhattan

Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time
February 17, 2013

Last time, Mr. Gold was on his way to New York City with Emma and Henry, on a mission to find his son, Baelfire, and reconcile with him. After a stressful trip, they reach the apartment building that Cora’s magical-people-finding-artifact thing showed to Gold, back in Storybrook. Although there’s obviously no Baelfire registered on the buzzers, Emma is good at finding people who don’t want to be found. So she goes for the buzzer with no name at all, then hears the guy trying to flee on the fire escape.

Gold tells her that if she wants her end of the bargain fulfilled, she’ll go after his son and make him talk to him (since the guy’s running and Gold obviously can’t do that). So Emma takes off after him and catches up with him, only to discover that Baelfire is also Neil, Henry’s father. Are you hearing ominous music playing? Because I could sure use a DUN DUN DUUUUN about now.

Waaaay back in my review of Tallahassee, I talked about what happened with Neil and Emma. Quick recap: They were car thieves together, she got pregnant, he got confronted by Pinocchio and decided to bail on her, she went to prison and had her baby in there. Such happy memories. Hysterical, Emma reminds Neil/Bay about all this, and he tries to defend himself, but she just points out how stupid it is to let your girlfriend go to prison because Pinocchio, of all people, told you to. It’s a pretty valid point. Despite all this, he begs her to lie to Rumpelstiltskin and let him keep avoiding his father. When she leaves the bar, where they were talking, she has far from forgiven him, but she does want to keep him away from Henry (despite Snow’s advice to tell him the truth). So she resolves to tell Gold that he got away, rather than the truth (that she let him go).

Gold is disappointed when Emma tells him that Bay escaped, but he suggests that they search his apartment for any clues as to where he might have gone. While they do so, he realizes easily enough that she’s lying to him and goes on a rant to tell her that people do not break bargains of him, and she had better uphold her end of the deal (she owes him a favor from back in season 1, where he let Cinderella keep her baby. It’s a long story). Before he can hurt her, though, Bay returns to the apartment and steps in, in order to protect Emma(aww. He does love her). While all this happens, Bay sees Henry and realizes that he’s his son (and Henry learns that his dad is not a fireman lost in the line of duty, as Emma told him in season 1). So Henry runs off and Emma follows him. He tells her that he now sees her as no different than Regina, because she lied to him one time (really?), and Emma tells him that she’s sorry, but Neil was not a good guy and she didn’t want to revisit that part of her life. Henry tells her that he wants to meet his dad and she reluctantly agrees.

Our Enchanted Forest tale revisits dear Rumpelstiltskin’s past. For those of you who haven’t been keeping up, Bay is mad at Rumpelstiltskin because he became the Dark One. He became the Dark One because his life was miserable and his wife left him for being the village coward, and he wanted to protect Bay from fighting in the Ogre War. This time, we learn just how Rumple became the coward to begin with.

It turns out that this wasn’t always the case. When he was first called to fight, he was happy to go and do his part. It seems that Rumple’s dad was also a town coward, and Rumple was looking forward to proving himself and getting out from under that reputation. It’s a good plan and Milla is proud of him for it.

So he goes off to fight in the war, all dressed up in his armor. The day before they’re supposed to go to the front, a soldier asks him to guard something under a tarp — the key to their victory, he says. He warns Rumple to be careful, because the thing under the tarp is tricky.

It turns out to be a girl, who reveals herself to be a seer (she has a really cool design straight out of Pan’s Labyrinth, I swear). She gives Rumple a prophecy in exchange for a drink of water, which warns him that when he sees the troops ride out on cows, the next day, his actions will ensure that his son doesn’t have a father.

Rumpelstiltskin thinks that the idea of soldiers riding cows into battle is preposterous, so he brushes the seer off as a fraud and goes on about his business…until the next day when he learns that the troop’s new leather saddles are called “cows.” Oops. So he does what any reasonable person would do…he takes a sledge hammer and breaks his own leg. That’s not a crazy way to get sent home…right?

Milla doesn’t care that it’s crazy or not. She’s furious that Rumple’s done this, when he gets home, and tells him that their son would have been better off with him dead than to be the son of a second-generation coward. Harsh. So that’s the story of how Rumpelstiltskin got to be the village coward and how he got his limp!

Back in Storybrook, Regina, Cora, and Hook search for the Dark One’s dagger, so they’ll be able to control Gold and steal his power, upon his return. They find a map in Belle’s library and, well…Hook is a pirate, isn’t he?

Unfortunately, there’s no new episode on the 24th, so we’ll have to wait until March 3rd to see what happens next. These hiatuses are so hard to wait through, with this show!