Once Upon A Time The Miller’s Daughter

Once Upon A Time The Miller’s Daughter

Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time
March 10, 2013

In the Enchanted Forest, Cora was not always a heartless monster. Once, she was merely the Miller’s daughter. Once all she wanted was to be good, do her job, and earn a little respect. But one day she goes to the castle to deliver he flour and accidentally bumps into a visiting princess (a princess who will later become Snow White’s mother). She accidentally gets flour on the princess’s shoe and the king makes her apologize, despite the princess being apparently much younger than her. She is humiliated by this slight, being so very proud, but it only gets worse.

She steals a dress and a mask and attends a masquerade ball that the king is throwing to find someone to marry his son. The king discovers her quickly, though, and calls her out on being such a fraud. She accuses him of whoring his son and he says that it is, indeed, about bringing money into the kingdom, and that there will never be any use for a girl covered in straw. Cora retorts that she can spin straw into gold. The king calls attention to her from the rest of the party and says that he will lock her into a tower for the night filled with straw. If she can spin it into gold, he will let her marry the prince. If she cannot, he will kill her.

While she tries to think of a way out of the tower, Rumpelstiltskin comes to her and offers her a deal. For her first child, he will spin her gold for her and win her the prince’s hand. Feisty as she is, Cora bargains with him and says that she wants him to teach her to do it herself. Rumple likes that a lot and he agrees to her deal. That night, he teaches her to tap into her anger with the king and her desire to make those who humiliated her pay and to turn that emotion into magic. The next day, she impresses the court and wins the prince’s hand in marriage.

She doesn’t love the prince, though. On the night before her wedding, Rumpelstiltskin returns to her. He loves her fire and the fact that she has a darkness to match his own. So he offers an amendment to their deal. Instead of taking her first born child, he makes it so that she instead owes him his child. Cora immediately agrees, but she still wishes that she could get revenge against the king. Rumpelstiltskin says that it’s an excellent idea and teaches her how to take hearts. Cora promises to meet him after she’s finished killing the king.

The king, however, convinces her that marriage is about power more than love. So instead of taking the king’s heart, she rips out her own. This rids her of her love for Rumpelstiltskin and allows her to marry the prince and become royalty without her heart getting in the way of what her brain wants. Rumpelstiltskin reminds her that they have a deal and he can still take her baby – and he plans to – but Cora tells him that their deal was amended. He can only take his own baby and any baby she has will not be his. We then see Regina’s public naming, where Cora explains that she chose her daughter’s name because one day she will be the queen.

In the real world, Emma and the others get Mr. Gold back to Storybrook. He asks that they take him to his shop where he has magic that can protect them while they come up with an idea. While Emma sets up wards and Neil and David search for weapons, Gold leads Mary Margaret to find the candle that would have saved her mother’s life. He convinces her that it’s a good idea to take Cora out because how would she explain to Henry why she didn’t save his grandfather? Thinking that she won’t do it, he asks to call Belle and they have a wonderful conversation. I really like those two together and hope that they can somehow work out the whole her not remembering him thing. True love can overcome that…right?

So while Emma, Neil and David fight with Cora and Regina, Mary Margaret goes to find Cora’s heart, since that is what she must curse in order to set the spell into action. Realizing what she’s gone to do, Cora sends Regina after her. Mary Margaret finds the heart and casts the curse, but she knows that she’ll never be able to get it back into Cora. So she gives that job to Regina, under the promise that it will make her mother finally love her.

David figures out that his wife is missing and goes to find her, but it’s too late by then. Mary Margaret regrets having curse Cora’s heart, but the damage has been done. You can’t come back from murder, as she puts it earlier in the episode. She and David race back to the shop to stop Regina from putting the heart back, but they’re too late to that too. They arrive just in time to see Cora die. It’s a hard lesson for someone like Snow White to learn that sometimes, there are actions that you can’t undo, no matter how quickly you regret them.

Before she died, Cora nearly stole Rumpelstiltskin’s power by stabbing him with the Dark One’s knife. He asked her if she ever really loved him, and she asks him why he thinks she ripped out her own heart? He was the only man she ever loved and she couldn’t let that love get in her way. I have definite mixed feelings about those two being involved with each other. In some ways, I guess Cora and the Dark One are suited for each other, but in others it’s a lot more creepy than romantic. Oh well. Guess it doesn’t matter how. Rumpelstiltskin has new problems to deal with and Cora gets…whatever someone like her can expect from the afterlife.

Oh and, uh…I guess Captain Hook is still locked in a broom closet somewhere in New York City? I’ll be interested to see what happens when he shows back up. I don’t think I got anything from last week’s episode to imply that he’s dead. Huh.