Once Upon A Time The Queen Is Dead

Once Upon A Time The Queen Is Dead

Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time
March 3, 2013

When Snow White was a child, she learned to be a good person the hard way. Days before her birthday, she catches a servant named Johanna touching the tiara that is to be her present, to celebrate her coming into her responsibilities as a princess. Snow flips out on the woman, telling her that it is her crown and a mere servant isn’t to touch it. The Queen tells her that the crown isn’t hers yet, and that she’s being totally out of line. Being a princess, the Queen explains, is not about being better than your subjects, but about being a kind and good leader. Johanna apologized for touching the tiara, so Snow needs to forgive her. Snow says she understands, but then the Queen suddenly collapses.

She’s rushed to her room and the doctor, who says that they’re doing everything they can. Snow knows, though, that she’s dying. Johanna suggests that if medicine can’t save the Queen, perhaps magic can. She tells Snow about the Blue Fairy and that night, Snow goes off to find the magic she needs to save her mother.

The fairy makes Snow promise to keep their meeting a secret, then tells her that there is a way to save her mother and gives her a candle, explaining that all magic comes at a price (especially magic so powerful). Snow can only save her mother’s life if she’s willing to sacrifice another, and she must hold the candle in the heart of her sacrifice. Snow considers doing so, but finally decides that she can’t kill someone. Not even to save her mother’s life.

She rushes to her mother’s bedside and tells her that she had the means to save her, but she was too afraid to make the sacrifices necessary. The Queen tells her that the choice she made was not made out of fear, but instead strength. She made the right choice and she must continue to always be good. Snow promises that she will as her mother passes away (apparently of consumption, since there was blood on her handkerchief… I didn’t know that TB had sudden onset like that, but I also didn’t know it existed in fairytale land. So, we learn something new).

In Storybrook, it’s Mary Margaret’s birthday. David knows that she doesn’t want to celebrate, but he still tries to make breakfast for her. When Mary Margaret notices a birthday gift on the table, David assures her that it is not from him. She opens it to discover the tiara that her mother once gave her and a note to tell her that the crown is from Johanna. Shocked that her old caretaker is in Storybrook too, Mary Margaret hurries off to find her. Their reunion is touching, but not the only thing that she and David need to deal with.

Cora and Regina are working to find the dagger of The Dark One, so that they can control Rumpelstiltskin when he returns to Storybrook from New York. Mary Margaret and David must race against them to find the dagger first. And they do, with the help of the Blue Fairy. This only plays right into Cora and Regina’s hands, though, who arrive with Johanna as a hostage. Cora reveals that the Blue Fairy that Snow spoke with as a child was actually her, and that she was the one who poisoned the Queen to begin with, orchestrating everything that led to Regina marrying the king.

They give Mary Margaret an ultimatum – she can hand over the dagger and they’ll let Johanna go, or she can keep it and they’ll kill her. She ends up giving the dagger up, but Cora kills Johanna anyway. This pushes Mary Margaret over the edge, and she vows at Johanna graveside (despite David’s assurances that they can still get the dagger back and save Rumpelstiltskin) that she will not let any more lives be hurt because she wants to be merciful to Regina. She is going to take Cora down and that’s all there is to it. She is tired of doing the “right thing” and wants to keep her loved ones safe.

Meanwhile, Emma is trying to deal with Henry’s anger with her over lying about Neil. Neil wants to take Henry to the museum, so they go back to his apartment to get a camera. While Emma and Gold wait for them to come back downstairs, Captain Hook comes flying out of nowhere and stabs Gold with his hook. Which is poisoned.

Neil rushes into action when he sees what happened and he and Emma decide that they need to take Gold home to Storybrook. They decide to take Hook’s ship (because apparently Bay spent some time in Neverland. A friend of mine and I had a theory a while ago about him being Peter Pan… Maybe we weren’t wrong). In order to get there, though, they’ll need a car. This is how Emma learns that Neil is engaged. We’ll see if that stops them from getting back together. Just…break up with your fiancée first, Neil. Cheaters never prosper.

Next week, Mary Margaret crosses the line. I’m looking forward to tuning in to see how accurate the teaser is!