Once Upon A Time Welcome to Storybrook

Once Upon A Time Welcome to Storybrook

Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time
March 17, 2013

This week’s episode occurs entirely in Storybrook but still takes place in two timelines. One timeline picks up directly where the last episode left off while the other takes place just after Storybrook is established.

Regina is a woman obsessed with revenge. She has always hated Snow White and always wanted to get revenge against her. The fact that Mary Margaret is now responsible for Regina’s mother’s death does not help this fact at all. So Regina comes up with a plan to destroy her. Mr. Gold goes to her and tries to talk some sense into her, pointing out that Henry will never forgive her if she does this. She doesn’t care. She wants her revenge and she will find a way to have it all. Digging through her mother’s things, she finds a curse that will both require she kill her greatest enemy and make Henry love her. When Gold learns what she’s planning, he goes to warn Emma and her family. David calls him on the fact that Mary Margaret saved his life and that’s why Regina is extra mad at her, so he owes her this favor of protecting her life as well. Reluctantly, he agrees.

Henry, meanwhile, is really upset. He’s just found out what Mary Margaret did to Cora and Regina and now there’s the curse and everyone wants to kill Regina. He blames it all on magic and decides to get rid of it…by blowing it up. With dynamite. Uhm…that plan can’t possibly go wrong, right?

Regina points out that his plan is really stupid and he’s just going to get himself killed. It turns out that blowing up a well won’t blow up magic, no matter how magical the well is. So Henry demands that she help him get rid of magic. She says she can’t, but given that he’s throwing a fit and David has a gun pointed at her head, she does burn the curse. So Mary Margaret is safe from that, at least.

Way back when Storybrook was just founded, Regina wakes up one morning to find herself in a new world. A world where she has everything that she wants. She’s respected. Beloved. Feared. Everyone does exactly what she wants and she couldn’t be happier…at first. Soon she finds it tiresome that no one ever fights back when she’s terrible to them, and everyone lives the same events day after day. She goes to Gold to explain her problem, but he has no idea what she’s talking about. He doesn’t remember the Enchanted Forest at all. She wants people to listen to her because they want to, not because they have to.

Meanwhile, a man and his son are camping in the woods of Maine. The man gives his son a handmade keychain and tells him how his own father taught him to make them when the curse takes hold and Storybrook is brought into existence. After the storm caused by the curse, their car is damaged badly, so they go looking for help and happen upon the town. Because they aren’t affected by the curse, They aren’t bound by Regina’s will. They can tell her no and the boy, Owen, does. Frequently. Regina finds this absolutely charming and realizes what’s missing from her life: a child.

Just before Owen and his father are supposed to leave, Regina has her epiphany and invites them over for dinner. There she learns that Owen’s mother died recently and that he isn’t happy at their home in New Jersey. She invites them to move there, but the father says that they can’t because their life is with their home.

Well, Regina flips out. She calls the police and tells Sheriff Graham to arrest the boy’s father for drunk driving. He overhears this conversation and tries to run. At the end of an impressive car chase, the father is arrested and the boy flees off into the distance. He returns later with the police, but normal people can’t see the town. The police can’t and Owen can’t find it again either. As Regina watches, unseen, from the other side of the town line, Owen vows to find his father and never stop looking.

Back in the present, Mary Margaret goes to Regina’s house. She says that they’ve been fighting for too long and too many people have gotten hurt for it. So she wants Regina to kill her before anyone else dies to their feud. Regina is happy to remove her heart, but before she can crush it, she notices that it’s been darkened. By casting the curse on Cora, Mary Margaret darkened her own heart. Regina decides that watching her actions tear her family apart is much more fun than killing Snow White. So she gives back her heart and sends her on her way.

Someone is watching them, though. In a car on the street, a man takes pictures of their altercation. It is the man who had the car accident when Belle lost her memories. The camera pans and we see the keychain that Owen’s father gave to him. Now an adult, Owen repeats his vow to find his father and drives away from Regina’s house.