Grave Encounters 2 Review


Grave Encounters 2 Review

Grave Encounters 2










Grave Encounters 2 Review – This post is different than my others because it’s a new release so let me do a little explanation.  I’m going to type as I’m watching.  You’ll be able to read what I’m seeing and seeing my comments and thoughts at the same time.  When the movie finishes I’ll write my overall review.  I will tell you that the movie starts very VERY slow so what you read will start very VERY slow.  It picks up and gets exciting for bit!

The movie starts with clips of various mixed reviews of the first Grave Encounters movie.  The last review is brought to us by Alex’s Movie Madness.  Alex tells us the Grave Encounters had “one of the worst movie endings ever”, gives the movie a pass and a rating of 1 a skull out of 4 and asks us to subscribe to his channel Alex_MovieKid88 and he wishes us all a Happy Halloween.

We’re taken to a handheld camera view of a girl walking up the stairs at a costume party and the camera pans back down the stairs.  We see the party in full swing and date stamp of October 31, 2011.  Everyone is in costume, girl on girl action, smoking and we find out that somebody named Trevor is the person holding the camera.  Someone that was looking forward to seeing Alex says she was looking forward to seeing him tonight and wonders where he is.

Next we see the camera coming into, a very caught off guard, Alex’s room where Alex is watching some (fuzzed out for us) online porn and pleasuring himself.  The person with the camera (Trevor?) asks him why he’s wasting his time with (sic) online girls when a real girl, Jennifer, is out there wanting him now.  Alex is happy to hear that Jennifer is at the party.  Trevor tries to talk Alex into wear a costume and Alex is adamant he won’t wear.  Low and behold, Alex comes out of the bathroom in a tight dress and a blonde wig look very disgusted with himself and really not rocking his pair of boots.  That video clip ends with Alex telling Trevor that he won’t go out in public looking like that.  Yet another, low and behold, the next clip is a very drunk Alex at the costume party talking with Jennifer (who is the girl asking where he was earlier).  Drunk Alex is talking about how a real horror movie should be made.  Alex wants to reinvent the genre of the horror movie because he’s a genius and visionary.  The party carries until until we’re caught VERY off guard with Alex, close up mind you, vomiting in the toilet.

Wake up, sunshine!  The next day we see Alex passed out on his bed, wig gone but still in his dress with a blow doll as a blanket.  Trevor, who must be the most irritating person to have as a friend, roughly wakes Alex and starts telling him about the pictures he has of Alex from the party.  Alex is at the computer going over the photos and asks Trevor why he let him drink an entire bottle of tequila   Trevor tells him that he took it from him and wouldn’t give it back.  There are various “i’m stupid and drunk” photos.  Trevor has photos of his testicle hanging on Alex’s forehead and has tagged the photos and claims that his “balls are going to go viral”.  Alex removes his tag.

I pause at this moment to sign to myself and my readers that thus far I’m completely disappointed in this movie and I need things to change.  I keep telling myself that I’m disappointed because I’m old and I just don’t find drunk teens/college kids funny but it’s not that.  The first Grave Encounters was probably one of my favorite horror movies.  It had everything I loved in one nice neat creepy little bundle.  I love almost all paranormal programs (Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters, Dead Files), I love doing paranormal investigations, I love horror movies that aren’t over-the-top and in-your-face gore.  I also love the twist on movies (thank you, Blair Witch for getting the ball rolling) of hand hand/found footage horror movies.  Grave Encounters gave me ALL of that I loved it!  So far, this movie is giving me 2 characters that I’d personally like to take to Collingwood Psychiatric Hospital, shove them inside and lose the key.



We have a handheld view of Trevor going around to various students outside on campus asking for pot (can you see or feel me shaking my head?).  Cut to Trevor, mouth over bong in Alex’s room verbally teasing Alex “8 times in film school…what are you doing?”.  Alex is checking his latest comments on his reviews.  He informs Trevor that his reviews are a good way to get his name out.  We’re about to watch a video response.  WOO HOO!  Things are looking up!!!!  It’s a video clip of Lance Preston (lead character in the first Grave Encounters movie).  The video is in night vision.  Lance is in a hospital gown and appears to be trying to feel around the room because it’s in the dark.  We see a hospital bed behind him and, I’m not sure, but I think he’s in the room (again, from the first movie) where the guy wrote on all of the walls.  Lance approaches the camera and puts his hand on it.  Alex says it’s odd because he doesn’t remember that clip being in the movie.  The video comment was sent to Alex from Death Awaits.  TRIVIA!  That is what was painted on the outside (and later what becomes an inside muhahahaha) door in the first movie.  Trevor quickly tells Alex to message Death Awaits back asking where he got the footage and, in his stoned stupor, asks if they can go get tacos.

We’re now shown what must be some type of “intro” for a movie that we never see…I’m sure there’s some technical terminology for it but I don’t know what it is.  It’s what I would “ass””u””me” would be at the start of a film that “tags” the film:


UW Film Production 355
Scene 03 – Assembly Edit

TRT:  01:46

Producer:  Trevor Thompson
Director:  Alex Wright
DOP:  Jarest Chao
Sound:  Tessa Hamil

Property of: {blurred out}

…and there’s a countdown in the bottom right corner…3, 2, 1…*beep*

Wer’re shown a couple making out in a convertible at a “lovers leap” type of location.  The girl (we find out is a character named Stacy) in the car is being played by Jennifer.  The guy in the car, a character named Gary, is laughingly (and supposed to be) a bad actor.  Stacy is telling Gary to stop and Gary tells her not to be a tease.  Oh, it’s so funny…it’s supposed to be.  Gary continues and gets slapped by Stacy.  Gary calls Stacy and bitch and then proceeds to say “Look, I know it’s been exactly a year ago tonight that your father disappeared but you need to move on already” and Gary storms out of the car leaving Stacy alone.  He walks a few steps away and lights up a cigarette.  We hear a branch break under somebody’s feet.  Gary asks who’s around and says it isn’t funny.  We’re back to a frustrated Stacy in the car.  She walks up behind Gary, in her cheerleading outfit of course LOL.  She walks up behind Gary, puts her hand on his shoulder and his head falls off.

We hear “aaannnddd cut”.  The date stamp is November 7, 2011.  Alex gives Jennifer thumbs up.  Smart boy Trevor (who would have thought I would ever put those words together) asks how Gary would still be standing up with his head cut off.

Alex holds his phone up to the camera and we see that Alex has received a message from Death Awaits answering his question about where Death Awaits found the footage.  The response is “49 14 122 48”.  The quickly figure out that it isn’t a phone number.

More time wasted on a video with a closeup of Trevor blowing out smoke with “High Times” at the top of the screen, then a picture of a pot leaf and “In Film School” at the bottom of the screen.  49 14 122 48 are on Google Latitude and in Vancouver, Canada and is the location of a *beeped out* mental institution.  Alex says he thinks this is where they filmed Grave Counters but they had changed the name from whatever was *beeped out* to Collingwood for the Grave Encounters movie.

We’re shown a quick fast forward of a clip from Grave Encounters.  Alex, Jennifer and Trevor are in the room watching.  Alex points out that nobody that was in the movie has done anything since (which isn’t true).  He also mentions that the guy that played the caretaker has been dead for “like 8 years now”.   They show an online newspaper article saying he committed suicide.

Alex makes a video reaching out to his fans asking for help about his post from last week about Grave Encounters.  He wants some help reaching somebody involved with the making of the movie.

Another intro to their movie:


UW Film Production 355
Scene 05 – Final Edit

TRT:  01:16

Producer:  Trevor Thompson
Director:  Alex Wright
DOP:  Jared Chao
Sound:  Tessa Hamill

Property of: {blurred out}

We see a cabin in the misty woods and then Jennifer standing up with her hands chained above her head screaming for help.  A large figure comes in pushing a tray with various tools, he’s wearing a leather mask and tells her they have an appointment.  He takes a pair of pliers and pulls out a tooth saying “You look like you have a cavity”.  Jennifer is bloody, but doesn’t seem to be in pain LOL.  He drops her tooth in a jar and picks up a dental drill, turns it on, Jennifer squirms, “This might sting” and the drill goes towards her eye.

They call cut and Jennifer asks Alex if he liked it.  He says he was but isn’t believable and she lets him know.  Alex is frustrated that the movie seems to the be the same old same old.  People are glad to get the rest of the day off but you can tell Jennifer isn’t happy.

Alex records himself saying he received an email from “the YouTube user that’s been messing with” him the “last little while”.  There’s a photo of Sean Rogerson and a woman that Alex thinks must be Sean’s mom.  There’s also a phone number with the email that’s in the local to Washington area.  Alex says it might be the number to Alex’s mom and gives the number a call.  A woman says “hello” and Alex confirms it’s the Rogerson home (Sean Rogerson
played Lance Preston in the first Grave Encounters movie)…we can see Trevor and Jennifer in the reflection of the mirror behind Alex as they listen in on the conversation that Alex has on speaker.  Alex says he’s looking for Sean and she asks why.  He said he’s working on a thesis and would like an interview.

We’re in the car with Alex driving, Trevor in the passenger seat and someone (I’m guessing it will turn out to be Jennifer) is filming from the backseat.  They pull to Sean’s mom’s house.  Alex explains (again) to Trevor that Sean is supposed to be at the house at 3:00pm.  The boys knock on the door and an elderly woman comes out and invites them inside.  Alex motions to the person holding the camera (he calls he Jazz, I think) to come with them.

Inside the home there’s a close up of the elderly woman and she offers them some tea or coffee which they decline.  Alex asks if Sean is around.  She tells them that he just stepped out and will be back.  Alex, oddly, asks her to confirm that Sean is, indeed, alive.  She says he is and he’s acting on a new TV show saying that he loves to act.  She extends the invitation for them to stay and wait for him and they can wait in his room.  They’re a bit creeped out that someone of Sean’s age would still live with his mom.

Our films students head up to Sean’s room and find trophies from 1996 for “Most Valuable Player” sitting among other trophies.  Alex states that he doesn’t think anybody has lived in that room for awhile as he looks at pictures of a young Sean on the mirror.  Mrs. Rogerson’s caretaker makes and scary appearance at the room’s doorway and makes them leave.  As the caretaker continues to rush the crew out we hear Mrs. Rogerson saying the Sean should be back from the hospital soon.  Alex stands in front of her asks her “What hospital?”.  She answers “The hospital for crazy people”.  Alex asks “You know about Grave Encounters, the TV show”.  “I helped him find his name, Lance Preston…that was his stage name”.  Alex, in a final plea as they’re pushed out the door asks what happened to Sean, what happened to the team?

Outside Alex is speaking with the caretaker “She invited us here, we’re her guests.  We just want an interview with Sean”.  The caretaker informs them that Mrs. Rogerson will have full time care soon.

November 28, 2011 Trevor is talking to whomever is holding the camera saying that Jennifer is ripping Alex apart.  They enter the room and find out that Alex didn’t show up when Jennifer was expecting him.  Alex tries to explain why he wasn’t there and it becomes apparent to Jennifer that Alex is becoming obsessed with the Grave Encounters movie.  Trevor does his wingman job of telling Alex to lay off of the conspiracy theory of Grave Encounters and focus on the 1 girl at school that he might actually stand a chance with.  Alex can’t be swayed, he’s now getting more and more convinced that Grave Encounters was not just a movie.

Alex records a message to his fans saying it’s been awhile since he posted and a lot has been going on with Grave Encounters and talks about his interview with Sean’s mom and then tells them he’s sure that Grave Encounter’s is true, he’s sure and just needs…OH the movie just took a turn for the good!  You know the distorted mouth associated with this movie?


That just happened to Alex as he was making his video; his mouth, on film, became distorted…then his entire film became garbled.  This came at a great time for me.  I’ve been excited about this movie since the day I found out it was coming out.  It’s taken me over an hour to get 22 minutes and 58 seconds into it because I keep finding reasons to pause it and get up…granted, I also received a phone call in this time, got some soup, put on my jammies…but just things to stall.  I loved the first movie because it didn’t feel like you were watching a movie.  This movie feels like you’re watching a movie…I hate that 🙁

So!  Because I’m watching this at home I was able to rewind this part of the movie and go frame-by-frame to see what quickly flickered on the screen between the time that Alex’s video messes up and he comes back on screen.  It’s a shot of Lance, near the end of Grave Encounters when he’s sitting on the floor, almost defeated.  His back is against the wall, his knees and head are bent and he’s crying.  I think it’s a shot from either right before or right after he kills and eats the rat.  Not this shot, but it was shot in this sequence:


Alex comes back and says his printer turned on and is printing something without him having done anything.  He holds a piece of paper up to the screen that looks like a professional piece of paper, it’s organized.  It says “Peter Breeze” in one part, Day 1 of 2, Production Service Hartfeld Productions, 2384 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, www.hartfeldproductions, you can barely catch Teamwo Management in the lower right.  Alex says it’s a call sheet for a music video being shot in the area tomorrow in LA by Hartfeld Productions and the name is familiar.  He comes back to the screen with a photo of Jerry Hartfeld.  Jerry produced Grave Encounters (you might remember him from the very beginning of the movie).  Alex is packing up and heading to LA for 2 days much to the aggravation of Trevor and Jennifer.

Trevor runs his camera as he drives through town and arrives on set claiming to be with the production company and is allowed in.

Alex walks in as the videois being shot and we see Jerry.  Alex approaches Jerry, while he’s on the phone, and asks if he can have an interview.  Jerry asks security to escort Alex out “He isn’t supposed to be here”.

Back at Alex’s car, he’s telling the camera he doesn’t know what to do now and we’re startled as Jerry knocks on Alex’s car window.  He tells him he’ll meet with him, at his office, the following day…off camera.

Alex testing his hidden camera that he has hidden on his clothes…it works!

Alex arrives at Jerry’s office and Jerry asks him how much he knows.  Alex says he knows it’s real and that Sean and the team are dead.  Jerry corrects him and says they aren’t dead without a body, it’s a missing person and then admits the movie was all real other than a few special effects they threw in at the end.  He can’t come forward because of a non-disclosure agreement.  Alex asks why he did he.  Jerry was scared when he first saw the tapes.  He was going to destroy them.  After the settlements he was near bankruptcy and he decided to release it as a film and says he’s being asked to do a sequel, Grave Encounters 2.  Alex asks “What about he Vicious Brothers?  Who are they?” (they’re the writers).  Jerry asks Alex to follow him.  He takes Alex in and introduces Alex to Collin and Stew, his interns and…The Vicious Brothers.  They pretended to be directors.  Since they are union, easy pay.  Alex tells him that he’s going to get caught and and Jerry tells him he’s not.  He said the only reason he agreed to meet with him was to see what evidence he really had…he has nothing…or so he thinks.

Back at school Alex plays the interview for Trevor and Jennifer.  Alex points out…this is the horror film he wants to make and they’re already in act 2 because Trevor has already been recording everything.  Death Awaits says he lives next to the hospital where Grave Encounters was shot and that’s how he knows so much.  Alex suggests that he, Trevor, Jennifer and 2 other people from the movie they’ve been shooting make the 2 hour drive to Canada.  Trevor says no, Jennifer is a yes, Trevor waivers, Jared (who has been recording this scene) is game…come on Trevor, come on…hear Alex talking about Sundance?  Cave!  Trevor is in.

December 3, 2011.  The team and Tessa (part of the movie production crew from SLASH N’ BURN is with them.

The crew crosses the border and arrive in Vancouver and then to *beep* hospital where Grave Encounters was shot.  They pull up in front of the building and are about to get out of the car when the police come up behind their car and tells the kids it’s private property.  Jennifer tells the officer that they’re film students and just want a couple of shots.  The officer tells them “absolutely not” and that there’s asbestos and there’s no recording allowed and tells Trevor to turn off the camera and Trevor quickly shuts the officer down.  The officer reaches through the driver side window, over Alex in the drivers seat and reaches for the camera.  The team takes off in the car and the officer falls.

They head to a hotel where Alex records, for his fans, what just took place but you see everybody else partying in the background.  Jared comes up from behind Alex and says that they’re going to break in to the hospital.

As they continue to party they watch (at least part) of Grave Encounters.

Alex comes back on camera and says he’s received another message from Death Awaits to meet him in the room at the west end of the tunnel at 3:00am sharp.

We’re shown the cameras they’re going to use for their film and then we see everybody continuing to get rashed…but Alex just might be sober…he’s at least somber.

They arrive back at the hospital and see the guards lights in the distance and then we see the guard ask if anybody is there.  He gets another call and takes off.  And the crew high tails it towards the hospital and please, dear God, let his movie (at 35 minutes and 48 seconds) actually start!

They walk up to the main door and we see the “Death Awaits” that as spray painted on the outside of the door for the 1st movie.  They use bolt cutters and get inside.  There are a few places that have police tape and either Jared (I think it’s Jared) or Trevor questions why there’s police tape and Alex says “Because it’s wasn’t a movie”.  Jared is apparently playing the same type of roll Matt had in the 1st movie.  The team sets their cameras up in various places we remember from the first movie, the room with the writing on the walls, the room with the bathtubs, the tunnels, the room where the window mysteriously opens…

The teams starts recording their movie with Alex and Jennifer playing host and hostess as they shoot the intro…again there’s a reference about how old the first movie is as Jennifer talks about a “decade old coverup”.  I’ve watched Grave Encounters quite a few times and I can’t remember seeing a year stamp or being given an indication that it was old but then again, I didn’t have a blog then so I didn’t pay as much attention to detail.

We’re now in the hallway.  Jennifer is being recorded and says that because the hallways are so big and because it’s so easy to get lost they’re dropping glow sticks behind them and they have a military grade GPS and they are each carrying air horns in case somebody gets separated from the group.

In the next shot they show the video of T.C. getting sucked into the bathtub and our crew is beside the bathtub and are going to attempt to contact T.C. and they start an EVP.  Alex does a great job by telling the spirit to speak freely because he’s sure T.C.’s wife and child would love to hear from him.

In the room with the writing on the walls they turn on the thermal and there’s a white mist behind Trevor…turns out that Trevor just *tooted*.

Down in the tunnel Alex is talking about Sean (not Lance) and his suffering from that area.

Everyone goes to the room at the west end of the tunnel to meet Death Awaits…and death isn’t awaiting because it’s 3:25am and is a no show…so far.  They start going through papers on a table and find a spirit board on the table and reach out to any spirits, from any time period, that might be in the hospital.  It starts to movie and only Jennifer and Alex have their hands on the game piece.  Alex asks who they’re speaking with and it spells out Death Awaits and starts moving faster and faster as it goes from one letter to the next.  Alex asks “What do you want us to do?”.  The piece moves and Jennifer and Alex both takes their hands away and it continues to move.  It spells out “Film Everything” and there’s a loud noise.  As you think things are calming back down the chairs that Alex and Jennifer were sitting in , as well as the table with the game fly away.  You see Trevor somewhat laughing as the team hides in the closet that the team from the first movie hid and chalk it up that he’s just stoned but then you see the same sly smile on Alex’s face.  I don’t understand why.  There’s a loud BANGING at the door and the girls squeal like we girls do.  There’s a HUGE bang on the door, the door flies open, the crew panics and in comes…the officer and tells them that they’re trespassing.

Back down in the foyer Alex is saying he isn’t leaving without the school’s equipment and the officer has not interest in his pleas.  Loud mouth Trevor keep trying to dig a hole and is told to shut up.  There’s a noise from above and they all hear it.  The officer asks who else is there and they tell him nobody else.  He doesn’t believe them and he heads up…alone…*idiot*.  Alex starts heading up to get the school’s $50,000 worth of equipment and we hear shots fired and people start heading upstairs.

Now upstairs they start looking for the officer and see his flashlight in the hallway, laying on the floor along with some bullet casings.  They call out to the officer but there’s no sign.  Everybody wants to leave but Alex refuses to go without the camera and wants people to split up so they can get the equipment faster and get out.  Others think that it’s best to take longer and stick together.

2 cameras are taken down (Jared and Tessa are together and Alex, Jennifer and Trevor are together).  Jared enters a doorway and yells down the hall to Tessa that he found the camera.  This can’t possibly go well for either or Tessa.  You hear Tessa yell and ask where he is and he tells her to come to the end of the hall and he walks near the camera.  Over his shoulder, as he’s disconnecting the camera, we see the mysterious window open on it’s own and he walks near it and calls out to Tessa…no answer and then BAM!  I squeal as Jared flies (liked he was pushed) through a window.  Tessa comes in and sees the broken the window and calls to the rest of the team and they come in.  Tessa thinks Jarred must have falled but they watch the tape and see what really happened.  Panic is setting in and Alex says to call 911…no shocker, no service.  The glow sticks aren’t leading them as they should have and they resort to the map on the wall…it didn’t help in the first movie.  The girls are desperate to figure out the map but Alex is defeated and on the floor saying it’s useless.  I haven’t noticed Trevor through that ordeal.

Jennifer and Tessa are walking and being recorded by, I think, Jared.  They walk through a door and we see a doll baby buggy and other children’s toys and you can hear some music, like what might come from a child’s toy, playing.  One toy is  a rocking horse…that’s rocking.  When Alex approaches the rocking horse it stops rocking.  You hear singing and and the crew turns and there’s a little girl sitting on the bed brushing her hair.  She says “Hello, I’m Katelyn.  What’s your name?  Do you want to play a game with me?  Do you want to….” and she gets the distorted mouth and the team, justifiably freaks the fork out.  They run down the hallway with a floating and distorted mouthed Katelyn following them.  They get to the door where the doll baby buggy was and slam the door behind them.  Katelyn knocks on the glass of the door doesn’t get out although the glass cracks. As the team is running, Tessa gets separated from Alex, Jennifer and Trevor.  They hear her air horn but don’t know where she is.

We see Alex on a camera set up in the hallway, I’m unsure if this is the hallway where T.C. was with the wheelchair but didn’t see it move (I only question that because there’s a wheelchair in the hallway) or if it’s the hallway where Houston dies…and I feel quite certain it’s that hallway.  OH especially now because Tessa heard a noise and swung around and the scene now kind of looks like Houston’s curtain call.  Tessa hears the noise again, falls, drops her flashlight and, like Houston, puts her backpacks in front of her.  Next, she gets up, without the backback, and makes her way towards the camera and lifts it from the tripod and asks herself “How do you work this thing?” and you see the camera turn in the direction of that Tessa would be seeing if she wasn’t in pitch darkness.  She’s being able to use it to see and she’s calling out to the team.  She gets to a long hallway and hears a noise behind her.  She turns around and all of the doors, as she runs by them (backwards and still recording mind you) come off at the hinges.  She falls and yells “GET OFF OF ME”.  She’s dropped the camera and we’re able to see what she is being pulled by a leg but there’s nothing there to see.  You can hear what sounds like bones crushing or breaking and she’s pleading, There’s a final *crunch* and we’ve lost Tessa and see her pulled by an invisible entity down the hallway.

Alex continues recording for his movie and sets the scene; who he, Jennifer and Trevor are and that Jared and Tessa are lost and that they came here to find out the truth.  Trevor wants the camera off but Alex refuses.  There’s large and heavy banging near them and Jennifer is losing her grip.  Alex takes her face in his hand and tells her that he won’t let anything happen to her.

We see Alex walking down the hall towards and flashing light.  They walk into a room and the officer is on the table being electrocuted.  Alex turns the equipment off and everything is still and quiet.  Jennifer asks if the officer is dead and Alex says he thinks so.  To surprise the officer lets out a yell and reaches up to help him.  There is some foam around his mouth and blood around his head.  The electric shocks start again as the team tries to fre him but he catches on fire and continues to writhe on the table until he stops moving and you know he’s dead.

Our trio heads down the hallway with their flashlight.  Trevor sees a grate around a window that’s lose and asks for a crowbar (that they mysteriously seem to have?).  The grate comes off and the creature from movie poster (see start of this post) thrusts his arms through the window and attempts to grab Trevor who breaks free.  Unlike the creatures from the first movie…the creatures in this movie will come after you and he climbs through the window and takes off after our crew who take off feverishly down the hall.  There’s a creepy growl to the creature but it’s taken on an over the top look and looks cheesy.  Don’t get me wrong, if that thing came through the window towards me I would be done for…heart attack.

The creature chases the crew down the halls and then it “explodes” and dust sprays everywhere and I’m left dumbfounded to see that Alex, Jennifer and Trevor are outside and heading towards the officer’s car with it’s headlights and roof lights on and siren going.  As they approach the car we see Jared (RIP) on the hood.  They run past the car towards their own vehicle and hop in.  Alex is driving, Trevor is in the passenger seat and Jennifer is in the backseat.  They take off down the road and are now back in the hotel room.    There’s confusion between the 3 on what to do next.   The hotel security catches the team walking down the hall, passing a maid and entering the elevator and then cuts to Trevor’s camera.  As the elevator door closes we see that the maid has turned and is watching them…they are unaware.

Inside the elevator Jennifer’s hair is combed and curled.  Trevor is giving Alex grief about his film and ends by saying “Tessa is probably dead”.  *ding* the elevator door opens and the team is faced with the tunnel that was Lance’s last place to be really alive.  I’m reminded of the line from the Eagles song “Hotel California”…”…you can check out any time you like but you can never leave”.  Nobody really … reacts.  It’s weird.  Jennifer kind of peaks out like “What?  No Starbucks?” and the guys are really just “wth” but with lower case letters.  The floor display on the elevator is going crazy…and Jennifer is kind of going bye-bye mentally.  Trevor now sounds angry and Alex is reminding me a bit of Lance just sort of resigned that this is what it is as he records himself and Trevor and Jennifer sleep.  The trio press on through the tunnel and steam bursts through some pipes.  Needless to say, in the steam, they call to each other.  Only with the thermal are they able to  find one another again.  Trevor hears something behind him and swings the thermal around.  On the thermal you see a mist type of thing and person come through.  The scene changes to Alex’s camera we see a man that reminds me of of the cavemen from the GEICO commercials and you hear him tell them to “Turn that light out.  Help us” and everybody takes off running.  The caveman removes a grate and everyone is dumb enough to follow him.  *idiots*.  Trevor, in the back of the line, gets his pants caught on something and asks, to no avail, for the troop to wait for him.  He struggles to get is pant leg free and pans the camera up to see if they have waited for him/come back for him.  No.  He works on this pant leg again, no luck, pans the camera up and who has joined Trevor in the air vent?  Katelyn!  Katelyn makes a move that reminds me of something you would see from Ju-on (that’s The Grudge to those of you that haven’t caught on to how amazing Asian horror movies are) or something from Ringu (The Ring is the American version…seriously, trust me! Try the Asian movies!).  Trevor is able to break free and comes out of the air vent and gives Jennifer the “I’m pissed off” look of death.  She asks him what happened and he doesn’t want to talk about.

The trio are now in the some type of room or cave (hahahaha cave) with the caveman.  He has tick marks on the wall which we assume must be how long he’s been there and a few lit candles.  He has other things in his “room” but we haven’t gotten a look at them yet.  Alex asks “Have you been living in here?” or “How long have you been living in here?” but I think it’s the first.  Our caveman is inches away from the tick marks on the wall and seems to feverishly to doing calculations.  We hear him say “365” but that’s all I’m able to make out.  There’s a quick camera sweet and we see photographs around the room but you can’t see what they are photographs of even if I go frame-by-frame.  I believe a photo to the left of our caveman is of 3 nurses.  Alex asks in a more telling way “You’re Lance Preston, aren’t you?  Sean Preson, the actor”.  The caveman spins around holding onto … something that makes me think of a stuffed animal but I don’t think that’s what it is.  Jennifer asks if he’s been there the entire time and he goes near her.  A rat distracts him and he leaves her.  In a REALLY cheesy scene we see Lance/Sean catch the rat and ask if it’s his friend before taking a bite out of him.  Alex asks for help getting out but Lance/Sean thinks they’re patients.  Alex explains that they’re not but that they are film students…his hair is still styled by the way.  Alex pleads for the truth about the film.  Lance asks “What film” and they show him the intro to Grave Encounters on their iPad.  I’ve rewound it numerous times and I can’t catch what he says but I believe it ends with “…took her away”.  Alex says there must be a way out.  Lance is asking about keys.  Somebody is coming in 2 days.  Oh, he must have said that the caretaker is coming in 2 days because Alex says that he committed suicide and starts, again, asking about a way out; a window and air duct…”9 months 2 days and 11 hours” is what Lance/Sean says.  Alex tells him it’s 9 years and not 9 months.  AHA!  Maybe I didn’t miss a date before!  Alex appeals to Sean, the son, by telling Sean that his mom is ill.

Time passes and we see Trevor sleeping.  Alex wakes him.  Apparently he gave Lance/Sean scissors.  Lance/Sean is by a small mirror and can be seen cutting his hair.  Alex approaches him and asks about a drawing on the wall.  Lance/Sean says it’s “the door” and he takes him to the door that he has drawn.  What’s odd is that it’s a free standing door…you can walk all around it.  Lance says that every door in the building is in that door.  The door is chained shut.  Lance is thrilled to find out that they have bolt cutters.  Trevor disappoints him by saying they “had” bolt cutters but they’ve lost them.

Lance pulls out papers, a map, it’s of the hospital and the hospital is bigger than the city.  He asks where the bag was left.  It was left in the bathtub room.  Trevor is saying this isn’t Narnia and that door won’t serve any purpose.  Alex reminds them of the elevator in the hotel bringing them back here.  Lance/Sean shows the crew where the doctor went in for his lobotomy  Something surprises Lance and he jerks.  He says the doctor took the real world and the spiritual world and mixed them together.  He informs them that the free standing door is the only way out.

We’re back upstairs in the hallway with Lance/Sean leading the way.  He opens a door that looks like a closet and opens the door.  Alex points out that Lance had said he knew where he was going.  Lance/Sean closes the door and opens it again…closet.  He does then again and it opens to a hallway.  Freaky deaky!  He turns and says “See?  Told you!” and they head through the door down to the hallway.  Trevor rests and Lance gets a drink form the toilet bowl (too much guys).  Somewhere he retrieved the t-shirt he had on when he went missing and his jeans are amazingly clean.  He starts beating on the tile wall beside a MUCH surprised Trevor with a pipe and puts a hole in the wall.  He urges the team to go through, and Trevor does.  He’s in another room. The bag with bolt cutters is there and he picks it up…I’ve missed something or … what?  Alex, Jennifer and Lance/Sean are now coming into the room with Trevor but they’re coming through the ceiling.  I guess it’s possible that when Trevor went through the wall he didn’t go to the room next door but fell to a room below?  But these 3 are being lowered into the room through a ceiling tile.  Odd.  Lance/Sean is pleased with the bolt cutters.  Jennifer asks what they do next and he tells them that they’ll rest for a few hours and then see what’s behind the door.

Alex sets up a camera “in case something happens”.  It looks like they’re back int eh basmenet.  The tape runs and we see all 4 sleeping with Alex and Jennifer cuddling…we see this in fast forward.  The movie starts playing at regular speed and I’m ready to throw something at the screen.  A camera (I think that’s what it is) is being lifted out a of a backpack by some invisible force and it looks ridiculous.  The camera, this part is cool, pans over our sleeping tots and then to Lance/Sean and drops back into the bag just as Trevor wakes up.  Trevor retrieves the camera from the bag and the scene fades to black.

We next see a stupid Trevor wondering off alone and heads to the bathroom where he has his Blair Witch moment and talks to his mom and dad and Jason…that if they see this tape he’s probably dead and this is his last will and testament   He’s interrupted by a sound and OH MY it is turning into a Blair Witch scene.  He comes out of the stall asking who is there and looks around.  He sees Lance/Sean at the door and OH MY!  Lance/Sean hits Trevor in the head and starts to choke him.  We can hear Lance/Sean saying “He made me do it…he made me do it”.  Someone/thing picks up the camera that just caught the murder and is now recording Lance/Sean and is moving around. Lance/Sean comes towards the camera and says “You did this” and hurries out of the room.  Now that Lance/Sean has gone the camera faces the mirror and we only see a floating camera…not who/what is holding it and I’m disappointed.

Alex records that they just woke up, you can hear Jennifer sobbing and they have found Trevor.  Alex feels bad saying he should have listened to Trevor and he knows Sean (they aren’t referring to him as Lance) did this and that Sean has taken “all” of their equipment…well, other than apparently he camera he’s using to record this LOL.  Sean took everything but a bag.  Jennifer is now where I would have been ages ago and is saying they’re going to die there…and she’s tired of being filmed.  Alex still swears he won’t let anything happen to her and promises her that they’ll get out of there.  Something makes Alex reach into the bag and he finds the map that Sean had earlier and Jennifer can read it.  We now see the invisible entity recording Lance who is telling us that’s he’s rusty being on camera and goes through the intro of Grave Encounters.  After a few run downs he nails it and is back and Lance Preston.  Now’s he broken Sean again and takes off his black t-shirt.

Sean is by the door and cuts the chain with the bolt cutters and swings the door open.  He walks through and nothing…nobody is more surprised than he is and he’s yelling at whomever is holding the camera and filming him.

Sean is now in the room with the writing on the wall (the film student’s camera is still set up in there but it also appears that Lance got the camera away from…whatever had it.  He is right at the wall saying he did what it said even killing someone.  He backs away from the wall and we watch more writing take place on the wall…right before our eyes that says “Bring the others” and then “Collect the tapes”.  There is a lot of banging and you would think an earthquake was going on as pieces of the ceiling start to fall and the wall starts to crack.  In big letters we see “FINISH THE FILM” appear on the wall.  Sean asks “What are you talking about?” but gets no response.  He notices the camera in the room and we assume removes the tape.

Alex and Jennifer are walking with Jennifer leading the way using the map.  They end up in the room that Lance landed in at the end of Grave Encounters when he’s found and given the lobotomy.  And, as if on queue…Alex and Jennifer see medical staff and hide in a locker/closet.  It’s 2 nurses with a patient on the table.  A film starts to roll of Dr. Friedkin coming to a patient with nurses around the gurney.  I’m willing Jennifer to shut the hell up.  We hear and, from a distance, hear the lobotomy taking place.  Dr. Friedkin looks there way and we see Jennifer.  Back out to where the medical staff and Dr. Friedkin are…um, what?  A baby has been born and the doctor murders the baby.  A nurse, distorted mouth, pops up from out of nowhere in front of where Jennifer and Alex are hiding.  They run away and Jennifer, starts out calm, in the closet and then panics a bit.  The room changes.  They’re now at tor and Sean is there too.  They blame him for Trevor’s death and he says that Trevor was dead as soon as he set foot in the building…all of them were. Sean stands up and the stupid floating camera is right there with him….all of the cameras are now stupid floating cameras.  Sean tells them that he was told that if somebody collected all of the tapes they could go and it’s going to be him.  We see all 3 of them on film.  Sean now says he’s been in there 10 years and he just wants to go home and he asks for the footage from their cameras.  Alex says no, it’s his film and a scuffle breaks out.  Alex gets Sean on the ground and starts beating him, next Sean gets the upper hand and is choking Alex.  Jennifer comes up from behind and hits Sean in the head knocking him over.  This infuriated Sean who says he’s going to kill her but before this can happen a huge hole appears in the wall and it is somewhat like looking sideways through a tornado…with equal winds.  All of them are being pulled in with Jennifer being the safest but not by much.  Sean is sucked in and the camera falls to the ground, the sideways tornado is gone, the wind has topped and Jennifer asks Alex if he’s okay.  The camera is on the floor capturing all of this until Alex picks it up and starts talking about the building wanting and audience and it wanted the film to be finished and he knows how to finish the movie.  He tells Jennifer that she’s the star.  He moves towards her and she asks what he’s doing.  He said that she always wanted her death scene to be epic…only one of them can get out and he beats her in the face with the camera.  As her face gets more crushed the sound becomes more muffled.  Alex puts the camera down and says he finished the film and they’ll come and he won’t let “somebody” (he says “you”) down.  This is all scene through a broken camera lens.  He walks through the free standing door out into what looks like a dessert, he turns to the door just in time to see it crumble.

December 5, 2011 is shown on the screen and we’re seeing things from the viewpoint of a police dash cam.  We see Alex with a bag over his arm walking down the street but like he’s not quite there.  Two officers approach him and he walks towards one of them, the officer behind him grabs him and he drops the bag.  He starts saying that he needs the camera.  He doesn’t know where he is.

We’re now told it’s October 1, 2012 and we’re seeing and interview with Jerry and Alex and the interviewer asks Jerry how the Grave Encounters 2 came to be.  Jerry says he was surprised when Alex came into his office saying he had shot the sequel but that Alex is talented and did a great job. Alex is very normal.  Jerry tells all of us that every seen is fake and it’s just a movie.  Alex tells all of us not to go looking for the building…it’s not worth it.

The first 40ish minutes of this movie were pointless and not needed.  The movie should have started with the film students outside of the hospital and telling us why they were there and jumped right into the story but instead they gave us 40 minutes of needless garbage that was was darn near painful to sit through.

Once they got into the building I thought things took a great turn and I felt like I did in the first movie…it didn’t quite feel like a movie.  It was NOWHERE NEAR as good as the first Ghost Encounters but it at least improved, a little, for a little while.

Then…well, it just got stupid, and corny and…I want my time back!  I was excited to see that Sean Rogerson was going to be in the sequel because I really loved him in the first movie…they made his character ridiculous and storyline took a stupid twist with some invisible phantom calling the shots and making the camera shots and some…door?  WTH?

The acting was below average, the storyline was below average and most of the scares were below average.

Where the first Ghost Encounters was one of my favorite horror flicks this one is near the bottom.  I loved the first Blair Witch Project and HATED the 2nd one.  I loved the first Ghost Encounters and almost hated the 2nd one.  There were about 20 – 30 minutes of the movie that are keeping me from hating it.  Man, I’m a giving soul!