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Ghost Adventures Brookdale Lodge

Ghost Adventures Brookdale Lodge









Ghost Adventures
Travel Channel
November 9, 2012

Ghost Adventures Brookdale Lodge – Zak starts the episode telling us that Brookdale Lodge is one of the most historical and haunted places (he doesn’t state whether that’s in the world, the United States, California, etc.).  There’s a caution tape at the lodge…the lodge is closed.  There have been documented vicious attacks on women and children by nothing that can been seen or explained.

The property was initially Grover Mill Lumber Company in the 1900s.  The land was sold to Judge J.H. Logan.  He turned it into a camp and lodge.  Logan’s niece, Sarah, died around 1918 in a nearby creek.  In 1922 Dr. F. K. Camp purchased the property from Logan and built the Brook Room.  The Brook Room has the creek that Logan’s young niece died…it runs through the restaurant.  Creepy much?  The Brookdale was once the most popular resorts in California and boasts guests such as Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth and President Herbert Hoover.  A few decades later, the resort isn’t maintaining it’s popularity.  Nothing like some great televised ghost investigating to peak interest again.

There is a paranormal theory that constantly running water (like the creek in the Brookdale) creates electromagnetic energy which allows spirits to pass into our world with ease.

The team meet with Jeff Dwyer, Author and Paranormal Investigator.  They worked with Jeff at the Winchester Mystery House in August of 2011.  Jeff has investigated Brookdale numerous times and claims to have seen the apparition of young Sarah.  She was at the edge of the creek, fell, hit her head and drowned.  Jeff has been seeing her since he and his family stayed at the lodge when he was 13.  He said he saw Sarah and she was solid and then she faded away.  Zak wonders if spirits stick around for long periods of time because they’re in denial…why do they stick around.

Skeeter Marazzo is the co-owner of the Brookdale Lodge.  Skeeter tells us about his first experience.  He was sitting in a chair in front of a fireplace that he had just shut off.  He saw a woman with long blond hair in a white dress.  She walked across the lobby and entered a phone booth.  Zak wonders if it might have been Sarah’s mom.  There are claims that she haunts the location in search of her daughter.

The sides of the pool are glass and people are able to see the people swimming.  There was a girl that drowned in the pool in 1972.   The girl was 13.  They drained the pool after the accident and people in the bar (where the glass sides of the pool are).  People in the bar claim to see an apparition floating in the pool.  An apparition of a girl is seen in the bar.  She’s in a bathing suit that is dripping.  Nick says you can sense something in the room with the pool.

Zak and Aaron head to the back of the lodge to investigate the remains of a fire from 2009.  It has caught on fire 2 times.  Nobody knows the cause of the fires.  There is a rumor that the land is cursed and is an ancient indian burial ground.

Nick meets with Denise Dalton.  Denise is the former Head of Housekeeping.  About a year prior to this episode she heard someone enter the restoom and go in the stall beside her.  Nobody was in there but the door was locked.  Suddenly the door flew open.  She heard a little girl’s laughter running away from her.  Zak wonders if it was Sarah or something evil hiding behind a little girl’s laugh.

Denise now tells a story about an attack she suffered.  Zak informs us that this is the darkest event at the Brookdale Lodge.  She said she came in to the housekeepers their jobs for the day.  As she walked down the walkway she was hit in the back with so much force that she fell face first on to the concrete.  She was hit so hard that she didn’t have time to put her hands in front of her to stop her fall.  Bone came through her nose.  At the hospital they called in a domestic violence specialist because she had a bruise on her back in the shape of a hand print.  Denise says that a Hispanic woman was in the bar when this happened and she started yelling “Phantasma!”.  The definition of phantasma is:  a ghostly appearing figure.  The woman told Denise that a dark figure hovered above her as she was on the ground.  Denise is in tears by the end of the interview.  Zak tells her that they’re going to try to figure out what did this to her and why and for her to not be afraid.

Nick feels shaken after talking to Denise.  They feel that after talking to Denise something has been stirred because they feel things moving around.  It’s over 90 degrees outside but the team is chilled.  They ask Denise if they can use her as a human trigger object to see if the energy is related to the energy that pushed her.  As they’re getting ready to start a noise is heard above them.  They start trying to communicate with anybody that is there.  They don’t capture any spirit voices but they start haring a scratching noise above them…all around.  The team goes upstairs and we even see Zak on the roof.  They aren’t able to see any animals that might have made the sound but say they know that they can’t rule it out.  They all end up on the roof.  Aaron says the roof is thick and it would be hard to hear an animal on the roof from inside.

They move to the rooms across from the lodge and they meet Keenan Zech.  It says that Keenan is “Former Housekeeping Staff” but he says his incident happened 2 years ago and he appears, TO ME, to be 13…15 tops.  He claims to have been cleaning the steps, he said he was on the second step and his head was forced to the concrete step and his nose was bloodied.  He didn’t feel anything push him.  There are 2 rooms he is afraid of.  Both are corner rooms.  He said they would enter the rooms and the chairs would be moved.

The team prepares for the lockdown and they notice that Nick is quiet.  Nick’s grandfather passed and Nick attended his funeral that day.  Our thoughts are with you, Nick.

The lockdown begins.  Gracie, Nick’s adorable dog is going to investigate with them.


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They want to see if Gracie picks up on any shadow figures or if Sarah might want to come and play with the dog. Billy Tolley, Audio/Video Tech, will also be going in with the team to set up base camp and watch monitors.  A security officer will be locking the team in and will be monitoring the grounds throughout the investigation.

The first thing the team wants to do is to try to reach out with innocent spirits.  The teams is going to use ITC (Instrumental Transcommunication) to try to reach Sarah via the creek.  Zak starts calling to little Sarah.  HOLY SMOKES!  You can CLEARLY hear a little girl talk while Zak is talking.  Nick stops Nick and informs him that a little girl’s voice is coming through the microphone.


Zak lets Sarah know that they heard her and asks her to show herself.  Nick says he can fee electricity going through his body like something passed through him.

They now move on calling out to whatever it is that likes to push women and children.  They have Aaron stand where they were when they heard something crawling on the ceiling.  Nick stands where Denise was when she was attacked.  Zak tells us that Nick is going to use provocation to try to make comment but before he’s able to finish, Nick says he feels weird.  As Nick tries to explain what’s going on there’s a loud sound that we can hear. It sounds like metal.  Zak thinks a chair moves but they think it might have been a luggage cart we can see in another room.  Nick begins provoking.  He asks if they want them to leave.  They picks up an EVP that they claim says “I don’t even want that to even haaaaappen…”.  They ask for the spirit to let themselves be known.  Nick leads the team to the restroom where Denise had her encounter.  Zak says “You like to push people…PUSH US!”.  We hear a LOUD *thump*.  They’re off to investigate.  I swear, each episode of Ghost Adventures is getting better.  This is leaps and bounds their best season!  Okay, back to the show.  Nick feels like he walked through cobwebs.  There’s a theory that when you feel this and there are no cobwebs, you’ve had a spirit pass through you.

The team turns on their thermal camera.  They go to the Brook Room and reach out to Sarah to show herself.  I think I heard a little girl call out but they don’t say anything so I guess I’m hearing things.  Zak calls Nick and Aaron up to him because there’s a form in the thermal that can’t be explained.  It isn’t a reflection because we can SEE Nick’s reflection.  It’s a few feet away from Nick.  And it isn’t Aaron because he was on the other side of the room.  Freaky!


They start to head upstairs to investigate but they hear a loud sound.  Zak asks for a recorder which Aaron hands him.  Something sets of the REM POD that they set up earlier on the bridge of the Brook Room.  Zak, again, reaches out to Sarah but they don’t have any further occurrences.

They bring Gracie in.  She is ADORABLE and Zak adopted her from the animal shelter.  He’s had her for 6 – 8 months.  He said that when he entered the shelter she ran to him.  This is her debut investigating with the team.

She smells around a lot and Zak lets her adjust to the location.  Zak turns the spirit box on which made Gracie jump!  He asks if anyone there wants to pet his dog.  No response.  They go to the pool room and ask if Sarah would like to say something to his dog.  They say there’s a whistle but I thought it sound more like a dog whining or a door squeaking.


Aaron goes into the men’s room and tries calling a spirit out.  Gracie seems distracted by something above her but nothing is caught on camera of what she saw.  It seems like she’s reacting to something calling to her or whistling for her.  Zak is really sweet with her.  It’s cute.

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