Dance Moms Candy Apple Showdown

Dance Moms Candy Apple Showdown


Dance Moms
April 30, 2013

This has been the season for extended specials on Dance Moms. My cablebox says that this is the season finale, so perhaps it’s appropriate for it to be a two-hour block tonight. Last week, we left off just before the titular show down against Cathy and her Candy Apple Dance boys. So that’s what we’re going to see a lot of tonight, I assume. I wonder if there will be any purse-assaults this time? Solos go to Chloe, Asia, Maddie and Kendall. Since Brook doesn’t have a solo, Kelly wants to take her meet with a music manager. Abby thinks it’s a joke, but agrees to dismiss her for the day so she can give it a try.

While Abby works with the girls, Christie tries to stir up trouble with Kristie. She says she would have felt like a pawn (concerning the incident with Asia, Mackenzie and The View last time), but Kristie just says that she and Asia looked at it like an audition, which they’re both used to, so neither of them were too surprised when Mackenzie was chosen instead.

Brook goes to her music producer meeting, where he complements her on the number of downloads that her single’s gotten on iTunes and introduces her to Melody Thornton, of former Pussycat Dolls fame. Thornton gives her some tips on being a recording artist and some singing tips. Brook seems to have fun.

While watching Asia rehears her solo, the moms discuss her and Mackenzie. Melissa says that Asia has a bigger stage presence, and they all agree that she’s sassier on stage. Still, Holly points out that all the girls on the team are equally talented, and being talented doesn’t necessarily make Asia better. Kristie’s talking head explains that she heard all of this from her place inside the studio, where she’s watching more closely. I think Abby was just trying to keep her and Melissa from fighting over Mackenzie’s foot again.

It’s not long before they’re fighting again. After deciding that Cathy is not the threat, but the particular combination of dancers and choreographer that she had when they got the perfect score is threatening. Some of her other dancers aren’t such big threats. When they notice that Asia is being cast as the bad guy in the dance, it somehow gets into an argument over whether or not Asia cries…? I’m very rarely certain about how we get from Topic A to Topic B with these people. Hm.

Next, the moms decide to take the girls ice-skating. Maddie doesn’t want to, but Melissa makes her. (“I am your mother. Put your skates on. Do you know what this is about? It’s about fun. So put your skates on and have fun!” Hmm…) Kristie, on the other hand, won’t let Asia skate even though she wants to because she doesn’t want to risk her getting hurt. Asia is upset to not be able to play with her friends and starts to cry, although Kristie insists that she never cries.

Then Cathy pops up. Apparently Brook is friends with one of Cathy’s boys and mentioned their adventure to him. Cathy auditioned a local girl last week (local meaning New York), and she apparently wants to psyche out Abby’s dancers because she takes advantage of this opportunity to introduce them to Victoria and let them know about her latest scheme. What’s funny, is that Kelly has no idea that Brook is the team’s mole and just thinks that Cathy is stalking them. In reality…I’d say it’s about fifty-fifty on who is responsible for Cathy’s constant presence.

It turns out that the reason Maddie was so freaked out about dancing is because they aren’t allowed to. It’s part of their contract for them not to participate in dangerous sports like ice-skating. As a result, while Asia runs her solo, the other girls do a hundred pushups, and the moms get into a fight outside that almost results in a fistfight! While they shout, curse, and almost punch each other out, Abby and the girls stand in the studio and watch them because, oops, you can hear everything in there that is said (screamed) outside.

After escaping Kristie’s wrath, Christie and Kelly take Chloe and Paige to see a talent agent. Ironic because they’re always getting angry with Melissa for doing what she can to “get Maddie ahead.” The girls audition for a part about a twelve-year-old girl and…well, the agent say they do well. I am not a professional, so I will not remark on child acting abilities.

Christie and Kelly go exploring NYC and stumble upon a bar. Some of the other moms join them and they discuss Kristie and her temper tantrums, and decide that they’re the mom team that counts. It’s a show of solidarity that I can’t blame them for considering that not long ago, Kristie was threatening to hit them…

During their next rehearsal, Abby gets frustrated with Kendall and basically tells her that she’s on her own. Jill goes in to yell at her for picking on her daughter, and Abby agrees to never say Kendall’s name again. Not in rehearsal, not to a casting agent…she’s finished trying to help if Jill is just going to keep jumping on her all the time.

As the competition begins, there is very little drama. Abby encourages the girls to do their best, so they at least don’t regret their performances, win or lose. They have a slight altercation with one of Cathy’s dads, but nothing big. No real comments on the solos, because all the girls live up to their usual quality.

Back in the dressing room, Abby is happy with the girls, but she wants to know about all the screaming at the studio the other day. This launches another fight. Abby is very confused and Jill actually makes Kendall leave the room. Abby’s not happy that Jill and Kendall left just before going on stage, with her makeup all helter-skelter. So she has an Abby Rant, and Jill comforts Kendall in the hallway.

To her credit, Kendall makes it through her solo without forgetting anything and does an impressive job. Even Abby admits that she is a contender to hold up against Maddie and Chloe. One of Cathy’s boys is performing a solo too, and he is one of her better dancers. He does some pretty impressive moves and he emotes well. Plus he’s a boy. Though I do agree with Abby that the point of the routine might be a bit confusing. Something about a stethoscope? I don’t know.

Cathy also enters a duet with two of her boys. It is…a thing. There are breakdancing magicians. I thought it was kind of funny. I don’t know if it was supposed to be. It was cute. Abby says that it was more like two solos performed side by side, rather than a duet. Then, in the hallway, Cathy’s choreographer (some guy named Anthony) starts yelling at Christie for touching one of his props. It’s a bit confusing, to be honest.

Up next are group numbers. Cathy’s group does a number about the Mexican holiday, the Day of the Dead. I’m not going to lie, it looks pretty cool. Though the costumes clarify what it’s about, the music and dancing work well together in their own right.

Abby’s number is about runaway children. While the girls perform, Cathy and Anthony are saying mean things about Paige loudly enough that Melissa and Abby can hear them clearly. Abby calls Paige over to address the situation, and instead of apologizing, Anthony escalates the situation. Kelly goes over to defend her child and try to defuse the situation. Abby defends Paige in her own way, too, but the damage is already done. As the adults continue their spat, Paige leaves the stage, visibly upset. Kelly and Brook follow her out, worried about her since she was obviously humiliated by a professional calling her out like that.

Kelly holds all three of them responsible, but she convinces Paige to go back for awards. Asia takes first place for her solo. Kendall gets fourth. Chloe ties for second but gets a lower technique score (and therefore third place) while Cathy’s soloist takes second. Cathy and Abby will both be all over her for that. Maddie gets first place. Cathy’s duet takes first place. Abby’s group takes second place and Cathy’s group takes first. Abby says that she can handle it since she was beat by a little girl that Cathy “stole,” three little boys that she flew in from around the country, and a guest choreographer were responsible for the win, not Cathy herself.

Still, Cathy is all too excited to go gloat to Abby. Meanwhile, Kelly tells the other moms about what happened with Paige and the others. The other moms all agree (even Kristie) that what happened was wrong and that Abby should have protected her. Abby gives her side of the story, says that it was Paige’s choice to confront Cathy and Anthony. Kelly still doesn’t approve, she’s still upset, but she doesn’t argue. Abby says that Asia is the one who ruined the group dance. Cathy comes to the door and tries to put all the blame for embarrassing Paige on Abby’s shoulders. Then, as she is leaving, Abby tells the moms that she is looking for property in LA to open a studio and might be moving. What a way to end a season!