Once Upon A Time The Evil Queen

Once Upon A Time The Evil Queen

Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time
April 28, 2013

As the episode begins, Tamara and Greg are trying to convince Hook to help them out. He, however, is under the impression that he killed Rumpelstiltskin already and his life’s work is therefore complete. They show him that Gold is, in fact, alive but promise to help him kill his nemesis on one condition: he must help Greg find his father, and use his personal knowledge of Regina to do so.

Back in the Enchanted Forest, Regina has chased Snow White out of her castle, but the girl is still alive. She has traced her to a village, but Snow’s already gone. Regina tries to convince the villagers that Snow is a treasonist, murderer and bandit, but they will not budge. Even the promise of reward isn’t enough, so Regina orders that the villagers be slaughtered.

Frustrated, she goes to Rumpeltsiltskin. It seems that the threat of an evil queen is just too much for the villagers to trust. So she devise a plan to get close to Snow White in disguise. She has Rumpelstiltskin disguise her as a peasant, so that she won’t be recognized as the queen. The catch is that she doesn’t have her magic while the spell is in place, and he has all the control over it. She doesn’t see this as a downside, though, since she plans to break Snow’s neck with her bare hands.

In Storybrook, Regina overhears Mary Margaret and David plan to leave her in the real world when they and everyone else go back home. David compromises that they can offer her a choice – she can live out the rest of her days in a jail cell, or remain in Storybrook. Deciding that neither of these choices are acceptable, Regina comes up with a plan. She goes to Henry to explain. She plans to take him to the Enchanted Forest and self-destruct the curse – and Storybrook with it. The price is that everyone else will die. Henry is appalled, but Regina erases his memory of their conversation before he can tell anyone what she plans.

In her office, Hook goes to Regina. He tells her about Greg and Tamara and tells her that he would much rather form an alliance with her instead. Regina tells him that her mother died, and Hook says that it’s all the more reason for them to work together. So she tells him about her plan to escape with Henry and offers to take him along if he’ll help her. She explains that they’ll be escaping the total destruction of Storybrook and, yes. Rumpelstiltskin will die.

Out among the villagers, Queen Regina is shocked to see that her people think that she’s a heartless monster and that they spend their time defacing effigies of her. Some knights show up, but they don’t do anything to enforce the law and stop the villagers from what they’re doing. She tries to tell them that she’s their queen, but they obviously don’t believe her since she doesn’t look like herself. So they try to arrest her, and succeed since she doesn’t have her magic to stop them with. They take her to cut off her head. Terrified, she calls for Rumpelstiltskin. Instead, she’s rescued by a mysterious figure in hood…with a bow and arrow…

Emma has her suspicions about Tamara. When she tries to tell Mary Margaret about her concerns, she is inclined to think that Emma is just being paranoid because of her feelings for Neil. Emma insists that this isn’t the case, but Mary Margaret advises her to keep her feelings to herself, lest Henry think his parents are getting back together. Of course, Henry hears everything anyway. He asks if they’re going to investigate Tamara and Emma tells him to get his coat.

Mayor Regina explains to Hook that she has a switch that will destroy the curse. So it’s down into her Super Secret Hiding Place they go to find it. Emma’s been down here before, in the first season, to collect some hidden magic. There was a guardian then, but she killed it. However, it seems that this guardian might not be as dead as we viewers thought. It seems that there’s a powerful spell that sustains this guardian. She needs Hook to be a distraction against this dragon (who is less of a dragon now) while she hits the switch.

Maleficent is not happy, since her last visitor tried to kill her, and she’s going to give Hook a run for his oney. Meanwhile, Regina finds what she’s looking for: Snow White’s glass coffin. Inside, there’s a bag and inside that bag there is…an object I can’t see. Perhaps we’ll learn more after we visit the Enchanted Forest again.

Queen Regina wakes in the care of Snow White herself. Snow is kind and trusting and generous. Regina is shocked that she knows how to hunt and is willing to risk her life to help a perfect stranger. Snow explains about the time when Regina saved her own life, and taught her that strangers could have real connections. Regina is touched by Snow’s genuine goodness, despite herself.

Meanwhile, Henry and Emma begin Operation Preying Mantis. Emma breaks into Neil’s room to investigate Tamara, but Neil quickly catches her being kind of creepy. She explains her suspicions (that Tamara is the “she” that August warned them about) and he of course thinks that she’s being silly. Still, she found a loose floorboard and asks him to let her look under it. There’s nothing there, which just makes Neil pretty certain that he’s right and she’s wrong. Embarrassed, Emma takes Henry and leaves the hotel room.

Queen Regina continues to see Snow’s goodness. She sees how Snow doesn’t hate her, still sees the good in her, and realizes that Snow might be the only person in the kingdom who believes that the queen can be anything but evil. Snow even admits that she would love to be invited back into the castle and would forgive Regina if she were invited. Then they find dozens of slaughtered villagers and Snow decides that she was wrong. Regina slips and gives herself away, trying to defend her own choices, and Snow almost kills her but Regina gets away.

Mayor Regina is surprised to get back to her office only to find that Hook made it back safely himself, escaping Maleficent. He tells her that it’s a shame that she betrayed him, because he had almost decided not to betray her. He reveals Tamara and Greg, who plan to do what they do best: Kill a magical creature. She can’t do magic, she can’t defend herself. Greg is not going to tell her what she wants, and they have her captured and defenseless.