Paranormal Activity 3

Paranormal Activity 3Paranormal Activity 3

Paranormal Activity 3
October 21, 2011

Paranormal Activity 3 – This is the “Extended Version”…which I’ve never seen.  It will be interesting to see if there’s anything good that we didn’t see in the version we watched in the theater.

The video starts with the video showing a nursery being painted.  We have a VERY pregnant Kristi (2nd movie) painting the nursery wall.

Carlsbad, CA
March, 2005

 Aunt Katie comes in and sees the progress of the nursery.  The 3 (Daniel, Kristi & Katie) debate on names.  Katie then asks if she can put some boxes in their basement to store.  Remember movie 2? The basement was packed?  Kristi pulls some VHS tapes out of a box.  Katie says she got these things after Grandma Lois died and Kristi can have it.  The box is opened and we see labels on the tapes:  Girls Room 9-14-88, Girls Room 9-28-88, Katies Birthday, September 1988, Girls Room 9-13-8.  They pull the tape of Katies Birthday (don’t get on me, they didn’t have it as Katie’s so I didn’t either LOL).

The movie now cuts to the place in the 2nd movie where they think their house has been broken into and it shows:

Carlsbad, CA
August 2006

 We see the shot in the movie where Daniel is investigating the basement after the “break-in”.  He discovers that the only thing missing is the box of tapes that Katie brought over.

Santa Rosa, CA
September 3, 1988

 We see a “Happy Birthday, Katie” chocolate cake that I think mom made because dad is recording her with it.  Katie blows out the candles as people sing happy birthday.  She gives a “WTH” look and we see young Kristi talking to…nobody.  Mom brings Kristi over to join the party.  She’s shy and sits by Katie.  Grandma gives Happy Birthday wishes to the camera for Katie to watch later.  OH this isn’t dad…it’s boyfriend.  He tells Katie, in the camera, thank you for letting him into the family.

We’re in the kitchen and little Kristi has lost a tooth and the one next to it is wicked loose.  Her mom sets her up on the counter.  Kristi tells her mom that she would be a good dentist.  Her mom tells her that if she loses the tooth at school to put it in her pocket and bring it home for the tooth fairy.  Back at the table Dennis (boyfriend) asks Kristi why she has 2 bowls.  Kristi says “because he wants to eat”.  Katie tells Kristi “Toby isn’t real”.  “Yes, he is”, Kristi says.

10:26am Dennis is the garage and he has a lot of audio and video equipment set up.  Randy, his assistant, is late…not new.  Dennis is going to play a prank.  Dennis goes up on the ladder (it’s 10:55am).  He tells Randy that there was a leak in the floor in the room above the garage and he doesn’t know what to do.  He comes down the ladder and asks Randy to hold a stick that’s holding up a bowlful of water…Dennis leaves and we now love Dennis  Katie and Kristi join Dennis at the door and laugh.  Dennis tells them let’s go and play on the trampoline.  The 3 come back in.  Randy is still holding the stick.  They joke that they found a spider and they throw it at Randy…who jumps and the water falls on him.

Standing on the driveway we’re taking pictures of the girls for their first day of school.  One of the photos taken is the one of Katie that Daniel burns to transfer the demon from his wife, Kristi.  It’s also the burnt photo that Micah finds in the attic.  They now take a family shot.

Dennis is watching some drunk girl on a wedding tape and asks Randy where he found her.  The two, apparently, do videos of weddings.

We’re seeing wedding photos that I guess Dennis and Randy took.  We hear a knock and Dennis calls “Jewels?” (short for Julie).  There’s no response and he starts back to work.  He hears a noise again and calls out, “Julie?”.  He walks inside and we see his video angle walking through the house looking for the cause of the noise.  He heads towards the kitchen and dining room and then into the kitchen, the living room which is a mess of toys (not my house LOL).  He hears a noise upstairs and go upstairs.  This is the girl’s room. Teddy Ruxpin is on the floor talking.  Dennis turns him off and leaves him on the table.  He takes the camera and looks over the half wall.  He hears a noise (sounds like a door) and turns around and we see a door to a crawl space or small closet open.  Dennis walks over and looks in.  It’s a little area that looks like it’s holding some toys and a little storage.  Dennis comes back out of the closet and turns to see Kristi RIGHT behind him and he’s startled.  She asks what he’s doing and he says he was just looking around.

In the master bedroom Julie isn’t happy about Dennis recording her smoking pot because it’s illegal and what if the kids find out.  She takes a big hit and coughs.  They get a case of the giggles and munch on cereal and get a little flirty and then frisky.  She wants him to “hurry up” before she changes her mind.  He makes music from a porn and she laughs.  The two crawl onto the bed and start to kiss.    She stops kissing him because she hears creaking in the hall but quickly ignores it and goes back to…well, what they’re working towards.  They both hear a noise now and listen.  There’s a LOUD crash and then everything starts to shake, earthquake.  They run for the girls and the camera falls to the floor.  Dust falls from the ceiling and we can see part of it hang in the air and see form.

They’re reviewing the tape and Julie talks about how fat she looks.  He fast forwards and points out the dust on the form but she blows it off.  She tells him everything has to be erased or they’re never having sex again.

Late Randy comes in and says it’s his car.  Dennis says he caught the earthquake on tape.  Dennis plays the tape, in black and white and we see the figure.  Dennis tells Randy that he’s been hearing noises in the girl’s room.  Dennis says that something weird is going on.

Dennis calls to Julie and she calls back.  He comes to where she is, IN THE BATHROOM, and she squeals and slams the door.  Obviously, she wasn’t expecting him to have the camera LOL.  He asks her if she minds if he sets up a few cameras around the house.  Sh’e sfine with it.

3:49pm  Katie asks how long the tapes last…6 hours.  Dennis is setting up the camera in the girl’s room.  It is pointed to where we can see the girl’s bed and the steps leading downstairs.  Dennis walks down the steps and tells them not to touch the camera.

9:21pm and Dennis is setting up a camera pointing into the master bedroom.  Julie asks if he’s over reacting.  He tells her that it’s a new house and it shouldn’t be making these noises.  He’s trying to figure out which angle will work best.  At 9:24pm he’s content with it pointing towards the bed where we can also see the bedroom and closet doors.  It was in that area that we saw the figure in the dust.  He says he feels something is there.  10:06pm and the couple go to bed.

Night #1
September 10, 1988

We hear a squeak and Kristi hears it and gets up and wanders near the camera.  The camera is set up next to the little closet that Dennis checked out earlier.  Kristi says “Yeah”, “Probably”.  She then says they have to be quiet so they don’t wake Katie.  “Why?”.  Katie then heads back to bed and it’s 1:51am.

Dennis is with Katie and tells her that she saw her talking to someone.  Katie doesn’t remember but she says if she was talking to somebody it was Toby.  Dennis asks if they’re friends and what they talk about.  Katie says secrets.  Dennis asks if Toby is big and old like grandma or young like her.  He’s old like grandma.  He’s tall and she says not to call him fat.  Dennis asks what she means when she says that she would be in trouble if she told any of their secrets, what it means.  She wants to be safe.  Dennis asks if Toby says he would hurt her.  No, but she would be in very big trouble.

Dennis is talking to Julie about it but Julie says it’s just an active imagination.  Dennis says he can’t believe that because it was the middle of the night.  Katie finally sways him by being a parent and knowing that kids go through phases.  Apparently, Katie went through a phase where she liked to sleep on the toilet.

Randy can’t believe that Dennis is going to go through 12 hours of footage a day.  Katie comes in and asks if the 2 found anything.  Randy jokes that he found that the family sleeps through the night.  The 2 hear knocking sounds.  Off they go to check it out with Dennis saying “It’s happening again”.  They head to the master bedroom, the master bathroom and towards the bathroom closet that has a mirror.  Dennis slowly raches for the door and opens it.  We see clothes.  He pulls the clothes apart and Julie, wearing a scary mask, jumps out at the two of them and about causes them both to die of a heart attack.  She is VERY pleased with herself.

There’s a tent set up in the backyard.  Katie and Kristi are inside.  He’s brought them snacks and tells them not to tell their mom.  He’s really good with them.  He zips the tent and heads back in.

Night #5
September 14, 1988

 We hear a sound in the house but we don’t see what it is.  A light turns on and off again in the hall outside of the master bedroom.  We hear footsteps, mom stirs and then wakes to listen.  If it’s the girls, they aren’t in their room.  Julie starts to sleep again but wakes up hearing noises and then wakes Dennis.  He’s going to see if the girls came inside.  He heads upstairs but the girls aren’t there.  There’s a loud thump and Julie calls to Dennis and slowly makes her way to the door before she turns and walks back towards the bathroom.  The door slams open and Denis comes in.  It’s 3:31am.  The backdoor is locked and Julie asks why.  They check on the girls and they’re sleeping in the tent.  They have the girls come back inside.

Katie is jumping on the trampoline as Dennis records.  Dennis is asking her again if she snuck into the house and Katie tells him no.  He asks her if she’ll tell her mom that.

Julie and her mom are upstairs making the girl’s beds.  Grandma asks where Dennis is.  Julie tells her that he’s out buying more tapes.  “With your credit card?”, she asks.  It’s 1:03pm.  In a polite way, Julie tells her to back off and she tells him what a great guy he is.  Mom wishes Dennis was more financially secure.  Julie doesn’t want more kids and assures her mom she isn’t going to get pregnant.  Her mom says that she had always wanted a big family.  “I changed my mind”, Julie tells her.  Her mom says that she had told her she always wanted a son.

Night #7
September 16, 1988

 There are creaking sounds.  This wakes Dens and he sits up in bed and then he gets up.  He grabs the camera and heads downstairs.  A chandelier is swinging from the ceiling.  He walks to the kitchen window and looks out.  Nothing.  He turns and starts to walk away and there’s a loud sound behind him.  He turns back towards the windows.  The blinds closed.  He fiddles with them.

Julie is helping Katie skate on the driveway.  Randy is telling Dennis that he believes in Bloody Mary.  Katie wants to play.

Randy & Dennis are making a revolving camera with the use of a oscillating fan that they’ve taken apart.

It’s 4:11pm and the new camera is set up to scan the living room, dining room and kitchen.

Night #8
September 17, 1988

Through the partially opened door of the master bedroom we see a little girl run by.  Downstairs we see Katie walk over to the dining room table, pull out a chair and climb onto the dining room table, the fan turns to the kitchen, back to the dining rom table, she’s gone.  She peaks into Julie and Dennis’ room and then heads off again.  She then stands outside the door and she seems to be playing with Toby in the hall.  Upstairs, Katie wakes as Kristi comes back upstairs.  It’s 4:04am.  The girls go back to sleep.

11:05am.  Julie comes up and Kristi is painting.  Julie asks Kristi if she still talks to her friend, Toby.  She does.  Julie tells Kristi that she can tell her anything.  Kristi says that Julie can ask Toby questions herself because he’s standing right next to her.  Julie looks over, we don’t see anything, neither does she.  Julie tells her she doesn’t see him.  “He’s there”, Kristi says.

Randy took books from the library.  One is called Benevolent Entities.  “Kids are susceptible to spiritual contact”.  Dennis wonders about Kristi and says the activity started when Kristi started talking to Toby.  These entities feed off of people’s fears.

Katie runs upstairs and asks Kristi if she wants to play a game.  Katie has a flashlight and they drag the camera into the bathroom to play Bloody Mary.  It’s 2:06pm.  Katie tries to scare Kristi.  The 2 turn out the light and say Bloody Mary 3 times.  Silence and there’s a thump.  Mom comes in and turns the light on and asks what they’re doing.  “Playing a game”.  They leave with their mom.  The camera is still pointing towards the mirror.  There’s just enough light coming in the door for us to figure out what the SLAMp was.  The closet door creaks open a bit and then slams shut.

Night #10
September 19, 2008

Julie seems to be stirring a bit, like she can’t sleep.  She goes downstairs and we’ll only be able to see in spurts because of the “fan camera”.  She’s in the kitchen getting a snack and she turns the light on.  It’s now 1:00am.  The chandelier that was swinging before is swinging in the other room but Julie can’t see this.  She’s washing her bowl in the sink.  She’s dropped her spoon down the garbage disposal.  She makes me a nervous wreck and puts her hand down the disposal.  There’s a quick POP and a flash, a light blew.  Dennis is with her, so are the kids.  The light from the swinging chandelier broke.  She sends the girls back up because of the broken glass.  Dennis and Julie try to figure out what happened.

Dennis goes up to the girl’s room.  Kristi is having a tea party.  Dennis asks if he can join in and Kristi seems thrilled to have him.  He sets the camera down to record them.  He tells her he’s testing out the camera.  Dennis attempts to sit in a seat but Kristi tells him not to sit there because Toby is sitting there.  Dennis apologizes to Toby and chooses another seat, beside Toby.  Dennis is AMAZING at playing tea party.  Dennis asks Kristi the last thing Toby told her.  “Secrets” she says.  She apologizes to Toby.  Dennis asks if he said something.  She says no but she touched him and he doesn’t like that.  Kristi starts to say something and stops.

Katie comes up and asks why the camera is there.  Kristi tells her that she was recording the tea party.  Katie tells her that only babies have imaginary friends.  Kristi tells her that Toby is real.  Katie is a BRAT and starts teasing Kristi.  Kristi tells Katie that Toby is in the little closet.  Katie calls for Toby to come out.  He doesn’t so Katie goes in.  Kristi tells her not to do that.  The camera is set on the floor and the door SLAMS shut.  Katie asks Kristi to let her out and Kristi keeps saying that she told her not to go in there.  Julie comes up and the door is now able to be opened.  Julie tells them to stop fighting and the 3 go downstairs.  The camera catches the door closing on it’s own.

7:30pm and we’re on the swinging fan.  Lisa is there, the babysitter.  Katie takes her upstairs to show her beads she got for her birthday.  Julie tells Lisa to ignore the cameras.  Katie & Lisa stay on the bed and play.  Downstairs we see Dennis and Julie leave for their date.  It’s 7:35pm.

At 9:00pm Lisa is putting the girls to bed and Katie asks for a ghost story.  Lisa puts a sheet on and walks to the camera and says hello to Dennis.  Lisa bids the girls good night and heads downstairs.

10:11pm  Lisa is in the kitchen and we’re watching threw the “fan camera”.  As the camera pans back into the camera we don’t see Lisa until “BOO!  Hi Dennis” she jumps in front of the camera.  As the camera pans into the dining room we hear a *tink* but it’s probably Lisa that we now see sitting down at the kitchen table.  There’s a rumble noise.  Lisa looks up and then back down at her homework or whatever it is she’s working on at the table in VERY unteenager like fashion with no TV and no music.  We pan back into the dining and then back to the kitchen.  Standing behind Lisa is a short sheet covered ghost.  It’s 10:13pm.  We assume it’s one of the children but then the sheet falls to the floor and steps are heard.  The sound causes Lisa to turn around, back to the dining room.  Back in the kitchen we see Lisa pick up the sheet.  She heads up the steps to check on the girls.  She walks up very quietly and very slowly.  Both girls are tucked happily into their beds.  We hear a creaking noise, possibly from Tob’s room.  She walks near the camera to his room and bends towards it.  There’s a HUGE gust of wind and she squeals.  She goes back downstairs.  The girls sleep on.  At 11:05pm Lisa is leaning near the doorway, jacket/sweater in hand just waiting for Dennis and Julie to get home.  They open the front door and she’s READY to go.  The two note that she was in a hurry but quickly brush it off.  Julie goes upstairs to check on the girls.  All is well.

Night #12
September 21, 1988

The cameras downstairs show us Katie standing on the kitchen island and giggling.  Dennis stirs upstairs.  Katie is now in her room and standing on the ledge (1/2 wall) that falls down the steps on one side.  She walks along the wall., it’s L shaped.  She whispers, “It’s so high.  Promise?”, she asks as she stops walking and JUMPS!  There’s no thud, no scream, just silence   Downstairs we see her giggle and run back upstairs where Katie is now awake and asks her why she’s up.  Katie tells Kristi to go to bed and lays back down.  Kristi climbs back on the wall.

Dennis is showing Randy the ghost behind Lisa and the gust of wind hitting her from “Toby’s room”.  They don’t know what it is.  Randy can’t believe she didn’t say anything.  Dennis hasn’t shown Julie because Julie would flip out.  He’s afraid she would make him take the cameras down.

Night #13
September 22, 1988

We hear a storm outside.  Kristi wakes and sits up in bed.  Downstairs seems uneventful.  At 2:22am Kristi opens the door to Denis and Julie’s room and stands there, just stands there … like Katie in the first movie watch Micah sleep.  Kristi stands, watching, as time fast forwards.  She stays until 3:31am at which time she goes back to her room, peaks at sleeping Katie.  She walks to where “Toby’s room” would be and says “No.  No.  I don’t want to talk to you anymore.  I’m going back to bed”.

12:23pm Dennis is in the girl’s room.  He walks to “Toby’s room”, off camera but quickly grabs the camera and shows us drawings on the ceiling.  It’s a triangle with a circle on it.  On the left side of the triangle is the letter “M”, it’s near the bottom corner.  On the right, near the top, is the letter “C”.  On the bottom line, near the right is the letter “L”.Paranormal Activity 3 Triangle

Downstairs Dennis ask Julie has Kristi is feeling.  Kristi is on the couch and Julie says they need to get her to the doctor.  Randy comes over to sit with Katie while they take Katie to hospital.  Randy is told to make himself at home.  Randy asks what’s wrong with Kristi.  Katie tells him she has a really high fever and the 2 sit at the dining room table.  Randy asks her what she wants to do and she says she wants to play Bloody Mary.  He seems quite worried about and asks if they can play dollhouse or something.  He looks in the girls camera and apologizes to Dennis saying it isn’t his fault.  The 2 head into the bathroom and Katie explains how to play Bloody Mary but looking in the mirror and saying Bloody Mary 3 times while looking in the mirror.  They turn the lights out and play.  After a few seconds Randy turns the light on.  Katie is upset and tells him he turned the light on too soon, he didn’t do it right.  Randy asks can’t they go play “Doll Barrels or something”…whatever the heck that is LOL.  Randy agrees to play again and tells her she’s never seen anybody play it like he’s about to play it.  They play and keep the lights off.  After awhile he asks about turning the light on and she tells him to be quiet.  Randy hears a noise.  Now Katie hears it.  There’s a loud “WOOSH” sound and Katie turns the light on.  Randy lifts his shirt.  He has a scratch on his side.  Katie asks     if he’s okay.  He doesn’t want to scare her and says he forgot that he scratched himself but you can hear the fear in his voice.  There’s a noise outside the bathroom door, in the girl’s room.  Katie asks him if he heard it.  He did and tells her it’s okay.  We hear it again and Katie slams the door closed. There’s A LOT of ruckus outside the door is shaking.  Katie leans against the door and Randy holds it closed with his hand.  The door shakes violently and then stops.  Randy keeps his hand on the door and Katie, crying, goes to the other side of the bathroom.  Randy tells Katie that everything is okay.  He tells Katie to stay there and he opens the bathroom door.  He slowly walks out of the bathroom and looks around the girls room.  Toys fly from one side of the room to the other and he comes back into the bathroom and tells Katie “nothing happened”.  Bless his heart.  Katie wants out and Randy tries again to leave.  He looks towards the steps, it’s quiet.  He’s breathing hard.  He looks back at Katie.  She apologizes saying it’s her fault.  He promises her that he won’t tell her mom.  The two head downstairs but Randy puts the room back in order.

Dennis comes in and Randy is packing up ALL of his things to leave.  Dennis asks where he’s going. Randy said he felt something in the room with them and then his side got cut.  He says this isn’t Casper.  Dennis tells him he’s acting ridiculous.  Randy tells Dennis to watch the tape and tells him that he has to tell Julie.  Randy leaves.

Dennis watches the tape and looks through the books.

Julie comes to Dennis and asks “What’s up?”.  He tells her that he needs to talk to her and asks her to sit down.  Dennis shows her a photo of people from the 1930s.  They all have on necklaces with the design that’s on the ceiling in “Toby’s room”.  Julie scoffs.

At 11:08am Katie is chasing Kristi up the steps and tells her “You better run”.  Kristi runs to a part of the screen that is off camera with Katie close behind.  Katie is stopped by an invisible force and watches.

Back with Dennis and Julie she tells him he’s acting crazy.  Dennis is telling Julie that “they would have these ceremonies and they would wait until the girls were old enough to get pregnant and then they would take their sons and brain wash…they wouldn’t remember a thing.

Back upstairs, Katie is walking away from whatever stopped her and calls for her mom as she backs up, we hear a rumbling.  Katie’s breathing grows faster and she is PICKED UP OFF OF THE FLOOR BY HER HAIR!

Julie is getting on Dennis telling him that all he does is sit and “play with this shit all day long”.  He wants to shows her something.  Katie comes in saying that “Toby pulled her hair”.  Julie turns around and tells Dennis this is his fault.  “No more cameras.  No more ghosts”.

Night #14
September 23, 1988

 Dennis must not have taken the “No more cameras” instruction to heart because we’re in the master bedroom where Julie is sleeping.  Dennis is working on a wedding video and is wearing headphones.  In the master bedroom we hear a noise, it sounds like white noise from a TV.  In the girl’s room we hear what sounds like a door opening.  In the girl’s room we see something under’s Katie’s blanket, crawling up to her.  Katie wakes and the shape disappears.  Katie looks around the room, something falls off of a table and Katie calls for Kristi to wake up.  Kristi sits up and tells Katie to go back to sleep.  ON a computer on the desk the triangle with a circle appears and things in the room start to sway.  Katie asks Kristi what’s happening and Kristi tells her that Toby is there.  Katie says she’s scared and calls for her mom.  Kristi tells her that everything is okay and tells her to ignore it.  The covers are ripped off of Katie’s bed towards the camera.  Katie jumps up yelling for her mom and is knocked to the grown and pulled into “Toby’s room” or at least that corner, we can’t see.  Mom is sleeping through the noise because of the white noise in bedroom.  Katie crawls back between the beds and implores Kristi to help her.Things start getting sucks to that corner, including a panicked Katie.  Kristi tells Toby to let Katie go and finally says “I’ll do it!  Just let her go.”  The house falls quiet again and Katie and Kristi get in Kristi’s bed.  Katie says “I want mommy”.

Kristi is in Dennis and Julie’s room.  Julie is telling her that they’re not going to grandma’s house because there’s no Toby and there’s no ghost.  Kristi walks away, upset.  She goes up to Katie.  Katie asks “What did she say?”.  “She said ‘no'”, Kristi replies.

12:10pm Downstairs, “Mom, we’re not coming over.  We’re staying right here.  Because I need to get things back to normal.  Mom, I have to go, somebody’s at the door”.  Julie hangs up and goes to the door.  There’s nobody there and she walks back to the kitchen.  EVERYTHING is off of the counters and shelves…EVERYTHING.  Julie is stunned and freezes.  Then EVERYTHING falls from the ceiling and she screams for Dennis and says they’re getting out of there.

In the car, Dennis tells the girls to wake up, they’re at grandma’s.  Grandma is in the driveway waiting.

Moorpark, CA
September 1988

 Grandma opens the door.  Katie wants to stay with Julie.  Grandma carries Kristi.  She tells them that she has apple pie.  Katie is exhausted.  Grandma and Julie are talking off to eh side but we can’t hear them.  Kristi is examining a picture on the wall.  Dennis, sweetly, tells her not to touch the paintings and tells her, it’s okay, he isn’t mad.  He asks her if she likes the painting and if she’s okay.  Grandma calls for her to come and eat her pie and she heads off for pie.

We see Julie and grandma talking through a glass door.  We can’t hear them.

Julie walks into a bedroom.  Grandma and the girls are playing dress up.  Grandma asks Julie “Doesn’t she make a beautiful bride?”, as Kristi sits veiled on a chair in front of a mirror and Katie stands to the side playing with earrings.  Julie asks, “So who’s the lucky guy?”.  “Toby”, Kristi replies.  “What did she say?”, Dennis asks from behind the camera.  Julie pulls the veil off and tells the girls it’s time for bed.  Julie says she doesn’t want to hear Toby’s name ever again.  Julie tucks the girls into a big bed they share together and tells them that she and Dennis will be in the next room and will leave a light on so they can find them easily.  In Jule and Dennis’ room we see it’s 9:31pm and they have twin beds.  She asks how long he’s going to record them and he says until it’s over.  He then asks her “When will your mom let us sleep in the same bed?”.

9:55pm Julie, from her twin bed, tells Dennis that she can’t stop thinking about it.  Dennis tells her to close her eyes and try to get some sleep.  At 10:08pm she crawls into bed with Dennis.  Time fast forwards.  At 1:22am we hear sounds.  Dennis wakes and it sounds like cars in the driveway.  He settles back down but hears sounds in the house and sits up.  He wakes Julie and asks her if she hears anything.  Julie says it’s just her mom and she’s always up at night because she can’t sleep.  At 1:25am Julie shoots up saying that her mom is too loud and worries she’s going to wake the girls.  Julie goes out.  At 1:29am Dennis gets out of bed because Julie hasn’t returned.  1:32am he whispers “Julie?”.  He looks out of the window and then heads towards the door and calls for Julie again in a louder whisper.  He picks up the camera and walks to the girl’s room.  Their bed is empty.  He calls for the girls in a normal voice, not whispering.  He calls down the steps for Julie, louder but not yelling.  He heads down the steps.  The house is quiet…too quiet for there to, in theory, be 4 people, 2 being little children, awake.  “Hello?”, Dennis calls.  He sees the shape of a woman through a curtain.  He goes into the room, there’s nobody there.  The picture that Kristi was looking at earlier is now on the floor and leaning against the wall.  On the wall, behind where the picture hunt is the drawing of the triangle with the circle in it.  Another picture is taken down and leaning.  Behind that picture, a pentagram.  Dennis walks near.  He hears a creaking sound and turns towards the kitchen and calls for Julie again.  He walks outside to a little covered walkway from the house to the garage or another outbuilding.  He walks down the walkway, slowly.  The door is closed.  He reaches for the doorknob and opens the door.  It’s black in the room.  He turns on the light and we see, at least, 4 elderly women and man.  “WTF?”, Dennis asks and turns and heads back towards the house as the people turn to him.  He runs back in the house and closes the door, and locks it behind him.  Through the locked door we can see the group of people walking towards the house.  He turns and runs through the house calling for Julie.  He locks the front door.  He turns and see Julie at the tops of the steps.  She’s suspended int he air, feet, off of the floor…she isn’t attached to anything that we can see.  She’s dropped and thrown down the steps, taking Dennis down with her.  The camera hits the floor.  We hear Dennis struggle to get up and, through the door that the camera is on at a slant from the floor, we see Kristi and she’s calls, “Mommy?”.  “Kristi”, Dennis says and gets up and takes Kristi’s hand and starts to walking, quickly, with her.  Kristi asks what’s wrong with her mommy.  The two hide in a closet and Dennis tells Kristi to be quiet.  Sounds approach the closet, banging on the door, growls are heard and then footsteps going away.  Dennis pleads for Kristi to be quiet.  He tells her he’s going got go check…WAY to soon!!!  He opens the door and we see something RUN past the door.  Dennis closes the door again and Kristi is scared.  They leave their closet and are in the kitchen.  He tells Kristi they’re going to get out of there and he picks her up.  They head to a door and we see a fire in the backyard.  As he turns to go to a different door we see Katie crouched down at the bottom of the steps near her mom.  Dennis tells her to get away from there.  Dennis puts Kristi down and tells her not to move and he goes to help Katie.  He walks slowly towards her and we can hear her crying.  “Katie?”, he asks sounding frightened?  SLowly he gets closer, she’s looking at her mother.  He gets close enough to touch her and she spins around and growls at him.  He flies backwards and lands on the floor, we see a broken lamp at his feet but we don’t see Katie.  He doesn’t pick the camera back up but we can see him crawling across the floor, in pain, from where the camera landed.  He’s crawling back towards the front door where we just saw Katie.  Julie’s mom walks in front of hm.  Something we can’t see pushes the crawling man to the ground.  Kristi runs by his feet whimpering.  An unseen force bends Dennis backwards…think laying on your stomach and something pulling you backwards, head to feet, breaking his back.  He falls limp to the ground.  We see Kristi’s little feet pass by the camera.  Grandma extends her hand to the side and Katie comes and takes it.  They get to the bottom step and Kristi walks towards them.  She stops and turns and says, “Come on, Toby”.  She goes to grandma who says “Let’s get ready”.  The 3 (4 if you count Toby) head up the steps and the camera shuts off.


Paranormal Activity 2

Paranormal Activity 2

Paranormal Activity 2

Paranormal Activity 2
October 22, 2010

Paranormal Activity 2 – If you’re new the Paranormal Activity movies they came out somewhat like Star Wars…NOT in chronological order.  To watch them in storyline order you want to watch 3, 2, 1 and then 4.

“Paramount Pictures would like to
thank the families of the deceased
and the Carlsbad police department.”

Carlsbad, CA and we’re welcoming little newborn Hunter home.  HIs sister Ali is recording his homecoming.  Dad brags that he changed the first 15 diapers…and probably his last 15 diapers is my guess LOL.  Mom (Kristi, Ali’s stepmom) knocks down dad a peg.  15 diapers?  Labor for a day!  She wins LOL.  We see the nanny, Martine, come down the steps and green Hunter and the family home.  Sweet looking little baby.  I miss having a baby *sigh*.  We also see Abby the dog.  Dad now has the camera and is making a video for older Hunter to watch.  Dad is a Charger’s fan.  OH seeing newborns makes me ovulate!  Martine gets to know the baby better.  Her accent is thick and it’s hard for me to understand her very well LOL.

*ding dong* Aunt Katie (from the first Paranormal Activity movie) arrives.  Aunt Katie gets to know little Hunter who looks a few months old now and is studying her intensely.

Cookout time in the backyard and everyone is having fun eating and swimming.  Even though Katie is Ali’s step aunt she thinks of her as her “real” niece and loves her.  Hunter is now probably 1 1/2.  Ali asks where Micah (Katie’s boyfriend, first movie).  Katie says he wasn’t up for hanging out that day.

The camera turns on and the the entire house wreck!  Kristi is on the phone.  Furniture is turned over, things are thrown around, broken glass is on the floor.  The only thing missing is necklace that Katie gave Kristi.  The nursery doesn’t appear to have been touched.  The basement it packed to the ceiling  but nothing seems to have been touched.  There’s liquid on the floor that they assume is the dog.  The family chips in to clean up.

A security company shows up to hook the house up with an alarm, motion detectors and cameras.  They’re getting 6 cameras.

It’s 3:17pm and the cameras are going up.

The dog is out at the pool and pawing at the water.  Ali is pouring juice in the kitchen.

Night #1
August 7, 2006

Dad checks the front door.  The dog is sleeping on the floor in Hunter’s room.

The next morning Daniel goes out and drops the pool cleaner back in the pool.  Inside, the dog is pawing at the bottom of the basement door.

Hunter, now 2ish, is climbing up the steps with sister Ali close behind.  He stairs at the dog at the top of the steps.  The dog is stairs down the steps at the nanny, Martine, who is dusting but stops to bless the room.  Ali asks what she’s doing, no answer.

In the kitchen, Martine is preparing for dinner.  Ali asks what she was doing.  Martine says, in spanish that there are bad spirits in the house.  Ali deciphers for us.

Kristi is playing with Hunter and we hear a scream.  Dad runs and Ali is frantically spraying air freshener in her bathroom and everyone starts to laugh…but nobody owns up to leaving the smell.

Kristi is the tub and she and Daniel enjoy the empty house.  They have 2 hours before Katie is to be there and they take advantage of the time alone.

Night #2
August 8, 2006

We see the automatic pool cleaner doing it’s job outside.  Inside we hear Hunter crying.  Katie goes in to pick him up and calm him down…she must be staying there.  I can’t ever recall any of the movies talk about how close/far they live to one another or why Katie is here at this time.

Breakfast is cooking and Katie comes down.  Everybody is happy and life seems good.  Micah comes down to join them.  On the screen we’re told:

60 Days before the
death of Micah Sloat
August 9, 2006 

Micah and Katie hug in the kitchen.  Katie and Micah are talking about decorating the house for the 2 of them.  Hunter enjoys banging on the hanging pots.  Daniel tells them about coming home and the house being trapped and points out the camera in the kitchen.

Katie and Kristi play with Hunter in his nursery.  Katie asks if Kristi was freaked out about the break-in.  She is.  She says it seems personal because they didn’t take anything.  She also says that it feels like “they’re always still here”.  Hunter keeps playing with the sliding closet door.  Kristi says that she’s getting a feeling that she had like she did when they were little.  Katie looks on in silence.

Downstairs, Ali comes in to tell Kristi goodbye.

Kristi and Hunter cuddle on the couch.  She hears a noise and looks up.  It’s 4:23pm.  We can hear footsteps.  Kristi takes a sleeping Hunter upstairs to his nursery and looks around.  Hunter looks around too.  She walks to his window and looks outside.  She walks into the bathroom to check things out (it’s a Jack and Jill bathroom between his room and Ali’s room) and then crosses over to Ali’s room (which we can’t see).  While she is out of site we see Hunter’s mobile start to move above his crib.  It stops moving with Kristi comes back in.

Night #3
August 9, 2006

Out front things are clear, out back the pool cleaner is at work, kitchen is clean, living room and front door look good.  Upstairs, Hunter is standing up in his crib and looking towards the window and starts to wave at something we can’t see.  He starts to baby talk.

The next morning, dad comes out and throws the pool cleaner in the pool.

Hunter now looks 3.  Martine, Kristi & Ali are sitting with Hunter and looking at old photos.  Kristi picks up a picture and asks Ali if she knows who the little girl in the photo is.  If you’ve seen the first movie, it’s the photo that Micah finds in the attic.  It’s a picture of Katie as a little girl.  Kristi says they thought they had lost all of their photos in a fire.  The photo didn’t have any burn marks on it like it does in the first movie.

Martine is giving Ali tips on not letting her boyfriend get “handsy handsy” on their date.

Night #5
August 11, 2006

The pool cleaner is running, the kitchen lights are on, everything downstairs seems alright.  Upstairs baby Hunter is sleeping in his crib.  We come back downstairs and hear a noise.  Martine peaks around a corner and looks around.  She heard the sound too.  We hear another noise and Martine walks to another part of the room.  A light outside turns on.  There’s a HUGE bang and we hear little Hunter cry and the dog bark.  Martine takes off upstairs and picks crying Hunter up and carries him downstairs.  Back downstairs she’s burning something (I’m guessing sage or sandalwood as those are what you burn to rid a house of spirits…maybe they’ll tell us).  Daniel and Kristi come in as Martine is near the front door.  We hear Daniel tell her to turn it off and they’ve told her not to do this before.  She continues to walk around the house and she finally puts it out.  Daniel opens the back door and tries to air the smell out.

Daniel is carrying Martine’s suitcase.  They’ve let her go.  He tells her he’ll give her a recommendation.  They stand out front and talk back and forth for a bit but we can’t hear what they’re saying.

Upstairs Kristi and Hunter are in his nursery playing.  Kristi is trying to get him to say da-da but he’s to distracted by something behind her.  Kristi keeps trying to get him to look at her and asks “What are you looking at?”.  He starts to fuss.  He walks over to his closet and opens the door.  Katie pulls him away to play.

Downstairs Kristi & Daniel are working on dinner.  Kristi is telling him about Hunter in his room.  Daniel says he’s a baby and “has the attention span of a guppy”.  Kristi laughs but says there was something he was focused on.

Ali is in her room painting her toenails.  Daniel walks in and shows the night vision setting on the camera.  Ali is upset that he fire Martine.  He says she was doing “witchy things”.  Ali tells him it wasn’t witchy and she was doing things that made her feel better and things she thought was good for them.

Night #8
August 14, 2006

The pool cleaner, as always, is hard at work.  The kitchen, all is well, same with the living room and the front door area.  But we hear little Hunter crying.  He’s standing in his crib.  Kristi comes in and picks him up and walks him around and lets him look at himself in the mirror on his bedroom door.  Kristi turns, as if she’s heard something, and walks over to the window.  Hunter helps and pulls a curtain to the side.  They walk back to the center of the room.  Again, Kristi walks to the window and looks out.  Behind her, Hunter’s door opens further.  It softly hits the wall and Kristi turns.  She puts Hunter back in his crib and turns his mobile on.  She walks back to the window and looks out.  There’s a loud THUD on the window.  That’s all we see.

The next morning, Daniel is outside with a trash bag.  A bird flew into the window.

Hunter and Ali are playing with a big exercise ball in Kristi & Daniel’s room.  Hunter is a bit fussy and runs out.  Ali puts the camera down on Kristi & Daniel’s bed to run after him.  The camera is centered on the baby monitor which lights up.  I think we hear a voice.

Night #10
August 16, 2006

The pool, front door and now the kitchen.  The hanging pots and pans are swinging and pot falls off.  Upstairs, Kristi is putting Hunter to bed and comes downstairs.  She hangs the pan back up and looks out of the kitchen window with the hanging pans behind her.  They’re all swinging but I don’t know if it’s paranormal or from her hanging the pot up. A light outside turns off and the pot drops again.  Kristi screams and run up the stairs.

The next day, Daniel “asks” the pool cleaner why it’s out of the pool and throws it in.  The dog paws after it.  Daniel asks “What’s wrong with your dog?”.  Kristi and Katie are together and Kristi says “We don’t really know”.

Ali is holding Hunter and splashing in the pool. Katie is in the pool too with Kristi on a lounge chair behind her.  Micah is recording.  Daniel is explaining the camera to Micah and Micah says he’s going to get one.  Micah asks Daniel how he’s doing and Daniel, off handly, says that they have a ghost, but in a tone we know he doesn’t believe this to be true.  Micah asks him to elaborate.  Micah asks what makes him think this and Daniel explains the pot falling.  They both joke that when this happens one always jumps to the ghost conclusion.  The boys now turn the camera to the girls about ghosts.  Daniel is surprised that Micah hasn’t heard that the girls used to do seances.  Katie informs me that they didn’t do seances.  Kristi says the boys are making a mountain out of a molehill.  Katie says she doesn’t “talk about this stuff anymore”.  She says they got creeped out as kids and wants the family to go back to a fun day.  Micah asks Ali what she thinks of the “ghost action”.  Ali thinks “it’s awesome”.

In the kitchen Kristi is asking Daniel to explain to her what happened with the pot.  He tells her that she probably put the pot on the edge of a hook and not resting in the hook.  She asks why he’s having to put the pool cleaner back in…how is it getting out at night?  He laughs at her and says somebody takes it out while they’re swimming.  Everybody denies this.  Kristi suggests looking at the DVR to see what’s getting it out of the pool.  They look and you see the cleaning going up the side of the pool and climb it’s way out.  Daniel thinks he has it set too high.  Kristi doesn’t think this is the case.  Ali and Daniel laugh it off.

Ali says she doesn’t know if the house is haunted by she hopes it is.  She says “it would be the coolest thing ever” to think that somebody is trying to get through to them.  Daniel doesn’t want to worry Kristi.  Ali wants to have a seance.  Daniel thinks it’s creepy.  Ali asks why he thinks the spirit would have to be bad…what if it’s her mom?  Silence.

Night #12
August 18, 2006

The pool cleaner isn’t he pool, kitchen is quiet, living room is also and the front door is happy too.  Hunter is standing in his crib, smiling, singing and “talking” to something we can’t see.  The dog turns and looks in the direction Hunter is looking and starts to bark.

Daniel is standing outside of the pool and calls the girls over and says there’s something they need to see.  They lean over the pool and suddenly, the pool cleaner JUMPS out of the water.  He laughts and sprays them with water.

Upstairs, oh, Kristi is MAD.  She doesn’t like it when Daniel doesn’t take her seriously.  He wants to go out and get their life back to normal.  Kristi is leery about going out because of the break-in.  Daniel says they can’t stop living that would “let the terrorists win”.  Kristi laughs.  Daniel misses his “fun wife” and says Ali can babysit.

Dressed up Kristi and Ali are in the kitchen and Kristi is showing Ali where all of the phone numbers are.  She tells Ali to make sure all of the doors and windows are locked.  Ali sends Kristi off with wishes of having a good time.

Ali is on the couch reading and the house is quiet.  There’s a knock on the sliding glass door and her boyfriend walks in.

The two sit down at the Ouija board.  Ali asks if anybody is present to give them a sign.  “What do you want?”, she asks.  It starts to move.  Brad says he isn’t moving it.  P-U-..Brad asks if Ali is moving it, she’s not.  S-S…Ali figures out what Brad was doing.  Shame on Brad LOL.  They go back to the Ouija.  Again, they both deny moving it.  H- Brad swears he isn’t moving it and asks if it’s Ali.  It isn’t her.  U-N-T…

Hunter is asleep in his crib.

The front door area is happy.  Hunter is in his crib, the dog is sleeping on his floor.  Downstairs, a sleeping Ali is on the couch under a blanket with the TV on.  The TV goes to “snow”.  It’s 11:07pm.  A shadow starts at Ali’s feet and moves up her body and we can hear a noise getting louder.  When it gets to Ali’s head she wakes up and the TV is back to normal.  Ali gets up and we see her walking to the front door…which is open.  She closes and locks it and heads upstairs.  There’s a loud THUD on the front door.  She’s on the landing up the steps and tries to look out of the window above the door.  She heads back down and looks out of the peep hole.  She then opens the door and goes outside.  The door slams and locks behind her.  The dog gets up and walks out of Hunter’s room.  Hunter is still sleeping in his crib.  All is quiet downstairs other than Ali going to the sliding glass door trying to get in.  The door is locked.  The dog runs up to the door and we can see and frustrated Ali through the window.  The dog barks.  The camera at the front door and we hear loud steps.  I Hunter’s room we hear steps and the floor creep.  We then see a sleeping Hunter sliding along his mattress and up over the railing, the dog walks in.  Hunter begins to cry.  The crying stops as we see the camera throughout the house.  Back in Hunter’s room Hunter is on his floor and opens his bedroom door and goes into the hallway.  He’s now on the kitchen camera and “talking” to something behind him. He toddles and goes to the basement door and opens the door.  Next, we see him crawling up the steps.  The basement door is now closed.  The dog is standing at the front door which opens and Kristi and Daniel walk in.  Kristi heads up the steps and Daniel calls to Ali.  Upstairs, Hunter is standing up in his crib crying and Kristi comes in to him and picks him up.  Kristi calls to Ali.  Neither of them can find her.  Daniel calls ouder and Ali comes in and tells them what happened.  Daniel gets on her for opening the door.  She says she went out because she couldn’t see through the peep hole.  Now both of them are getting on her.  Ali says she fell asleep and she thinks she heard somebody calling her name and felt something was looking at her.  Daniel forbids them to talk about ghosts anymore.

The next morning Ali & Kristi are in the kitchen.  Hunter is in his highchair.  Ali pours herself a glass of juice.  Daniel comes in.  You can feel the tension in the air.  Daniel says “Good morning” and Ali walks out.  Daniel puts his hands up.  He comes over and kisses Kristi and Hunter and grabs his bag and leaves.

Brad is outside with Ali; she’s on her laptop.  She reads from her laptop if “it’s” persistant it’s probably something other than a ghost and is possibly a demon.  The difference between the 2 is that a ghost is human energy and a demon is not…”there just like evil”, she tells us.  Brad tells her that she’s psyching herself out.  She has Brad read:  “It has been said that if a human makes a bargain with a demon for wealth, power or any other benefit they must forfeit their first born male.  If the debt is not honored the demon will follow…”.  “Why are you smiling…it’s not funny?”, Ali asks Brad. “…will follow it’s defaulter and his or her brood until it’s soul of an infant is collected”.  Brad shakes it off.

Ali shows us the front door closing by itself and calls her dad in to watch the video.  He sees the door close and says the wind blew it closed.  Ali can’t believe that he thinks it’s the wind.  Ali begs to him that something is in the house.  Daniel takes the camera.

Night #17
August 23, 2006

Everything is as it should be until we’re in Hunter’s room and hear a loud thud.  Ali turns the camera on in her room and says she heard something downstairs.  She starts to open her door and we hear more thumping.  She stops and then opens the door and heads to the steps.  She walks downstairs and we hear another thump.  She turns the light on and one of Hunter’s toys turns on and starts riding on the kitchen floor.  Ali looks around and the toy turns into another room.  Ali runs upstairs.

The next morning Ali is telling Kristi that she thought she had heard the door and that’s when she came downstairs.  She shows Kristi that she caught it on video.  Ali is reminded what Martine said about their being bad spirits in the house and she was trying to clean them out.  Kristi doesn’t know what to say.  She tells Ali that growing up she can remember being scared all of the time.  She doesn’t know what she was scared of…she can’t remember.  Ali says she’s scared.

Katie is over and is being told about Ali getting locked out of the house.  Kristi said she knows this sounds crazy but she feels like whatever happened when they were little is happening again.  Katie immediately says she doesn’t want to talk about it.  Kristi says she can’t remember anything but being scared all of the time.  Katie says that she remembers things about Kristi…like being scared all of the time, she couldn’t sleep and she go anxiety attacks and she stopped talking for months.  She remembers weird people coming to their house and their mom being upset all of the time.  She said whatever it was thrived on fear and the more they paid the attention the stronger it got and that Kristi needs to leave this alone or she’ll turn out like their mom.  Kristi says she will.

In Hunter’s room Kristi is rocking him and Ali takes Abby, the dog, out for a walk.  Kristi puts Hunter in his crib and walks out of his room.  She goes downstairs to the kitchen and turns the kettle on for tea.  she takes a cup from the counter and sits down to flip through a magazine while she waits on the water.  She hears something and pauses.  Suddenly we all wet our pants as cabinets and drawers fly open in the kitchen.  She screams, runs upstairs and screams “Leave me alone”.  The kettle whistles and she slowly works her way into the kitchen, looking around with every step.  She turns the kettle off and closes all of the cabinets and drawers and heads back upstairs as Ali walks in the front door with the dog.  Ali goes upstairs and calls for Kristi.  Kristi is at the bathroom sink.  Ali asks if she’s okay and if something happened.  Kristi says everything is fine and Ali says it obviously isn’t.  Kristi walks over to Ali and tells her that Katie said they can’t talk about these things because it will make things worse.  Kristi says again that everything is fine.

Ali is on the phone (I’m assuming with Brad) and talks about her reading about deals being made with a demon and the demon coming for “payment”.  She asks what if Kristi’s great grandmother made a deal with a demon so she would get rich.  She looked at the entire family line and Hunter is the first male born on Kristi’s side since the 1930s and refuses to believe this is a coincidence.

Night #19
August 25, 2006

We see the rooms in the house and everything is as it should be.  The dog heads upstairs and enters Hunter’s room as Daniel is putting him to bed.  The dog lays down at the doorway and Daniel leaves.  Time fast forwards on camera and it’s now 12:49am.  The basement door opens slowly and the dog stands up, we hear steps or banging of some sort.  The dog walks downstairs and we hear steps, the dog walks aways as if chased and you can hear growling and barking and then a thud and the dog falls silent.  Ali turns on the camera as she gets out of bed. “Dad?  Did you hear that?”.  He did  They head downstairs.  He sees Abby, we don’t.  He asks for the keys and his shoes.  He and Ali head to the front door.  He’s carrying Abi.  Kristi is on the steps by the front door.  They tell her that they don’t know what’s going on but something is wrong and they leave.  Kristi is still standing on the stairs and seems, justifiably, nervous.  She sits down on the steps for awhile.  At 1:21am she leaves a message for them to call and let her know what’s going on.  Again at 1:33am she calls, still from the steps.  At 1:41am she hears something and heads downstairs, slowly.  She walks into the kitchen and touches a hanging pan and watches.  Nothing.  She  looks around and then walks out of the kitchen and turns the light off.  The kitchen is dark.  Up in Hunter’s room he sleeps, well, like a baby, but a a big night light on his wall goes off above his crib.  Kristi looks in on him and notices the light being out.  She touches it and it lights up again.  She wraps the blanket around her son.  Suddenly, at 1:49am, she is pulled to the floor, out of the room, down the hall and down the steps.  She breaks free and heads back to Hunter’s room where, again, she’s taken to the floor before she can get through the door.  She dragged down the steps and then down the basement steps the door slams behind her.  Hunter stands in his crib and cries.  Time passes and it’s now 2:58am.  We hear thumping sounds and the basement door slowly opens. Kristi emerges from the basement.  She looks around, slowly and walks away.

At 11:12am the next morning Ali is on the phone telling someone that the vet said the dog has seizure, something she’s never had before.  Daniel comes in holding Hunter and hands him to Ali.  He asks her to watch him because Kristi isn’t feeling.  Ali asks what’s wrong with her.  Daniel says he’ll just be gone 2 hours and for her to call him if anything happens.  Ali is holding Hunter and walks her dad to the door.

Ali is on the phone and says that she’s put Hunter down for a nap and the dog is still at the vet for tests because they don’t know what happened to her.  She wants company because she doesn’t want to be there alone.

She sits down on the couch with a book and hears footsteps above her.  She looks up and then goes back to reading.  It’s 1:32pm.  She hears footsteps again and puts the book down and stands up.  She slowly walks towards the basement and quickly opens the door.  She says “Oh my God”.  Next she has the handheld and shows us the inside of the door (what you would see if you were coming up the steps.  She thinks one part, that’s down low, is blood but she isn’t sure…there are scratch marks near this.  About half way up the door (Ali points out she thinks it’s too high for the dog to reach) are scratch marks.  The scratches look like MELKY … if you look you can see where some might think it says help.  Ali says they look like letters but she doesn’t know what they mean.  She heads upstairs to Hunters room.  Kristi is sitting on the chair in his room.  We can see what looks like a bite mark on her leg.  There’s a THUD and Ali quickly turns around.  I, personally, am distracted for a moment by the nasty, dirty, and stained carpet but then I’m back where I should be and looking at the closed door at the end of the hall.  Ali, turns the camera back to Hunter’s room and Kristi is no longer in the chair.  Hunter is standing in the crib.  Ali puts the camera down and we see her pick Hunter up.  Then a dazed and pissed off looking Kristi comes to the doorway.

3:16pm Ali is downstairs on the phone leaving a message for her dad that “something is really wrong with Kristi”.  Ali cries.

Hunter is upstairs crying in his crib.  Ali comes in.  Kristi is standing in the nursery with her back to the door.  Ali attempts to pick Hunter up but Kristi turns and demands “DON’T TOUCH HIM!”.

Ali is on the computer and she sees something that shocks her.  All we know is that she saw something on the DVR that surprised her.

Daniel comes in and Ali is downstairs.  He rushes in and asks if she’s okay.  She says no and the 2 hug.  He asks where Kristi is and Ali begs him to look at a tape first.  He agrees.

Daniel is pacing and Ali is saying “We have to leave right now”.  “Do you believe me now?”.  Daniel sits down and opens a drawer.  He’s fishing through papers looking for something.  He finds what he’s looking for and dials the phone.  Ali asks what he’s doing.  “She tried to warn me and I wouldn’t listen”, he responds.

Martine is in the house now and asking for items, olive oil that she’s rubbing on a crucifix.  She tells Daniel that it will knock Kristi out.

We see Daniel sitting on the bed next to Kristi.  Ali tells him to look at the bite on her leg.

Downstairs we see Martine and Daniel talking but we can’t hear what’s being said.  The next seen is Ali telling her dad “we can’t do this” because it’s Katie, Kristi’s sister.  We haven’t been told what “this” is yet.  Daniel says there’s no other way.  Ali says “we can transfer it to somebody else”.  Daniel informs her that Martine said it had to be a blood relative.  He pleads that this is his wife and his son.  Martine says Kristi won’t remember.

Daniel walks over to Kristi, propped up in bed in a daze.  Ali tells him to be careful.  Kristi LEAPS at Daniel and all of the lights go out.  Ali calls to her dad and he’s looking for her  They find one another and are using the night vision on the camera to see.  Into Hunter’s room, they’re looking for him.  We see Martine in there first.  She’s saying something in Spanish.  There’s a lot crashing.  Daniel tells everyone to stay put.  We’re in the kitchen and pots and pans are falling and we hear footsteps.  Ali points and says they’re in the basement.  He goes downstairs, night vision camera in hand.  He tells Ali to stay upstairs.  Down the steps he goes, he hears Hunter and calls to him.  The basement is packed to the hilts, remember?  Hunter starts to cry and Daniel continues to look for him.  Something darts in front of Daniel and he falls and swears.  He calls to Hunter again.  Again, he trips.  We see Hunter through the camera that was dropped.  Daniel ges to him.  While he’s doing this something passes in front.  Daniel picks the camera back up and is looking around the basement.  I bet he’s regretting that basement being so messy.  Something demonic looking passes in front of the screen.  Daniel puts the crucifix on it and we now see and hear Kristi moaning and the camera drops.  The camera drops and the floor is vibrating so much that the dirt on the floor is bouncing like it’s in a blender.  It calms and Kristi stops yelling.  We see Hunter’s little feet in front of the camera.

Upstairs the lights come back on and we see Daniel tucking a passed out Kristi into bed.  He burns the photo of a young Katie and the transferring begins.

Three weeks later we see Katie and Hunter sitting outside and Kristi is recording them.  Katie asks how things are around the house and asks if anything weird is still happening.  Kristi says that everything is great and she sounds happy.  Katie says it’s weird because things seem to be happening at their house…so much so that she’s told Micah about it…he thinks she’s crazy.  Kristi tells Katie to take her own advice and not to talk about it.

Katie leaves.

The next scene is the first scene of the first Paranormal Activity movie with Katie coming home and Micah being outside with his new camera.  She walks into the house and we’re continuing to watch the first part of the first movie.

The screen displays:

Micah was killed on October 8, 2006.

October 9, 2006

We see the camera that points down the front walk of Daniel and Kristi’s house, then the pool area, kitchen and living room.  Daniel is asleep on the couch.  Now we see the front entry way to the house and hear Hunter crying.  Kristi comes in to him.  at 11:49pm we see Daniel stirring on the couch.  Standing behind him is the bloody Katie we see standing in the background after Micah is thrown at the camera…she’s just standing there.  Daniel looks behind him and she’s gone.  He turns to the TV again.  Upstairs we see Kristi holding Hunter trying to get him back to sleep.  Katie walks up behind Daniel and breaks his neck.  She then turns and starts to walk.  Upstairs Kristi turns and calls to Daniel, we hear footsteps and Kristi is turned looking at the nursery doorway.  She asks if that’s Daniel.  Katie walks towards her and Kristi asks “Katie?”.  Katie pushes Kristi, killing her.  Hunter is crying and Katie picks him up and walks out of the nursery.  It’s 11:50pm.

Ali returned from a school trip and
found the bodies of Kristi and Daniel Rey

on October 12, 2006.

Katie and Hunter’s whereabouts remain unknown.


Paranormal Activity 2007

Paranormal Activity 2007

Paranormal Activity 2007 Paranormal Activity 2007
October 16, 2009

Paranormal Activity 2007 – If you’re new the Paranormal Activity movies they came out somewhat like Star Wars…NOT in chronological order.  To watch them in storyline order you want to watch 3, 2, 1 and then 4.

With the opening of the Paranormal Activity 4 in just a few days I thought a few of us might enjoy recaps of the first 4 movies.  For those that don’t have time to watch the movies…read them here  😀 I love how “real” they made the movie seem:

Paramount Pictures would like to thank the families of Micah Sloat & Katie Featherston and the San Diego Police Department.”

Our movie starts with a handheld pointed at the TV, then into a mirror and then around the house.

Dan Diego, CA September 18, 2006 

Micah walks out of the front door, handheld in hand, and meets Katie as she pulls into the driveway.  “What is that?” asks?  Apparently Katie was expecting a smaller camera.  This camera is big and has a light that she points out is bright.  She’s intrigued with looking at it, finding out what it cost, etc.  They’ve purchased the camera to pick up paranormal phenomena.  Katie heads upstairs.

In the kitchen Micah is talking about how the camera will help in them figuring out what’s been going on around the house.  They’re a cute couple as they work in the kitchen and talk.  Katie has been getting followed around by something since she’s been 8 years old.  Katie isn’t sure what to think of the camera being in the bedroom.

Katie & Micah are doing an audio test.  Micah moves a room or 2 away and asks Katie to whisper to see how well the camera picks up.

Micah is curious to know if there’s anything Katie can do to make something happen.  She doesn’t want anything to happen but, if it does, she’s glad it will be caught on camera.

Micah and Katie are sitting on the couch.  MIcah is tinkering with the guitar and Katie is knitting.  They hear a noise and Micah is off, with the camera, to investigate.  Turns out to be the ice maker.  Katie is relieved but Micah is let down.

Upstairs Micah set up the tripod in the bedroom to hold the camera while they sleep.  They figure out which lights need to be on and which need to be off for the lighting to pick up anything.  Everything is the bedroom is set to record and te house alarm is turned on as the two prepare for bed at 11:23pm.   It’s September 18, 2006 and this is Night #1.

At 2:08am the 2 are sleeping and we can hear, very clearly, sounds of running footsteps through the house.

Rise and shine to our couple.  Micah is checking on the video camera and Katie asks what he would like for breakfast.  Scrambled eggs are on the menu.  Katie calls up and asks if Micah put her keys on the floor.  They’re in the middle of the floor.

Micah jumps into the pool as Katie records.  The two have a great time playing around in the pool.

Katie is recording in the mirror and we find out that a psychic is coming within the hour.  Micah has put together some music for the psychic…not really, he’s just a funny guy.  It’s like 1970s horror movie music LOL.  Micah wonders if the psychic will give him some stock tips!

The psychic is late and Micah is saying that he should have been able to tell if the traffic was going to be late so he could change he plans accordingly.  We hear the doorbell.  Katie let’s the psychic inside.

Micah asks if he can tell about the traffic.  He says it depends on the day of the week.  What?  He wants to get to know our couple better as individuals and a couple.  They have been together 3 years and are engaged to be engaged.  Katie is a student with an English major and wants to be a teacher.  Micah is a day trader.  They’re in good health and don’t take medication.  The psychic tells them that often it’s something natural that people experience such as a creaky house or rattling pipes.  Katie started having paranormal events at age 8 when she was sharing a room with her sister, Kristi.  Kristi was then 5.    They both had experiences.  Katie would hear breathing and would wake up and see a black mass at the foot of her bed.  She would wake Kristi and Kristi would also see it.  They would pray for it to go away and it, eventually, would.  The house caught on fire and the family lost everything.  The fire department was unable to determine the cause of the fire.  The psychic and Katie again talk about the ages of occurrences.  It started when she was 8 until now she’s had issues off and on.  Things have been worse the last 2 weeks.  It’s obvious that it’s something connected to Katie.

Katie takes the psychic into the kitchen and points out that the lights flicker, they hear banging on the walls and scratching on the walls.

Upstairs in the bedroom we find out that most things happen hear (in real life I wonder how hard it would have been for Micah to not make a comment about most of the action taking place in the bedroom).  Katie says she hears whispering and, at times, hears her name.  The psychic asks Micah if he’s heard these things.  Micah says he has heard strange sounds but never Katie’s name and she might be hearing him saying her name from his side of the bed.  Katie is quick to point out that she would be able to figure out if she was hearing her name whispered from where he is and where she’s hearing the whispering coming from…her side of the bed, right in her ear.

Micah is showing the psychic the electronics they have set up in their bedroom and what they’re trying to do to catch any evidence.

In the hall Katie points to the bathroom and says those lights flicker.  Micah asks if there’s anything they can do to make these things happen so they can catch it on tape.  Katie doesn’t want to do anything to make whatever it is angry…she didn’t even want to the camera.  The psychic tells them that these things feed off of negative energy.  If there’s anything negative it will help “spur on the haunting”.  Micah jokes that they better not have Katie’s mom over any more.

Back downstairs we find out that the psychic’s main focus…ghosts.  He helps people communicate with dead humans.  He says a that a demon is something relates to something non-human.  Dealing with demons is something he’s uncomfortable and he doesn’t deal with them.  He says that Katie can’t run from it, it will follow her.  He says it may lay dormant for awhile but something could happen to make it start again and he does since that they are dealing with something like this.  He gives Katie the number for Dr. Johann Averys.  He is a demonologist.  Micah questions a Ouija board.  He says the entity could assume that they’re trying to communicate and that could open a door which is something they don’t want.  The psychic tells Katie she’ll be fine.  He leaves and Micah says “What a fruit!”.

Katie is brushing her teeth and says she’s going to tell Dr. Averys.  Micah doesn’t want her to waste her time and asks her not to call.  Katie gives up and says she won’t call unless things get worse.  Kate goes into the water closet to pee and implores Micah to turn the camera off.  Micah faces the camera and does a funny expression of what he thinks Dr. Johann Averys might be like.  In the background we hear Katie asking him to turn the camera off so that it doesn’t pick up the sound of her using the restroom.

Katie is laying down and Micah walks towards her with the camera and “turns it off” before he puts it on her night stand.  He starts kissing her but Katie figures out that the camera is still on.  Micah turns it off.  When the camera comes back on and “relaxed” and smiling Micah tells us that what they just did is illegal in Kentucky.

12:31am, Night #3, September 20, 2006.

The film fast forwards and we see time passing.  It’s not 2:09am and we can hear creaking.  The door closes about a foot and then opens back again.  Time speeds forward and their alarm goes off at 6:14am.

Micah calls Katie to see the footage about the door closing a bit and then opening.  They’re giggling but Katie is nervous.  Micah asks Katie if she can “get the ghost back”.  She wants it to go away.

Micah is on the couch playing the guitar and we hear Katie SCREAM for Micah.  He grabs the camera and runs to her and we find that she is screaming at a spider.  Micah scoops up the spider and takes it outside.

Upstairs Micah has the camera in hand and is at the door and asks “Tell me what the point of this is.  Is it part of your master plan to move the door or are you just doing random shit?”

In bed Micah says is going to figure out if this is a ghost or a demon.  Katie says it feels like a monster that wants to hurt her and not a human.  Micah flips through a book about demons and we see creepy drawings.  Demons are rare he says but finds it cool that they caught it on tape.  Katie says she knows this is new to him but it isn’t to her and even though he’s having fun with recording it that if things progress or get worse she doesn’t want to mess with the camera any more.  Micah says that he has a say because she never told him any of this stuff before they moved in together.

“Windows are locked.  Door is locked.  Alarm is on.  If anything gets in here, we’re going to know about it”, Micah says.  Katie doesn’t think this thing cares about alarms or locked doors.  Micah shoots down the steps and the hall and then back down the steps again.

Night #5, September 22, 2006.  It’s 2:55am and Katie shoots bolt upright in bed panting from a nightmare.  Micah holds her.  We then hear a thump and noises from downstairs.  Micah grabs the camera to go downstairs.  He hands Katie the camera and he heads down, Katie slowly follows.  They walk around downstairs but don’t see anything.  They head back to bed and Micah asks “Is that all you’ve got?”.  Katie tells him to stop.

“Are you okay, baby”, Micah asks Katie as she sits on the couch.  She says she is but you can tell she’s shaken.

Micah takes the camera and we see Katie and another girl working at a table.  It’s “bead time” we find out.  He wants to show them something but they want to stick with theirs beads.  The girls go with him and he plays the EVP from about 10 seconds before they woke up.  He is unable to tell what it is:  no voice, no language, no animal, etc.  Micah says that the thing obviously wants to communicate and he wants to get the Ouija board.  The girls do NOT want him to get it.  Katie tells him that if he gets one the camera stuff will go.  Micah promises that he won’t buy a board.

Upstairs Micah says they haven’t had anything happen in awhile and aks “whatever” if it go scared. Micah says he’s “calling you out.  You’re worthless, you’ve got nothing”.  Katie tells him to stop.

Night #13, September 30th, 2006 at 3:13am.  We hear banging, Katie did do because she picks her head up off the pillow.  Micah wakes up but they lay there and listen.  Katie says it came from downstairs.  They try to look through the bedroom door without getting up.  We hear a “growling” type of noise and then a HUGE bang!  Micah gets the camera and they head to the steps.  We see the chandelier swinging.  They continue to walk around downstairs and just noticed the chandelier. They’re both, rightfully so, shaken.  They decide it’s gone and head back upstairs.  Micah puts the camera back on the tripod.  They hear something again and Micah picks the camera back up and they wait a bit.  With the camera back on the tripod it’s 3:25am and they crawl back into bed but don’t lay down.  They hear a noise but we can’t.

Micah tells Katie that “this is good stuff”.  Katie doesn’t want to mess with it.  It scares her that he’s dong taking it seriously and maybe they shouldn’t have a camera.  They decide that what they heard sounded like something heavy dropping.

Micah does an quick EVP in the bedroom asking “Is anyone there?  Where did you come from, do you have something to say in English this time?  Would you be happier to talk with a Ouija board.” He plays the recording over his laptop.  Upon playback, when he asks if it would rather speak through the Ouija board you hear a “voice” that Micah refers to as a grunt.

Katie is in bed and says she wants them to watch a movie because she’s too scared to go to sleep.

Night #15, October 2, 2006 at 1:35am.  Katie wakes up and sits up, slowly.  She looks around and gets out of bed.  She turns and faces the bed and stands there, just, literally, stands there until 3:30am.  At this time she walks out of the bedroom and out of view.

Micah wakes up and calls down the hall for Katie, he looks in the spare bedrooms and then walks downstairs and checks the kitchen and the living room.  He looks out through the blinds and opens the sliding glass door and calls to Katie, quietly.  He finds her sitting on the porch swing and asks her what she’s doing.  He tells her it’s freezing and she says she’s fine and wants to be alone.  He tries to get her to come into the house but she won’t go.  He says he’ll get some blankets and stay out there with her.  He walks back inside and we hear a LOUD sound from the bedroom.  He yells “Who’s there?”, no answer.  He calls for Katie to come in and heads upstairs.  The bedroom TV is on.  He turns around and Katie is in the doorway asking what he’s doing.  She doesn’t seem to know anything she’s done and is too tired to care about the TV.

Micah is playing the video of Katie standing there and asking if she remembers any of it…she doesn’t remember a darn thing.  She says the only thing she remembers is standing in the doorway with the camera on her but that’s all.  She’s very confused…and concerned.

Micah is sitting on the counter and he is telling her that maybe she’s been doing this stuff for awhile but never knew.  She’s been having nightmares.  Micah says they can’t let it get to them adn says they’ll call into somebody else.

Micah holds a Ouija board up to the camera…he’s ready!  He calls Katie down, they’re going on a date.  She sees the Ouija board and is LIV-ID!  He said he promised her he wouldn’t buy a Ouija board…he didn’t, he borrowed it.  She tells him they’re leaving now, no camera, no Ouija.  She turns off the light and leaves.  He leaves behind her and we are seeing the Ouija board on the coffee table.  We start hearing heavy loud footsteps, there’s a wind in the room because we see the plants moving and we now see the pointer moving.  However, the board is too far away and at an angle that we can’t see what it is spelling.  Suddenly, the board bursts into flames and we hear the footseps again.

11:17pm Micah and Katie come home.  Katie is still having, what my grandmother used to call, a t-total fit!  Katie is asking Micah what he did.  He’s holding the board and is amazed.  She says she’s finished, no more camera.  The design of where the board caught on fire, Micah says, looks like something tried to draw something.  Micah must not be a bright man because he calls for Katie to come down and help him figure out what it is.  That didn’t go wall.  He comes up the stairs and into the bedroom.  She yells at him to get out and she means it!  He walks out of the bedroom door and back down the steps.

In the kitchen he’s trying to get her kitchen and she asks if they have lemon.  He asks what he has to do and she tells him that he has to turn off the camera…he does.

It’s 1:25am and the camera is in the bedroom.  Micah gets in front of the camera and says “I swear to abide by Katie’s rules & regulations of camera us and other things…whatever…is that good enough for you?”.  Katie says he needs to sound more sincere.  I promises to follow her rules, not to provoke whatever entity they have and to not betray Katie’s trust.  They turn the lights off and get into bed.  Micah tells Katie that he saw the tape and what happened with the Ouija board.  She tells him to try to forget about it and get some sleep.

Micah is on the couch.  He’s watching the video of the Ouija board and copying the movements to figure out what it was spelling.  He leans back on the couch and studies a book.  In the next shot he’s telling Katie that he needs her help in figuring something out and asks her to sit down.  She stands with her arms folded.  He tells her about the video.  He couldn’t figure out exactly what it said.  We see his page of notes:

1     2     3     4     5
E     u     B     R     A
D     U     N     S     B
R     W     P     E     C

Goodbye Di-anne

E     I     O     R     A
D     J     N     S     B
Q     K     P     E     C
R     U    A     F     N
S     V     B     G     O
F     W     C     T     P


He asks Katie if she knows anybody by some of these names.   She doesn’t.  Micah says it could just be messing with them, it could be wrong…Katie doesn’t care…just get it out of the house.

Katie is on the couch with a friend and talking about crazy things going on in the house.  The friend tells her to stay with her.  Katie points out that it’s not the house, it’s her.  Micah says that he has a plan but tells them not to worry about it and walks off.

Katie tells Micah that he can “have his powder” but if this doesn’t work they’re going to call the demonologist.  Micah is fine with this.

Upstairs Micah sprinkles baby powder on the hallway floor and at the top of the steps.  He wants to see if anyone leaves a print.  He tells Katie that he’s be researching and nobody is going to mess with his girlfriend.  He tells her that he’ll solve the problem and she doesn’t need to call anybody in.  I think this is that negative energy that the psychic was telling them about LOL.  It’s 12:09am

Night #17, October 4, 2006, 12:14am.  Katie, as she lays down to go to sleep, reminds Micah that the powder is the last thing before they finally call somebody.  The 2 cuddle and go to sleep.  Time moves forward quickly.  At 3;15am you hear footsteps as though it’s coming up the steps.  The 2 wake up.  “Oh shit”, Micah says.  “Oh my God”, Katie replies.  There are powdered footprints on their bedroom floor.  Micah notes that that are footsteps leading in but not leading out.  You can see disturbed powder in the hallway.  Micah continues to look around.  Katie notices that the opening to the attic (in the ceiling) is pushed to the side.  Katie tells Micah that he’s not going up there.  He agrees!  He’s not going in there but he’s going to look around.  Next we see a ladder set up and Micah starts to climb.  He pushes the door over and proceeds up the ladders, asking for the camera. He tells Katie that if something goes wrong he’s going to toss her the camera and come down.  We look around the attic and it just looks like an attic.  But then, then he notices something stuck n the insulation.  He zooms in for a closer look.  He hands Katie the camera and he wants to find out what is stuck in the insulation.  Katie calls up to him, no answer…after a few yells he hears her and comes back down.  It’s a partially burned photograph of a little girl.  Katie says it’s their old house and they can’t figure out how it got in their attic.  Katie says she hasn’t seen that photo in 15 years.

In bed, Katie is visibly shaken.  She asks where the photo was in the attic.  It was found over where the bed is.

Katie is called into to watch the footsteps as they enter the room from the recording.  Katie says she’s calling the demonologist.

Katie tell Micah that he hasn’t done anything.  They’re capturing things but they aren’t doing anything to make it go away…they’re powerless and they continue to fight.

Katie has called the doctor and he wasn’t in so she called the psychic back and he’s coming back the next day.

It’s night #18, October 5, 2006 at 3:53am.  Through the bedroom door you see the stairway light come on and hear steps climbing the stairs.  Suddenly, the light in the hall is off again and you hear steps running away…quickly and the door slams…fast and hard!  Micah and Katie are scared.  As Micah reaches for the door there’s a loud knocking sound on the opposite side of the door and he quickly takes his hand away.  He gets down on the floor to see if he can see anything under the door.  He gets up his courage and swings open the door.  There’s noting there.  He goes out in the hall and asks “Who’s there?  Are you trying to fuck with us?”.  Katie pleads for him to come back.  “Show yourself”, Micah demands.  As they head back to their bedroom the door slams shut and there’s pounding on the door.  Micah quickly opens the door and there’s nothing there.  Katie refuses to go back into the bedroom.  Micah makes her come back in and she begs that they go downstairs and and Micah goes with her.  They get mid way down the steps and stop as they hear a door squeak.  The camera looks around upstairs, nothing.  They head back upstairs and into their bedroom.  It’s 3:59am.  They huddle together on Micah’s side of the bed and don’t sleep.

The next morning Micah comes down and Katie is on the couch under a blanket.  He tries to get her to get some sleep but she says that she’s too scared.  Micah understands.

The two sit at the breakfast counter in the kitchen, eating and, suddenly, there’s a loud BANG and CRASH and they up upstairs..  The sound was the glass on a photo of the 2 of them is broken and Micah’s voice is scratched.  “It’s here”, Katie says.  “What’s here?”, Micah asks.  Katie is very visibly terrified.  She says she can feel it, she can feel it breathing on her.  She takes off down the steps but Micah continues to look around upstairs.  He doesn’t find anything and goes downstairs.  This is the first time anything has happened during the day.

Katie is pacing but Micah tells her it’s making him nervous.  The doorbell rings and the psychic is back.  Katie tells him that they tried to call Dr. Avery but he was gone.  The psychic shivers and says “this is overpowering”.  He says that “it” doesn’t want him there and he can’t help them.  The two are confused and Katie tells him that they need his help.  He tells them again that this isn’t what he is an expert in and him being there is causing the entity to become upset and he’s doing more harm than good.  He tells them that Dr. Avery will be back in just a few days.  They beg him to help but he leaves.  Katie is heartbroken.

Upstairs Micah goes in to Katie who is crying on the bed and holds her.

Night #19, October 6, 2006 at 1:33am.  Katie and Micah are in bed sleeping.  Something crawls under the covers next to Katie.  Neither of them notice.  3:04am a light comes on down the hall and we hear knocking sounds, we see a shadow pass their door and hear breathing.  Katie wakes and wakes Micah that she heard breathing right beside the bed.  Micah gets out of bed but doesn’t see anything.  He leaves the room and comes back in.  There’s nothing.  Katie says something is wrong. The two embrace.

The next morning Katie says she can feel it watching her right now and says they have to do something but she doesn’t know what to do.

Katie is watching the video and see something get in bed with her and the shows pass the doorway.

Micah finds a girl online, Diane, that had the same thing happen to her in the 60s that Katie is experiencing now.  Remember “Goodbye Di-ane” was one of the things Micah found on the Ouija board!  The similarities between the 2 are amazing!  Things started happening at age 8, house caught on fire, seeing shadows, etc.  Katie leans in to read.  She called an exorcist Micah tells Katie.  Micah thinks the “thing” jumped and is now on Katie and maybe it’s wanting them to contact Katie.  Katie asks if Diane is okay.  Diane died.  They watch videos of her during a possession.  Micah doesn’t want the risk.  He says it’s gone away on it’s own before.

Micah comes to Katie to talk about their situation.  She wants time to study and the 2 fight again.  More negative energy.  As Katie heads up the steps mad, throws out there that he didn’t bring this into the house, she did.  She did NOT appreciate that and continues to storm off.  Micah tells her to go upstairs and hang out with her friend.  *OUCH!*

Upstairs, Katie is on the floor in the hallway crying.  Micah comes to her.  They both apologize to one another.  Micah tells her this isn’t her fault.

Night #20, October 7, 2006 at 4:31am.   We see the shadows pass the door again and it grabs Katie by the legs and pulls her out of the bed and down the hallway, slamming the door behind her.  Micah wakes and goes down the hall after her.  Katie is screaming frantically.  They two get back in the room and fall to the floor.  Katie is, obviously, panicked and Micah holds her.

Katie doesn’t want to be there any more and wants to leave.  Micah says he’ll get them a hotel for the night.  He wants a shot of her back.  She lifts her shirts and we see a red bite mark.

Katie is asleep on the floor leaning against a wall.  In her hand we find a crucifix that she’s been holding so tightly that it’s cut into her hand.  She’s out of it…tired, exhausted both mentally and physically.  Micah tries to stand her up and finally does.

Micah lights a fire in the fireplace and puts the crucifix that Katie was holding into the flames.

Micah goes upstairs and wakes Katie saying they can go now.  Katie no longer wants to go and Micah is confused.  She says she thinks it will be worse if they leave and they’ll be okay.  Micah is dumfounded and says this is insane but he relents.  “I think we’ll be okay now”, Katie says after Micah leaves but her voice is double…2 voices.  After she says this she smiles and closes her eyes.

Night #21, October 8, 2006 at 1:27am.  There’s a thump, possibly a door opening.  Katie sits up and gets out of bed.  She turns and looks at a sleeping Micah.  The covers are pulled off of him by something we can’t see.  Katie walks over to his side of the bed.  Times goes by.  Katie stays looking at him until 3:14am.  At this time she walks back to her side of the bed and out of the bedroom door.  She screams FRANTICALLY from downstairs and Micah goes down to her.  You hear a skirmish and then eerie silence.  It’s now 3:15am and we hear steps coming up the stairs, slow, steady, getting louder as they get closer…Micah’s body flies into the room and knocks the camera from the tripod, Katie standing in the doorway from where he was thrown, blood on her shirt.  Katie walks in and leans over his body and seems to smell it, like an animal would.  She crawls over to the camera, tips her head smiles, shows her animal like teeth and lunges to the camera.

“Micha’s body was discovered by
police on October 11th, 2006.

Katie’s whereabouts remain unknown.