Paranormal Activity 4

Paranormal Activity 4

Paranormal Activity 4

Paranormal Activity 4
October 18, 2012

Paranormal Activity 4

Our movie starts with the “near” ending of Paranormal Activity 2.  Kristi, Katie & Hunter are out back.  Kristi is recording Aunt Katie giving Hunter a gift that I’ve never been able to tell what it is…a necklace with his name spelled in beads is my best guess.

October 9, 2006
Hunter was

 We’re at the end of Paranormal Activity 2.  In the actual movie we only see Kristi trying to get Hunter back to sleep but we have audio of her singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to him in this 4th installment.  We hear footsteps coming near Hunter’s nursery and Kristi calls to see if it’s her husband, “Daniel?”.  No answer.  Katie walks into the nursery, Micah’s blood on her shirt.  She walks in with determination.  “Katie?”, a panicked Kristi says.  Katie pushes Kristi back with enough force to kill her and she picks up a crying Hunter and walks out of the room.  We then see her carrying Hunter down the front path of the house via the camera out front.

Katie & Hunters whereabouts
remain unknown.

Henderson, NV
November 1, 2011

We’re at a soccer game of little kiddos, probably 8ish years old.  Standing to the side is an odd little boy just…watching…just standing and just…watching.  Creepy little thing.  The handheld camera follows the soccer ball being kicked around and then back to where the little boy was standing but is no longer there.

We find out that Wyatt is 6 (so change my “8ish years old” above to 6).  He’s upset that his dad missed his game…no throwing a fit upset but…hurt.  Dad missed the game and has missed half of lunch.  Dad shows up in  a suit and tie and mom is not too happy…which gets worse when she finds out that he didn’t bring the ice cream.  Alex is Wyatt’s big sister and is great at this job.  To get him away from mom and dad bickering she pulls him to the side and tries to teach him how to do a cartwheel.

In the car Wyatt is trying to learn “How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood”.  As they drive they see the weird little boy (1 or 2 years younger than Wyatt I would guess) walking down the side of the road, alone.

At home Alex’s boyfriend, Ben (a HILARIOUS character that I wish my step daughter would bring home), lets himself into the house.  When a door opens we hear the house alarm system telling us “Front Door Open”.  The dad jokes, seriously, about Ben letting himself in.

Ben and Alex have some friends over to play XBox Kinect when her parents leave.  When they leave they start to clean up the mess but end up flirting, cheesily, on the couch.  Ben says he’s hot and they go outside to cool off.  “Back Door Open”.  We see that the family has a pool but they head to a really nice playset…it’s HUGE!  They climb up to the clubhouse part of the playset and Ben comments that it’s messier than he expected it to be as he pans the camera around using the light to look around, we’re startled when the camera hits the weird kid.  Alex asks if he’s okay and takes him home across the street.

Alex tells Ben that Robbie (the weird boy across the street) is the only child of a single mom that is busy and he’s lonely.

Video chat between Alex and Ben.  Alex carries her computer with her and goes down to get a snack.  While the 2 are chatting we hear sirens and find out that they’re coming across the street from Robbie’s house.

The next day Robbie in on the driveway.  The mom, Holly, calls Wyatt downstairs and introduces him to Robbie.  Quirky Robbie, extends his hand to shake hands with Wyatt.  The two are off to play after an awkward silence and introductory moment.

Ben arrives.  We find out that Robbie will be staying with the family for 2 to 3 days because his mom is in the hospital and they don’t have any relatives.

Alex and Ben help Robbie unpack and we see that Robbie has brought a pillow, a toothbrush, a stuffed animal that he says is over 100 years old and I think he calls it Ship Shooba and it’s 100 years old.  He also has a special fork, that’s very old and worth a lot of money and it tells the future.

That night, Alex and Ben are video chatting.    Alex tells Ben that her parents fight a lot.  Ben says his parents fight too but Alex says it’s different, they act like nothing is wrong but they never even look at each other.  Ben asks Alex if she thinks they’ll divorce.  She tells him that she thinks they’ll try to hold it together for Wyatt.  Alex hears “Front Door Open” and leaves her room with the chat still running.  While she’s gone we see a small shadow run by her open door.  She’s gone for, what feels like, a long time.  Ben calls to her asking what she’s doing.  Silence.  Alex scares us, and Ben, by jumping down from the side of the camera. She tells Ben that Robbie was downstairs and looking out of the open front door.

We find out that Ben records all of his and Alex’s video chats, including while she is sleeping.  He says he records all of his video chats and not just theirs.  The reason he tells her this is so he can show her a recording he has.  While Alex was sleeping, Robbie crawled into her bed and put his arm around her.  If it wasn’t Robbie none of us would think anything other than he was just little lonely kid wanting to cuddle and feel love.  However, because it is Robbie, we’re all creeped out by it.

Mom is prepping for dinner.  Ben & Alex are telling her how weird Robbie is and she tells them, basically, to learn to deal with it because he’s going to be there a few more days than expected.

Alex goes up to the playhouse to see Wyatt and Robbie.  Wyatt tells her that Robbie has an invisible friend and points to a corner in the playhouse.  She plays along, says she can see him and says hello.  Creepy Robbie says that she can’t see him.  Mom calls that lunch is ready and all 3 head out.

Ben comes into the living room.  Wyatt says that he, Ben, interrupted Robbie and his friend, Toby, playing XBox Kinect.  Refresher course…Toby is the name of Kristi’s invisible friend in Paranormal Activity 3.  Ben apologizes for scaring Toby away from the game and then notices that there is an avatar…and the avatar starts to play.  Ben asks how they’re doing that.  Alex comes down and Ben shows Alex, Wyatt and Robbie something cool.  If you turn the lights in the room off and turn night vision on your camera while the Kinect is on the room lights up like stars through the camera.  I asked a tech expert if this was possible.  This is the response I got back:

“By default, it wouldn’t do that but if you added the laser grid thing like in the paranormal shows and a small amount of additional infrared light to the room AND THEN built your own app to run on the x-box to “detect” a change in the “picture” then it would work.

It would work and It’s likely something someone has already done. There are a few high-power nerds out there that are jacking around with the Kinect to no end.

You cannot detect ghosts any better or worse with that setup.”

While he’s explaining it, Ben lets a swear word slip.  Robbie isn’t pleased LOL.  Ben, Alex and Wyatt get up and dance in the “stars” and Robbie just sits on the couch.

When Ben & Alex watch the recording of them dancing in the “stars” Alex notices and points out the outline of person sitting next to Robbie on the couch, we see it move.  The 2 are weirded out.

Night #1
November 6, 2011

Alex hears a noise, mom and dad are sleeping, Wyatt is sleeping…Robbie isn’t in bed.  Downstairs, Robbie is standing in the “stars” and looking at the TV.  Alex asks Robbie if he’s okay, scared, did he have a nightmare?  Robbie says he couldn’t sleep.  Alex asks who he was talking to.   Robbie says he wasn’t talking to anybody.  Something runs behind Robbie and Alex is able to hear.  She asks Robbie what is was.  We hear footsteps.  Robbie runs away.

Alex shows her dad and Ben the video of Robbie at the TV the previous night and something running behind them…we didn’t hear him talking.  Dad’s says it’s “awesome” because he thinks Alex and Ben made the video and it’s fake.  Ben says that weird things have been happening in the house ever since Robbie arrived.

Alex tucks the boys into bed and asks Robbie if he’s going to stay in bed.  Robbie says he will.

Alex video chats with Ben but Ben’s audio is breaking up and Alex can’t really understand him.  She leans in closer and turns up the audio.  We hear a thump and she looks around, nothing.  Again, she leans in close to the laptop to hopefully hear Ben better.  Alex is drug off of the bed.  It’s Ben.  He’s a funny guy but only we find this amusing…Alex is NOT amused.

Alex asks Ben to hook up all of the laptops in the house like he has his…to where it constantly records.  She believes there’s something supernatural in the house.  Ben sets this up.  He sets up the laptop Alex uses so this covers her room and anytime she carries it around.  He sets up Wyatt’s laptop in his room and the one in the kitchen that mom uses for recipes.  They also set up a hidden camera beside the TV that shoots out into the living room and we can also see into the kitchen.

Dad is in the living room watching TV.  Because the Kinect is on and the hidden camera has night vision, we see him in stars.

Alex comes out of the shower from the bathroom in her bedroom.

Mom tucks the boys in.

Night #3
November 8, 2011

Robbie climbs down the bunk bed ladder.  Robbie and Wyatt go down to the kitchen.  The boys seem like they’re looking for something.  Turns out, they’re playing hide and seek with Toby.  They giggle loudly which causes Mom to come down and send the boys back to bed.

Ben tells Alex how to login to watch videos that have been recorded.  He’s so funny because her password is oddrobbie.

*FRONT DOOR OPEN* we hear the alarm say and Alex is home.  She’s in the kitchen pouring some juice when she hears a noise.  On the hidden camera we see a ball bouncing down the steps.  She slowly approaches and calls asking if Wyatt is home.  She calls again.  “Wyatt, are you home?  Robbie?  Wyatt?”.   She decides to shrug it off and goes to her bedroom, plops down on the bed and starts to text.  We hear footsteps and creaking sounds.  “Mom?”, Alex calls.  She goes back to texting and then hears more sounds.  “Hello?”, she calls out.  She walks slowly to the door and we hear a LOUD *THUD*.  She walks over, slowly, and peaks out of her door.  She walks out with her laptop to record what she sees.  There is a line of toys (lined up like train cars) that lead down the hall, into Wyatt’s room and then to his closed closet door.  She opens the door.  There’s a sleeping bag in the closet.  She jumps (the entire theater did) when a toy train turns on behind her.  “Wyatt?”, Alex yells.  She hears a sound and heads towards the steps.  We see the chandelier over the dining room table swinging.  This has happened in all 4 of the movies.  She slowly comes down the stairs, recording the chandelier swinging in the dining room. There’s a room between the steps and the dining room.  She stops at the bottom of the stairs. LUCKY FOR HER because the chandelier in the room at the bottom of the steps crashes to the floor right in front of her.  Robbie appears and tells Alex “He doesn’t like you watching us.”.  She asks Robbie what’s going on and asks if he’s been there the entire time.  She asks him what happened.

Mom is cleaning up the broken chandelier.  Dad is on the phone talking to the people that hung the chandeliers in the their house..  He’s ticked off because it nearly hit Alex.  He wants them back to check their work.  Alex tells her mom that she thinks Robbie brought something into the house and it’s messing with her.  She tells her that she hears noises.  Her mom chalks up her paranoia to the chandelier falling.

Alex talks to her dad and tries to blame the weird things happening on Robbie.  Dad makes the mistake of ignoring this.

Night #6
November 11, 2011

There’s a loud thump.  Alex gets up and looks out of the window.  There are a lot of cars outside of Robbies house.  Alex goes outside to see what’s going on.  She opens the gate and there’s a woman in her face that says “Hi”.  It may have been innocent but it startled Alex…and us.  Alex is scared and goes back inside.

In this scene I thought of the movie The Shining because Wyatt is riding his Big Wheel through the first floor of the house from room-to-room in a circle.  A chair moves away from the table and blocks him.  He stops and then turns to continue riding.  He turns to where we’re unable to see him.  The next thing we see is the Big Wheel coming into the room on it’s own.  Wyatt stands and watches it and says “Cool” and giggles.

Wyatt and Robbie are in Wyatt’s room with the light out and are playing with a light that shows planets on the walls.  Robbie asks Wyatt “Do you want to see him?”.  “Is he nice?”, Wyatt asks.  The two walk out of site of the camera.  Wyatt’s door closes on it’s own.

Ben and Alex hear a noise upstairs and go to see what’s going on.  Wyatt’s room is a mess (my mom would call it “a t-total mess”).  Wyatt’s shirt is off and Robbie has drawn pictures on him that will allow him to see Toby.  Alex takes Wyatt into the bathroom to wash him up.  Robbie says that Toby doesn’t like Ben.  When Ben asks who doesn’t like him Robbie responds “You’ll see”.

Night #7
November 12, 2011

Wyatt stirs in his bed and sits up.  Downstairs, with the “stars” on we see a shape move in the kitchen doorway by the living room.  Wyatt comes downstairs and walks near the camera by the TV.  “What?  I can’t hear you.  What?  They’re all sleeping.  I’m sure.  Maybe.”

The boys are in Wyatt’s room playing on the laptop.  Alex comes in and asks Wyatt why he got up the night before.  “Did you have a nightmare?”, she asks.  “Don’t tell anything”, Robbie whispers.  Alex says Robbie’s name and then says that Wyatt can tell her and she doesn’t like he won’t tell her things when his friend is around.  He doesn’t respond.

Ben and Alex watch a video with the boys playing and, drawn in the sand of the sandbox, is a triangle with a circle in it.  This appeared in Paranormal Activity 3.  It’s also something that Robbie drew on Wyatt’s back.  Ben and Alex go to Google and enter “Circle and Triangle”.  They go to a link with a page title “Meanings of Ancient Symbols”.  The information I found about a circle in a triangle is Duquette (Lon Milo Duquette wrote a book called “The Key to Solomon’s Key:  Is This the Lost Symbol of Masonry?”) refers to is as the Magical Triangle.  Within this triangle Solomon commanded evil spirits. “As it was used in ritual practice, it was a place on within which the magician inscribed on the ground to hold the demons he summoned. While it looks good in the movie on a wall, the symbols when used to summon “evil spirits” it is to be made 2 feet from a Magical Circle on the ground in evocations.”

Mom is in the kitchen watching a recipe video.  Because Ben hooked all of the laptops us to record, we’re able to watch her work at cutting vegetables.  Wyatt calls down to his mom.  She goes to the doorway to respond.  With her back to the camera we see the knife quickly rise from the cutting board and disappear.  When she comes back…she’s confused as to what happened to the knife but doesn’t over think it and grabs another knife.

At dinner, dad, mom, Alex and Wyatt sit at a table and eat. We hear a thump upstairs but only Alex reacts.  Wyatt says it’s just Robbie.

Wyatt plays with the train and Robbie stares into the camera downstairs by the TV.  Mom leaves and Robbie heads upstairs to Wyatt’s room and says “Let’s go”.  Alex hears them leave and goes after them.  The boys have gone over to Robbie’s house.  The front door is partially open (where the door touches the door frame).  Without touching the door she calls, “Hello?”.  The doorbell is missing.  She opens the front door.  The furniture is covered with sheets.  She walks through the house.  In the master bedroom we see the mattress off of the bed and leaning against the wall.  We also see that there’s a padlock on the closet (guessing it’s a closet) door.  Alex hears the boys and goes in to find them playing around in another room.  She tells them that they can’t be there and starts to escort them out when BAM!  There’s Katie!!  At first she looks, ominous but then she smiles and introduces herself.  Wyatt hugs her.

Alex tells her mom that she saw Katie and she didn’t look sick…she didn’t even look like she had been sick.

Night #9
November 14, 2011

Dad is, unknowingly, in the “stars” on the couch watching TV.  He hears something in the kitchen and gets up.  The laptop screens comes on and we hear some type of noise coming from it…a typical laptop noise…not a scary paranormal noise.  Dad does something on the laptop and noise stops.  He walks away but the sound starts again.  He leans in to the laptop.  A shadow runs behind him.  He must have heard something because he turns around.  Good thing because, remember mom’s knife?  Had dad not moved the knife would have landed on him.  He’s…dumbfounded!  Mom comes down and apologizes (I guess they had an off camera fight) and asks him to come back to bed.  He tries to explain the knife but she just wants him to come back upstairs…she’s pretty grumpy.  Dad gives up and goes upstairs.

This is where I started piecing together that Wyatt is Hunter.  All along I’ve thought Robbie was Hunter but no, I’m thinking Wyatt is Hunter.

Alex asks Wyatt why he went to Robbie’s house.  Wyatt says he wanted to meet Katie.  Alex asks what she said to him.  Wyatt says that Katie told him that he and Robbie are friends because they’re both adopted.  Alex is surprised to learn that Robbie is adopted too and asks how Katie knew that Wyatt is adopted.  He says, “she just knew”.  Alex asks what else Katie said to him.  “That my other family needs me back”, Wyatt says.

Wyatt’s door opens and he sits up in bed and looks around.  He gets up and walks out of his bedroom door and goes downstairs.  Following behind him, we see in the “stars” is a little….ghost.  Wyatt goes to the camera and says “They’re all sleeping.  Yeah.  Sure.  I don’t know.  No, it’s not.  No, it’s not.  NO, IT’S NOT!  MY NAME IS NOT HUNTER!”.  Dad comes downstairs and asks Wyatt what he’s doing.

Alex can see that Wyatt and Robbie are playing in the playhouse.  When she gets to the playhouse, Robbie is gone.  Wyatt says that Robbie got him ready “It’s my time”.

Mom calls to Wyatt and tells him his bath is ready and that he can bring his laptop with him and watch his movie.  He plays in the tub and moves his laptop closer.  His mom comes in and moves it back telling him that he’ll ruin his computer and leaves.  The boat in the bathtub moves behind Wyatt and we hear it hit the side of the tub pretty hard.  Downstairs, the phone rings and mom answers.  There’s a loud THUMP inside of the tub.  Wyatt looks scared and gets the “M” of “MOM!” out of him mouth but he’s then quickly sucked under the water.  Mom is still on the phone downstairs.  Why is under water for quite some time.  He comes up seconds before mom comes in the bathroom.  He isn’t out of air or panting and he doesn’t say anything to her.  Other than seeming dazed he seems alright.

Night #11
November 16, 2011

Mom is drinking a glass of wine and watching TV on the couch.  Dad comes down and is amazed at how deeply Alex is sleeping.  Mom tells him that she snuck Alex some sleeping pills because she hasn’t been sleeping.  Dad is OH SO VERY MUCH NOT happy!  He’s upset that she did it, upset that she did it without asking him…etc.  Upstairs, Wyatt stirs in bed, sits up, opens his closet door and we can no longer see him.  At 12:06am, he’s still in there and his bedroom door opens.  Alex’s bedroom door opens and Wyatt enters her room.  The covers are forcefully pulled from Alex but due to the sleeping pills she is unaware.  Wyatt continues to just stand there and watch.  We see Alex lifted from the bed, face up, her back arched, arms and legs limp.

Mom comes in to wake Alex at 7:30am the next morning.

Alex goes into Wyatt’s room.  inside of his closet door is written “Hunter”.  Alex asks Wyatt if he drew it.  She asks him what Hunter means.  He says it’s his name.  He says it used to be.  Alex tells him it wasn’t.  But he’s certain that it was.

Mom and dad are leaving.  Alex tells them that she doesn’t want to be alone in the house.  Her mom tells her she’s too old to be afraid and they’ll only be gone a few hours.

Night #12
November 17, 2011

 Alex and Ben are video chatting.  Alex takes the computer downstairs with her.  She’s telling Ben that when Wyatt was first adopted he used to wake up screaming and her dad was the only one that could calm him down.  She’s telling him this as she walks into the kitchen.  Behind her, in the “stars” we see Katie get up from the couch.  It’s 12:57am.  We hear the garage door open.  Alex heads in there still on the video chat with Ben.  She shows him the door and it appears to be stuck.  She hits the door opener and it closes again.  She and Ben end their conversation.  As she’s heading out the door opens again.  She uses the light on her laptop to see.  The door that leads from the house to the garage slams shut and is locked.  There are a lot of sounds coming from the garage…1 being…the car turning on.

While this is happening in the garage we see Katie go upstairs and hear footsteps coming down the hall towards Wyatt’s room.  Wyatt gets out of bed and hides in his bathroom, locking the door behind him.  Katie kneels in front of the bathroom door.  We can hear Wyatt crying.  “Hunter?  It’s your Aunt Katie.  Open the door, Hunter.  Come on.  Open the door.  You’re almost ready, Hunter.  Hunter, open the door.  It’s okay, I’ll be here until you’re ready.”

Back in the garage there’s no more loud sounds and no site of Alex until she stumbles to her knees in front of the laptop on the floor.  She gets a golf club and breaks out the car window.  She gets in the car, the car alarm goes off, puts it in reverse and backs through the garage door.

Alex is pleading with her parents and is very upset about what happened.  “They think I’m crazy”, she tells Ben on video chat later.  Dad comes in and offers to take her to dinner.  He’s ready to listen.

The phone rings and mom answers in the kitchen.  Katie is in the living room watching and then goes upstairs to Wyatt’s room.  Mom gets off of the phone and hears a noise and slowly walks to living room.  There’s another creaking sound and she walks near the camera in the living room.  A book falls from the shelf.  Mom picks the book up, another creaking sound and then she’s hit in the face with a gust of wind.  She’s afraid.  We hear rumbling sounds and then mom is picked up off of the ground by an invisible force and then thrown to the ground and we hear bones break.  She’s dead.

From the kitchen we see mom’s feet on the floor and someone/thing drags her body away.

From the top bunk in Wyatt’s room, we see feet come over the edge.

Ben lets himself into the house and gets a soda.  He walks over to the camera by the TV and hears a loud thump.  He looks to the top of the stairs.  He goes up and enters Alex’s room.  Her closet has beads hanging in the doorway instead of a door.  He pulls the beads aside and looks in.  Nothing.  He goes to Alex’s laptop.  We can’t see behind him until he moves and we see Katie…RIGHT behind him.  She grabs his head and twists it, breaking his neck.  His body is taken to the closet and Katie leaves the room.

It’s at this point it hits me that Alex and Ben had all of these video cameras set up but they stopped checking them when things got really weird.  It also occurred to me that they stopped their nightly video chatting and Ben stopped recording her sleeping.  SO much could have been done, in real life, if they had done these things.  I find this a HUGE flaw in the storyline.

Alex and her dad come back from dinner.  As they’re turning into the driveway Alex’s dad asks if that’s Holly & Wyatt?  Alex says no, it’s Robbie’s mom.

Alex comes in and goes to her laptop.  She sees that Ben was on her laptop because she sees where he tried to logon.  She tries to call him to find out why.  She dials his number on her cell phone…we hear Ben’s phone ring.  Alex follows the sound.  She walks to her closet but is PUSHED out and then drug out of her bedroom.

Alex runs across the street to get her dad.  She runs into the house screaming for her parents.  We hear muffled cries and then see dad being drug through the house on the floor by something we can’t see.  Alex screams “LET HIM GO!”.  Alex opens a door hoping to find her dad.  We see that the windows are covered with newspaper.  We hear Wyatt call to Alex.  Alex turns and Katie is there.  Alex says “Please don’t hurt me.  Katie’s face turns demonic and she charges at Alex.  Alex gets the window open and gets outside.  She finds Wyatt who is very calm doesn’t move.  Alex hears a noise and turns and we see a massive army of women coming towards her.  This is how the movie ends.