Once Upon A Time Second Star To the Right

Once Upon A Time Second Star To the Right

Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time
May 5, 2013

Once upon a time (see what I did there?), Baelfire tried to rescue his father from the darkness. What he did instead was abandon Rumpelstiltskin in the Enchanted Forest and escape to a world without magic by himself. He wound up in London, during a roughly Victorian age, and found himself in for a difficult haul as a homeless orphan. One day, he snuck into a big house in search of food. He found some bread, only to be caught by a young girl and her Saint Bernard. The girl saw that he was hungry and offered him as much bread as he wanted. After determining that Bay was an unusual name, the girl introduced herself…as Wendy Darling.

In Storybrook, many years later, Neil wakes up one day to the sound of a ruckus outside. He goes out to find his father (having suffered some sort of personality break after learning that Belle is now a bar-fly named Lacey) beating up Dr. Whale/Victor Frankenstein for giving Lacey a bad look. Neil pulls him off of Victor and tells him that this is pretty typical. He says that he’s staying in Storybrook for Henry, not for Gold, and for Gold to stay away from them both.

Meanwhile, Emma, Mary Margaret, David, and Henry break into Regina’s office, looking for the magic beans (which were discovered to be stolen last time). They learn that Regina did have them in the office, but they’ve been taken again since then. It turns out that Tamara has the beans, along with the failsafe that Regina retrieved from Maleficent. She takes off to look into taking something, leaving Greg alone with Hook and Regina. Hook decides that he’s not interested in torturing the Queen and leaves as well. Greg hooks her up to an electroshock machine, stating that it’s how he deals with people like her.

Back in London, Wendy hid Bay successfully for several weeks before her parents caught him. Because Mrs. Darling is one of the coolest moms in literature, she immediately invited him into their home as a member of their household. That night, Wendy and John gather at the window, waiting for a familiar shadow. When they explain about the shadow, he begs Wendy not to open the window again. He’s familiar with magic and he doesn’t want their lives to be hurt by it like his was.

While Emma searches through Neil and Tamara’s apartment for evidence (since she’s still suspicious), David and Mary Margaret go to Mr. Gold for some help finding Regina. He gives them a spell that will connect Mary Margaret to Regina (allow her to see what Regina sees, feel what she feels, etc.). David’s hesitant to let her do this, but she insists that it will help ease her conscience. So he agrees and help her cast the spell. Mary Margaret instantly goes into convulsions, from where Regina is presumably being electrocuted, and David starts calling out her name, trying to wake her up.

As midnight tolled in London, the shadow returned. Wendy told Baelfire about Neverland before she took the shadow’s hand and flew away, leaving him calling out for her as she disappeared into the sky.

After a lovely scene where Emma and Neil go looking for Tamara on the beach (she convinces them that she just runs there, so the sand would not be a clue) and he apologizes to Emma for all that he put her through during Tallahassee, we learn what Tamara and Greg are really up to. We learn that they aren’t magic thieves, but are instead there to destroy magic. It seems that this is not the first time that magic has made its way into the real world, and they are part of an organization that has been fighting against it for a long time.

The spell allowed Mary Margaret to get only a few glimpses, due to the pain that Regina is in. Still, one of those details was the smell of sardines, and that is enough to lead Emma to the docks. She tells Neil that she was right, and that Tamara is in one of the warehouses. Together, they race off to search for her.

Baelfire waited for Wendy all night. The next morning, Wendy returns. She didn’t enjoy Neverland very much. The shadow held children in Neverland, never letting them leave no matter how much they miss their parents. The reason that the shadow let her go was because it didn’t want a girl. It only wanted a boy. So that night, the shadow planned to return to collect one of her brothers, in her place, that following night. Baelfire promised to protect her and her family from the evil magic, no matter what.

Emma and Neil search the warehouse tensely, but all they run into is Mary Margaret and David. Tamara sees them wandering around on a camera. She wants to pack up and leave, but Greg demands more time to interrogate Regina. Tamara leaves, saying that she’ll meet him at the rendezvous point. Once she’s gone, Regina tells Greg that his father is dead, and that she killed him the moment that he ran away so many years ago. He doesn’t believe her, but she says that she buried him at their campsite. Greg turns the electricity back on, to hurt her again.

In London, that night, after Mrs. Darling told her children goodnight, Baelfire got to work on his plan. He set a trap and lit all the candles. But the shadow got inside the house anyway, determined to take a boy back to Neverland with it. In order to save young Michael Darling, Baelfire volunteered himself to go to Neverland instead. And so he disappeared into the night, carried away by the shadow of a boy who would never grow up.

David and Mary Margaret find Greg and Regina in time to stop Greg from killing her. Hearing Greg’s name, Neil figures that must clear Tamara. Being an evil supervillain, she knocks Emma out to prove him wrong. After revealing her evil plan (clearly, she did not read the “Things To Remember When I’m An Evil Overlord”), Emma wakes up and has a pretty awesome fight with her. Neil gets shot, Emma’s about to win. Then Tamara throws a bean, trying to send Emma away. Neil gets sucked into the vortex instead. Right after she and Neil realize they still love each other.

Emma catches up with Mary Margaret and the others and explains that Neil is dead. While they comfort her, Greg finds his father’s bones in the woods and Tamara catches up with him. She has Regina’s trigger to end the curse and thinks there’s only one way to take care of things once and for all: to blow Storybrook off the map. (But I thought you couldn’t blow magic up?)

The shadow took Baelfire far away, and tried to take him to Neverland. Bay escaped in the sea, and was rescued by a passing ship. The captain of this ship answered to Hook, and the ship was known as the Jolly Roger.