Bestseller Review

Bestseller Review

Bestseller Review 

Bestseller Review – I started out liking this movie but then it seemed to get just too unrealistic.  Unrealistic?  For a horror movie?  Yep.  The story just took too many twists and turns to make the storyline anything believable.

This is a story about a famous author, Hee-soo (Jeong-hwa Eom), gets accused of plagiarizing her most recent book that has spent weeks in the number 1 spot.  She drops out of site for a few years and then decides to start writing again.  She heads to another town with the daughter, Yeon-hee, (Sa-rang Park) of she and her estranged husband, Yeong-joon,
(Seung-yong Ryoo).  This is a house where many people have written books.

Still suffering from writer’s block, Hee-soo notices Yeon-hee having an imaginary friend.  Turns out, this imaginary friend starts telling Yeon-hee a great story.  Yeon-hee tells this story to her mom and now Hee-soo’s writer’s block comes to an end.  But at what price, what realizations and what accusation?

I watched this on Netflix 🙂