Ghost Hunters Magnolia Plantation

Ghost Hunters Magnolia Plantation

Ghost Hunters Magnolia Plantation

Ghost Hunters
October 12, 2012

Ghost Hunters Magnolia Plantation – The Magnolia Plantation is “high in the rankings” on the list of the most haunted places in America.  For those interested…here’s a top 15 list of the Most Haunted according to Legends of America’s website:

  1. Alcatraz, San Francisco, CA,
  2. Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery, Midlothian, IL (Ghost Adventure’s did an episode that featured Bachelor’s Grove)
  3. Bell Witch Cave, Adam, TN
  4. Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia, PA
  5. Gettysburg Battlefield, Gettysburg, PA
  6. Lemp Mansion, St. Louis, MO
  7. Lincoln Theater, Decatur, IL
  8. Moore Home-Ax Murder House, Villisca, IA
  9. Mount Misery Road, West Hills, NY
  10. Myrtles Plantation, St. Francisville, LA
  11. The Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA
  12. Saint Augustine Lighthouse, St. Augustine, FL
  13. Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, CO
  14. Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Louisville, KY
  15. Winchester Mansion, San Jose, CA

The Investigation
Charleston, South Carolina
Magnolia Plantation
Thursday, 6:15pm

 The property has been owned by the Drayton family since 1680 when it was a rice farm.  Jas0n, Steve & Tango meet with Taylor Drayton Nelson who is a family descendent.  Taylor wants to know if the spirits are deceased family members that roam the property.  Taylor tells us that people don’t like to be there after dark.  Pat Smigelski, a maintenance worker, says that her was watering some flower baskets and thought he saw someone standing there.  It looked like they were leaning over a rail on the porch.  Jay says that it might be Thomas Drayton, brother of the original owner, that roams the property because his rifle discharged while he was hunting, he was hit in the side and he bled to death on the steps of the home.  Faces have appeared in the home when nobody is there, chairs move, a one handed clock, that’s never wound and never chimes, has been heard to chime.  Because the family has owned the property for centuries it could be any number of ancestors that are sticking around.

Tango tells us that it’s a large property that will make it difficult.  What adds to the difficulty of this investigation are the nearby rivers that have crocodiles that come out and feed at night.

Jay hopes to give Taylor some answers.


The plantation is stunning, absolutely stunning!  As Steve & Jay head out of the fan towards the mansion Tango jokes with them to be careful of the gators.  Jay teases back that they don’t need to worry about the house gators.

Steve & Jay, at 9:01pm are in the living room of the mansion.  Jay addresses the clock and chimes.  Steve gives it a gentle rock to see if a vibration would set a chiming off…no luck.  Jay asks Thomas if he would like to go hunting for deer on the property.  Jay hears something that sounded like a chime but not the clock.  Steve continues to call to Thomas.  There is a LOUD noise.  It almost sounded like a…wounded moose or something.  I sound like I’m joking but LOL that’s what it sounded like to me.

The Investigation
Charleston, South Carolina
Magnolia Plantation
Thursday, 9:17pm

 The sound is heard when Steve is showing Jay a book written by Michael Drayton when the sound is heard.  Jay says that it was a cough followed by a garbled moaning type of sound that he mimics.  Jay wants to listen to audio and you can feel his excitement.  Steve said it was a growl.  They play it back and Jay says it’s a voice, Steve says a moaning.  Jay calls and asks Tango and Britt to come and get the evidence and go over it right then and there.  Steve stayed inside in case the sound happens again.  He hears shuffling sounds in the room next to him, we can hear him whisper “walking”.  Jay heads back inside and joins Steve.  Steve is calling to Thomas as Jay enters.  He tells Jay that he heard shuffling and they go to where he heard the noise.  Jay her and “bu-boom” sound and they’re off to investigate.  Another noise is heard and Steve points up the stairs.  He says it’s a constant sound, it’s like music they say.  Jay calls to Amy and asks if she hears music outside.  She and Adam stop and don’t hear anything.  Jay and Steve head up the steps and stop about 1/2 way up and listen, they still hear it and point above them.

Back in the TAPS van Tango is listening to the audio with Britt.  Tango doesn’t know what it is.

Back inside Jay and Steve are on the 2nd floor stairway at 9:26pm still listening above them and still hearing music.  They call out to Thomas as friends that want to talk to him.  We hear another voice and Steve thinks it sounds like it’s coming from downstairs.  I thought it sounded like a voice. Now they hear footsteps that they think comes from the stairs.

Again, in the van Tango and Britt are listening and just can’t make out what it is.  Britt says it “sounds like an old person dying”.

Steve calls out to Mr. Drayton from the 3rd floor stairway at 9:43pm and says they just want to verify that it’s him they are hearing and asks if he can let them know.  We’re still hearing a lot of sounds that Jay says “comes and goes”.  They keep heading up the steps.  Almost to the top Jay says it’s impossible for them to have heard anything up there…there’s no room up there.  It’s more like a hallway with no rooms.  There’s nowhere for anyone to be.  They can’t tell where the music or sounds came from.  There’s a loud and CLOSE noise to Steve, maybe a window slamming shut as we head to commercial.

The Investigation
Charleston, South Carolina
Magnolia Plantation
Thursday, 9:45pm

 It was something that fell form a window, a window treatment a fell RIGHT beside Steve.

Amy and Adam head into the dining room at 2:59am.  Amy says that place settings are said to be moved.  They try out a new piece of equipment that they had.  We saw this new toy in the first segment of this show about Louisiana’s Old State Capitol.

Trigger Object Proximity Sensor
Detects Fluctuations in Energy
Surrounding Object Places in Pan

They place a cup in the creamer in the pan.  Amy asks the spirit to move or touch the creamer…maybe it’s a gravy boat but it looks like a creamer.  Adam hears music but Amy doesn’t…however, Amy then heard something.  Adam thinks it from upstairs.  Amy now hears a voice and piano, 3 notes she says and a little girls voice.  They think it came from the front left of the house but then think it could have been upstairs or downstairs.  They look for a piano, no luck.  Amy calls to Jay to see if the music they heard was a piano.  Jay says it could have been but it sounded more like music sounds coming from an old phonograph.

Jay calls and this investigation ends but not before Jay and Britt in one golf cart and STEVE & TANGO in another cart decide to race.  And they’re off.  Jay wins and points out to Steve that 2nd place is the first loser.

The Reveal
Charleston, South Carolina
Magnolia Plantation
Saturday, 4:00pm

 15 generations of the Drayton family have lived in this home.  Jay tells us that they’ll prove to him that at least 1 relative is still at the house.  They start out telling Taylor about hearing movement almost immediately.  Steve says you could feel the vibration.  They then tell him about hearing a voice.  They think the voice is a woman asking “What are you doing?”…holy smokes!  IT DOES SOUND JUST LIKE THAT!!!!!  They tell him about the drapes falling right beside Steve.  Now they’re telling him about the sound at the start that sounded like the grumbling/moaning sound when they were downstairs.  It’s very creepy sounding.  They didn’t get any indication that it was Thomas or any other specific relative.  Taylor now says he wants to spend a night in the house.  Jason and Steve encourage him to do so.  Taylor would like them to stay a couple of weeks. and Jay says they will come back another time.

GREAT episode.  This was probably one of my favorite episodes ever!

This was the second of 2 segments of this episode.  The 1st episode was on the Louisiana’s Old State Capitol.  You can view our post on that segment by clicking here.