Ghost Hunters Paranormal Politics

Ghost Hunters Paranormal Politics

Ghost Hunters Paranormal Politics

Ghost Hunters
October 12, 2012

Ghost Hunters Paranormal Politics – The new intro is pretty uneventful.

This episode starts with Jason telling us that “built on a bluff over the Mississippi River, Louisiana’s Old State Capitol Building dates back to 1852”.  The building is “imposing” from the outside…inside?  The employees are scared to death.  The screen says “Amateur Submission Video” “Old State Capitol” and we’re told that everyone that works there has an experience to tell.  Employees are so afraid of the paranormal activity in the build so much that they sent the TAPS team a video:  seeing things from the corner of your eye, hearing footsteps, doors slamming hearing people walk across the stairwell, things flying across the room…all are mentioned.

The Investigation
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Old State Capitol
Monday, 5:02pm

The sign on the gate reads:

Louisiana’s Old State Capitol
Museum of Political History
100 North Boulevard 

Jay, Steve & Tango walk up the walkway and Jay states that it looks like a castle.

It certainly does!

Louisiana's Old State Capitol

Louisiana’s Old State Capitol
Photo courtesy of

Jason tells us that the building survived the Civil War and that many politicians have come through it’s doors.  Congressman Pierre Couvillon died in the building in 1852 at the age of 47.  He served on Louisiana’s House of Representatives and the senate for 17 years.  He died in the building during a “heated debate” about gambling.  He died during the argument of an argument .  The teams client, Tom Clark, is a distant relative of Couvillon and has a special interest in the team coming.  Tom tells the team that he was making rounds and bumped into someone, shoulder-to-shoulder.  The bump was big enough that it cause his body to turn.  He said he returned to the security office and stayed there the remainder of the night.

On the 2nd floor of the Old State Capitol, in the Senate Chamber, Danny Arnold tells us that he heard and sound and looked in the hall and he saw a dark figured that walked through the door.

Jason says that the during the Civil War the basement of the building was used as a prison by the Union Army.  Some the prisoners may still be there.  About 6:0am Carol Smith saw someone in a bluish gray uniform walking away.

Jason says that they love doing investigations like this, where there’s a personal connection.

Jay tells Steve & Tango to mainly focus on the 2nd floor, the 4th floor and basement and to set up on the first floor.

The didn’t bring Ashley on this investigation because they’re trying to slowly wean her in.  Personally, I’m hoping they’ve decided that she’s just not a good fit for the team.  They’ve brought KJ with them and he’ll pretty much be set up at center command.  I love KJ!  Glad he’s there.

Camera 1:  Ballroom, 2nd floor hallway, shadows in the hallway
Camera 2:  Basement hall, apparition
Camera 3:  Auditorium, shadow figure
Camera 4:  Senate Chamber room, Pierre Couvillion’s place of death

Ugh, Britt is here.  He’s a female Ashley.


Steve and Jason go upstairs to check out the the uncomfortable feelings that are reported along with footsteps and doors slamming. They’re on the 4th floor and immediately hear something above them, there’s no 5th floor.  Steve says it was fast paced.  Steve says it’s as if someone (thing) heard them coming had had to hurry to get out.  They open a connecting door and nobody is there.  Jason said is sort of sounded like shaking metal that sounds like thunder.  Steve tells us that when you get something this soon…it’s usually going to be a good night.

Amy and Adam are in the Senate Chamber Room where Couvillion died during a heated debate about gambling.  They sit down with a deck of cards, poker chips and money.  Couvillion didn’t want gambling in Louisiana.  It’s 9:22pm.  Amy says the reports in this room are footsteps and a figure in the hallway has been seen.  They play Blackjack as a trigger object.  They have a tray set up with objects on it.

Trigger Object Proximity Sensor
Detects Fluctuations in Energy
Surrounding Object Places in Pan

Amy calls to Mr. Couvillion and says she hopes it doesn’t bother in and the betting begins.  Amy tries to provoke saying that they aren’t good at the game but now that gambling is legal in Louisiana they can learn.  The game pauses and they wonder if someone is upstairs above them.  We’re able to hear a noise as well.

The Investigation
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Old State Capitol
Monday, 9:34pm

What I hear sounds like shuffling of feet, but loud and with like men’s dress shoes or something.  Adam points out that it can’t be the heater.  Amy, looking into the camera but still still seated, is telling us that they heard what sounded like footsteps coming from the other room or tapping.  She’s interrupted by the device on the tray going off:

EMF Detector
Use To Measure The Presence
Of Electromagnetic Fields

 The two look around and Adam (whom I ADORE) says he hears poke chips.  Amy clanks her chips. They don’t find out what they’ve heard but they leave their table set up with a camera to see if anything happens after they leave.

Britt and Tango are together.  For me, this like tuna fish and peanut butter.  Nope, I can’t even say that because I like tuna fish and I like peanut butter but not together.  I LOVE DAVE TANGO but I don’t like Britt.  Sooooo it’s like liver and peanut butter for me.  It’s 10:12pm and they’re in the auditorium.  Tango tells us that people see a lot of shadows in the stage area.  They have a new version of a geophone and REM-Pods.  They split up because the area is so large.  They call out to Pierre and, OF COURSE, Britt hears something IMMEDIATELY.  Tango calls to the team to see if anyone is nearby but before he can even finish the call Britt, of course, sees something.  He asks Dave if he saw a light anomaly.  Steve & Jay call back that it wasn’t them they heard.  On the state the shadow detector goes off…followed by the geophone going off.  Tango asks Pierre if he is walking around.  Jason and Steve are able to look down on Britt and Tango (I’m always looking down on Britt).  Steve compliments them for using the geophone and then we hear “What was that?” from Steve to Jay.  He says he heard hard soled shoes.  Jay had the recorder going and Steve wants to listen to it on the spot. They play it back and we can hear it.  It’s so loud and goes on for so long that Jay is shocked that he didn’t hear it.

Amy and Adam are in the basement where the jail was.  Adam hears something that sounded like a squeak.  He shirt is blowing so I wonder if the air came on.  Adam said he thought it was a door that opened.  He was so sure that’s what he heard that when he heard it he turned to see who had come in.  Amy tells Adam to look down the hallway for a minute.  They both look, Amy tells hin to watch under a door because she saw something cross.  Adam saw something too.  They still look and Amy asks if someone from the Union Army is down there.  “WHOA”, Amy says.  “Something big just walked in front of that door.

The Investigation
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Old State Capitol
Monday, 11:36pm

Amy asks them to come towards her.  Adam says he has “total chills” and the 2 walk towards the door.  They get an EMF level of .7 and .8.

EMF – Electromagnetic Field
Possible Indicator Of
Paranormal Activity

Amy is giving us an explanation as to why Adam is doing the reading when she stops and asks Adam if he whispered, he did not.  They play the tape back…it can be heard.  Amy opens the doors where they saw something move.  She said the voice scared her because it sounded like it was right beside them.  She hears a noise (that I think heard like a door) and Amy walks towards it.  At this time, Jason calls them on the radio and asks if they heard a loud squeak.  Amy says that what they heard wasn’t a squeak it was like the sound of movement.  The show rolls each teams film side-by-side so we can hear what they both heard.  I’m with Jason and think it sounded like a squeak.  To me, it sounds like a door opening or closing.  Amy states that the basement is spooky.

It’s 12:18am and Jay and Steve are on the 3rd floor.  Steve is whispering to us that he and Jay were just talking about intelligent and residual hauntings.  We can hear Jay, in the background, probably whispering into a recorder to tag their sounds.  Jay, Steve tells us, that Jay suggested they go to the part of the building where there haven’t been the least amount of activity thinking that if it’s an intelligent spirit it may be hiding out there.  They enter a room and Steve says it’s weird, a different kind of sound.  A set of double doors just shut.  We didn’t seem them shut but they were still vibrating when the camera turned to them.

At Command Central at 12:59am Adam and Amy are with KJ and Adam tells us that they want to rewind the footage they shot because they heard that voice in the basement.  They want to try and figure out what it’s saying or what it is.  While they’re rewinding, KJ calls to Jay & Steve and asks if they heard a door slam because they just heard a loud slam.  They didn’t hear it.  KJ is surprised because it was so loud.  He goes off to investigate what it might have been.

We have a split screen of Amy and Adam checking their footage and STEVE & TANGO sitting down at the set up poker table on the other side.  It’s 1:31am and Steve and Tango are going to play 1 hand of poker.  They’re playing with real money Steve announces.  My husband points out that the red cards look blank because the red pigment is reflecting very little to no ultraviolet light from that camera.  He’s a smart man, my husband.  Steve says that Dave won and gives him his winnings.  Steve announces that they wouldn’t be able to play there if the bill hadn’t passed.  He then asks if Pierre knows Tom and tells him that Tom is related to him.  The door behind Steve closes and two rush through it.

The Investigation
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Old State Capitol
Tuesday, 1:56am

Tango gets through the door and said that he knows somebody just ran by and he thinks somebody is messing with them.  Tango heard two doors close.  The doors are held open by magnets and Steve wants to rule out that they experienced anything because it could have been a mechanical malfunction.

The investigation ends.

The Reveal
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Old State Capitol
Wednesday, 12:15pm

 For over a century the capitol has had activity, Jay tells us as he and Steve head in to meet with Tom.

They tell Tom about the door shutting and that they couldn’t find any reason for it to have happened.  And then tell the story of the doors closing with Steve and Tango.  Tom informs us that “the control mechanism for the magnet is actually to tied into our fire suppression system”.  So if they had a fire the doors close automatically.  Tom says there’s no reason for these to close on their own.  Jay jokes that they were supposed to come here with answers for Tom but it seems more like they’re going to leave with questions.  Steve tells Tom about Tango and Britt being in the auditorium and the the shadow detector and geophone going off and at the same time he and Jay are watching Tango and Britt and hear footsteps in the balcony.  Steve plays a last piece of audio; Amy and Adam playing cards and hearing noises and like 3 knocks.  Jay says it’s like someone getting closer to entering where they were.  The team was unable to find out who/what is in the building.  Tom is glad to know they aren’t all crazy.  He’s such a likable guy!

This was the first of 2 segments of this episode.  The 2nd episode was on Magnolia Plantation in Charleston, SC.  You can view our post on that segment by clicking here.