Scarefest 2012 Gadgets and Patti Starr

Scarefest 2012 Gadgets and Patti Starr


Scarefest 2012 Gadgets and Patti Starr – you could never ever (other than my mom) meet a sweeter lady than Patti Starr! My husband, NOT a believer and only attended Scarefest because he’s an amazing husband, loved her. You couldn’t help but sit and hang on every word she said!  Her personality is exactly like it looks like it would be.  You just know that if you knock her door…you know there’s fresh baked cookies in there!












Ms. Starr had a seminar called: Patti Starr: Instrument Workshop. This seminar was for platinum ticket holders only. During her seminar she had a spread of all of her toys and gadgets and she discussed how each and every one of them worked and how much she liked or disliked each one of them.


We live just a little over an hour from Bardstown, KY. In Bardstown, Ms. Starr has a ghost hunting tour that I will ABSOLUTELY be attending!

She also had a store in Lexington, Ghost Hunter Shop, where you can go and buy amazing “toys”!