Scarefest 2012 John Brightman

Scarefest 2012 John Brightman


Scarefest 2012 John Brightman – Steve is going to kill me for posting (2 now) bad looking photos but he’s the pro not me LOL. I post what I got with my phone…probably should have cleaned my lens but it was also dim light in this room.

John had a great seminar on The Bridgewater Triangle: Haunted History & Cult Murders. He was very great and pleasant to listen to and the type of investigator you believe because he has no problem in saying “The place is supposed to be haunted. We didn’t get any evidence but that doesn’t mean others haven’t”. THAT is an honest answer. If people admit that they don’t always get evidence…I’ll believe them!  I also loved hearing his northern accent.

Here’s a photo of John Brightman’s tattoo.  He told me this is his actual bone structure!