Ghost Adventures Season 7 Episode 8 Brookdale Lodge

Ghost Adventures Season 7 Episode 8 Brookdale Lodge

Ghost Adventures Season 7 Episode 8 Brookdale Lodge

Ghost Adventures Season 7 Episode 8 Brookdale Lodge
November 9, 2012

Photo Courtesy of The Travel Channel

Photo Courtesy of The Travel Channel


Brookdale Lodge
11570 Highway 9
Brookdale, CA 95007

The things that I type up for the Ghost Adventure episodes are things that I look up simply to fulfill my own curiosity as I watch the show.  I look up murders, people that lived in the house, I always pause to read the letters, newspapers, etc. that the show pops up on the screen.  I figure, I can’t be the only one that does this so maybe me doing this will save some folks the leg work.

I’ve posted about this episode before.  I used to focus on the show itself.  Since I now focus on the history, I’m doing it again.  However, if you want to read my first post, from 2012, you can do this by clicking here.

This episode aired in November, 2012.  At the beginning of the show they said that the hotel is “shut down”.  In an article from the Santa Cruz Sentinel, dated July 22, 2014, the Brookdale Lodge had new owners.

on Tuesday, local hoteliers Pravin and Naina Patel announced they have purchased the iconic property, which includes the Bavarian-style Brook Room — which has a creek running through down the center of the dining hall — an indoor pool and rumors of a haunting.

“It’s almost like it was meant to be and it happened,” said Previn Patel, who owns three other local hotels and had previously expressed interest in the Brookdale Lodge. “I’ve spoken to so many people who have memories of the lodge. I want to bring that same memory back at a higher level. I want to take it back to its glory.”

The hotel has been closed since it was repossessed by the State Bank of India California. The Patels — who paid $2.75 million for the property — have been working with Supervisor Bruce McPherson’s office on the project, and Patel said he knows he has a long road to bring the property back.

Patel said he plans to start meeting with county officials immediately to clear up some of the building code problems. He plans to preserve the historic character of the building, some of which was lost under the former owner.

It was renamed Brookdale Inn & Spa.  Their website is still up and running.  However, when I called to confirm whether or not they were still open, I found the number has been disconnected.  Their last Tweet (@brookdalelodge) is from December, 2010.

There’s a great, and very detailed, explanation about spirits being associated with running water on this link.

There is no documentation of there ever being a drowning at the lodge or of James Logan having a niece named Sarah.  He had 2 nieces, as far as I can tell.  Their names were Josie Logan and Cora Lee.  Thinking maybe the story had gotten muddled over the years, I searched his daughter.  Her name was Gladys Logan.  I’m not confirming that these events never happened.   I’m just saying that, in my research, I can’t find any concrete information to verify.

In an article from the Santa Cruz Sentinel dated December 31, 2013:

In August 2009, a massive fire destroyed part of a two-story suite of apartments used by lodge employees. Deemed suspicious, the investigation was turned over to the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

No arson charges have ever been brought. However, the lead investigator in the bank fraud case is an ATF agent who specializes in suspicious fires. It is unclear whether the investigation continues, and the ATF did not immediately comment for this story.

You read the entire article by clicking here.

The place almost seems cursed with bad luck:

The lodge and Kakkar also have been frequent targets of civil suits by the county and alleged debtors, including former employees. Kakkar also faced a wrongful death suit over the 2009 death of 35-year-old Robin Carlson, who fell into a construction hole.

In addition, the Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board would have to reinstate a discharge permit yanked last year. After a toxic spill into the creek that runs through the lodge’s Brook Room killed dozens of fish, Kakkar began installing an upgraded water treatment system.

However, it doesn’t appear the project was completed. After several years of Kakkar failing to file compliance reports, the board yanked his discharge permit.

Kakkar also ran into trouble with the Monterey Bay Unified Air Pollution Control District over asbestos discharges.