Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Xbox 360

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Xbox 360

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Xbox 360MULTIPLAYER
It is fast paced with a lot of movement.  The maps are somewhat small.  There are about 10 game modes.  Creating your class is easy as is customizing your character.  You can double jump, “slide”.  There are multiple types of exo abilities.  You can have up to 13 “things” in your class (weapons, perks, scorestreaks, etc.).  There are 10 prestiges and then prestige master.

The levels are longer and there are more levels.  It is also fast paced.  There are 12 levels.  There are 4 levels of difficulties:  recruit, regular, harden and veteran.

Hard to play.  You can have up to 4 people on your team to play.  You play against bots.  You can’t select which difficulty to play.  Once you get up to level 25, the game will restart and the bots are harder.  There are, I think, 13 maps to play.  You can play alone.  You can upgrade and change your weapons.  You can select 3 types of people:  lightweight, heavy, and scout.

It’s a lot of fun to play.  The campaign is difficult, even on recruit.  It took me 2 days to complete the campaign on recruit level.  When I say 3 days, I mean that I, literally, only stopped to sleep.  I’m homeschooled and my mom let me take 2 days off for my new game.

The things I liked most about this game is that it’s fast paced and the guns you use, in multiplayer, are pretty good.

My dislike are nothing!  It’s a great game and I’m really enjoying it!

I finished the campaign and now I’m playing multiplayer, pretty much non-stop.