Craigslist Joe 2014

Craigslist Joe 2014

Craigslist Joe 2014We watched Craigslist Joe last night on a Roku app called Snagfilms (with commercials).  It’s also on Netflix and Amazon Prime (not free).  We were just looking around the new app, to see what was on, saw this title, and played it.

The documentary is about your average Joe, Joseph Garner.  Joe leaves his home, in LA, with a new cell phone number and email that he hasn’t given to any of his family or friends, a backpack with a toothbrush and his laptop…and a camera guy that he also got from Craigslist.  The only clothes he has are the clothes on his back.  His goal?  To live 1 month off of the the goodness and generosity of people on Craigslist.  He used Craigslist to find places to crash (sometimes as a barter of household chores such as vacuuming), a bike, car rides, etc.  He takes various free classes along the way and gets a free haircut.  He does a lot of good along the way (volunteering) and meets some simply amazing people!

His free car rides take him from LA, Oregon, Washington, New York, Florida, Louisiana, San Francisco…I’m sure I’m missing a couple but he really does well getting from one side of the country, to the other, and back again!  I would have thought you’d be hard pressed to get a free ride if you aren’t chipping in on gas but, from what we gather, Joe is given the free rides because he shares the driving duties and people just being good natured…or trying to get in a movie that has Zach Galifianakis as an executive producer.  After watching the movie, I hope my first suggestion is right.

We aren’t sure if there were some flaws (cheats) in the movie or if they just opted to not show all of the struggles Joe went through on his travels.  We see Joe get a couple of free meals but that’s all.  There was a man (the man that gives him a bike) gives him (what looked like) a loaf of bread and a bag of organic apples, we see one person that gave him a ride giving him a bite of a sandwich…but either they don’t show us him getting free meals or there was a bit of cheating along the way.  I think you can go days with eating just 1 meal a day, and he does lose A LOT of weight in this month (he shows us his loose belt and pants) so maybe he got a free meal out of wherever he crashed that night…I just wish they would have focused, each day, on what he ate every day.

It’s a really REALLY good movie, watch it!  It will restore your faith in humanity and probably get you to do what I did…pull up Craigslist and see what there is out there to barter, trade, what free classes you can take, places you can volunteer, etc.!

Now, go do something good for mankind!