It Follows

It Follows

It Follows

It Follows
A young woman is followed by an unknown supernatural force after getting involved in a sexual encounter.

Okay, so don’t waste your money.  When it comes out for free on Netflix, you have zero movies left in your queue, and you want to waste a little under 2 hours, then, and only then, watch this movie.

I actually thought Maika Monroe did a good job with what she had to work with.  The concept of the movie is pretty good but it just didn’t come together.  Lots of holes, lots of empty pockets, just…not good.

I was one of 2 people watching the movie.  Granted, it was a 1:25pm showing on Tuesday.  Therefore, the number of people, or lack there of, didn’t bother me at all.  I saw it at the Cinebarre in Thornton.  I’ve been to Cinebarre in Louisville, CO but that was my first, and last time visiting that theater.  From the entrance of the building to the theater is long, dark, dreary and depressing walk.  The walls have amazing movie posters but that’s it.  I had a very friendly woman at the bar selling the tickets, she even swapped me her ink for my marker pen.  I’m left handed so I hate marker pens.  My server, Darbi, was also super friendly and super nice.  The ladies room smelled 1 step better than a porta potty.  My theater was #6.  It’s right beyond the kitchen.  The kitchen smelled like, I don’t know, really old grease or something weird.  But, back to the movie!

My first thought, within the first few seconds of the start of the film was, “take your heels off to run”.  Second thought?  “You’re parked so far onto the beach that you can’t see the road.  You’ve walked numerous feet beyond your car and you’re sitting in the sand, talking on your phone, and you still have those heels on?”  Stupid thoughts to have?  Yeah, probably, but my mind never really shuts up.

We start finding out how this story pans out when Jay and Hugh (aka Jeff) are in the ticket line at a movie theater.  She want to play “Trade Game”.  Trade game is where you scan a crowd of people and pick out who you would like to trade places with.  The person you’re playing with gets 2 guesses to figure out who you chose and why.  When Hugh points to the girl he thinks Jay would trade places with, Jay can’t see her.

The 2 have sex a couple of scenes later.  We find out that when “It’s Following” you, you pass it one to someone else through sex.  Huh?  Like an STD?  If what follows you kills you, it goes back to the person that gave it to you and tries to kill them.  It goes back to killing as far back as the those still living goes.

I like doing movies where I can find out, and post, if addresses are real, if the murders discussed were real, etc.  Nothing like that in this movie for me to do.  It was shot in and around Detroit.

One thing I did like about this movie was that it didn’t try to shock you.  So many new horror movies just go for shock factor.  This didn’t have anything like that and it felt a bit more like a throwback movie.  The cinematography was really cool.  I’ve read other reviews and I see that I’m pretty much alone on disliking the movie.  If I was 14 – 18, I think I would have liked it more.  It just didn’t feel like it had much depth.  The acting was good, the cinematography was great, the music was so-so, the plot was good just not well put together.

For me?  3 stars out of 10.


I Saw the Devil 2011

I Saw the Devil 2011

I Saw the Devil 2011I watched on Netflix.


Byung-hun Lee, Kim Soo-hyeon

Min-sik Choi, Kyung-chul

In-seo Kim, Se-jung

Seung-ah Yoon, Cannibal’s Girlfriend

Chun Ho-jin, Section Chief Oh

Kap-su Kim, Planning team deputy head

San-ha Oh, Joo-yeon

Gook-hwan Jeon, Squad Chief Jang

Yoon-seo Kim, Se-yeon

Moo-Seong Choi, Tae-joo

Jin-ho Choi, Planning director

Yoon Chae-Yeong, Nurse Han Song-i

Park Seo-Yeon, Woman at pension

Bo-ra Nam, Section chief’s daughter

Tae-goo Eom, Detective 4

I’ve never seen this movie and, before I even press PLAY I have to say that I stupid excited to see Min-sik Choi!!!  Oldboy (2003) was the first Asian movie I ever saw and it’s in my top 5 favorite movies ever!

The movie starts with a girl stranded, in the snow, with a flat tire.  She’s been out to visit the “cute children” at the orphanage and says that, if she ever has children, she might raise them near there, in the country.  Her boyfriend appears to be some sort of Secret Service type of guy…little wire hanging from his ear and he’s dressing in a nice suit.  A car pulls off and asks if she has a flat tire.  She says she does but she has called a tow truck and it should be there soon.  In this weather, he says, it might take a while for the truck to arrive and says that he’ll take a look.  She informs her boyfriend of what’s going on and he, smartly, tells her to lock the doors and wait for the tow truck.  It’s obvious that the couple on the phone are in love.  He signs, sweetly, to her until someone enters the room.  He apologizes for working on her birthday.  A few seconds, after the 2 hang up, the man comes back to the girl’s window and tells her that her car is “sunk”.  She thanks him, with her window partially rolled down, but says she’ll wait for the tow truck.  She puts the window back up.  He places his hand on the window, smiles, and heads back to his car.  He doesn’t get in his car, come to find out, because, as she’s wondering why he isn’t leaving, she flashes her brights at his car.  After she does this, he attacks her driver’s side window.  As she attempts to crawl out of the other door, he gets in the car.  She fights him but she is hit, repeatedly, on the head with a hammer.  He pauses and looks at her.  She is pleading with him with her eyes, blood streams from her head.  He isn’t deterred and hits her, once again, with the hammer.  This ends when we see his blood splattered face.  Apparently, a few moments pass.  We see the bloodied car, door opened, and her phone is ringing as it lies in the snow outside of her car.  There is a trail of blood leading from the car.  We see the killer dragging her lifeless body across the ground.

Pretty exciting start!  I’m not even 10 minutes in!!!

The 2nd scene starts out just as exciting!  We see the girls nude body with plastic over it, apparently dead until she moves.  The man with the hammer, smoking, takes the plastic off from where it is covering her head.  He wraps a long chain around one of her wrists and ties it off to a pole.  He fiddles with a plethora of sharp instruments, hatches, knives, etc.  “Your skins so soft, looks like it’ll be easy”, he says as he touches her arm.  She, weakly, asks him to not kill her.  “Why?”, he asks.  She’s pregnant.  He looks at her, as if pondering the idea.  The scene ends with a big surgical type of knife…like an ax, coming down.  During this scene, a ring comes off of her finger.  The killer hears the *ding* of metal hitting the floor but can’t find what it was.  When he cleans up the area, the ring, which landed near a grate, the ring gets flushed down the grate.

Just a little time goes by (minutes), a little boy finds a plastic bag with an ear piece.  The scene immediately changes to police checking the area in the grass and the stream.  The head is found while the boyfriend and her dad (police chief) are present.

That’s all of the step-by-step that I’ll give you.  Here comes my description and synopsis.

There are more victims that willingly get into his van.  Why?  Because he drives a school bus (van).

Kim, the fiancé, on a 2 week leave from work, finds out the top 4 suspects the police are checking up on.  He beats the hell out of the first 2 guys he tracks down.  The third is our guy.  He finds this out when he gets to Kyung-chul’s house and breaks into a locked filing cabinet filled with purses, bras, shoes and phone.  He finds the “kill room” (yep, I’m a Dexter fan) and finds the ring that belonged to his love.

The remained of the movie involves a large amount of fights, various forms of torture, etc.  There’s a side storyline that served, in my opinion, no purpose at all to the main story.  There are also a few beatings that would kill anybody but the people don’t seem to be dazed for more than a day or two.

I’ll tell ya this, any movie than hold my attention for 2 hours and 20 minutes is a damn good movie!  I really enjoyed this!  It was a bit gory for me and I had to look away a few times but, man!  Great flick!


Blair Witch Project 1999

Blair Witch Project 1999

Blair Witch Project 1999Our son is now 13 and is at an age where it’s time to step the horror movies up a notch!  He does fine with them but doesn’t like things that “jump” out on the screen.  This seemed like a good movie to use to step it up.  There aren’t any jumping moments and no sex!  We’re okay with him watching violence and hearing language (he’s very mature for his age) but seeing sex on the screen, yeah, I’m not ready for that!

My parents aren’t big horror fans so I don’t know what possessed them to go and see this in the theater years ago but they saw it and immediately told me, the horror junkie, that I “had” to see it.  Steve and I went to the theaters to see.  On our way home, we stopped by my parent’s house, tied some sticks from the yard together, and placed them on their front porch.

I love this type of movie because, let’s face it, for the most part, our biggest fear is the fear of the unknown.  We never see the Blair Witch, heck, we never even hear her.  We’re afraid of things that go bump in the night.  When we’re home alone, the house is dark, nobody is home, we hear a noise downstairs.  We immediately think somebody has broken in, the house is haunted…anything other than the freezer just spit out ice cubes.

I haven’t had a movie scare me since I was, I think, 7th grade, I was home alone and I watched Helter Skelter.  That was scary at my age because that happened!  So no, movies don’t scare me.  When Steve (who is firm non-believer in the paranormal) takes me to paranormal locations (because he’s awesome), I’m never afraid of anything that’s dead…I’m afraid of things alive LOL.  I’m afraid of critters and people that might be hiding/living in there!

Alright, enough background on…well, anything not pertaining to the storyline of the movie…let’s get going!

The Blair Witch Project takes place in Burkittsville, MD.  As of 2013, the population was 152.  Now that’s a tiny town!  It sits on just under 290 acres.

Blair Witch Project 1999The movie states that Burketsville was once known as Blair.  This isn’t true.  The town was named after an early settler named Henry Burkitt.

Near the beginning of the movie they learn the history of Rustin Parr.  Was there really a Rustin Parr?  The name Rustin Parr is an anagram for Rasputin.  To the best of my knowledge and research, there was no Rustin Parr.

Coffin Rock.  There is no Coffin Rock.  Sorry, because it’s a really interesting story.

I can’t find any information that shows that Blair Witch was even loosely based on a true story.  Eduardo Sánchez and Daniel Myrick did an amazing job making viewers think it was a true story, based on a true story or slightly based on a true story!  The did such a great job that there are countless websites out there trying to prove or disprove the legend.  Well done, guys, well done!