Marry Me – Scary Me

Marry Me – Scary Me

Marry Me Scary Me

Marry Me – Scary Me

I haven’t been posting nearly as much as I should have, well, let’s face it, it’s been years other than my Blood Punch post.  It’s time to start things back up since the fall programs aren’t too far into their seasons!

I’m LOVING the new show Marry Me!  I like the way it’s presented and I love the characters!  I also, for whatever reason, love that there’s no real or fake audience laughter!  For me, shows that do this, are coming across on their own talent and not a “tell when to laugh” type of thing.

This episode is Marry Me – Scary Me.

Annie and Jake find out that the Halloween party that is their go to for Halloween, left them off of the guest list.  Instead of contacting the person in charge of the list, Kyle, they opt for a more mature and grown up way to celebrate Halloween.  The “mom to the bone” tenant in their building, Julie, runs the heavy handed, micro managed Halloween for the building.  Annie and Jake would like to have a haunted house but quickly get shut down by Julie.  Let’s face it, anyone that won’t allow a haunted house with one of the reasons given being that you can’t let kids feel grapes making them think it’s eyeballs because grapes are a choking hazard…*bleh*.  Julie is the type of personality that thinks that a non-mom has no place in arranging anything for kids because a non-mom can’t have maternal instincts.  Come on, Jules, there’s a reason kids play with baby dolls…it’s our built in nature to nurture!  With their haunted house idea dashed to bits, Annie is upset and is ready to prove Julie wrong but Jake seems find an suggests they try to get on the list for the HallowRage party that they didn’t receive the invite to for this year.  Annie suggests that Jake call Kyle and tell him that they’re going to have a haunted house “because Julie’s a bitch!”.

Annie and Jake have it all planned out.  If Julie shows up at their apartment for Halloween, it looks like they’re just handing out candy but, behind the curtain, is their haunted house…their “world of terror”.

In the meantime, Gil and Kay are making arrangements to trick-or-treat but they need costumes that hide the fact that they’re adults.  Gil has found the street that gives out the best candy…full sized candy bars, people!  The street has so much candy that the New England Journal of Medicine has named it the Diabetes Cluster.  Kay admits that she’s always had dreams of full sized candy bars and knows she could always buy them herself but she says the candy tastes better when you beg for it.  They are Spiderman and…what is that?  I can’t tell what Kay is.  They get to the neighborhood and are disappointed.  One house gives them pickles.  Turns out that Gil’s ex-wife lives in the neighborhood and he just wanted to go their to see if she’s lonely.

Annie and Jake are dressed as Lucy and Ricky.  Kids ring the doorbell and are quickly invited into the haunted house where they’re completely thrilled and Annie and Jake are very pleased with themselves.

Gil and Kay approach the house of his ex-wife…whom he worries is lonely.  They get to the door and his ex opens the door…she’s having a party.  Kay points out that it’s good his wife is happy but Gil thinks she’s “too happy”.

Back at the haunted house, Annie is telling the kids she’s going to cut the food into sizes that they can’t choke on but the kids are quite rowdy.  She realizes that the kids are 5 minutes over the time that trick-or-treating was to end per Julie’s rules.  The kids head out.  HOWEVER, Julie is at the door!  She walks in and sees “11 choking hazards”.  Annie quickly shuts her down pointing out nothing happened and Jule’s leaves with her bee-tail between her legs.

Dennah calls (she’s dressed like a slut…her words not my judgement).  It turns out that Gil and Kay ARE indeed invited to the party but they’ve lost interest in coming.  Dennah says that it’s too loud.  Odd what age does to use, isn’t it?  Two other girls are dressed like Dennah.

Annie and Jake are about to have sex when they discover a little boy, dressed as a robot, in their bedroom.  Aaannnddd, he wants a sleepover!  Talk about a scary Halloween!  Jake tries to get the little boy to tell them where he lives so that he can take him home but the kid is tight lipped until Annie gives him $20.  Turns out, he gives them an apartment number that doesn’t exist.  He refuses to tell them where he lives.  Jake tries to sweat it out of the boy and tries to “bad cop” him into telling here where he lives.  Turns out that he doesn’t even live in their building but lives at the end of the block.

Back with Gil and Kay, Gil doesn’t think that the divorce hurt Cassie at all.  Let’s face it, we all want our ex’s to suffer a bit.  I still can’t figure out what Kay is…a TMNT maybe?  Kay takes Gil trick-or-treating to cheer our little man up.

Turns out our little haunted out robot boy lied about where he lives again.  Annie is crushed that Julie would know how to solve the problem because part of her looks up to her because she’s a super mom and Annie admits that she’s worried she won’t be a good mom.  Jake gives her the pep talk of all pep talks about what a great mom she’ll be.  Reluctantly, they decide to call Julie but quickly come up with a way to get him home…they make him think that they’re just going to leave him.  He runs off after them and admits that he does indeed live in their building.

Gil is back to spying on Cassie house.  He watches from the bushes as Kay goes back to Cassie’s house to steal the candy bowl.  It’s bowl that Gil purchased with a $12 gift card he received as “compensation” for falling at a store.  Kay rips it out of Cassie’s hands and Cassie announces that her husband bought her that bowl.  Spiderman Gil tackles Kay and recovers the bowl and then returns it to a grateful Cassie…he is the super hero!

Holy smokes!  The little robot trick-or-treater is JULIE’S SON!  Julie is ticked but the little boy admits that he stayed because Annie and Jake are so much fun and he wishes they were his parents.  He slams the door leaving Julie in the hall with Annie and Jake.  The girls have a moment but I have a feeling that it won’t be long lasting…assuming that Julie is in more episodes!


Ghost Adventures Point Sur Lighthouse View Through

Ghost Adventures Point Sur Lighthouse View Through


Ghost Adventures Point Sur Lighthouse View Through

Ghost Adventures
Point Sur Lighthouse
Travel Channel
Friday, September 28, 2012

SO excited to watch this episode!  We were in Lexington over the weekend for Scarefest and we got to meet Nick & Aaron.  They are both AMAZINGLY nice people and treat there fans like equals.  You didn’t get any ego from either of them.  We were also able to see Nick’s band, The Other Side, perform their first concert!  They performed for the Scarefest crowd Saturday night, September 29.  Although it’s not my taste in music they really put on a great show.  Nick even came out in the crowd a few times.  So, as much as I hated having to wait to get GAC on and I’m sorry to be late with my post…I was having an AMAZING time!


Ghost Adventures Point Sur Lighthouse View Through – Aw, poor Nick…sea sick 🙁 *sigh* I miss our boat!  Come on spring/summer 2013!!!!  I want to be back on Dale Hollow!

“STOP!  STOP RUNNING”  Again, I love this EVERY episode for some reason.

OH YEA!  Zak isn’t in all black.  He looks…yummy.  I’m afraid to go to California 🙁  It’s a shame because Steve loves it!  Oh how pretty is that!  I would make a comment about Zak grabbing me but Steve might read 🙂  LMAO!  The music bit is hilarious!  OH WOW!  Music adds color LOL.  Siren song?  I think men were singing too HA.  Great actor that was willing to go face down in wet sand!  *blech*  The show seems to be taking a more mature and professional spin…I love it!  I’m not saying they’re immature but it seems like they’re taking it more serious and less like “Frat Boys Gone Wild”.  Well, Zak anyway HA.  Nick and Aaron are usually pretty quiet.  Zak’s ego seems to have been tamed a bit.  I hope he’s at Scarefest next year!  Nice Elvis glasses 😎  One of our cats (just 2 cats…we’re not crazy cat people) is watching this episode…straight up sitting and staring at this episode.  I remember that episode.  I wonder if they really believe this ladies captured those and they’re EVPs or if they’re just too polite to say “you faked that”.  I can’t imagine them busting somebody flat out.  Hmmm, not sure that I’m buying these EVPs from this lady.  I don’t know…they’re ALL class A EVPs?  That’s odd.  BUT they may well be.  So fun to have met Nick & Aaron this weekend and now I come home and see them on TV again.  I’m not too far (about an hour and 45 minutes) from Bobby Mackey’s…I won’t go.  I’m not a medium or anything but watching Ghost Adventures episodes on that place…I got really bad vibes.  It’s the only place, on all of the 100s of paranormal shows I’ve seen, that I have no interest in going!  Well, I don’t want to go to the places Destination Truth goes either…jungles and places like that.  I’m not afraid of dead things…it’s the living things that scare me in places like that.  Bobby Mackey’s?  Place gives me the willies!  You can borrow our boat.  We love our Rinker.

Because they’re fake!  With each EVP that woman got being class A…if they’re legit, then every EVP the guys get should be class A as well.  WOW!  That shop wreck is cool!  Spongebob reference.  Nice.  Man, I like seeing Nick in real clothes!  Must nicer.  The other clothes were just kinda….goofy.  Aaron, you’re too funny.  He was like that each time we saw him this weekend too.


What are the other 3?  I hope the guys talk about whether or not the water is typically like this or if the weather is making it worse.  Aw Nick, I can’t do those rides either 🙁  I can’t even ride a merry-go-round…nothing in circles because I’ll throw up and nothing up high because I’ll fall and die.  It’s sad, honestly…I can’t even stand on a chair 🙁  Zak?  You kill me…if it gets too bad he’s to let you know?  Why?  Are you going to turn off the waves?  You don’t know if you can go back?  Ummm, you’re going to live on the island?  A raft? Nope, you don’t think right…you’re in panic mode.  Somebody get Nick some Dramamine.  Poor guy.  I really feel for him.  The weather looks awful.  Oh Nick, honey.  Aw 🙁  It’s odd that I can’t even ride of a merry-go-round but I don’t get sea sick.  Zak should hire me to be the show’s on air secretary and take notes for them.  Damn!  The graphics didn’t look half bad on sinking that ship.  Oh, that’s so kind!  LOVE that boat!  What a nice thing to do.  Oh, Nick.  Bless your heart!  Aaron-eye!  He’s strong to the finish!

Finally, Nick is on dry land!  She “got” a lot of audio evidence.  I’ll believe her evidence is real if y’all walk away with only class A EVPs too!  Zak really seems to have changed.  I hate to keep repeating myself but it’s like he’s now approaching all of this as grown man and not partiers.  Be a partier but not during an investigation.

Use more common terms.  I’m LOVING the change in this show.  It’s slight but it’s noticeable.  HOLY SMOKES!  Well said, Aaron.  If I was a spirit stuck on an island I would absolutely be going up to people that came to the island.  We all love company and children don’t like to be alone.  Please…give me a recorder please, Mr. Bossy pants LOL.  It seems odd but if I were a little girl, out of all 3 of the guys…it’s Zak’s voice that I find the most appealing when they’re trying to connect *drink* with a child.  You would think it would be Nick because he has a little one but Zak always sounds so…sincere.  Aw, 🙁  She’s sick.  Zak, jiminy…say please every once in awhile.  Even thought you get excited…say please, love.

There was just something over there to the left on the thermal.  Oh, it was Billy.  Okay.  I thought I saw something that somehow the ghost gods of this show had missed.  Oh, it wasn’t Billy!  I could hear a seal when they first came outside….maybe it was just a seal.  I have problems with thermals because there are SO many things that will give off a heat signature.

OH nope, not a seal…that’s a person!  Something I don’t understand, and it tends to happy so much on these shows…why do they pan past things the camera catches?  Where is Julie?  She’s just taking a boat back and forth or is she “supposed” to be in a building there waiting for them?  She TOTALLY seems like the type that stage something.  She comes off, TO ME, as dishonest.  EM Pumps…I learned what those were at the Scarefest 🙂  I thought I heard a little girl speak.  I rewound it and I still think I hear it!  It’s it’s after Zak asks how many spirits are in the room.  There’s wires right above his head and he has that rooster hair.  Could it have been the wires?  They are getting some class a EVPs…but not full sentences like that chick had.

I heard “drowning”…I heard “drowning” but they didn’t say anything.  So I’m guessing Julie was on this island somewhere.  I don’t know.  I just don’t trust her to be on the up-and-up.  Walk over to where the purple figure was tomorrow when the sun comes up.  The lady in that photo looks like she could be a relation to Julie LOL.


Ghost Hunters Don’t Feed the Apparition Review

Ghost Hunters Don't Feed the Apparition Review

Ghost Hunters Don’t Feed the Apparition Review

Ghost Hunters
September 26, 2012
Alexandria, LA
Ghost Hunters Don’t Feed the Apparition – Alexandria Zoological Park

Ghost Hunters Alexandria Zoological Park Review – As much as I LOVE this show (one of my favorites) I didn’t care for this episode but it’s hard for me to put much faith in an outdoor investigation…especially one in a zoo.  Not to mention this episode had Britt (not a fan) and a new member to the team, Ashley.  I’m afraid that Ashley is going to turn out to be a female Britt and be QUICK to see, hear, feel, sense, etc.  That really REALLY chaps my ass about Britt.

This investigation takes place at the Alexandria Zoological Park in Alexandria, LA.  The park was run by a man named Les Whitt.  Les passed away August 16, 2008 and is said to be visiting the zoo and has been seen by quite a bit of the staff.

The team introduces us to their new team member, Ashley Troub.  I have my ups and downs with her.  I’m afraid she’s going to be too young for the team.  FOR ME, she seemed an odd fit because she does seem so young.  I thought she did really well with her EVP questions and she seemed comfortable around the equipment.  HOWEVER, as I stated above, she was quick to hear things, see things…I don’t like that.  Like I said, it’s like a female Brit.

We get to see Jason freak out at a spider web but it’s nowhere near as funny as seeing Tango and Steve go through the same thing.  And I felt an ever great connection *drink* with Steve when I saw his reaction to birds…I have an odd fear of birds.

The team was able to get some great EVPs…including what sounds like Les calling to his wife, Lee Ann.

I didn’t care much for this episode.  I think I’m such a horror movie junkie that I just prefer seeing investigations done in the creepy places!

Les Whitt died of heart complications on August 16, 2008 at Ochsner Medical Center in New Orleans, LA at the age of 56.  This link will take you to a press release about his death.  He and his wife, Lee Ann, were married for 34 years.  They had 2 daughters.

Alexandria Zoological Park sits on 33 acres and opened in 1926.