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The New Normal
November 20th, 2012

The New Normal Pardon Me – The episode starts out with some dreadful turkey-day flashbacks, provided by Rocky and Goldie. After reminicing horrible Thanksgivings spent with families (“Vegetables are for poor people!”), it becomes a unanimous decision for the gang to have their own small Thanksgiving.

Bryan and Shania go to pick out a turkey, and they find themselves at a “choose and kill your own turkey” farm. Horrified at the thought of all the turkeys being killed, Bryan buys all of the turkeys and takes them home— alive. This is where Shania decides that she wants to have a meatless Thanksgiving, and everyone else agrees.

After Shania gives a spiel on how Thanksgiving is actually about forgiving the people you love, David decides to invite both his parents to Thanksgiving (including his Dad who cheated on his Mom), Goldie invites Nana and Clay, and Rocky invites her brother Clint. So much for a small Thanksgiving.

Bryan and David film everyone on their iPad for the baby, introducing themselves and saying what they brought to the dinner. Later, we find out that Clint and Goldie have been seeing each other in secret. They’ve only been on two dates, but they seem to be hitting it off. Goldie wants to keep it on the DL so Clay doesn’t find out (she doesn’t want to upset him). Unfortunately, Rocky overhears this conversation and confronts Clint about it, and Nana overhears Rocky confronting Clint, so eventually the entire thing spreads to Clay anyway.

Nana finds out that there won’t be meat on Thanksgiving, and she gets really angry about it. Bryan, in return, gets even angrier and tells Nana off. It’s the first time we’ve ever seen this side of him, but it’s nice to see him stand up for himself. This seems to spark the crazy in Nana and she goes off turkey hunting. “Where do the gays keep the ax?”

David’s parents get in the same room together and seem to be fine when David is there. But right when David leaves, they start yelling at each other. Needless to say, David gets really upset. “You couldn’t just fake it for one day for the baby?”

Whilst Nana is turkey hunting, she spots David’s parents hooking up in the window. Pretty ironic, considering two seconds ago they seemed like they wanted to rip each others heads off.

Remember how I said Clay found out about Clint and Goldie? Yeah, well he gets upset and starts shoving Clint. They nearly break out into a fight when Goldie stops them. They both end up leaving.

David finds his parents hooking up and he seems to have had enough. He asks them both to leave. Bryan also asks Nana to leave. So after all that, they actually got the Thanksgiving they wanted: all together with no crazies. The gang makes an executive decision that they will leave Thanksgiving for family (the people they choose) and Christmas can be for crazy relatives.

Oh right, so if there’s no turkey, what will they eat instead? Tofurkey, which turns out to be disgusting. “It tastes like pollution!” I guess next time they’ll plan better. But for now, vegetarian pizza for all! (And to all a good night!)