Ben and Kate Bad Cop Bad Cop View Through

Ben and Kate Bad Cop Bad Cop View Through

Ben and Kate Bad Cop Bad Cop View Through

Ben and Kate
October 2, 2012


Ben and Kate Bad Cop Bad Cop View Through – I’m so excited to see this episode!  I LOVED the last one!

So a no car 2 car garage?  Odd how often that happens.  How often will you have sex visits, Ben?  Shoes, not waffles 🙂  How about playing risk.  This is so awkward.  Plus, Kate, it’s been 5 years.

Is BJ babysitting or did she pass out there?  How is BJ doing the walk of shame from their house?  Wouldn’t she do the walk of shame from some guy’s house?  Ben!  4th grade LOL  It sucks that you have to lie about where you live so that your child can go to the school you want them to attend.  Why can’t kids just go to the school closest to their house?

Ben, stop making a ruckus!

I’m a nervous talker too :-(….and a nervous pee-er.  If I’m nervous I have to pee!  The dentist must hate me.  Oh you two are truly a work of art together.  OMG he did NOT just call Kate down.  Who would say that to a parent?  Poor Kate 🙁

Kate, you’ll be fine…at least in real life.  Nobody would go to school to talk about where they live…unless they’re a nervous chatterer like you 🙂  So yeah, maybe you should worry.  Stop picking on Kate!  Hey, it’s like a real public school *sigh*  I can’t believe, with as nice as the house is that they live in (which is really really nice for a server’s salary)…anyway, with a house that nice, their school can’t be that bad. OH!!!!!!!  But that doesn’t mean that’s the school that’s nearest their home…just the school that the district would make them go to so that the numbers even out.  Can you tell I’m public school bitter?  Yep, it’s why we homeschool 🙂  Well, one of the many reasons that we homeschool.  Intestinal parasites…well that’s new!  In the last episode didn’t she say Maddie was 5?

OMG these two are a scream!  Tommy teaches tennis!  Poor Tommy.  On most shows I never want characters to hook up.  This is one of the few where I hope they do.

So Kate was right…she does know how to work you LOL.  Cute puppy.  Puppy goes back 🙁

You two should really just introduce yourselves as “I’m Kate and this is my brother, Ben”.  Would save a lot of explaining.  Uncomfortable much?

BJ gives Maddie dating advice.  This should be too funny.  “…melted candle…” *snort*

Just tell them tonight isn’t a good night…it’s easy.

I wonder if Tommy’s parents know about their address being used.

SO fun…were these things already in their car?  ODD.  Okay, so they did know but there were rules.  Don’t make yourself at home in your own home LOL.  Oh Kate, stop talking.  Tell people they have to go because it’s Maddie’s bedtime.  OH NO, the puppy.  WHT!  How are you guys going to pull this off.  OMG you pulled it off!


This will oh so not be pretty!  Cops are already there!  KATE!  They hell.  We should all have a Ben in our lives.

Kate, shut up, Kate.  SHUT UP, KATE!

No lizards!

Kate is making a fool of herself and looks it pays off!


Dancing with the Stars Week 2 Review

Dancing with the Stars Week 2 Review

Dancing with the Stars Week 2 View Through

Dancing with the Stars
Monday, September 24, 2012

Dancing with the Stars Week 2 Review –

Love this show – Love this show – LOVE THIS SHOW!

Brooke’s dress is pretty and age appropriate!

Oh Joey, Charlie Chaplin!  My favorite!

Sabrina, would you like to have a breast reduction with me?


Apolo!  YUM-O!

Anna!  You look HOT!

Gilles…your…your hair!  What have they done to your hair?

Kirstie, fun!


Gotta love Harold!


I didn’t bid farewell.  Drew looks like he’s more fun this week.


Melissa and Tony

OMG she seems so nice and so fun!  No they didn’t.  I love the jive!  I can’t remember who it was on this show that once said you have to act like you’re trying to flick toilet paper off of the bottom of your shoe.  Well said, Tony!  Here we go!

Her grin is infectious!  So far, it seems like a slow jive 🙁    Her feet seem, tight, tense?  Oh I love this slow bit!  She does, she seems tense.  Fun ending!

Oh, glad I was wrong!  Lyn loves it!  And Bruno commented that the jive was fast.  What’s wrong with me tonight?  And Bruno said her feet flopped and I thought they were tight LOL.  Carrie Ann looks gorgeous.  She loved it too.  I wonder who I watched?

My score predictions:  8.5s down the line.
Carrie Ann:  8
Lyn:  8
Bruno:  7.5

I’m shocked!

Mark & Bristol

“Reality star” still makes me laugh.  Quick step.  Oh they do get to pick their songs.  THAT is a shooting range?  That’s an expensive country club that has a gun range in it.

I love country music.  Mark looks goofy in country attire.  Hey, she seems comfortable!  She’s more comfortable out of hold.  MUCH more comfortable out of hold!  I don’t think Bristol chose to break the rules…I don’t like her but she can’t be blamed for the choreography.

My score predictions:  6.5s
Carrie Ann:  6
Lyn:  6
Bruno:  6

Helio & Chelsie


SUCH a cutie!  LMAO!  Listen to her scream!  HAHAHAHHA!  He’s so likable!

Looked like a real smoochie!  This song makes me miss the boat!  Oh they’re doing great!  Got a little out of sync there.  FUN!

My score predictions:  7s down the line
Carrie Ann:  8
Lyn:  7.5
Bruno:  7.5

Apolo & Karina

Shout out to Siri!  They seem to like each other more than they did last week.  OMG she kicked him in the head LOL.  At least it was slow.

He looks sexy!  This looks great!  They’re doing a great job!  VERY nice!  WOW!  GREAT JOB!  What a great routine!!!!!!!  AWESOME JOB!

My score predictions:  3 9s!
Carrie Ann:  8.5
Lyn:  8
Bruno:  8

I can’t believe that!!!!!!  BOO on the judges!

Sabrina & Louis

Her personality makes me want to punch her in the head a bit.    It’s not 3 sets of stairs, it’s 1 set of stairs with 3 steps.

Lynn won’t like you two killing time before the dance…oh, it didn’t cut into the dance.  Love this song!  Very nice.  I wonder if that’s considered breaking hold.  Didn’t quite fly up those stairs LOL.  I can’t blame her.

DO NOT compare her to Ginger Rogers.

My score predictions:  This might be the 3 9s.
Carrie Ann:  9
Lyn:  8.5
Bruno:  8.5

It wasn’t your first night, Louis LOL.

Kirstie & Maks

Kirstie kind of just…gets on my nerves.  I’m sorry.  But she’s just…to much.  I can’t imagine this is going to be pretty.

Not very good kicks.  Killing time and not dancing.  Seriously, lots of “not dancing”.

My score predictions:  6.5s
Carrie Ann:  7
Lyn:  7
Bruno:  7

Emitt & Cheryl

You have to love Emmitt!  There’s no way around it.  He showed up for rehearsals in dress pants HA.

He is an absolute showman!  He’s not showing his teeth as much as I like to see.  He smiles and I smile.  But I guess he’s acting “cool”.  I hate to say that I thought that was boring so I’m just going to stop typing for a bit.

My score predictions:  7s
Carrie Ann:  7.5
Lyn:  7.5
Bruno:  7.5

Drew & Anna

It’s because Drew seems like a jerk and a snobby jerk at that.  Moneymaker?  LOL He was able to joke about not making money LOL.  She’s good.  Alright, let’s see this other side.  Will he be nice?

WOW!  Not dancing, Lyn doesn’t like that.   Anna looks hot and screams 80s!  THAT was cool!  Lift? That was good!

Don’t act bitter, Drew!  Carrie Ann, your hair!  LOVE!

My score predictions:  8s
Carrie Ann:  7.5
Lyn:  7.5
Bruno:  7.5

Drew is more likable this week.

Joey & Kym

Geez, Joey is so funny.  I don’t know how they learn these dances every week!

Aw LOVE!  You broke hold.  LMAO!!!!!

Lyn, harsh!  OH LOL!

My score predictions:  6.5s
Carrie Ann:  7.5
Lyn:  7.5
Bruno:  7.5

SO glad I was wrong!  I’m with Kym.  With the comments I didn’t expect those scores.

Shawn & Derek

OH she’s so cute!

Look at Derek go!  GO BOY!  Shawn is doing great with this jive!  SUPER fun!

My score predictions:  8s from Carrie Ann and Bruno and 7.5 from Lyn.
Carrie Ann:  8.5
Lyn:  8
Bruno:  8.5

Kelly & Val

I wish I felt more of a connection *drink* with Kelly OR Val.  Atta girl, Kelly!  Let him see (his water broke *giggle*) what having boobs is like!

Their clothes don’t match the song.  I just realized I didn’t type during that entire song.  It was pretty but I was bored.

My score predictions:  8s

I wonder if that means they can break rules like have lifts and things like that.

Carrie Ann:  7.5
Lyn:  7
Bruno:  7.5

Gilles & Peta

 Peta and Gilles both…scary hair.  But the rest of Gilles…it can slide.  Peta, you scare me.  That video looked…weird…like they weren’t working on his leg.

OMG I just thought of who Peta looks like this week!  Remember this chick from Ghostbusters?



He has fun out there!  It’s a goofy costume and he’s confident enough in himself to just go and have fun.  I think Peta kept a foot down…I don’t think there was a lift.

My score predictions:  9s

Bless his heart about his dad 🙁

Carrie Ann:  8.5
Lyn:  8.5
Bruno:  8.5

Bottom 3, hard to pick my 3rd.  Bristol, Kirstie and…..Kelly, I guess.  And I say Kirstie will go home.


Glee Makeover View Through

Glee Makeover View Through



Glee Makeover View Through – Oh, you start out with Blaine.  ALWAYS a good thing!  OH MY! AND an 80s song!  SCORE!  He’s so amazingly hot!  Oh crap!  Am I a cougar?    SO CUTE watching TV together!  I say it each week…every male on the planet needs to dress like Blaine!  Even as a wizard he looks amazing!  Oh no, is he going to run against Brittnay?  I love that she writes everything in rainbow 😀

Kurt would be the happiest little camper working at!  Intern or not!  Kurt you’re so cute!  Kurt’s interview with Isabelle Wright (Sarah Jessica Parker) should go well.  She’s nice and they have Ohio in common!  SJP is prettier than I remember her being.  Kurt seems really calm and at ease…just the nervous tweaks that Kurt usually has.  Her character seems like she has low self esteem…or just low confidence.  Wow, on closeup, SJP looks ole…pretty but old.  Hey…you got the job!  It came with a warning LOL.

Wow, couple behind Brittnay…get a room!  NO DON’T you’re in high school!  Oh how I love Brittnay!  SNAP a jab at George Bush!

Mr. Shue looks better with longer hair.  Oh Brittnay, how I love you!  Nice shout out on the Obama birth certificate.  What’s wrong with Sam?

Oh Sue, that may well have been your best yet!

Aw, Sam is upset because Brittnay didn’t ask him to be her VP.  Palin and McCain…grandfather *snort*.  Sam does do great impressions but WOW I didn’t know he was that stupid.  Oh well, he’s cute…he’ll be fine 🙂

Leather?  Suade…underpants?  Not good sick…bad sick…that’s bad sick.  Hmmm, she got some vibe from Kurt.  So somehow she all of a sudden can put full trust in her brand new intern?  Oh Kurt…not the best response!

Oh come on Artie…say…oh she figured it out.   OMG I LOVE BRITTNAY!  Well, I did…I’m a diehard Brittnay fan but ummm, I don’t like this.  OH SAM!  NO SHIRT!  Dang it!  I am a cougar!  I don’t like this song.

Mr. Shue…are you going to quit at the end of this season of the show?  Are they getting your character bored so it’s easy to have you leave?

Dang it!  I thought we were going to get through an episode without Rachel!  They’re leotards girls.  They’re always the same LOL.  Oh, is Kurt going to “borrow” clothes or Rachel and lose his job or will it turn into SJP seeing Rachel’s transformation and giving Kurt a paid job?

Would an intern have all of this security clearance?   Especially a new one?  So I was right with guess number 2.  Hey, she doesn’t sound half bad!  Well, maybe half.    Wow they did clothes and hair…that’s odd LOL.  SJP has a smokin’ body!  Great legs.  Make sure you give Rachel every day clothes.  Apparently her leotards are out of style.  *giggle*

I hope Blaine and Kurt make it!  Uh oh…I jinxed it…Kurt isn’t listening to Blaine.

So Mr. Shue is taking an out?  Away from the kids and away from Emma.  Emma is awesome!

Aaannnddd the debate.  What will happen?  Who will surprise us?  Smart Brittnay or or dumb Blaine.  Young Orville Redenbacher *giggle* (OMG I spelled that right!).  The pimp and the gimp? LOL  Stumbles LMAO!    Artie sounds great.  Sam is sweating it.  OH SAM!  *smack*  Stripper.  High school.  STRIP SAM *RAWR* says the cougar!  GO SAM GO!  Blaine, hurtfully honest…but honest.  Brittnay?  Oh sweet girl.

WOW, she does look old…but I think her eye make-up is doing it.  Too much eye make-up.

Brody is gorgeous.  I sure wish Rachel’s character would go away.  Get over Finn!  Too flirty, too desperate.  It would suck to run and skip on that cobblestone road!  They ran off and left their phone with the old guy.  Go for it!  Nope, chickened out.

Oh funny!  Go Becky!    And our new class president is….*commercial break*…

Blaine!  Somehow I have a feeling that Kurt doesn’t have a clue…or an interest.  Oh Blaine 🙁  Sam, you’re such a good guy.  So Brittnay will end things with Santana and she and Sam will hook up?

Well I certainly wouldn’t have told Sue!  Why feed that thing?  LOL  “…butt chin…” *snort*

Rachel can’t cook…no surprise.  I hate to admit how pretty she does look.  Time to move on from Finn.  But who gets to be her age and can’t cook?  How are they drinking wine?  Maybe it’s sparkling cider.  She’s crush now…she wants more than friends now.  Aw, he didn’t mean it.  OMG it’s gong to be Finn!  I KNEW IT!!!  OH CRAP!