Ghost Hunters Camp Fear View Through

Ghost Hunters Camp Fear View Through

Ghost Hunters Camp Fear View Through

Ghost Hunters

Camp Fear, 2012
Rutledge, GA
Camp Rutledge
“A camp in Georgia is investigated.”

Ghost Hunters Camp Fear View Through – Before I hit play my first thought is that I hope they don’t split Steve & Tango up!  The last episode was the first episode since Grant left.  Prior to that the teams were Jason & Grant and Steve & Tango.  Steve and Tango add so much to the show and me giggle.  But the last episode, there wasn’t a single segment with them together and I was bummed 🙁

Alright, <PLAY>:

Fast forward through the previews of what’s coming up…duh!

I didn’t pay attention to the new intro (no Grant) last time the show was on so I’ll watch this time…

Still Roto Rooter…and wow, short intro!  No change other than no Grant and none of the dramatic walking towards the old house and then turning around to the camera.

I wish Steve would take photos of old barns!

Afraid of your child to go to a certain camp?  Is this Ghost Hunters or Friday the 13th?  I’d be afraid of her attending the camp because the cabins look…janky!  Nice dining all though.  WOW, this really is sounding like the first Friday the 13th movie!  ONE DROWNING A SUMMER!?!?!?!  What the heck?  Get more life guards.  No lessons learned?  *idiots*    JASON WITH STEVE & TANGO!!  OOOOOOO Happy dance in my head!!!!!!!!  Ghost protecting the environment?  Too bad we’re doing such a crumby job that the dead are having to do it for us.  *hmph* Jason always sounds so sincere when he speaks to these people!  I see Amy in night vision so much that I (no matter how many times I watch) forget she actually has red hair!  You would honestly think that they would have all of their “toys” built prior to arriving at a location.  NOTE TO SELF…don’t delete this episode!  Make sure you show Steve that they’re using rechargeable batteries for ghosty stuff!  Never mind…just paused it and sent him an email.  Okay, <PLAY>.  I love that they keep not ghosty stuff on here!  Big men afraid of bugs *giggle*.  They have to remove the labels from water bottles but they can leave that big can of Off! on the table HA!  We had those bugs all over the front of our house early this spring!  Man, I like it when Steve shows where the cameras are.  He always sounds so…sweet.  “Here’s where we have the cameras set up.  If you like where they are we’ll lock them in”.  He wants people happy.  I love you, Tango but give Steve his job back.

I have NEVER liked Brit.  He ALWAYS sees and hears things!  How long will it take.  Glad to see Brit with Jason.  I HOPE HOPE HOPE that means that Steve & Tango will be together!  They see a set of eyes…in the woods…that couldn’t possibly be an animal.  It’s quiet because you’re in the woods and there’s no wind, Brit.  It doesn’t look like a set of eyes…it looks like the little red reflector things some people have at the end of their driveways.  Are you two going to walk up to it?  UGH!  They stopped because the direction you were walking changed.  You should have walked up there anyway.  I’m debunking this because you didn’t walk up to it.

YEA!  STEVE & TANGO!  They weren’t red eyes.  Elemental spirits.  New word for me!  Gremlins?  Really? HAHAHAHAHA  I can’t believe nobody walked up to where the eyes were…not just close to them but UP TO IT.

Amy looks for bats!  Sounds like me…I’m not afraid of dead stuff…I’m afraid of living stuff!  “I just heard something move”…um, you’re in the woods…branches, animals digging…ewwwww!  Some icky bug!  Bear Grylls come to mind.  Burrowing beetles!  GROSS!

NO!  Jason took Steve from Tango!  I didn’t hear anything.  A scream?  This is interesting!  Loud enough that it echoed?  Mumbles are heard….HA!  Jason laughed at Steve jumping at bugs earlier and now Jason is squirmy…HA!  Not as squirmy as Steve.  June bugs.  I sure wish the show would not use music.  I want to hear what they hear.  I’m always amused on any ghost hunting show when they jump at noises…in the woods.  Like the woods are known for being so quiet.   Sounds like acorns, a branch/twig or pinecones falling out of a tree to me.  Something in the bushes?  In the woods?  Gotta be a ghost.  I couldn’t possibly be an animal.

UGH!  Back to Brit.  Wet foot prints for 30 to 45 minutes?  Especially during the summer months when the air is hot?  No wet foot prints for that long!

Adam is almost as bad as Brit so far as hearing and seeing things.  DOH!  Now he busts my chops.  He really did see something and it got caught on the camera!  How come nobody is walking up to these flashes of light?  I’m not buying into this one either.

Melissa, I think, is wearing the same shirt she wore at their first meeting.  OMG, it’s not a foot print…it’s just stains on a dry floor.  It’s like the splatter tests LOL.  “What does it mean if I see feet in that pattern?”.  HA!  She hasn’t experienced that.  She would have mentioned it early.  She just wants to follow the crowd.  Audio…LOVE audio proof!  Hey!  They didn’t show the team going through the evidence…I like that part 🙁  Before she ever says she’s heard something like that…I KNOW she will say she has!  She’s a follower!  Told you!  HA!  A paranoid person would say that at least 1 person drowning a year would be them causing harm…like the supposed ghost of the little boy that drowned coming and getting new friends.