How I Met Your Mother Something New

How I Met Your Mother Something New


How I Met Your Mother
May 13, 2013

So this is the season finale, but not the series finale (as I was under the impression for this whole season that it would be). Instead, we get season 9 starting this fall, which the creators promise really will finish up their tale. So for tonight: Marshall and Lily may or may not move to Rome! Ted may or may not move to Chicago! Robin and Barney may or may not have done a good deed!

While packing for Rome, Lily accidentally tells Marshall’s mother for the first time that they’re moving to Italy. Not surprisingly, Mrs. Erikson is hysterical about this fact, so Marshall takes Marvin and goes to Minnesota (so many capital Ms in that sentence…) to visit her before they leave. Lily is happy for the time alone, at first, until she realizes that she really has nothing to do. So she decides to spend the time with Ted. He’s going to his house (which he bought several seasons ago) to take care of a few things.

When they arrive at the house, Lily soon discovers that Ted plans to sell the house and move to Chicago the day after the wedding. He’s happy for Barney and Robin, and he wants them to have a successful marriage, but part of him still wants to be with Robin himself. So he cannot stand the idea of living in New York, feeling that way about his best friend’s fiancée. He tells Lily about the locket incident from last week and she reveals that years ago, when Ted was about to marry another girl named Stella (who left him at the altar), Robin got drunk and had Lily help her dig up the locket. It is in a pencil box, which now sits on Ted’s desk. He decides that it’s the perfect gift, and that he’ll give it to Robin on her wedding day. Knowing that he’s asking to be hurt, Lily encourages him to be careful.

While Lily is with Ted, Marshall is with his family. Earlier in the season, Marshall applied for a judgeship. Now, with the worst of timing, he receives the call to be told that a place has opened on the bar and he’s been accepted. He’s told in no uncertain terms that he cannot take the judgeship and go to Italy at the same time. Now he has a choice: be apart from Lily for a year, give up his dream, or ask her to give up hers. When the episode ends, he has not told her this turn of events.

Finally, Robin and Barney have gone out to celebrate their upcoming wedding. They encounter a couple who annoy them deeply, and they decide to play a trick on them. Robin has a champagne glass sent over with a ring in it. Naturally, since the man is not actually proposing, this sparks a big fight between the couple. Outside, they smoke cigars to their victory and their future, only for the couple to approach them. Their fight got them thinking, and they decided to get married for real. Barney and Robin reflect on the marriage that they inadvertently created and the fact that in less than a week, they’ll be legen—wait for it…married.

Their pun, not mine.