How I Met Your Mother Something Old

How I Met Your Mother Something Old


How I Met Your Mother
May 6, 2013

When Robin was younger, her father took her on a trip to New York City. During that trip, she decided that she would move there, someday. She buried a locket in Central Park, vowing that she would come back to dig it up, someday. She would wear it at her wedding as her Something Old, when she was in love with a big city man and a city girl herself.

In the present, she takes her father back to that place, thinking that they could dig up her locket together, and bond over the experience. Her father, however, has plans to play laser tag with Barney that day and if she doesn’t need his help, he would rather go do that. Although she’s hurt, she tells him to go have fun and gets to digging herself.

I’m not going to count Barney’s laser tag game with Robin’s father because that’s really all they do for this whole episode. Play laser tag. I kind of wish they hadn’t taken camera time to show it, because the rest of the episode was actually really good.

While Robin searches for her locket, Lily and Marshall are packing up their apartment in preparation for their yearlong trip to Italy. Because they obviously cannot pack everything, they have to sort through their belongings and decide what they’re taking with them and what they’re leaving behind for the trash. Since they’re both biased and want to take their own belongings, they call Ted in to be their judge. He has a very reasonable system: If you haven’t used something in a year, toss it.

At first, his system seems to be working very well. They’re making good progress on sorting through the accumulation of life’s clutter. Then Lily finds an old beanbag chair, which she thinks is an obvious toss. It’s in terrible condition. Marshall agrees with her, but Ted insists that they take the chair with them. He’s quite firm on his stance, to the point where they send him on an errand just to make time to throw the chair out. Ted arrives back just in time and stubbornly sits down on the thing on the street, vowing not to move until they change their mind – even at the expense of a job interview.

Finally, he admits that he doesn’t want them to throw out the chair because he’s afraid that, with them moving to Italy, their friendship won’t pass the have-you-used-it-in-a-year test. They tell him not to be silly – he’s a person, not a ratty beanbag chair. But he says that this is not just any chair, it was the first piece of furniture they bought when they moved into the apartment right after college. If they can throw away a chair with that many memories, what’s to stop them from throwing him out too?

Finally, they convince him to give up and go to his job interview. Just as he’s getting into the cab, he gets a call from Robin. She says it’s nothing big, but he knows her better than that. He arrives at Central Park to find her covered in dirt surrounded by many, many holes that she’s dug. He knows the difference between When she’s really okay and when she’s faking it, being her best friend and all. She explains that she’s been having second thoughts about marrying Barney and she thought that finding the locket would be a sign that she’s doing the right thing. When she finds the box but the locket is missing from inside, Ted has to tell her to pull it together and stop looking for signs. She’s still nervous, but she doesn’t argue with him as the show ends.

Oh yeah, in the end, Ted does give Marshall and Lily permission to get rid of the chair.