How I Met Your Mother The Bro Mitzvah

How I Met Your Mother The Bro Mitzvah


How I Met Your Mother
April 29, 2013

This was a…really strange episode. Two thirds of the way through it, I had no idea what was going on. Future Ted introduces the episode as basically the night that Barney ruined his life. It start with Robin about to go to dinner with Barney and his mother. He just needs to make a quick stop and then he’ll be by her side, being supportive as she deals with his weirdly clingy mom. Instead, he’s kidnapped by none other than…Ted and Marshall! They’re off to give Barney the bachelor party of his dreams, right according to his specifications! Sort of…

They don’t take him to Atlantic City, because he has a gambling problem. Instead, they take him to a seedy hotel outside of Atlantic City where they plan to play a drinking game to Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth. He wanted a naked magician, they invite a balloon-contorting clown. He wanted a stripper, they hire Quinn, Barney’s ex-fiancée. She won’t strip for him, due to their history, so he gets locked in the bathroom. Lily brings the star of The Karate Kid, but it’s Ralph Machio and Barney is weird and roots for the blonde kid whose name I don’t know instead. Amid all this, Robin keeps calling to yell at him for not being there with him and complain about how the dinner is proceeding.

Finally giving up on getting a good party, Barney decides that he wants to go back and rescue Robin after all. On the way, though, Ralph Machio goad Barney into going to Atlantic City instead, where he plays a very complicated Chinese game from the episode where he got Marshall out of town and Lily had their baby. He loses. Badly. Then he takes out a line of credit and uses Marshall as collateral and loses again. He doesn’t tell Lily about that fact until they’re in the car and pulling up in front of the restaurant where Robin is waiting. When she sees Quinn get out of the car, she realizes that Quinn was the stripper, calls off the wedding, and storms away.

Future Ted explains that none of this really happened. It was all an elaborate ruse to give Barney the worst night of his life so that he would better appreciate their bachelor party, since he has so little faith in them.

Just then, a car pulls up with Marshall and a bunch of Chinese men. They tell him that if he doesn’t return the $80,000 he owes them, they’ll kill Marshall. He rushes upstairs to get the money, only for everyone to jump out and yell SURPRISE! It’s like watching Punk’d or something. Is that show even still a thing? I don’t even know… Either way, Barney soon unravels the mystery of his terrible night and is very impressed by all the trouble Robin went to. He couldn’t be happier and the wedding continues as planned.

Oh yeah. And the clown they hired was actually the blonde kid from The Karate Kid in disguise. Go figure!