Ghost Hunters Paranormal Pioneers

Ghost Hunters Paranormal Pioneers

Ghost Hunters Paranormal Pioneers

Ghost Hunters
November 14, 2012

Ghost Hunters Paranormal Pioneers – I’m going to start this post by saying I’m THRILLED to see that Josh Gates is on this episode.  He’s my, hands down, favorite paranormal host!  I was able to meet Josh when we went to the Scarefest in Lexington, KY this year and…I stopped just short of making a fool out of myself.

Hammond Castle, looks to be an interesting episode!

We learn from Steve and when he met Josh he found out that Josh lived nesxt to the cape.

The castle is 1920’s recreation of a goth castle built by John Hayes Hammond, Jr. as a wedding gift for his wife Irene Fenton Hammond.  Claims in the castle include disembodied voices and moving objects, uneasy feelings and full body apparitions.

Jason, Steve, Amy and Haily Hawes arrive at the castle.  Josh comes out to greet them and asks how they like his summer home.  Josh grew up 2 minutes from the castle and, true story, his prom was almost held at the castle but it was “deemed too scary”.

The Investigation
Gloucester, Massachusetts
Hammond Castle
Tuesday, 3:48pm

 Jason, Josh, Steve & Tango meet John Pettibone, Executive Director/Curator of the castle.

The castle was once a residence but is now a museum and it shows the eccentric and creepy lifestyle that was once “home”.  Some oddities include tombstones built into the walls, a skull from a crew member of Columbus’ voyage and a child’s tomb from ancient Rome.

Pettibone tells the crew that Hammond believed if you brought back architectural relics you also brought back spirits of the original owners.  Hammond experimented with the paranormal in some called a Faraday Cage (which was used to block manmade radio waves) which is now referred to as The Dead Spot.  John & Irene believed in the occult and broke ground in investigating.  Irene was an astrologer and psychic.  Seances used to be held in the castle.  Hammond built devices for paranormal experiments held in the castle…such as the Faraday Cage.  The Faraday Cage looks like a small room.

Faraday Cage

Photo Courtesy of Ghost Hunter’s on Facebook.

Faraday Cage

Photo Courtesy of Ghost Hunters on Syfy.

A medium would sit in the cage which removed her from people and the outside.  This prevented the medium from transmitting or communicating with anybody.  Voltage was run through the cage so if the medium attempted to reach through it they would be electrocuted.  Long story short…it kept them from cheating or faking anything.

There are claims of both John and Irene being seen.  We’re shown 2 photos (that were taken one right after the other) that is thought to be an apparition moving up the steps.  I tend to think it’s a lens flare.

Voices, speaking foreign languages, are heard in the library and there are claims that books have flown off of the shelves.

On the 2nd floor is the medieval bedroom.  People feel uneasy and cool.  One person even claims to have felt something move through him.

A little girl was frightened by something she saw on the 2nd floor.  She saw a hand reach out towards her face.  Yep, that would freak me out!

Josh says he heard stories of cats growing up.  The family had 12 cats and John claimed he would come back as a black cat.  A lot cats are seen around the castle.  Hmmmm….


Lights out!

STEVE & DAVE!!!!  They’re in the Great Hall at 9:29pm.  This could only be better if Josh was with them.  The 3 of them investigating together could really make my day!  Apparitions and footsteps are the claims of the Great Hall.  Girl Scouts heard crunching footsteps.  Apparently, John Hammond had trouble with his feet and had to wear special shoes.  The speculation is that the crunching footsteps came from the spirit.  Steve & Tango see a photo of John and a black cat is on the staircase.  There’s a fountain or water “toy” of some type in the room and Steve wonders if that could make a “audio matrixing” making people believe they hear footsteps.

At 9:35pm, Amy and Adam are in the library which is also known as the Whisper Room.  Voices are heard in this room.  Amy & Adam reach out to John by stating that they have interest in the paranormal also.

6 hours into the investigation,Steve reaches out saying that they are trying to continue his work by adding science to paranormal investigating.  Tango says that just like Hammond wanted proof, they would like to proof also and ask if he can provide them with such.  Tango points out the digital recorder.  Steve & Tango both hear voices … Tango hears laughter and asks over the radio if anyone is talking or laughing…nope.  Tango points out that it sounded like a female voice.  They move closer to the water fountain to see if perhaps the sound of the water was playing tricks with their ears.  They don’t believe this was the case.

Adam reaches out to Irene at 10:06pm in the library and asks her to join them.  Adam and Amy both hear a voice that Adam thinks was a voice and Amy thinks was “interference”.  Amy asks Mr. Hammond, if that was him, to please continue.  Adam points out that they are not psychic and John needs to be more aggressive if that is him that they are hearing.  A whistle is heard from inside the library.  We’re able to hear it.  It doesn’t sound like a person whistling…it almsot sounded more like wind blowing through a window.  That’s not what it was because it wasn’t long enough but it’s the best description of the sound I can offer.  Again, the two reach out to John….they can hear him but need him to try harder and hope that he is eager to help them out since they share a common interest.

In the Great Hall at 11:20pm we have Jay and Steve (WHERE is my Josh?).  Jason reaches out saying he knows that John and Irene were fans of the paranormal and ask if he’ll reach out to them.  We can hear sounds from the balcony…we can hear it as they do, no enhancement is needed.  John has been seen in the balcony before.  Jay sees a flickering light but it turns out to be a light house in the distance.

I am going to be one majorly ticket off girl if I’m waiting to see Josh and they’ve ended up pairing him with Britt and/or Ashley.

The Medevil Room, 2nd floor at 11:39pm and we have Britt and KJ.  BOO!  This leaves Ashley that we haven’t seen…SHE will end up with Josh…NO!!!!  An apparition has been seen in the bed before.  They set up a REM Pod and Geo censor around the bed and start reaching out to John.  This was one of his favorite rooms.  Devices start going off…the Geo phone on the bed.  KJ asks questions and gets responses via the Geo phone.  It’s pretty cool!  They get an EMF spike .1, .2….

Laboratory Museum at 11:56pm…Amy and Adam.  A lot of John’s lab equipment is in the room.  Awww, look at Amy’s little pregnant belly!

JOSH, Amy and Haily go to the library at 12:22am.  Amy wanted to go back because of the evidence she received earlier with Adam.  Haily looks bored out of her mind.  Amy and Josh hear a voice from the hallway.  Josh asks if they can give them proof that they are around by moving something or making a sound.

Jay and Steve are in the Great Hall at 12:31am.  Jay reaches out to Mr. Hammond again.  The two hear a female voice.  Jay says that John was a jokester.  Again, voices are heard and both men react.  Jay says it sounded like a weird voice “coming through on static.”.

Amy calls to Jay and Steve and asks where they are.  She asks them to talk to verify it’s not them that they are hearing in the library.  They can’t be heard.

Jay and Steve hear sounds again.  Jay says that there are no hard wood floors but that’s what it sounds like.

The Investigation
Gloucester, Massachusetts
Hammond Castle
Wednesday, 12:38am

We’re 8 hours into the investigation.  I’m having to adjust to Steve and Tango have so many occurrences.  When the teams were broken up with Jason & Grant being together and Steve & Tango being together…Jay & Grant ALWAYS had experiences yet Steve & Tango rarely did.  It made me have more faith in Steve & Tango because they weren’t ALWAYS having things happen.  Now, they’re kind of turning into Jay & Grant where they always experience something.  I don’t know if it’s for the show, power of suggestion or if the team is just going to locations with more activity.

Amy asks Josh if he moved.  She heard something, to her right, slide.  It wasn’t him.  Josh asks if there’s anyone in the room with them.  Haily hears deep rumbling that she has a hard time describing.  Amy hears a noise and asks if that’s what Haily heard, it is.  Amy says it sounds like a whimper or a female and it’s similar to what she and Adam heard.  Haily says it’s raspy.  Josh (YEA JOSH) points out that sounds are bouncing off of the doam in the room and making them all hear the same noise differently.

TAPS Command Central we have Tango, KJ, Britt & Ashley.  They’re going out to search for ghost cats and to see if they can get a cat to come by calling out to Mr. Hammond.

9 hours into the investigation JK, Britt and Ashley go to the gravesite of Mr. Hammond.  His headstone reads:

John Hays Hammond, Jr.
April 13, 1888 – February 12, 1965

Britt says that over the years, since Hammond’s death, stray black cats come to the grave.  They call out “hey kitty, kitty”.  Nothing shows up on the thermal.  Ashley asks “Where you right about reincarnation?  Did you get to come back as a cat like you wanted?’.  They hear a noise.  Britt says it sounded like a cat running through the bushes.  Nothing on the thermal.

In the Great Hall at 1:54am, JOSH joins Jay and Steve and asks what experiences they’ve had.  Steve tells him that they’ve had a lot of movement and voices.  Josh asks if there’s anyone there and all 3 start reaching out.  Steve says that they also have a Faraday Cage that they use and Josh says that he knows that John liked to play music and asks if he’ll play some music for them or make a sound to let them know that he’s there.  The 4th stair was his favorite step to sit so they approach the stairs when they’re stopped by a sound…a male voice possibly coming from the steps.

The Investigation
Gloucester, Massachusetts
Hammond Castle
Wednesday, 2:12am

10 hours into the investigation.  Josh asks “Dr. Hammond, was that you trying to communicate with us?”.  No response.  Jay suggests sending Josh and Ashley in the Great Hall together.

Ashley and Josh start an EVP session in the Great Hall.  Ashley puts a K2 meter on the floor close to where the Faraday Cage was and tells Mr. Hammond how it works…it lights up.  Josh asks if whomever is in the room with them will make a noise.  They hear something that sounds like a rattle or something dropping in the courtyard.  They head out.  They’re now in the pool room at 2:59am.  Uneventful.

KJ and Britt are back in the Medevil Room at 3:15am.  They set up A LOT of equipment.  Brit asks if they will light up the Geo phone to let them know they’re there.  The Geo phone and REM pod go off.  He asks if it’s someone other than the Hammonds to light the machine up again, no response.  He asks if they remember he and and JK being in the room earlier.  The Geo phone lights up.

The Investigation
Gloucester, Massachusetts
Hammond Castle
Wednesday, 3:23am

12 hours into the investigation.  Britt asks if they’re looking for help.  No response.  He asks if they’re bored and looking for entertainment, it lights up!  KJ asks if they’re as intrigued with them as they are with them…lights up.  He then asks if it will be okay if they come back again some other day…lights up!

Josh and Ashley go downstairs below the library…looks like the museum.  The chandelier is moving A LOT!  Josh asks if it’s Dr. Hammond.  They stop it from swinging and Ashley goes upstairs.  They’re going to see if their walking made the chandelier move.  She walks and jumps up and down…it doesn’t move.

Jay calls end the investigation and tells Josh he’s always welcome.

The Reveal
Gloucester, Massachusetts
Hammond Castle
Friday, 11:14am

Jay and Steve goes back to meet with John Pettibone and reveal their findings.  Everything is what I’ve listed above UNTIL they play an EVP that sounds like a voice saying “Hammond”.