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Scarefest 2015

Scarefest 2015




April 4, 2015

Scarefest 2015 is coming!  We booked our hotel room yesterday and I’m already counting the days (159 LOL) until we go!  This will be our 4th year attending.  We used to just drive an hour from Louisville, KY to Lexington, KY.   February, 2014 we moved to Colorado.  So, starting last year, we fly.  TOTALLY worth the travel!!!

You can view other photos we’ve taken (some aren’t good because I took some instead of our photographer…yeah, I’m not very good) by searching “Scarefest” in our search bar.

Here’s hoping that Ghost Adventures will be at Scarefest (especially Aaron Goodwin…OMG, what a mega nice guy!).  I’d also love to see Amy from the Dead Files again.  Any, holy smokes, can you imagine if Neil Patrick Harris came since he was on American Horror Story Freak Show?!?!?!  I’d also love to see anyone associated with the movie Grave Encounters!

Many updates to come!

April 6, 2015
Just got our media passes confirmed!

April 10, 2015
Updated appearance list

April 18, 2015
Updated appearance list

April 26, 2015
Updated appearance list

June 14, 2015
Updated appearance list

June 26, 2015
Updated appearance list

July 11, 2015
Updated appearance list

July 11, 2015
Special Events


Celebrity Ghost Hunt & De-BunkCelebrity Ghost Hunt & De-Bunk with Steve Dischiavi
This announcement is VERY Special to us, as this is a FIRST for ScareFest! Everyone LOVED The Ghost Hunts that we used to do… well we brought it back times 100! It’s bigger and better than ever before… We are so proud to Announce this limited seating event! Get your tickets now we WILL Sell Out!

ScareFest with Ghost Hunt Weekends & The Lexington Public Library, Present: Celebrity Ghost Hunt & De-Bunk with Steve Dischiavi!!!!

Saturday, Sept. 12th 6pm-8pm Central Library.

Limited engagement,
Steve DiSchiavi, Retired NYPD Detective & Co-Star of Travel Channel’s hit TV Series “Dead Files” leads a historical investigation and history tour through Lexington Public Library’s Central Library, former location of the Historic & Haunted Phoenix Hotel, where he will provide a Detective’s factual point of view on the claimed “hauntings” and activity still experienced in this beautiful & modern Central Library. Ghost Hunt Weekends’ Chad Morin & Team will be facilitating the full investigation!

Guest Psychic to assist in the investigation & evidence collection, and historical documentation. Psychic to be announced. Attendees will enjoy an intimate & exclusive group setting for casual meet & greet and interaction with Steve, as well as many other perks!

Complimentary Wine & Craft Beer provided for all ticket holders! Transportation to and from the Library & Convention Center provided by Lextran Trolley & Uber Car services.

$60 per person. Limited availability.

Please visit: to secure your reservation!


Dead StillDead Still
This is another SCAREFEST FIRST! We are so proud to say, that we are the FIRST to Present this Screening in the USA! We are proud to announce:

ScareFest with The Booth Brothers, & The Lexington Public Library Foundation Presents:

The Booth Brothers Celebrity Screening Party of Syfy Channel’s “Dead Still”-The Directors Cut. Never Before shown or released in the U.S.!

Saturday, September 12th, 8pm-10pm in the Central Library’s Farish Theater.

join Celebrity film-makers, Christopher and Philip Adrian Booth for this limited seating engagement in this state-of-the-art digital HD Theater as they present their Director’s Cut of the Award winning horror film “Dead Still”.

The Booth Brothers will be on hand for Q & A, photos and autographs as well as several other surprises! Cast and Props from the movie will be on hand.

Complimentary Wine & Craft Beer provided for all ticket holders! Transportation to and from The Library & Convention Center provided by Lextran Trolley & Uber Car Services. Transportation back the Lexington Center in plenty of time to enjoy the Saturday Night Costume Ball!

Limited tickets available, $10 per person:

Get your tickets now!! We WILL Sell out!
Please visit: to secure your reservation!

 Confirmed Appearances

A. Michael Badwin

Photo Courtesy of

A. Michael Baldwin ~ Phantasm
Phantasm legacy started 36 years ago. ScareFest is so excited to announce A. Michael Baldwin. Please share our announcement with your friends and family so they too will be able to meet Michael.

Adam Bonnett

Photo Courtesy of

Adam Bonnett ~ Paranormal Investigator
He’s quickly becoming a ScareFest Fav!…. and has one of the best attitudes and outlooks on overcoming obstacles that we have seen! The ScareFest Owners & Organizers are constantly pushing to promote non profits, community efforts & Charity work…. We are so pleased to announce a Special Guest that has these interests at heart also…
Please Welcome.. Mr. Adam Bonnett!!!

Adam Bonnett, “Glider”, is a paranormal investigator, but not just any paranormal investigator. What makes him different than all the others? He is in a wheelchair. He created and copyrighted Glider, a ghost in a wheelchair, to represent that anything is possible and there are no limitations to what a person can do! He speaks about overcoming challenges in life and investigations by finding creative alternatives to physical limitations.

Adam’s Presentation will include descriptions and pictures of his life from birth to present including risks, accomplishments and awareness and will also include his work in the Paranormal Field!

Amanda Bearse

Photo Courtesy of

Amanda Bearse ~ Amy Peterson ~ Fright Night
You may know her from the Fox Hit Series, “Married With Children”… but she is being celebrated for her performance as “Amy Peterson” on the Tom Holland hit Film Fright Night! Please Welcome:

As well as acting, she is also an accomplished Director, directing over 30 Episodes of Married With Children, as well as other sitcoms such as “Reba” , “Dharma & Greg” and “Veronica’s Closet”.

Amy Allan

Photo Courtesy of

Amy Allan ~ The Dead Files
I met Amy last year and sat in on her group talk.  She is remarkably funny and entertaining and SUPER nice!
We know you’ve been waiting on this one…. She’s a one of a kind Paranormal Investigator & Physical Medium and a dear friend of ScareFest, From The Travel Channel hit series The Dead Files, Please Welcome Back:

Amy’s interest in paranormal phenomena began at age four when she says she was tormented by “shadow people” in her Arvada, CO home. Since then, she’s been on a journey to unravel the mysteries of the unexplained.

Amy’s abilities have been studied and tested by leading para-psychologists. She has worked with private investigators, police agencies and has conducted more than 350 investigations in both private homes and businesses.

Amy studied Psychology at the University of Arizona and was mentored by world-renowned Para-psychologist , Dr William Roll .

Angus Scrimm Tall Man

Photo Courtesy of

Angus Scrimm ~ The Tall Man
For everyone who has been asking.. waiting… wondering… plotting…. YES it’s TRUE! We are so proud to present the one and only ANGUS SCRIMM! Angus is best known for his character as “The Tall Man” in the “Phantasm” movie franchise,but has a full and lengthy career in other avenues such as Theater, Television and Journalism. Mr. Scrimm is a Grammy Award winner, for best album notes, having written thousands of LP and CD liner notes for Artists ranging from Frank Sinatra to The Beatles! Fangoria Magazine inducted Mr. Scrimm into the Horror Hall of Fame alongside the likes of Stephen King, Vincent Price and Anthony Hopkins! Angus is still very active in continuing the Phantasm anthology with the new and upcoming Phantasm Ravager! We are so excited to have a full line up of the original Phantasm cast! Let’s show Mr. Scrimm a huge ScareFest Welcome!

Ari Lehman The First Jason

Photo Courtesy of

Ari Lehman – The First Jason
You know him as “The First Jason”… Please give a LOUD ScareFest Welcome for: ARI LEHMAN!

Ari was in fact the VERY FIRST Jason Voorhees,in Friday The 13th appearing on the big screen in 1980!!

Since this filming, he has gone on to appear in many other horror related films and documentaries. Today, he tours as front-man of his Metal Band, FIRST JASON, as well as appearing in several other film projects that are in the works! Stay tuned here for more info on a Special SCAREFEST gig/project that Ari has lined up for us!!!

Ben Hansen Fact or Faked Paranormal Files

Photo Courtesy of

Ben Hansen ~ Fact or Faked Parnormal Files
We are excited to announce BEN HANSEN! Long time host of SyFy Channel’s: Fact or Faked; The Paranormal Files! Ben is also a celebrated Speaker and Consultant in other areas of the Paranormal Genre! Lets give him a BIG SCAREFEST WELCOME!

Ben Peter

Photo Courtesy of

Ben Peter ~ Face Off
He’s on the Current Season of SyFy’s Hit Series FACEOFF! (Season 8) Former Student of LA’s Cinema Make Up School, he is making a huge hit to the Professional Make up and FX Scene! Please give a HUGE ScareFest welcome to: BEN PETER!

Bertena Varney

Photo Courtesy of

Bertena Varney ~ Author
We have the original “Vampire Professor” Herself, Miss Bertena Varney. M.A., M.Ed.

Bertena became entranced by vampires at a young age and was excited when she attended college and found that she could spend her graduate work studying these creatures of the night.

She has masters degrees in sociology, criminology, history, and education and is currently a sociology instructor at SKYCTC in Bowling Green, KY.

She has spent the last five years writing pop culture books, presenting at conferences, conventions, libraries, and colleges and is currently incorporating lessons on Buffy and more into her sociology courses. She has written or contributed to eight non fiction books on vampires to date.

For her ScareFest Seminar she will be talking about Vampires in Education and will be part of a panel with Eric Vernor and Michele Belanger discussing the vampire as well.

Bill Thornbury

Photo Courtesy of

Bill Thornburry ~ Phantasm
Phantasm legacy started 36 years ago. ScareFest is so excited to announce Bill Thornbury. Please share our announcement with your friends and family so they too will be able to meet Bill.

Booth Brothers

Photo Courtesy of

The Booth Brothers
These brothers are Professional Film-makers, Musicians and Artists. that have been featured on Syfy, Chiller, iTunes, Hulu, Red box, Xbox, Roku, Amazon, Sony Pictures, Columbia Pictures, NBC Universal, Paramount and more!

They are best known for: Death Tunnel (Sony Pictures), Spooked, Children Of The Grave, The Possessed (as seen on Syfy and Chiller), The Exorcist File (Red box) and Dead Still (Syfy)

Please give a Loud ScareFest Welcome for CHRISTOPHER SAINT BOOTH & PHILIP ADRIAN BOOTH—-

Butch Patrick

Photo Courtesy of

Butch Patrick ~ Eddie Munster ~ The Munsters
One of the nicest people to meet at Scarefest!

Also a former resident of 1313 Mockingbird Lane…..He is best known as “EDDIE MUNSTER” the youngest of the MUNSTER Bunch, ,
Please Welcome Back to ScareFest: BUTCH PATRICK”!!

Butch also appeared in hit shows such as “My Favorite Martian”, “Gunsmoke” & “Bonanza”

Stay posted here, for some special MUNSTER Announcements coming to ScareFest 8! Lots of fun to be had this year!

CL ParkerC.L. Parker ~ Author
C. L. Parker is a romance author who writes stories that sizzle. She’s a small-town girl with big-city dreams and enough tenacity to see them come to fruition. Having been the outgoing sort for all her life—which translates to “she just wouldn’t shut the hell up”—it’s no wonder Parker eventually turned to writing as a way to let her voice, and those of the people living inside her head, be heard. She loves hard, laughs until it hurts, and lives like there’s no tomorrow. In her world, everything truly does happen for a reason.

Stay posted here to read about exactly what C.L. has in store for us with her seminar! It proves to be tantalizing!

Chip Coffey

Photo Courtesy of

Chip Coffey ~ Psychic Medium
I’d like to ad a personal comment to this, I met Chip a couple of times at Scarefest.  He is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met in my entire life!

We are so Blessed and Excited to have our long time ScareFest Friend and Celebrity Guest.Chip Coffey! Chip is a Psychic, Medium, and Spiritual Counselor. When he’s not filming he is touring with his famous “Coffey Talk” Event and Appearing at many Paranormal Events throughout the US. He is best known for the A&E Hit Series: Paranormal State & Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal! Watch our Official Website, along with Facebook and Twitter for more info coming on his Appearance Schedule at ScareFest this year! Welcome back Chip!

Chris DedmanChris Dedman ~ Spiritual Warrier
We are proud to announce another ScareFest favorite speaker, Chris Dedman. Chris, a native of Lexington, Kentucky has been researching and investigating the paranormal for many years. Chris would have his first experience with the other side at the age of 12 where he had an out of body experience watching EMT’s vigorously work to bring him back after a horrific firework explosion. Then at the age of 15 Chris saw his first ghost while filming the movie Gettysburg in Gettysburg, PA. This personal experience gave Chris the desire and motivation to seek out answers within the paranormal field. Due to his investigating of the paranormal, Chris works with several families on cases dealing with possible paranormal and demonic activity and teaches them how to deal with it. Chris is a member of Unity, A Journey of Hope which is a non-profit charity that grants wishes to terminally ill adults and the Paranormal Clergy where he is studying under Arch Bishop James Long to become a Demonologist.

Chris has lectured at variety of paranormal conventions across the United States and has worked with many top names in the paranormal field. Chris has been featured on the Travel Channel’s Most Terrifying Places in America, and Ghost Adventures, The Discovery Channel’s Ghost Lab, Bio’s My Ghost Story and in a featured article in TAPS ParaMagazine. In October of 2008, one of Chris’s cases rocked the nation when it aired on A&E’s Paranormal State entitled “I AM SIX”. It is because of this case and the things he now has to face on a daily bases that has made Chris a Haunted Survivor. Chris is now taking his personal experiences with the Demonic and has decided to make it his mission to help others that are dealing with these same hunting’s. Chris is always looking for ways to help others in the field, but above all it’s not to prove demons or poltergeist exists, it’s to help people that do know. Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good (Romans 12:21)

Corvis NocturnumCorvis Nocturnum ~ Eerie America
Corvis, is an author, publisher and lecturer who has written over a dozen books on popular culture. The content ranges from vampires and zombies to the Devil and the occult. He has also been a consultant for A&E Channel’s Paranormal State. you can read more about Corvis at

For his presentation at this year’s ScareFest, he will be sharing stories and video of his pilot episode from Eerie America, revealed exclusively at ScareFest, DVDs of the entire series will be on hand, autographed by the cast and crew.

Eerie America could very well be called The Fodor’s Travel Guidebook for The Addams Family. This is a series of travel documentaries geared towards educating people on the unique historic locations, fun facts, and promote tourism to some of the most incredible spots across the nation. Eerie America’s special niche is in defining and exploring Dark Tourism – which celebrates the macabre, the unusual, and the strange. Dark Tourism will serve to demystify the “demon in the dark” while retaining its intellectual allure. Where are these places and what are they? They can be found in every city, town and village throughout the nation, often hiding in plain sight. From bizarre dining experiences at The Jekyll & Hyde Restaurant and Bar to overnight stays at a the Lizzy Borden Bed and Breakfast murder scene and everything in between, Eerie America will shine a light on those secluded places across our vast country. Like a documentary, occasionally special celebrity guests who have knowledge about a topic or location will make an appearance, such as special guests author Rosemary Ellen Guiley, Monster Quest’s Ken Gerhard, Paranormal State’s Michelle Belanger, Haunted Collectors Brian J. Cano, Haunted Encounters Daniel Hooven and many others!

Chris Suicidal Blair

Photo Courtesy of

Chris Suicidal Blaire ~ Costume Artist
Chris is an Industry Professional Costume Artist and Independent Actor. He is very well known in the Horror Scene for amazingly accurate and film-specific costumes & characterizations of many top billed Horror movie characters! One of his most well known.. is his rendition of “PINHEAD” from the movie “HELLRAISER”, As well as many many others that you will see during ScareFest!

Just keep watching to see what we have up our sleeves for the Costume Ball this year! CHRIS is a very welcome addition to the ScareFest line up this year!

ChristineChristine ~ Authentic Reproduction Christine Movie Car
Whats better than having 2 awesome actors from the Hit Film Christine? Having Bill Gibson’s Christine Movie Car of course!!!

Bill Gibson’s Christine Movie Car is the most expansive, immersive Christine experience traveling today, now with nine years of thrilling fans under her wheels. Gibson took his passion for the 1983 Stephen King novel and film, and poured it into a loving restoration that stands as a detail-for-detail screen accurate representation of the titular homicidal vehicle, made of actual parts from cars featured in the John Carpenter directed horror classic. Not only do fans get to meet Bill and his 2013 Mopar Hall of Fame inducted Plymouth, but they get to spend time pouring over the world’s largest mobile Christine museum, featuring memorabilia, props, collectibles and original merchandise that can only be seen at one of Christine Movie Car’s appearances.

As featured in Fangoria, Horrorhound and Mopar magazines, Christine Movie Car offers more than your average show car experience, as she comes to life before your eyes, headlights glowing, smoke rolling and doo wop tunes flowing. Gibson has outfitted his ‘girl’ with state of the art effects that recreate actions from the movie, putting convention patrons “inside” the motion picture. Just hope she doesn’t get too close!

Often imitated, never duplicated, Bill Gibson’s Christine Movie Car offers a rare treat for fright fans and hot rod lovers alike.

Check out more at:

Circus Envy and the Deadly Sins

Photo Courtesy of

Circus Envy and the Deadly Sins
As with many of our Celebrity Guests.. some of them touch our hearts in such a way.. that they just become intertwined into the very fabric of what ScareFest is…. Family… Horror Family, Paranormal Family and the rest of us uncategorized Freaks…

Please give a HUGE Welcome Back to “The Divine Trixter: CIRCUS ENVY!!”

Nicholas Vincent/Circus Envy will be offering up New & Special performances for our show this year! Along with his troupe: Circus Envy and the Deadly Sins, you’ll witness a truly professional sideshow act! Keep watch for a special announcement about an EXCLUSIVE ALL STAR PANEL in the works with Circus Envy and a few other amazing celebs!

Derek White

Photo Courtesy of

Derek White ~ Costume Artist
This is the year to celebrate the many Costume Artists & Professional Character Actors! So many talents!

This next Artist joined us last year along side Circus Envy & The Deadly Sins, as LOUIE from Anne Rice’s: Interview With A Vampire.. but he also has MANY MANY other characters and faces. From Atlanta, GA he works professionally as a Model, Character Actor and is quickly becoming part of the close knit ScareFest Family!
Please give a HUGE ScareFest Welcome for> DEREK WHITE!

Don Soscarelli

Photo Courtesy of

Don Coscarelli ~ Writer, Director ~ Phantasm
We are so happy to announce Award Winning Producer/Director and ScreenWriter: Mr. Don Coscarelli! Don is the Writer & Director behind Phantasm as well as a full line up of other Award winning movies such as Beastmaster, Bubba Ho-Tep and John Dies at The End. We are so excited to add him to our Phantasm Line Up! Please Welcome Don to ScareFest!

Dracula Dragster

Photo Courtesy of

Dracula Dragster ~ The Munster Car
This is a SPECIAL Presentation of a CLASSIC HORROR Prop Line Up… Something AWESOME you can participate in.. and interact with!
Please give a HUGE WELCOME to:
Keep posted here to find out details for Exclusive Photo Op Options, Pre-Sales and Schedules for you or your family to make life long memories here at ScareFest! For more info on the OFFICIAL MUNSTER CARS Please Visit:

Elizabeth Fields

Photo Courtesy of

Elizabeth Fields ~ Author
We are so pleased to announce our next special guest speaker, Best Selling Author: Elizabeth Fields!!

Elizabeth is a talented young female writer/actress/model & film maker, who is breaking into the world of horror & science fiction with ease. She recently placed 4th on the top sellers list on downloads on
Stories from both of her Horror Collections, Don’t Let Them In & Still The Shadows,are now under development for screen adaptation and slated to begin filming in 2015.

Elizabeth is an avid lover of all things horror!! Her major influences being Carpenter, King and Koontz. Elizabeth’s horror stories often include elements of Science Fiction such as The Joys of Motherhood and Lucy as well as thriller horror. She has a large fan base following in Young Adult Fiction, Horror and the Science Fiction genres. Her work has been reviewed and esteemed by reviewers and critics from sites such as Renfield Rasputin, indiwriters monthly , John Clements, Matthew Scott Baker and the UK’s snakebite horror Nathan Robinson. Please click on the link below to read the full reviews. She is also a featured author in the “Cemetery Moon”, anthology.

Erika Ervin

Photo Courtesy of

Erika Ervin ~ American Horror Story Freak Show
American Horror Story: Freak Show begins its tale in the quiet, sleepy hamlet of Jupiter, Florida. The year is 1952. A troupe of curiosities has just arrived to town, coinciding with the strange emergence of a dark entity that savagely threatens the lives of townsfolk and freaks alike. ScareFest is so pleased to announce Erika Ervin who will be joining ScareFest this September. Please share our announcement with your friends and family so they too will be able to meet Erika.

Evil EdEvil Ed ~ Stephen Geoffreys
He’s an awesome addition to our “FRIGHT NIGHT” cast line up this year! You know him best as “EVIL ED” from the movie.. Please give a HUGE ScareFest Welcome to:

Stephen Geoffreys!!!!

Stephen’s role in the 1985 Hit Movie Fright Night is what landed him the recognition amongst 80’s Horror Buffs… but he also appeared in other 80’s hit horror films such as:

976-EVIL from 1989 and other movies such as “Heaven Help Us” 1985 and “At Close Range” 1986

George Turner

Photo Courtesy of

George Turner ~ Parnormal Investigator ~ Forensic Analyst
Paranormal investigator, Author and magazine publisher, Mr. George Turner!

George’s interest in the paranormal began in 2001 after a series of unexplained events that was truly unnerving. His investigations and research has lead him to many other people who shared their experiences and introduced him to myths, legends and theories in the field that we call the PARANORMAL.

George has appeared on numerous paranormal topic podcast shows and his works has appeared in newspapers, pagan topic magazine and more.

His Seminar at ScareFest is meant for anyone interested in the science and technology behind Paranormal Investigations! He will delve heavily into reporting tools and procedures as well as many other fundamental elements of Investigation!


Gigi Fast Elk

Photo Courtesy of

Gigi Fast Elk ~ Phantasm
Phantasm legacy started 36 years ago. ScareFest is so excited to announce Gigi Fast Elk. Please share our announcement with your friends and family so they too will be able to meet Gigi.

Hollywood Prop CollectorHollywood Prop Collector ~ Official Screen-Used Movie Props
This is not necessarily in the “celebrity” category.. but this business deals in AUTHENTIC celebrity collectibles, movie props and Interactive props.. which is sure to add much more fun & great memories from your own photo ops! Be sure to snap a pic of the Original Green Goblin Head!

Please welcome: Hollywood Prop Collector!

We started collecting movie props and wardrobe back in 1987 when we purchased the Green Goblin head that was used on the Happy Toyz truck in Stephen King’s Maximum Overdrive! We have been hooked ever since. We keep over 500 items in stock most of the time. We teamed up with Bruce Hubbard of The Williams Collection and formed The United Movie Collectors Guild to help bring collectors together and to help fight fraudulent sales of movie memorabilia.

Every item we have comes with a C.O.A. (Certificate Of Authenticity) from the movie studio or original prop house, L.O.A. (Letter Of Authenticity) and in some cases… our C.O.A. We have been a collector / dealer of fine original authentic movie props, wardrobe, and misc. movie memorabilia for many years!

Jack Montgomery
Jack Montgomery ~ Author
Jack is the Author of “American Shamans: Journeys with Traditional Healers” –Magical healings, ghostly encounters, and alternate realities have been a part of American society since the first colonial settlements. Author Jack Montgomery provides ample historical and personal material to reveal a largely hidden world, primarily influenced by African, Celtic and German roots, that still exists today. It is a spiritual journey into the depths of American folk religion, shamanism and applied mysticism that spans over three decades of research.

Mr. Montgomery is currently an Associate Professor, and LIbrarian at Western KY University in Bowling Green Kentucky! W

Keep posted here, and our website for more info on this special Seminar hosted by this esteemed local KY Author!

Jamie Brewer

Photo Courtesy of

Jamie Brewer ~ American Horror Story All Seasons
ScareFest Welcomes Ms. Jamie Brewer! Jamie is Best known for her roll on the FX series: American Horror Story, Season 1 as Adelaide Langdon, Jamie has a long history in all of The American Horror Story Seasons.. and she also carries the title of the First Woman with Down Syndrome to walk to red carpet at New York Fashion Week! Please help us in welcoming Jamie to ScareFest!!

Joel Robinson

Photo Courtesy of

Joel Robinson ~ Official Event Designer
He’s an amazing Professional “Master Artist” and a very dear friend to ScareFest… Please give a huge welcome to our OFFICIAL SCAREFEST ARTIST & EVENT DESIGNER: JOEL ROBINSON!!

Joel is known for his detailed renditions of some of the best in Horror! he’s also the man behind our ScareFest promo cards, billboards and much more! Stop by his booth at ScareFest and pick up some original and print artwork.. or make your purchases before the show by visiting his Official website:

Josh Gates

Photo Courtesy of

Josh Gates ~ Exhibition Unknown ~ Destination Truth
Another one I’d like to make a personal note on…Josh Gates is my hands down favorite “paranormal” person.  He isn’t really paranormal because he’s more for looking for answers & looking at the history.  My husband is a firm non-believer in the paranormal and he really enjoys listening to Josh.  He’s amazingly entertaining, SUPER nice, VERY funny and just an all around good guy!  Our first year at Scarefest, since we had media passes, we were able to go back as soon as we wanted.  As we were walking towards the area, Josh was texting on his phone and was walking in the other direction (towards us).  I elbowed my husband and, in a loud whisper, “That’s Josh Gates, OMG, that’s Josh Freaking Gates”.  We met him later and I got VERY tongue tied and apologized to him that, for the first time in my life, I was star struck!  SUCH a sweetheart!  He’s amazing at motivating you to travel!  You can tell it’s something he’s very passionate about!

Expedition Unknown chronicles the adventures of Josh Gates as he investigates iconic mysteries across the globe. We are so happy to announce that Josh will be joining ScareFest in September. Please share our announcement with your friends and family so they too will be able to meet Josh.

Kim RussoKim Russo ~ Kim, The Happy Medium ~ Television Host
ScareFest is so excited to announce world-renowned psychic-medium Kim Russo, known to many as “Kim the Happy Medium” as one of our guests. Kim currently host the popular TV Show, “The Haunting Of…” currently airing on A&E’s Lifetime Movie Network Channel. This weekly, one-hour series is a follow-up show to the long running series “Celebrity Ghost Stories”. In this TV series, Kim travels around the world to investigate locations from age-old haunted castles to previously sailed haunted cruise ships.

“The Haunting Of…” is an original series featuring world-renowned psychic-medium Kim Russo as she gives an exclusive look at celebrities who have had their lives changed by paranormal events. In “Psychic Intervention,” Kim Russo, renowned psychic medium and star of LMN’s “The Haunting of,”
uses her gift to help families facing powerful emotional and mental obstacles in their lives. These families and their loved ones are “stuck” for one reason or another and have reached a breaking point. Having unsuccessfully tried all sorts of conventional methods of therapy to solve their problems, Kim is their last hope. Sometimes the truth is hard to hear, but the other side never lies. For these people, the only way to deal with the past and embrace the future is with a psychic intervention.

Kim has also appeared on A&E’s hit show, Paranormal State, as well as on a few episodes of the hit TV show “Psychic Kids”.

Jyoti Amge Ma Petite

Photo Courtesy of

Jyoti Amge ~ Ma Petite ~ American Horror Story Freak Show
zwe have something VERY special and RARE! This appearance is not one that you will see very often on the Convention Circuit or anywhere else within the United States. Please help us give a huge & gracious ScareFest Welcome to: JYOTI AMGE!!!

Best known as Ma, Petite in the FX Hit Series “American Horror Story” Season 4, Jyoti comes to us all the way from Nagpur, India!

Jyoti is a very special person.. she has an amazing bright smile, and stands just 23 inches tall, holding the title of “The World’s Smallest Living Woman” which she was granted by Guinness World Records in 2011. She has appeared in several other pictures such as “Body Shock” and “Bigg Boss 6”. In a recent interview with ET, she states “Don’t treat me like a baby” (as that’s what most people do wrong when interacting with me),,, We are so very proud to welcome her to our very own ScareFest as the amazing bright-eyed 20yr old woman that she is.. Everyone give her a huge WELCOME!!!! and THANK YOU for coming!!!

Kathy Lester Lady in Lavender

Photo Courtesy of

Kathy Lester ~ The Lady In Lavender
Better known as “The Lady In Lavender” Kathy or “Kat” Lester portrayed the Tall Man’s Alter-Ego in the Classic Horror Film: Phantasm! In addition to her film career, she has appeared in numerous commercials and stage productions. Kat is also very talented in the Music genre and has written, recorded and performed in many live major music Venues and Events! She makes a fabulous addition to our Phantasm Line Up! Welcome Kat to ScareFest!

Larry Lutze

Photo Courtesy of

Larry Lutze ~ Character Actor
He’s becoming one of the most recognized Character Actors in the Horror Convention Scene,Please Welcome our Favorite “WereWolf” LARRY LUTZE!

With a background in Art, and several appearances in Indy Films, Larry began creating Costumes & Designs while working in the Haunted House Industry. For the past 4 years, Larry has participated in the Horror Convention Scene as a Character Actor with various custom created Costumes that are very unique and not the “norm”. Larry’s Costumes are truly a work of art, and he has created his own “niche” style for the Horror Character Industry.

Lisa LoringLisa Loring ~ Wednesday Addams
All of you CLASSIC HORROR & CLASSIC POP CULTURE buffs should be excited! She is best known for her role as the morbidly beautiful daughter of Morticia & Gomez Addams in the Original Hit TV Series from the 1964-66 The Addams Family,

Please welcome the Original Wednesday Addams herself,
Ms. Lisa Loring!!

Lisa also appeared in the Network Soap Opera, “As The World Turns” and movies such as “Blood Frenzy” 1987,

We are pleased to welcome her to our Classic Horror Line Up This year!

Malcolm DanareMalcolm Danare ~ Moochie ~ Christine
You know him as bad boy “Moochie” in the John Carpenter Blockbuster Film “Christine”!

He’s also appeared in the 1998 Mendel Craven film, Godzilla, CSI Miami, Independence Day, Robin Hood Men In Tights, and many other film and television shows! He currently has 2 films in production and is going to be an amazing asset to our 2015 ScareFest Line Up!


Mat FraserMat Fraser ~ Paul the Illustrated Man
We are VERY Pleased to welcome our next guest to our amazing and packed line up of American Horror Story “FreakShow” Cast members, Please welcome
“Paul- The Illustrated Seal” Mr. Mat Fraser!

Mat is a British born actor who still writes and performs in the UK. Aside from being an amazing Freakshow character on the AHS Series, Mat has performed and appeared in a multitude of British Television shows and movies. He is currently the Creator and the main performer in a Theatrical production: “Thalidomide!! The Musical”

Michelle Belanger

Photo Courtesy of

Michelle Belanger ~ Author/Occult Expert
We are extremely delighted to be welcoming such an amazing talent to ScareFest this year! Paranormal and Horror fans alike… please help us welcome, Celebrity Author, Investigator, Teacher, Psychic & Occult Expert: MICHELLE BELANGER!!!!

Michelle is an award winning Author best known for her work on the A&E Hit TV Series: PARANORMAL STATE, but she has also appeared on the hit TV Movie: “The Real Vampire Files,” , “Monsterquest” and ” The Secret Life of Vampires”. Michelle also works in many other Creative and dynamic avenues of Performing, Writing, Teaching and Healing.

Her Psychic abilities have been well documented and she will be participating in something AMAZING at SCAREFEST! Just watch and see what we will be announcing for Michelle!

Naomi Grossman

Photo Courtesy of

Naomi Grossman ~ Pepper ~ American Horror Story
American Horror Story: Freak Show begins its tale in the quiet, sleepy hamlet of Jupiter, Florida. The year is 1952. A troupe of curiosities has just arrived to town, coinciding with the strange emergence of a dark entity that savagely threatens the lives of townsfolk and freaks alike. ScareFest is so pleased to announce Naomi Grossman who will be joining ScareFest this September. Please share our announcement with your friends and family so they too will be able to meet Naomi.

Pat Priest

Photo Courtesy of

Pat Priest ~ Marilyn Munter ~ The Munsters
You know her as MARILYN MUNSTER from the Classic TV Series “The Munsters”… She’s also appeared on other hit shows such as “Perry Mason” and “Bewitched” and even starred in a CULT HORROR “B” Movie “The Incredible 2-Headed Transplant” (1971)

From 1313 Mockingbird Lane, Please give a HUGE ScareFest Welcome to: PAT PRIEST!

Paul Bradford

Photo Courtesy of

Paul Bradford ~ Paranormal Investigator ~ Ghost Hunters International
He is best known as the Tech Manager on SyFy’s hit Series: Ghost Hunters International, and most recently as Inventor of the “Boo Buddy” and other Digital Ghost Hunting Equipment,
Please give a huge Welcome to: PAUL BRADFORD!

Born in London with a passion for science fiction, gadget making, graphic design, acting, Paul Bradford is better known as the Tech Manager for the SyFy series “Ghost Hunters International”. Paul studied Photography as well as Art & Design in the UK, which lead to his first publication in 2009, ” Wish You Were Here,” a collection of travel photography from around the globe.
Out of Paul’s continuing love for science fiction stemmed a need to build specialized mechanical and electronic devices that were seen not only on Ghost Hunters International, but among most of other “ghost hunting” television shows as well. His devices/inventions are in constant demand in which he continues to build as part of the number one supplier of Paranormal equipment, Ghost Stop.

More recently, Paul invented one of the most sort after pieces of paranormal equipment along with Shawn Porter, BooBuddy the interactive Ghost Hunting bear (

With a passion for prop building and costuming, Paul has built a full sized TARDIS from Doctor Who. He also built a full size Dalek and mobile robot dog “K9”. Paul has also started to build a name for himself in the costume scene with his ‘Ood’ (Doctor Who), Predator and his latest project his “Guardians of the Galaxy” cosplay. Paul’s passion for Sci-Fi has earned him the title of ‘International Man of Geekery’ amongst many. (

RJ Deacon

Photo Courtesy of

RJ Deacon ~ Psychic, Medium
He’s our current ScareFest Logistics Manager and has been actively involved with the ScareFest team since 2010. Please give a big welcome for our FIRST Special Guest Speaker Mr. R.J. Deacon!

RJ first discovered his paranormal abilities as a young boy in Staunton, Virginia and has been a practicing Medium for the last 3 years. He has also been a Professional Paranormal Investigator for the last 10 years, and has worked alongside some of the best in the Industry.

RJ is also the host of “Ghost Light with RJ Deacon” interviewing guests such as John Zaffis, Andrea Perron, and Patti Starr among others.

Please come see RJ at his seminar “Haunted Life” or say hello when perusing his booth, “RJ and Company”.

RJ Haddy

Photo Courtesy of

RJ Haddy ~ Face Off
We have one of the most Creative FX Artists to ever grace the ScareFest floor– RJ Haddy!!!!
Having been on SyFy Channel’s Hit Series FACEOFF for not only one season but two! Competing in Seasons, 2 & 5, RJ won “Audience Favorite” and finished in the top 3 in both seasons.

Today, RJ is best known for his Professional & Intensive FX Workshops and is still appearing at many FX Shows, competitions and Conventions. He has an amazing line up of seminars and full day workshops scheduled nationwide this year, and also owns a Professional FX Supply Online shop:

Keep posted here to find out what all RJ will be doing at ScareFest! You won’t want to miss it.. it will be an amazing event!

Reggie Bannister

Photo Courtesy of

Reggie Bannister ~ Phantasm
Phantasm legacy started 36 years ago. ScareFest is so excited to announce Reggie Bannister. Please share our announcement with your friends and family so they too will be able to meet Reggie.

Rose Siggins

Photo Courtesy of

Rose Siggins ~ Legless Suzi ~ American Horror Story Freak Show
American Horror Story: Freak Show begins its tale in the quiet, sleepy hamlet of Jupiter, Florida. The year is 1952. A troupe of curiosities has just arrived to town, coinciding with the strange emergence of a dark entity that savagely threatens the lives of townsfolk and freaks alike. ScareFest is so pleased to announce Rose Siggins who will be joining ScareFest this September. Please share our announcement with your friends and family so they too will be able to meet Rose.

Roy Wooley Face Off

Photo Courtesy of

Roy Wooley ~ Face Off
A welcome addition to our FX Line Up for this year… and a “partner in crime” for an Exclusive Event coming to ScareFest this year…..

We are so proud to welcome ROY WOOLEY! Another Audience Favorite and 2 time Contestant on SyFy Channel’s hit series FACEOFF. finishing in the top 3 on Season 5… he also appeared in the first episode of SyFy’s Fox & Company. Roy is the owner of “Roy Wooley FX” and is Chief Make-Up Artist for one of America’s Top Haunted Attractions-Netherworld in Atlanta GA.

Roy will be offering something special and unique to our ScareFest fans this year! Stay posted here to see what we have up our sleeves with our amazing FX celebrity line up!

Robert Mukes Rufus RJ Firefly Jr.

Photo Courtesy of

Rufus Firefly, Jr. ~ Robert Mukes
Please Welcome One of our ScareFest favorites!
He played Rufus “R.J.” Firefly, Jr. in Rob Zombie’s House of 1000 Corpses, and has frequented many award winning movies as a skilled Stuntman such as: The Waterboy & Wild Hogs.. .and also frequented many episodes of the hit TV Series WEEDS as the character “Abumchuk”.

Robert has some amazing projects being released this year and next and I think all of us ScareFest fans will be amazed at his next move on the big screen! Please give a HUGE ScareFest Welcome for this HUGE and Wonderful Star!

Sal Lizard Vampire Santa

Photo Courtesy of

Sal Lizard ~ Vampire Santa
Hummm.. It’s not Christmas yet…. but we have a Frighteningly Jolly old elf to Announce! Please give a hearty good Welcome to our favorite VAMPIRE SANTA—SAL LIZARD!

This VAMPIRE SANTA is like no other Santa in the World. Sal is well known around the Globe for his Comedy, Costumes and Media Personality! Sal starred in several Comedic Horror films such as : Hillbilly Bob Zombie, Creature from the Hillbilly Lagoon, as well as other films such as “I am Legend” and “Mountain Mafia”.

Sal Brings is Vampire Santa Sleigh for good times and Photo Ops! He will be full of fun and suprises and sure to Entertain! We are pleased to welcome him back to ScareFest!

Sara KarloffSara Karloff~ Daughter of Screen Legend Boris Karloff
throw back to the original, Classic Horror days. Our next guest is the beloved daughter of one of the biggest and most loved Classic Horror legends, Mr. Boris Karloff!

Please give a huge & gracious ScareFest Welcome to Sara Karloff!

Sara now runs Karloff Enterprises, where she maintains an amazing collection of art memories and Karloff related merchandise. She celebrates her father’s accomplishments and legacy by sharing this with all of us! You can visit the Official Boris Karloff site and read more about his life and work, and how Sara is keeping his legacy alive for younger generations of Horror fans!

Sara will be giving us a SPECIAL Engagement Seminar about her father. Time and details to be posted soon!

Scott SukelScott Sukel ~ Ohio State Reformatory
Please give a huge Welcome for another ScareFest Fav, Mr. Scott Sukel from The Ohio State Reformatory!

Scott Sukel has been investigating the paranormal since 1993. After a few years of being called in for residential investigations he received a phone call that would change his life. In 1997, the group that he was affiliated with, gained access to a never before investigated dream location: The Ohio State Reformatory. He fell in love with the building at first sight. Scott has been involved with the Reformatory ever since.
After countless volunteer hours he earned his current position, managing the wildly popular Ghost Hunts at the OSR. He has held that position for almost a decade. He is also one of the leading historians at the location.
Along with appearing on “Ghost Adventures”, “Ghost Hunters Academy”, “My Ghost Story”, “Inside: Secret America/Ghosts” on Nat Geo, he has been on many radio show, numerous book and newspapers. He has also consulted on cases all over the US and Canada.

Scotty RorekScotty Rorek ~ Spooky Scotty Productions
Z Talk Radio Network
We have a highly esteemed Psychic Medium and Creator of, Mr. Scotty Rorek of “Spooky Scotty Productions!

Scotty encountered spirits when he was a young child – later while attending college, he saw a full-body apparition that changed his life. This life-changing moment sent him on a path of enlightenment and spiritual growth, which continues today.
Scotty has traveled throughout the Midwest and southern states, speaking at conventions and giving spiritual readings. He has incorporated new and innovative techniques to help find the answers that he seeks and has mentored members of his team as well as visiting teams in spiritual techniques and tools. Scotty has been called in to assist other groups with their spiritual needs.
Through Scotty’s abilities, he is able to hear and speak to spirits. While validating past and present experiences through spiritual readings and dowsing sessions, he is able to capture recordings and acknowledgements simultaneously. Scotty’s unique ability to receive messages gives him a way of comforting and helping people understand that their loved ones watch over them. Scotty’s purpose is to help prove that there is life after death and it isn’t scary.
Scotty Rorek is a psychic medium whose mission is to bring spiritual understanding to people searching for answers. He works toward that mission through education, medium-ship, and mentoring.
To educate people, Mr. Rorek created, an internet radio station that focuses on paranormal and psychic programming. As host of “The Buzz” talk radio show, he interviews a range of hosts and discusses many topics. In addition to that, Mr. Rorek provides insightful lectures at paranormal/psychic conventions.
As a medium, Mr. Rorek provides messages to many people for their comfort, assurance, and guidance, both as individual and group readings. His medium-ship has also been featured in the Booth Brothers’ documentary “Children of the Grave 2.”
Because of Mr. Rorek’s experience with his psychic perceptions, he often guides and mentors others who are trying to understand and use their own psychic abilities. His care and concern for others is central to his mission.

Shawn Porter

Photo Courtesy of

Shawn Porter ~ Paranormal Investigation Equipment Developer
We have a little something for the Paranormal Fans.. especially those of you who are very interested in the LATEST in DIGITAL Ghost Hunting Equipment.

He can currently be seen on SyFy’s Hit Series: GHOSTHUNTERS and is the owner/founder of GHOSTSTOP Please give a huge welcome for:


Shawn Porter is the owner of GhostStop, developer and supplier of paranormal investigation equipment and appears on Syfy Channel’s GHOST HUNTERS bringing in new tech and investigating along with TAPS. Shawn has worked with some of the most notable in the paranormal field providing technical expertise and designing custom equipment for TV shows and paranormal investigation teams around the world.

Sid Haig
Sid Haig ~ Captain Spaulding
We are so pleased to welcome back one of our most favorite and most loved ScareFest Celebrity Guests! Our “Horror Circus/Dark Carnival” Theme just would not be complete without “CAPTAIN SPAULDING” himself…. Everyone give a huge welcome to…

Mr. SID HAIG!!!!!

Sid’s career he claims, is somewhat of an accident… we like to call it FATE! He began as a child.. dancing for pay in Theater and Vaudeville Revival shows… then picked up the love of music and continued on with the Drums.. in 1958 he recorded the single “Full House” with the band “The T-Birds”

During High School, he states that he was “hit with the acting bug” .. he was cast in an important role, and encouraged by the drama teacher’s Hollywood friend to continue and pursue a career on stage.. right after high school he enrolled in the prestigious Pasadena Playhouse.. then on to Hollywood!

He has gone on to appear in over 70 films and over 350 Television shows! Too many to list! You know and love him best from Rob Zombie’s “House of 1000 Corpses” and “The Devil’s Rejects”.

“Captain Spaulding” is a ScareFest favorite.. and we love the “out of character’ Sid just the same! We are so pleased to have this Horror Hall of Famer back to our show! Learn more about him here:

Steve Dischiavi

Photo Courtesy of

Steve Dischiavi ~ The Dead Files
This Paranormal Celebrity has been one that we are sooooo very excited for! We are so excited to announce: Mr. Steve Dischiavi!

Steve is best known for his role on The Travel Channel’s hit series, The Dead Files, where he Investigates haunted locations from a factual, Detective point of view to provide evidence to each case. Steve is also in fact, a former NYPD Homicide Detective, creating an amazing contrast and new angle for this Paranormal show, that you don’t normally see.

We have LOTS planned for Steve at ScareFest this year!!! Keep watch here as ScareFest and Steve DiSchiavi have LOTS to tell you about before September!

Steven TashSteve Tash ~ Rich ~ Christine
rom the John Carpenter film, “Christine”, he’s best known for his role as Richie Trelawney, but he’s also appeared in Ghostbusters and Island of Blood. Please welcome, Mr. Steven Tash!

Steve KullsSteve Kulls ~ Squatchdetective
Steve is former Private Investigator and Foresnic Interviewer, and has had a lifelong fascination with Bigfoot Phenomena. In 1988 after reading “Monsters of the Northwoods” he set out to examine and interview many scientific and law enforcement individuals that had worked cases of “Bigfoot” sightings. Since, he has had numerous experiences himeself, he is now a veteran Big Foot Researcher, and plans to engage us in his seminar with amazing footage and data that is solid enough to turn a cynic into a believer!

Please welcome Mr. Steve Kulls to ScareFest!

Tiny Lister

Photo Courtesy of

Tiny Lister ~ President Lindberg
From hit movies such as the “FRIDAY” Movie Franchise, The Fifth Element, Little Nikki, Eight Million Ways To Die & Beverly Hills CopII and Tarantino’s “Jackie Brown”
It’s Friday… and it’s the perfect time to give a BIG ScareFest Welcome to…. TINY LISTER!!!!!

Originally a professional wrestler known by the names “Zeus” and “ZGangsta” for the WWF, Tiny left the world of wrestling in the mid 80’s to pursue an acting career. Tiny Lister has worked with some of the greatest directors (Tarantino, Besson, Frankenheimer), many of our most noted actors (Marlon Brando, Samuel L. Jackson, Johnny Depp, Peter O’Toole) and a good share of the top talent in wrestling and rap (Hulk Hogan, 50 Cent and Tupac Shakur, respectively) – but it is Tiny’s devotion to ministry and public speaking that makes the biggest impression. Tiny now ministers across the country, reaching out to troubled youth, and sharing his powerful testimony and inspiration in churches and schools.

Todd MatthewsTodd Matthew ~ Doe Network Organization
Back by popular demand we are pleased to announce another outstanding speaker, Todd Matthews. Todd’s calling to be a voice for missing and unidentified persons began when he solved the identity of the “Tent Girl” case, Barbara Hackman-Taylor, after a ten-year journey that ended in 1998. That discovery made Todd the first “cyber sleuth” as the first case solved using the Internet. He is also Media Director for the Doe Network, past consultant on a series for producer Dick Wolf (“Lost & Found”) & Jerry Bruckheimer (“The Forgotten”), and served on the Advisory Panel during the creation of NamUs (National Missing and Unidentified Persons System.)

Victoria Price
Victoria Price ~ Author & Daughter of Vincent Price
We have yet another daughter of an amazing and timeless Classic Horror Legend! Please give a warm and gracious ScareFest Welcome to Author Victoria Price!

As the daughter of the Hollywood Horror Legend, Vincent Price, Victoria has had a lifetime of memories and experiences that she will be sharing with us! Her book, “Vincent Price: A Daughter’s Biography” is written with great detail into the professional and personal life of Vincent Price. Her book will be available for purchase and she will also be honoring her father by graciously giving us a Special Engagement Seminar chock full of her experiences as the daughter of this amazing Horror Legend!

Time & Details of Seminar to be posted soon!

Photo Courtesy of Scarefest 2015

Photo Courtesy of

Wes Forsythe ~ Host ~ Paranormal Filler
He’s one of the most well known faces in Paranormal Radio, Please give a Huge Welcome to: WES FORSYTHE!

Wes is the host of the freely syndicated internet radio show Paranormal Filler and our own host of The Paranormal iCon presents ScareFest Radio!

He started out as a ghost hunter but his thirst for knowledge led him to delve into his interview based paranormal radio shows. His unabashed “attention whore” tendencies led him to stick with it and grow the show to where it is now: carried across multiple internet radio networks and independent paranormal sites around the web.

Wes will be broadcasting live segments from ScareFest throughout the weekend.


Photo Courtesy of

Please give a LOUD & HUGE Welcome to an Artist and Character Actor that has been with us since the beginning…… WICKEDBEARD!!!!!!

This “Professional Monster”, Artist, Costume Designer & Character Actor, has literally been a SCAREFEST Family Member since Day 1. We are appreciative & blessed to welcome him back for our 8th year!

This will be an EPIC Year for our fans to engage with Wickedbeard as he will be presenting a very special creation for us. His Forte’ is integrating different technologies and armor craft into his Custom Costume designs.. so just wait and see what he’s got in store for us! Find out more about WICKEDBEARD by visiting:

Charley Brewster

Photo Courtesy of

William Ragsdale ~ Charley Brewster ~ Fright Night
From the Broadway Stage to the big Screen,he began his career with Neil Simon’s hit Broadway Shows: “Biloxi Blues” and “Broadway Bound”.
but he’s best know as “Charley Brewster” in the Tom Holland hit movie “Fright Night”

Please Welcome…. WILLIAM RAGSDALE!!!!

William has been featured in many other movies such as “The Reaping” and “L.A. Blues” as well as Hit TV shows such as Criminal Minds!


Mad Men – Person to Person

Mad Men - Person to Person

Mad Men – Person to Person

Mad Men - Person to Person

Well, the end has come. What do you think of how the Mad Men era came to a close? The final episode that aired Sunday night was good, not great I think. It had some great moments though.

The title of the episode, “Person to Person”, refers to three person-to-person phone calls Don makes in this episode. He makes them to the three most important women in his life – Sally, Betty, and Peggy, in that order. In his dons last call to bettyphone conversation with Sally, he learns Betty is dying from lung cancer. He hangs up the phone and calls Betty in one of the most emotional scenes of the episode. She answers in her pink ruffle robe as she sits on the bed near her nightstand that is covered in tissues and medicine bottles. Don’s first instinct is to come to New York and get the children so he can raise them; he is, after all, their father. But Betty has it planned out already and nixes Don’s idea with some painful truth. She believes bettys last call with donthe children living with her brother and his wife is the best thing for them because they will be raised by a “regular family” that way. “Oh, wait, Don. When is the last time you saw them?” she asks. And then the killer, “I want to keep things as normal as possible,” she says. “And you not being here is part of that.” It’s the reality he has created for himself and hearing her say it, combined with the reality of her illness, brings them both to tears.

He continues his journey west and ends up at the door of Stephanie, Anna’s daughter. He tries to give her the ring that belonged to her mother. She refuses but invites him to join her on a retreat. Having no real plans, he agrees to go with her. It’s a retreat full of things like yoga and meditation. At a group session they both attend, Stephanie ends up in tears when she expresses her pain and the feeling she’s being judged by people because of all the mistakes she has made, including giving up her child and not wanting to be reunited with him (Mothers who don’t feel the mother-child bond – Don’s step-mom, Peggy and her child, and now Stephanie and her child). Another group member’s response to her confession sends her running from everyonestephanie person to person in tears. Don goes after her and tells her he can help her put it behind her and get on with her life. He tells her it will get easier in time, because it has for him. She strongly disagrees and leaves. The next morning she and his new car are gone. He learns from someone at the retreat that there is no way for him to leave early without a car. In his anger over this and the fact that no one knows where she went, he says to one of the women running the retreat, “People just come and go, and no one says goodbye?” Um . . . a bit of the pot calling the kettle black there Mr. Draper?

At this point, he makes his third person-to-person call to the third important woman in his life – Peggy Olson. She tells him everyone is angry about him just taking off and he sarcastically asks if the place fell apart without him. No, it didn’t. Life has gone on for everyone at McCann-Erickson without him. And his ex-wife is going to die without him. And his children will be raised in a “regular family” without him. And Stephanie doesn’t want his help. Don begins an emotional descent. Peggy wants to know what he’s been doing. “I don’t know,” he responds. “I have no idea.” Peggy tells him he “can come home.” So, he has firmly and clearly been told he can’t go home to his children, but he can go home to the place he worked, which in many ways has been more of a home for him than his family home for years. He sounds despondent as he tells Peggy, “I messed everything up. I’m not the man you think I am . . . I broke all my leonard person to personvows. I scandalized my child. I took another man’s name and made nothing of it.” She reassures him and he tells her he only called because he realized he never told her goodbye. He’s crying when they end their call. He sits on the ground,  crying, shaking, trying to take deep breaths to calm himself.

A group leader finds him and takes him to a group where a character we’ve never seen brings Don to tears. Leonard gets to Don. He talks about people not noticing him and then says, “It’s like no one cares that I’m gone.” This pulls Don’s attention away from the internal self-hate talk he was having as he stared at the floor. He listens to Leonard explains that he doesn’t feel loved, but that maybe people are trying to love him and he just doesn’t know love when he sees it. He sobs and Don rises from his chair. He walks to him and holds him as they both cry. He’s not alone in this feeling.

The last great moment is the closing minutes of the show. In last week’s episode, Don was asked to fix a Coke machine. Coke has always been a sally washing dishes person to personchallenge for him. It’s the account he has always wanted. In this week’s episode, Joan does cocaine with Richard (who leaves her in this episode by the way), and when Don calls Peggy she asks him if he doesn’t want to come back and work on the Coke account that McCann-Erickson promised him. And this week’s episode, the end of Mad Men, closes with Coke in a beautiful way. We watch Pete and Trudy board a Lear jet with their daughter, Joan take calls for her production company, Roger and Marie in a French cafe, Sally wash dishes as Betty smokes a cigarette, and Peggy type a letter while Stan rubs her shoulders and kisses her forehead.

Then we see ad exec, wealthy, man-of-the-world Don Draper in a yoga session at the end of the retreat. He’s sitting cross-legged with his back to the ocean as the yoga instructor speaks about the new day bringing new hope, new opportunities, new ideas, “a new you”. All is peaceful and calm, even Don. They all close their eyes and begin chanting, “Om.” A chime rings, Don smiles, and a classic commercial begins to play. We know what it is as soon as the woman sings, “I want to buy the world a home . . .” We go from a closeup of Don’s face to the closeup of a woman singing in the commercial, “and furnish it with love.” The rest of the commercial plays us to the end of the episode. It’s the perfect union of Don coming to peace with who he is, the good and the bad, and the birth of an idea that will bring him great success in the career he seems to have been born for. Of course, it’s a big hit and is a personal victory as he wows the account he has always dreamed of having.

P.S. The thing with Stan rubbing Peggy’s shoulders and kissing her forehead, they end up together. Viewers have had mixed emotions about this one. I love it. It felt forced and rushed in this episode. It would have been nice to see it play out over a few episodes. But it’s right. I have long thought they should end up together. How long have they been having phone calls that go on and on at all hours of the day or night? How many times have they been having these conversations and she puts down the phone to do something while he waits for her to come back? And she always does. How many times has she called him when she was confused or frustrated? Who did she confess her pregnancy to? It’s right.

#MadMen #MadMenEra @JonHammOnline #persontoperson #MadMenFinale


Mad Men – The Milk and Honey Route

Mad Men – The Milk and Honey Route

Betty draper - lung cancer diagnosis

This week’s Mad Men episode followed the stories of three characters – Betty, Pete, and Don. Grab your hanky, because it’s an emotion rollercoaster. Let’s begin with the hard hitting, tragic news about Betty.

In this week’s episode, Betty is diagnosed with lung cancer. The doctor says she has maybe a year to live. They can try to treat it, but all any treatment will likely do is prolong her life a few months. Henry initially reacts in the way he always reacts, trying to think of names of big doctors he knows, trying to think of who may know the most cutting-edge treatments, basically trying to figure out what political connections he has that may help. In frustration with Betty over her apparent surrender to the disease, he yells, “What do you think would happen to Nelson Rockefeller if he got this?” To which Betty responds, “He would die!” An acknowledgment and acceptance of the truth before Henry is ready to do the same.

One of a few touching scenes this week was Henry visiting Sally without Betty’s knowledge. He urges her to come home and try to get her mother to agree to treatment. “Your mother is sick. She has lung cancer, and it’s very advanced.” Sally turns from him, tears fill her eyes, and she puts her hands over her ears as if she can shut out the tragic truth. Sally fights her tears as he continues talking and he finally tells her it’s okay for her to cry. As she turns and looks at him, still fighting the tears, he breaks down. Sally is as shocked as we are when he, Betty’s rock and historically a man of strength, leans forward, puts his head in his hands, and cries. Sally looks at him in shock for a moment, then hesitantly places her hand on his back in comfort. “Jesus, what am I going to do?” he cries. A great scene with the two of them. Two people who seem tough, breaking downSally covers ears together and trying to comfort each other.

When Henry spoke with Sally about her mother’s illness, he told her he doesn’t know if Betty is refusing treatment because she’s stubborn or because she’s vain. Sally later accuses her of not doing it because she enjoys the tragedy of it all. But the truth is, as Betty tells Sally, that she’s “learned to believe people when they tell you it’s over. They don’t want to say it, so it’s usually the truth.” She tells Sally that she watched her mother die and won’t put Sally through that. Then she tells her this decision doesn’t make her a quitter. “I fought for plenty in my life. That’s how I know when it’s over. It’s not a weakness. It’s been a gift to me. To know when to move on.” Indeed she has. Betty has constantly fought for one thing or another in the show. She has had as many ups and downs as any character and finally seemed to have gotten her life together. This was tough to see.

Betty gives Sally a letter to open “the minute you know I’m gone.” Of course, Sally opens it sooner than that. In the letter, Betty tells Sally she loves her, if not the only time, one of very few times we’ve seen her do that. Sally clutches the letter to her chest and cries and many viewers cried right along with her.

Pete Campbell has a more pleasant story. Through some finagling pete and trudy reuniteby Duck Phillips, who is still fighting a losing battle with alcohol, Pete lands a job with Lear Jet. They give him a million dollars because that’s what he’s losing by leaving McCann-Erickson. He’ll be moving to Wichita (where Don is in the beginning of this episode – Pete is still following Don) and will have jets at his beck and call, relationships with celebrities – everything he’s ever wanted and more. Except Trudy and Tammy. He goes to Trudy and woos her. He wants to start over and swears he has learned his lesson and will never hurt her again. At dinner with his brother a couple of nights before, he told his brother he didn’t need to keep looking for something else, something different. When his brother talked about his own cheating, Pete said, “I think it feels good, and then it doesn’t.” Perhaps he has changed. Although, as Duck said right before his drunken exit, “It doesn’t last long.” Pete is as high in his life as he has ever been. Will he make the best of it and live happily ever after? Or will he do as so many characters on Mad Men have done and repeat old mistakes? We’ll never know. But Pete and Trudy have always had great chemistry and they both beamed with happiness when she agreed to move with him and try again. It was the high point of the show.

Don’s story was not particularly high or low, although there was one scene I found painful to watch. The episode began with him dreaming about being pulled over by a policeman. They’ve caught up with him. They’ve been looking for him for years, and they’ve found him. His secret is found out. This touches on the question everyone is asking – will he resume his real name and begin a new life as Dick Whitman? He has fled his life as Don Draper and the guilt of the lie upon which he built that life keeps eating at him. How is he going to end up dealing with it?

After waking he gets back on the road and has car trouble. He ends up staying at a small motel while his car is fixed, they have to order the part and it will be a few days. The husband of the owner is a war vet and Don joins him for a fundraising dinner the town veterans are landscape-1431323173-dontravelhaving for one of their own who had a fire at his home. Don sweats for a minute at the dinner when he is introduced to another man who served in Korea. He lets out a sigh of relief when it turns out he was home before the other man arrived in Korea. He also tells part of his story at that dinner, after many drinks. He tells them he killed his CO when he dropped his lighter in a fuel covered area, causing an explosion. He tells them, “I got to come home,” but doesn’t tell them about his assumed identity.

The scene I found difficult to watch happens in the middle of the night after the dinner. There’s a young man in this episode who is very much like a young Don Draper. He’s looking to get rich and doesn’t care what his parents think about how he does it. He’s a con man. He gets Don to pay him for little favors while he’s staying at the motel. Don sees him for what he is and throughout the episode and, in an effort to help Andy avoid going down the road he has, gives him advice he wishes someone had given him when he was Andy’s age. Andy steals the donations from the dinner and leads everyone to believe Don did it. A bunch of the vets, all very drunk, barge into Don’s room in the middle of the night and slam him across the face with the phone book and throw accusations at him. He claims innocence, but they don’t believe him and tell him he has until morning to return the money.

When Andy shows up the next morning, Don pushes him onto the bed and tells him to give him the money, pack his things, and leave town. When Andy denies it, Don pushes him. Andy finally confesses but says he can’t leave town without the money. Don gives him a speech about how stealing that much money is a big deal and if he doesn’t make it right, he’ll have to take on a new identity and run from this mistake the rest of his life. He tells him that kind of life is not what he thinks it is. Don should know.

Well in the end, Andy gives him the money. Don turns it in without telling the motel owner’s husband that Andy is the guilty party. As he leaves the motel, Andy stops him and asks for a ride to the bus stop. Don tells him to get in.

Then the end of the show. They reach the bus stop, and Don turns off the engine and hands the keys to Andy. “Don’t waste this,” he says and gets out of the car and takes a seat on the bench at the bus stop. He has, with this one act, given Andy a chance at a decent future and freed himself of his last possession that ties him to his identity as Don Draper. “Everyday” starts playing as Andy drives off in a brand new Caddy and Don smiles.

Here is the scene where Sally reads Betty’s letter to her.

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